Oil price welcomes 9 yuan era, this year’s listing saves money, inventory of hybrid cars.

  [car home Information] The oil price is about to usher in the "9 yuan" era, and friends around us have begun to succumb and want to change to a more economical car. Unfortunately, not only the oil price has gone up, but also the price of electric vehicles. Tesla and BYD have just announced price adjustments. In the era of high oil prices, hybrid models seem to be an ideal transition choice. Just last year, many car companies also released their own hybrid models. Today, let’s take a look at those hybrid models that have been listed this year and will be listed within 200,000 yuan to help you find more economical cars.

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  Many consumers have very high requirements for cars, which require both strong power, money saving and large space. In the past, for pure fuel vehicles, it was very difficult to achieve strong power, large space and fuel economy, because it was a contradiction in itself. Strong power requires large displacement, and it is impossible to save fuel with large displacement. However, the arrival of new energy technologies has perfectly solved these contradictions.

Key hybrid vehicles that have been listed/will be listed within 200,000 yuan in 2022. car make and model grade Energy type Price (ten thousand yuan) BYD destroyer 05 compact car Plug-in hybrid power Not yet announced Wei brand latte DHT-PHEV Compact SUV Plug-in hybrid power Not yet announced Chery tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ Medium SUV Plug-in hybrid power 15.18-16.58 Chang’ an UNI-K iDD Medium SUV Plug-in hybrid power 17.69-19.29 Geely xingyue l Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version of oil and electricity Compact SUV Oil-electric hybrid power Pre-sale of 173,700 yuan Nissan hacker e-POWER Compact SUV Extended range hybrid power Not yet announced

  At present, there are three main types of hybrid models on the market, namely, hybrid electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle and extended-range hybrid vehicle. These three types will be included in the models to be recommended today. The battery of hybrid electric vehicle is small, which mainly depends on pure electric drive at low speed to save fuel. It does not need to be charged separately, and the price of new vehicle is easy to accept, but in terms of fuel economy, it is only slightly lower than that of ordinary fuel vehicle.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

  Plug-in hybrid vehicles, compared with ordinary hybrid vehicles, have larger batteries, so they will have better performance in fuel economy. Because it not only works in pure electricity at the starting state, but can completely choose EV pure electricity mode. In this way, pure electric commuting is not a dream in the road sections with more traffic lights in the city. If the daily commuting distance is within a reasonable range, you can basically commute by pure electricity, so in this way, the fuel consumption is actually zero. However, plug-in hybrid vehicles need to be charged separately to give full play to its advantages. If there is no charging pile at home, it will cost some time.

  The extended-range hybrid model is an electric vehicle that does not need to be charged. The engine mainly charges the battery or supplies the generator. Although the fuel consumption is not lower than that of the plug-in hybrid model, it is lower than that of the oil-electric hybrid model, and it also saves the trouble of charging. Next, let’s take a look at the money-saving hybrid models that will be listed within 200,000 yuan this year.

 ● BYD destroyer 05

  BYD is gradually forming a series of marine life mainly equipped with E platform 3.0 pure electricity and a series of warships mainly equipped with DM-i plug-in hybrid technology. The destroyer 05 will be the first model of the warship series, and it will be positioned as a compact car. Its model size is 4780/1837/1495mm, and its wheelbase is 2718mm, which is basically the same as that of Qin PLUS DM-i, and its positioning will also form a complementary relationship with Qin PLUS DM-I. The car is equipped with an 8.8-inch full LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch floating multimedia touch screen.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

  The sales of BYD DM-i are booming in 2021, which has a lot to do with BYD’s strategic change. BYD plug-in hybrid models have been sold in the market for many years, and the early publicity point is its powerful power, even the acceleration time of 0-100km/h will be marked at the rear of the car. Last year, BYD changed its thinking and launched a number of DM-i models focusing on fuel-saving routes. After years of deep cultivation in the plug-in hybrid vehicle market and pure electric market, BYD DM-i models were quickly recognized by consumers.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

  Compared with the past DM-p models, the DM-i model engine is mainly a naturally aspirated small displacement engine, which increases the cruising range in pure electric mode and makes the comprehensive fuel consumption lower. Although the power is reduced, it is still at an excellent level in ordinary models.

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  BYD Destroyer 05 is equipped with Xiaoyun-Plug-in special 1.5L engine, which adopts Atkinson cycle working mode and ultra-high compression ratio of 15.5:1. It is a fuel-saving engine. Compared with ordinary engines, it simplifies the engine structure, improves the reliability and makes the power more efficient. On the motor, EHS electromechanical coupling unit adopts double motor design, including driving motor and generator. At medium and low speeds, the motor is mainly used to drive the vehicle, and at high speeds, the engine is used to directly drive the vehicle, and the driving motor is used as power assistance. In addition, the battery is equipped with Ferrous lithium phosphate’s blade battery, which has higher energy density and smaller volume, reducing the occupation of vehicle space.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

BYD destroyer 05 2022 DM-i 120KM flagship model.

  From the parameter point of view, the 1.5L engine of destroyer 05 has a maximum power of 110 HP (81 kW) and a maximum torque of 135 Nm. In terms of driving motor, two power versions are provided according to different models, with the maximum power of 180 HP and 197 HP and the maximum torque of 316 Nm and 325 Nm respectively. The comprehensive pure electric cruising range of WLTC is 46km and 101km, respectively. Referring to Qin PLUS, the average fuel consumption given by the owner is 3.8L/100km. Of course, powerful friends can wait for Han DM-i, and its cruising range will be longer in pure electric mode.

 ● Wei brand latte DHT-PHEV

  Wei brand latte DHT-PHEV is positioned as a compact SUV, which will be equivalent to the positioning of Macchiato DHT-PHEV listed last year, forming complementary advantages. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4668/1890/1730mm and its wheelbase is 2745mm, which is obviously slightly larger than that of Macchiato DHT-PHEV. The car is equipped with four screens, including a 14.6-inch central control LCD screen, a 9.2-inch LCD instrument, a 9-inch touch screen and a HUD head-up display.

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

  In the future, Wei Pai will promote DHT lemon mixing in all products and gradually transition to the era of new energy. DHT will be the focus of Wei Pai’s future development. At the same time, in terms of new energy technology, Wei Pai will also have two modes: HEV (oil-electricity hybrid) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid).

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

  Great Wall DHT is a set of dual-motor high-efficiency hybrid system independently developed by Great Wall Motor for three years. The engine and two motors are connected through a parallel shaft 2-speed reduction mechanism, and the power output relationship between different components is adjusted through a clutch. That is, double motors are used to decouple the same wheel end of the engine to flexibly adjust the working state of the engine. In this way, the following three working modes can be realized: EV, series and parallel mode.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In pure electric mode, the TM main drive motor is driven by the lithium battery to directly drive the vehicle forward, and the engine is in a flameout state; In series mode, the engine runs in the high-efficiency interval to drive the GM motor to generate electricity, and the TM motor drives the wheels to move forward; In parallel mode, the engine drives the wheels through a two-speed reducer, and at the same time, the TM drive motor assists in adjusting the load of the engine.

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

Great Wall Motor Latte DHT 2022 1.5T DHT Super Cup

  In terms of parameters, the Latte DHT-PHEV is equipped with 1.5T intelligent DHT, with a total system power of 181kW and a peak torque of 532N·m, which will be matched with the DHT130 hybrid gearbox, with an acceleration of 7.5s from 0-100km/h, and a comprehensive fuel consumption of only 4.9L/100km, and a full-oil battery life of over 1,000km.

 ● Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+

  In January of this year, the Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ was officially launched, and the price of the new car was 151.8-165.8 thousand yuan. It is a plug-in hybrid medium-sized SUV. Compared with the same price model, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ has a larger body size, and it also brings more interior seating space, forming a three-row and seven-seat layout. The interior adopts double 12.3-inch dual-screen design, with built-in high-tech maps, singing bars, iQiyi and other apps, combined with SONY audio, showing a different audio-visual experience.

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

  Chery Kunpeng Power was released at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021. It is a global power architecture of Chery 4.0, a hybrid technology platform composed of Chery’s fourth-generation engine and a special DHT hybrid gearbox. Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ is the first model of Chery equipped with Kunpeng DHT hybrid power system.

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

  Chery claims in the advertisement of Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ that the car has 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 models and 11 speeds. What is this? Three engines refer to three kinds of power sources, including 1.5TGDI Miller cycle engine with the highest thermal efficiency of more than 45%+DHT double motors (front double motors+rear single motors). Double motors can be driven separately or simultaneously, and generate electricity at the same time. At the same time, DHT has three physical gear ratios.

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  Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ can realize pure electric mode and series extended range mode, that is, the engine drives the motor to generate electricity, and the motor drives the wheels, and it can also realize parallel mode, that is, the engine and the motor are driven at the same time. Nine modes can realize high-efficiency working modes such as single/double motor drive, extended range, parallel connection, direct engine drive, single/double motor energy recovery, driving/parking charging, etc. In addition, Chery combined the motor with the transmission to form the DHT hybrid special transmission, thus achieving 11 combination modes and smooth and efficient power output. Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ also has 11 driving scenarios, including starting, medium and low speed, overhead, overtaking, red light, congestion, high speed, long distance, mountain road, high-speed steering, ice/snow/mud/sand.

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PLUS kunpeng e+ 2022 PHEV 1.5T style e+

  In terms of parameters, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ is equipped with a hybrid power system consisting of front double motor+rear single motor +1.5T engine. The four-wheel drive model with engine+double motor+electric rear axle accelerates for 4.9 seconds at 0-100km/h, and the engine+double motor model accelerates for 7.2 seconds at 0-100km/h. The whole system comes standard with a battery pack of 19.27kWh, and the maximum input torque is 57.

 ● Changan UNI-K iDD

  Changan UNI-K iDD is a plug-in hybrid medium-sized SUV, which just announced the price of the new car, with the price range of 176,900-192,900 yuan. The new car continues the design of the fuel version, and adopts a sporty and futuristic design. At the same time, the interior design is also very layered. The full LCD instrument panel and the suspended central control panel will not be absent from the car.

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

  At the Chongqing Auto Show in 2021, Changan released the Blue Whale iDD hybrid system, which is a plug-in hybrid system, supporting pure electric mode and hybrid electric mode. This system includes blue whale engine, blue whale transmission, large-capacity battery control system, etc. Changan UNI-K iDD became the first vehicle equipped with the Blue Whale iDD hybrid system, and it will be applied to more of its products in the future.

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

  The structure of Blue Whale iDD hybrid system is similar to that of plug-in hybrid system of Volkswagen. Both of them adopt P2 hybrid system structure, and the motor is placed between the engine and the transmission. Blue Whale iDD hybrid system adopts core technologies such as high-efficiency and high-pressure hydraulic system, three-clutch integration technology, intelligent electronic double pump technology, etc. The comprehensive efficiency of electric drive of Blue Whale electric drive transmission is 90%, and it has a super-capacity PHEV battery with a battery capacity of 30.7kWh and a pure electric cruising range of 130km. In addition, Changan UNI-K iDD also supports OTA upgrade in full power domain, which can continuously enhance users’ feelings.

Home of the car

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

Changan Automobile Changan UNI-K New Energy 2022 Blue Whale iDD 1.5T distinguished model

  In terms of parameters, Changan UNI-K iDD is equipped with the Blue Whale iDD hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an electric motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 170 HP, the maximum torque is 260 Nm, the maximum power of the motor is 116 HP, and the maximum torque is 330 Nm. The transmission system is matched with the Blue Whale three-clutch electric drive gearbox, and the NEDC has a pure electric cruising range of 130 km and a comprehensive cruising range of 1,100 km, which is power-deficient.

 ● Geely Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Edition

  At the end of last year, Geely Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version officially announced the pre-sale price, and the pre-sale price of the new car was 173,700 yuan, which was positioned as a compact SUV. This is a hybrid model based on the Star Yue L model, which is different from the fuel version of Star Yue L in appearance design, mainly reflected in the design of the front grille. In the interior design, the three screens in the car are the biggest highlights, and the use of large-area suede leather fabrics shows the luxury inside the car.

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

  Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version is equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder engine code-named DHE15. The three-cylinder engine is smaller, which helps to reduce the volume of the whole hybrid system. For the working conditions where the three-cylinder engine is prone to jitter, such as starting, the system can be driven by a motor to avoid poor working areas. The temperature of compression and combustion process of Miller cycle engine is lower, thus reducing heat transfer loss and saving fuel.

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version with high version.

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

  With the appearance of DHT Pro, Geely hybrid system entered the era of dual motors. Of course, not all the double motors are used to drive the vehicle. The P1 motor is connected with the engine and mainly used to generate electricity, and the P2 motor is responsible for driving the vehicle. Geely has integrated a 3-speed transmission in the P2 drive motor of DHT Pro, which has more gears than ordinary models, and theoretically accelerates more smoothly, so the engine has more chances to be in an efficient working area.

Home of the car

  Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version of the ternary lithium battery pack has a capacity of about 1.8kWh, and the battery pack is located in the channel in the middle of the seat. Compared with the strategy of putting the battery pack under the seat in mainstream hybrid models, this method has less impact on the space of riding and storage, giving consideration to practical performance.

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

Geely Automobile Xingyue L 2022 1.5T Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Super Express

  In terms of parameters, Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version is equipped with a hybrid power system consisting of a 1.5T three-cylinder engine. The maximum power of the engine is 150 HP and the peak torque is 225 Nm. The transmission system adopts a 3-speed electric drive gearbox (DHT Pro). The thermal efficiency of the engine is 43.32%, the fuel saving rate is 40%, the maximum endurance is 1300km with full oil, the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 7.9 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 4.3L/100km.

 ● Nissan hacker e-POWER

  After Nissan Sylphy e-POWER, a new generation of hackers will also bring e-POWER models and position compact SUVs. The appearance style of the new hackers is similar to that of the current Qijun, and the new cars look more sporty and flamboyant than the current models. In the interior, the overall design is layered, and the suspended central control panel and full LCD instrument are equipped.

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2022 e-Power Europe Edition

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2022 e-Power Europe Edition

  E-POWER can be understood as an extended-range hybrid power system equipped with a small-capacity battery. It is an electric vehicle without charging. It is structurally composed of an engine, a generator and a drive motor. The engine is an extended-range generator, which only drives the generator to generate electricity. The generated electric energy will be stored in the battery or directly used as the energy input of the drive motor according to the vehicle working conditions.

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2021 Basic Model

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2021 Basic Model

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2021 Basic Model

  E-POWER system has a simple structure and no complicated coupling device, which is beneficial to miniaturization and lightweight and is presented in series. In terms of working mode, under low load, the energy of driving motor is completely provided by battery, and the driving mode of vehicle is the same as that of pure electric vehicle. With the increase of vehicle driving load, the output power of the battery can’t meet the demand of the motor. At this time, the engine starts to drive the generator to generate electricity to meet the demand of the motor for electric energy. When the battery power is low, the engine will also start to drive the generator to generate electricity. Part of the generated electricity will be sent to the motor to drive the wheels, and the other part will charge the battery to ensure that the battery power is at an appropriate level.

Home of the car

  In terms of working mode, under low load, the energy of driving motor is completely provided by battery, and the driving mode of vehicle is the same as that of pure electric vehicle. With the increase of vehicle driving load, the output power of the battery can’t meet the demand of the motor. At this time, the engine starts to drive the generator to generate electricity to meet the demand of the motor for electric energy. When the battery power is low, the engine will also start to drive the generator to generate electricity. Part of the generated electricity will be sent to the motor to drive the wheels, and the other part will charge the battery to ensure that the battery power is at an appropriate level.

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2022 e-Power Europe Edition

Nissan (Import) Hacker (Overseas) 2021 Basic Model

  In terms of parameters, the new generation of hacker’s e-POWER model is equipped with a 1.5T variable compression ratio engine with a maximum power of 190 HP, and the front wheels are driven by the motor. There are no parameters for fuel consumption. At present, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Sylphy e-POWER is 3.9L.

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  Consumers should still decide which model to choose according to their own situation, for example, it is inconvenient to charge, or don’t consider plug-in hybrid vehicles. Hybrid models are more suitable for commuting in cities with congested road conditions. In addition to saving fuel and money, they can also bring you a better driving experience and a smoother feeling on the stop-and-go road. I believe that in 2022, it may be a new year for hybrid vehicles, and oil prices will promote the change of historical wheels, which is similar to the process of Japanese cars knocking on the door of the United States. (Text/car home Qin Chao)

All over the mountains and plains, the Great Wall Cannon Great Wall Cannon all-round family fought in Alashan

  From September 30th to October 3rd, the performance version of Shanhai Gun, off-road gun, artillery and other heavy vehicles of Great Wall Gun, together with powerful vehicles such as Tank 300 and New Haval H5, formed the largest off-road corps, appeared in the "Alashan Heroes’ Club 2023", and gathered with users in the "Great Wall Motor Off-road Base" to make friends with cars and stroll in the sand sea.

  As the leader of pickup trucks, the All-round Family of Great Wall Gun built the pickup truck culture base camp in China with its strong off-road strength, which ignited the off-road pickup truck dream in users’ hearts and led the pickup truck culture to leap upward.

  Great Wall Gun Full Performance Familygo on an expedition/a campaignAlxa Write the lofty sentiments of galloping in the desert

  During the event, the full-performance family models of the Great Wall Cannon were all unveiled, and all over the mountains were Great Wall Cannons. They galloped with users in the vast desert and reveled under the vast starry sky, presenting a "performance pickup truck feast".

  As the leader of pickup truck culture and the leader of users’ co-creation, Great Wall Gun insists on creating user brands with users and empowering pickup truck culture. This Alashan Heroes’ Club is another user-created event after the fourth anniversary of the Great Wall Gun brand ushered in the 500,000-vehicle assembly line. This year’s Heroes’ Club will not only include cross-country events such as Arnaudas U2 Desert Championship, Great Wall Cup T3 Challenge, Artillery League Cup, but also activities such as users’ wave play and modification exhibition, cross-country training camp, light luxury camping in Shanhaiying, desert concert, etc., to play with users and be wild together.

  Great Wall Gun’s all-round performance family not only demonstrated its outstanding performance and leading technology, but also conveyed the spirit of freedom, passion and adventure to users, experienced the fun of "wild" together, and wrote down the lofty aspirations of galloping through the desert.

  The brand strength of Great Wall Gun has been recognized by the market and trusted by users. At present, the Great Wall pickup truck has been the first in sales for 25 consecutive years, and the global cumulative sales volume has exceeded 2.45 million; From January to August this year, the Great Wall pickup trucks sold a total of 135,477 units worldwide, up 7.3% year-on-year, and the domestic terminal market accounted for nearly 50%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one was the Great Wall, leading the pickup truck category value in China to jump upward.

  Bigger, stronger and more luxurious Shanhai cannon performance editionStage the ultimate performance aesthetics

  In this "2023 Alashan Heroes’ Club", the performance version of Shanhai Gun started the first test in the desert at the same time, showing off the hard-core off-road strength, and won unanimous praise from the media and user representatives in terms of luxury off-road configuration and long-distance crossing comfort.

  Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is based on the world’s leading intelligent professional off-road tank platform, which perfectly integrates hard-core off-road and intelligent luxury, and redefines hard-core off-road pickup trucks with bigger, stronger and more luxurious hard-core strength.

  The design concept of the performance version of Shanhai Gun originated from the aggressive spirit of China culture "erin brockovich". The exclusive body color of "Golden Armor" symbolizes the cross-country spirit of courage to challenge and constantly break through. Yellow sand wears golden armor in hundreds of battles, and it will never be returned without breaking Loulan. The whole vehicle body is close to the full-size pickup truck. Thanks to the design of shortening the rear suspension, increasing the wheelbase, widening the wheel track and optimizing the shock absorption arrangement, the proportion of the vehicle body is more coordinated, and the driving space is more spacious, bringing a space feeling like first class.

  Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is equipped with the only and most powerful domestic 3.0T V6 engine, matched with 9AT transmission, and comes standard with silicone oil fan with better heat dissipation performance, surging power and always on-line; Standard Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive system, equipped with front and rear axle electronically controlled jaw differential locks, to create a real "three locks" in the hearts of off-road players, and equipped with up to 9 all-terrain modes, all-weather, all-road, all-scene off-road needs can be handled freely, showing the ultimate off-road driving pleasure and charm. The original factory is equipped with millions of off-road equipment, such as front and rear metal bumpers, metal side pedals connected to the frame, 18-inch off-road AT tires, K-MAN nitrogen shock absorption, 12,500-pound T-MAX winch and other hard-core equipment, which saves users the troubles of licensing, going on the road, annual inspection and after-sales, and brings amazing new off-road play.

  Highlighting the intelligent experience and high safety performance of the vehicle, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition also gives the optimal solution of off-road+intelligence, with L2-level high-level intelligent driving assistance, which can realize ACC adaptive cruise, intelligent cruise, AEB automatic emergency braking, lane keeping and other functions, giving the pickup a more intelligent and humanized experience with technology.

  It is reported that the performance version of Shanhai Gun will expand the experience of users and the media in mid-October, and start the national pre-sale at the same time. It will be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, with a price of less than 300,000. I believe that with the hard blessing of the performance version of Shanhai Gun, we will be more free, more calm and more extreme in pursuing the mountains and seas in our hearts.

  The Great Wall Gun created the off-road pickup truck culture that belongs to China people alone, so that off-road is no longer a hobby of a few people, but a lifestyle of more people. Great Wall Gun will continue to adhere to category innovation, continuously iterate and consolidate the full-performance family product matrix, so that more users can enjoy a new way of off-road life.

A century-old Volvo will finally be listed in Geely’s hands.

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As a global automobile safety benchmark, Volvo’s story began in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1927.

There, Volvo launched its first mass production model OV4, but it was ignored by the market because of its convertible structure design, which failed to take into account the local situation in Sweden.

It was not until the second model, the hard-top car PV4, was introduced that it was turned over by selling 694 cars in two years.

What put Volvo on the right track was the six-cylinder engine model PV651 launched in 1929. After the acquisition of Pentaverken Engine Company in 1935, Volvo was officially listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange.

Ford Motor Company was acquired in 1999 at a cost of US$ 6.45 billion. Later, due to the financial crisis in 2008, it was deeply mired in operating losses and had to sell its brand assets. Among them, Volvo Car was sold to Geely Automobile at a cost of US$ 1.8 billion in 2010, which was more than 70% lower than the original purchase price of US$ 6.45 billion. Ford is an old enemy in Volvo’s development history.

Geely and Volvo’s Ten Years’ Road

March 28th, 2020 is the 10th anniversary of Geely’s acquisition of Volvo, which is why when people talk about Volvo cars, they will mention Geely’s reasons.

Geely’s acquisition of Volvo in that year was enough to be called a snake swallowing an elephant drama. Li Shufu’s desperate saburo mentality made Volvo survive, especially in the second-tier luxury car camp in China market.

By 2018, the sales volume will reach 130,000 vehicles, the global sales volume will exceed 640,000 vehicles, and the brand value will soar from the original $1.8 billion to $18 billion, with a year-on-year increase of over 100%.

Since Geely acquired Volvo in 2010, thanks to the convenience Geely brought to Volvo in terms of channels and production capacity, the sales of Volvo cars in China and around the world have also increased year after year. Since Geely acquired Volvo, Volvo’s annual sales have risen sharply for six consecutive years.

Achieving profitability is just a starter. The highlight is that in 2019, global sales exceeded 700,000 vehicles, with a cumulative sales of 705,400 vehicles. Breaking the highest sales record since 1993, it can be said that Geely is a great benefactor on the road of Volvo’s revival.

Relying on the advantage of Geely’s localization in China, Volvo and Geely also jointly launched a new brand, Lexus, to enter the domestic high-end market. In 2018, the brand sold more than 120,000 vehicles, which almost tied Volvo’s annual sales, and made Great Wall WEY a loser, and established a reputation in the high-end market of domestic cars.

In the past ten years, the sales volume of Volvo cars has increased from 334,800 to 662,000 in 2020, and the China market has become the largest single market for Volvo.

Cars equipped with internal combustion engines have no future.

"Cars equipped with internal combustion engines have no future."

Volvo is full of longing for the future of electric vehicles, and even plans to completely eliminate all internal combustion engine automobile products including hybrid vehicles in 2030. This means that after 10 years, Volvo will bid farewell to fuel vehicles and become a pure electric brand completely.

However, with the current situation of Volvo’s electrification development, it is still far from such a radical plan.

The debut of Volvo’s first pure electric vehicle is long overdue, and the sales volume of electric vehicle brand Polar Star, which was born out of Volvo’s high-performance department specializing in electrification, is also a long story.

Farewell to the fuel truck completely after 10 years, which is quite a bit "desperate". But beyond that, Volvo seems to have no choice.

Volvo wants to rely on two wings when transforming to electrification, one is to rely on Polaris, and the other is to rely on its own hybrid car.

However, nowadays, the development of Polaris is far from optimistic, and hybrid cars are not up to expectations.

In 2017, Volvo’s department specializing in electrification and high performance was separated from Volvo and named Polar Star, officially becoming a brand new and independent electric vehicle brand.

The original intention of separating Polar Star is that Volvo hopes to change its traditional car image by the east wind of new energy, build a new brand with brand-new labels, develop in the direction of high-performance electric vehicles, and compete with Tesla.

Unfortunately, Volvo, which tried to fly with two wings, failed to fly.

Polar Star did not fulfill the dream of Volvo’s high-performance electric vehicle brand as expected. In 2020, the cumulative insurance amount of Polar Star was only 365 vehicles.

In terms of products, the brand positioning of Polar Star and Volvo is one of the major reasons for the poor sales performance of Polar Star.

Polar Star 1 can see the shadow of Volvo S90. The almost identical interior, central control panel and Raytheon’s hammer headlights make people feel that they bought a Volvo for 1.45 million yuan. The design of Polar Star 2 and Volvo 40.2 concept car cannot be said to be very similar, but can only be said to be exactly the same.

The core selling point of Polar Star, which goes out independently, is still the characteristics of environmental protection and performance, which is very similar to Volvo. As long as Volvo introduces pure electric vehicles, it will definitely collide with its own hatched polar star, and its own electric vehicle business coincides with its electric vehicle business, which is not conducive to the development of polar star.

On the other hand, Volvo’s funding for Polar Star is not generous, which makes Polar Star slow in terms of factory construction and retail network construction. This is also reflected in Volvo’s financial report.

According to the financial report, the loss of Polar Star reached 520 million Swedish kronor (about 380 million yuan) in 2018. Perhaps in order to improve cash flow, it was recently reported that Polar Star is promoting financing and will issue an IPO in the future.

Thomas Ingrat, CEO of Polar Star Brand, also confirmed that the goal of Polar Star’s medium and long-term development is very clear, which is to open the door to IPO and stock market.

Get an electric shock before Tesla

But in fact, Volvo is the earliest luxury brand that "gets an electric shock".

As early as 1992, Volvo launched the ECC model, started the exploration of electrification, and launched the ECC model. This car uses gas turbine+electric drive, not only that, but also the whole car is made of recyclable materials.

In 2007, when Europe scoffed at the electrification of automobiles, it was Volvo that released C30 Electric and stood up for electric vehicles. The car is equipped with "DRIVE" powertrain technology, adopts a mid-range battery pack, and has a cruising range of 150km. It takes only 8 hours to fully charge the household charging pile.

At that time, Tesla was only established for more than three years, and its first automobile product Roadster was not released.

Volvo is also the first traditional car company to stand up and specify the time to stop production of traditional fuel vehicles. In July 2017, Volvo announced that it would stop production of fuel vehicles after 2019.

However, all Volvo did was pay lip service. After the timetable of "stopping production of fuel vehicles" was put forward, Volvo’s electric vehicle project did not speed up. It was not until October 2019 that Volvo launched the first pure electric vehicle XC40 RECHARGE.

At the same time, other new energy car companies have accelerated their pace.

In 2017, Tesla set up a branch in China, which achieved sales of more than 20,000 electric vehicles that year. In 2018, Audi e-tron made its debut in China. Soon after, Mercedes-Benz EQC appeared in China.

Volvo’s XC40 RECHARGE is not only a late debut, but also an "oil-to-electricity" model, which is based on the Volvo XC40 fuel version. The product of "oil to electricity" has shortcomings such as short battery life, slow charging, unstable chassis and poor handling since its birth.

In 2020, Volvo XC40 RECHARGE sold only 87 vehicles; In January 2021, its sales volume was 51 vehicles.

Difficult IPO

At present, Geely is considering restarting its subsidiary Volvo’s IPO plan, and Volvo’s valuation may be around 20 billion US dollars.

Geely Holding will negotiate Volvo’s IPO as soon as this year, and consider potential listing sites including Stockholm and Amsterdam.

At present, IPO preparation is still in its infancy, and details such as potential valuation may change. Volvo Cars will also judge various IPO schemes, and if necessary, it will make regulatory disclosure at an appropriate time.

Previously, Geely Holding prepared for the IPO of Volvo Cars in 2018, but investors were hesitant about its valuation of up to 30 billion US dollars, and then Volvo’s listing went nowhere.

It is difficult to go public not only because the valuation is too high, but because Volvo is not worth the valuation.

As we all know, Volvo has got a hard hand in price reduction. The sharp price reduction has temporarily brought about an increase in Volvo’s sales, but it has greatly reduced its brand power and lowered its brand image.

Volvo’s technology has been continuously delegated to Geely, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce its brand image.

Price reduction and technology decentralization have undoubtedly made Volvo lose the dignity and value of luxury brands.

At the same time, it has greatly reduced consumers’ confidence in this brand. With the decline of brand power and consumer confidence, Volvo’s sales growth rate has slowed down significantly.

In terms of product quality, Volvo has also begun to decline.

Although Volvo has always advertised its own safety, frequent quality problems and many large-scale vehicle recalls have torn the label of Volvo’s "safety" completely.

In 2020 alone, Volvo recalled four times, involving more than 530,000 vehicles. Moreover, the number of vehicles recalled due to hidden dangers in seat belts is as high as 245,000.

As the inventor of three-point seat belts, Volvo finally stumbled in its own field, which forced people to re-examine Volvo.

The "low frequency resonance" problem of Volvo’s main sales models has also caused its reputation to decline.

Of course, the manufacturer has not come up with an effective solution, and this problem still plagues many Volvo car owners for a long time. Such quality makes it difficult to link Volvo with the "safety" label again.

As the brand image goes from bad to worse, the brand power is greatly reduced and quality problems appear frequently, Volvo’s future road becomes more and more difficult.

With the intensification of competition, even if Volvo goes public smoothly in the future, it will worry about the stock price.

The reputation of Tang DM series has exploded! Once again, it won the first place in the sales of medium and large SUVs, and more Tang DM-p was ready to go.

According to the latest sales data released by the Ride Association, BYD Tang (parameter picture) sold 10,107 new energy vehicles in April, of which Tang DM series sold nearly 9,000 vehicles, which continued to sell well, beating Li ONE and winning the first place in the medium and large SUV market, confirming its strong strength and leading position in the field of plug-and-mix.

The sales momentum is strong, and Tang DM series leads the brand to continue to rise.

In April, under the influence of the repeated spread of COVID-19 epidemic, the national passenger car market was hit hard, and the sales volume decreased by 34% compared with that in March, among which new energy was also affected by the current epidemic, with a decrease of 36.5% compared with that in March. Due to the impact of epidemic situation and the shortage of market supply chain, it is not easy for BYD Tang DM series to achieve such sales performance. By direct comparison, Li ONE, which is also the head camp of medium and large SUVs, delivered only 4,167 units in April, while Toyota Highlander sold 6,645 units, both of which were greatly reduced.

Behind the hot sale of Tang DM series, it not only highlights the technical advantages of BYD’s self-production and self-research in the whole industry chain, but also highlights that its word-of-mouth advantage is being widely recognized by more and more consumers. At present, in the attention ranking of market segments, the Tang DM series has been ahead of the top three German companies: Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5L and BMW X3, and has finished overtaking the traditional fuel SUV of luxury brands in corners with new energy, leading the high-end SUV of China brand to break through continuously, and has achieved initial results.

The flagship is evolving again, and the product matrix of Tang DM series is about to be upgraded again.

For a long time, BYD has anchored the market pain points with its innovative technical strength, bringing subversive product performance. Among them, Tang DM-i has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1050km under the joint action of Xiaoyun-plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine, EHS electric hybrid system and other high-efficiency core components, bringing the ultimate performance, and relying on the wheelbase of 2820mm, it has the advantages of occupying 7 large seats, being large and economical, and has won wide popularity in the market and consumers.

At the same time, in the face of consumers’ increasingly diversified product demands, Tang DM series has continued to evolve, and Tang DM-p is about to strike with extreme performance strength, combining with Tang DM-i to form a "super ip" combination. BYD Tang DM series will once again subvert the new height of hard-core strength of medium and large SUVs, lead the car experience to a new level with industry-leading performance and efficiency, and its sales volume is expected to further increase.


The word-of-mouth and sales continued to generate, which confirmed that Tang DM-i was a well-deserved 200,000-class home SUV. Under the great opportunity of the rapid rise of new energy, market competition has been launched around the competition of hard-core technical strength, and products that can truly meet the diversified needs of users can stand out. From this point of view, BYD Tang DM series has taken the lead, and in the future, it will lead China brand to break through together with other models of Tang family.

The maximum battery life is 715KM, and the monthly electricity bill is only 126 yuan. Is BYD Han EV fragrant?

Among the new energy vehicles, BYD Han EV (parameter picture) has always had a good sales volume. In the past May, the sales volume also exceeded 10,000 units, which still has a high popularity in the market. The 2022 model has also been improved in battery life, with a maximum battery life of 715 kilometers. At present, BYD Han EV is selling a total of 8 models, of which 4 models are 2022, and the price range is 269,800 ~ 329,800. We recently experienced the 715KM flagship model of the Han EV 2022 Genesis Edition with the official guide price of 287,500. Today, let’s talk about this car.

Stylish appearance, in line with the public aesthetic;

In terms of appearance, the 2022 BYD has only made some minor adjustments, and the front face looks more concise. The headlights on both sides of the front are long and narrow, and are connected by a bright chrome trim, and the Chinese character logo in the middle is very recognizable. In addition, the raised ribs on the hood with the black lower surround below add a sense of strength and movement.

Viewed from the side, the lines of BYD Han EV are very smooth and have good flow linearity. The suspended roof and the shape of the big slip back make the body look slender. The sharp double waistline design, hidden door handle, chrome-plated identity nameplate and chrome trim of the side skirt car create a good fashion atmosphere. In terms of size, the length, width and height of BYD Han EV are 4995x1910x1495 mm and the wheelbase is 2920 mm respectively. The size has reached the level of medium and large family cars.

The tail shape of BYD Han EV is relatively simple, and the through taillights are blackened, and the interior is decorated with elements similar to "Chinese knots", which looks better after lighting. The bottom is surrounded by black to highlight the layering.

Interior configuration and space performance:

Entering the car, BYD Han EV adopts a classic "T" layout, with reasonable distribution of functional areas and convenient operation. The multifunctional steering wheel covered with leather has a good grip. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen in front of the steering wheel displays all kinds of information of the vehicle. In addition, this car is equipped with the HUD head-up display function, which is convenient for the driver to check the vehicle information. The 15.6-inch floating central control panel in the central control area is eye-catching, with a built-in intelligent car system, which supports online GPS navigation, Hicar, car networking and OTA upgrade. Various entertainment apps can meet the needs of young people for car entertainment.

In terms of assisted driving, BYD Han EV is equipped with L2 automatic driving function, which supports lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, lane merging assistance, road traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise and full-speed adaptive cruise. At the same time, it is also equipped with 360 panoramic images, 540 panoramic images, panoramic sunroof opening, keyless entry, remote start and other functions. In terms of configuration, it is still relatively rich, which can effectively improve driving safety.

As a medium and large family car, BYD Han EV has a good space performance. The front seat is designed in one piece, and the leather filler is also full. In addition, it supports electric adjustment, heating, ventilation and seat memory functions, which has a degree of comfort.

Adjust the comfortable driving posture in the front seat, and the experiencer with a height of 172CM will have plenty of room when he comes to the back, and there will be about three punches in the leg space. Because this car has a big slip-back shape, it will have a certain impact on the head space in the back row, but there will also be nearly one punch. Coupled with the blessing that can open the panoramic sunroof, there will be no sense of oppression. In addition, the almost flat platform is also a plus item, even if the passengers sitting in the middle can maintain a comfortable sitting position, they will not "squat".

In terms of storage space, the trunk space of BYD Han EV is not very large, but the opening is low, which is convenient for taking and putting luggage, and the internal space is relatively flat, which can put down two suitcases of about 20 inches. In addition, it is also equipped with an electric tailgate, which is very convenient to use.

Power and endurance performance:

In terms of power, this BYD Han EV adopts the layout of a front-mounted single motor, with the maximum power of 180 kW and the maximum torque of 350 Nm. This power system is not dragging its feet when driving in the city, and its dynamic response is relatively fast. You can get good feedback by pedaling lightly, and you can be handy when starting or overtaking. In addition, like most trams, Han EV runs smoothly and its power output is very linear. McPherson-style independent suspension+multi-link-type independent suspension chassis design and adjustment are relatively comfortable, and some fine shocks can be well filtered out, even if there are some speed bumps and potholes in the car, there will be no obvious bouncing feeling, which has better riding comfort.

In terms of battery life, the official battery life of this car is 715KM, which is improved compared with the 605KM long battery life version of the 2021 model. At the same time, it supports fast charging mode, and it takes only half an hour to charge from 30% to 80%. Longer battery life itself has reduced certain battery life anxiety, and with the blessing of fast charging mode, battery life anxiety is further reduced, which can meet more car scenes. Whether it is traveling in the city or going out for a long trip, it can be satisfied.

Car cost:

From the perspective of vehicle cost, the cost of electric vehicles is lower than that of fuel vehicles.

From the maintenance point of view, the first maintenance of BYD Han EV is carried out at the time of 5,000 kilometers or three months, and only some routine inspections are needed, and the cost is not much in 300 yuan. After that, the maintenance frequency should be 20,000 kilometers or once every 12 months.

In terms of energy consumption, according to the official power consumption of 13.5kWh/100km, if the household electricity consumption is 0.56 yuan/kWh, the electricity bill for driving 20,000 kilometers by Han EV is about 1,512 yuan, which is only 126 yuan per month when the mileage of driving 20,000 kilometers a year is added. Compared with the current "high" oil price, it is really cost-effective. However, this is only in the case of a household charging pile. If there is no charging pile at home, you need to go to a third-party charging pile to charge, and the cost will be relatively expensive. This depends on the actual use, but it should not be more expensive than the oil price.

Generally speaking, the performance of BYD Han EV is relatively balanced in all aspects, the appearance is fashionable and conforms to the public aesthetic, the interior has a certain texture and rich configuration, and the interior space can also meet the needs of family cars. In addition, from the point of view of battery life and power performance, the battery life of 715 kilometers can meet most people’s car scenes, and the power is strong and easy to drive. The most important thing is that the cost of car use is really much more affordable than that of fuel vehicles, which is a good model. So in the end, what do you think of this BYD Han EV? Welcome to have an interactive discussion with us in the comment area.

The NCA smart driving experience in the urban area is amazing, and the M5 smart driving version of AITO is stable this time!

Recently, AITO Wujie M5 Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition (Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition) has carried out a large-scale in-depth media test drive throughout the country, showing its hard-core strength in the field of NCA intelligent driving in urban areas for the majority of media friends. Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Advanced Intelligent Driving System (HUAWEI ADS 2.0), which shines brilliantly in the actual urban sections and gives a perfect performance of nearly perfect score. At the same time, the powerful power system of the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition and the top experience of HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 make its name "Double Intelligent Ceiling" worthy of the name.

You can "see" the road without relying on high-precision maps.

The M5 intelligent driving version of Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0, which realizes the NCA intelligent driving navigation without relying on high-precision maps. Recently, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said that the M5 version of Zhijie has started the nationwide large-scale delivery of new cars, and the latest version of the system will be officially upgraded by OTA at the end of June, bringing better smart driving experience to users. It is expected that in Q3 this year, 15 cities will be opened for commercial use without maps, officially opening a new era of high-level intelligent driving in urban areas.

Thanks to the multi-sensor fusion perception system, Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition combines with road prediction neural network to realize the correlation of traffic elements, topological reasoning of road structure, and the matching between navigation map and real road, so that cars can "see" the road. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 can help drivers get rid of the trouble of taking care of mobile navigation while driving, give full play to the advantages of NCA’s intelligent navigation function, and realize a wider range of point-to-point high-order intelligent driving on the road, which is not only safe and reliable, but also makes driving easier.

The sense of security of intelligent driving also comes from accurate identification and accurate prediction of potential dangers. Not only in the highway section, but also in the urban section where people commute on weekdays, in the face of the scene of traffic and mixed people and cars, obstacles in the white list such as people and cars can be accurately identified by the fusion perception BEV bird’s eye view network in HUAWEI ADS 2.0 under the "God’s perspective". On this basis, abnormal obstacles such as water horses, mounds or sundries, fallen trees, etc., which are not listed on the white list, can also be pioneered by GOD’s general obstacle detection technology in the industry, and accurately capture and avoid risks through the simultaneous input of lidar and visual meeting.

After AI training, Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition has built a rich scene library to deal with various difficult scenes. When the right-hand vehicle overtakes, the left-hand vehicle comes from the rear, and there are big cars driving in front and behind, etc., on the premise of ensuring safety, the vehicles can make their own decisions and take actions such as slowing down and merging and speeding up overtaking. Whether it’s a "ghost probe" where the other side’s car is dazzling and the driver’s vision is blocked, or it encounters bad weather and insufficient light, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 can cope with and resolve it, and incorporate practical experience into its own database, and continue to iterate and optimize, becoming more and more like an "old driver" with rich practical driving experience.

Intelligent at the same time, performance is not inferior.

Not only that, the M5 version also has a 4-second acceleration performance, which brings strong power output to drivers. At the same time, its super-long cruising range reaches 1400km+, providing users with more lasting driving pleasure and convenience. Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition upgraded the all-aluminum chassis, replaced it with 1.5T all-aluminum four-cylinder range extender 4.0, and successfully "slimmed down" 20kg. Comprehensive weight reduction and HUAWEI DriveONE intelligent electric drive platform, combined with front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension configuration, provide sports car-level handling performance.

Under the condition of full fuel and full charge, the maximum comprehensive cruising range of the extended range version (rear drive) of the M5 intelligent driving version is 1425km, and the pure electric cruising range of CLTC is upgraded to 255km. Even if you travel across provinces in go on road trip for a long distance, you can make sure that you don’t need to replenish energy frequently. The Wujie M5 pure electric intelligent driving version is equipped with a golden four-wheel drive combination consisting of a front AC asynchronous motor and a rear permanent magnet synchronous motor, which gives perfect consideration to power and economy. HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system also greatly reduces the shaking of vehicles on bumpy roads, greatly improves driving comfort, and brings users top-level driving control, stronger power, lower energy consumption, quieter driving experience and more comprehensive safety protection.

On the other hand, in terms of passive safety, the M5 intelligent driving version is armed to the teeth. Advanced body structure design and high-strength body materials make the vehicle more sturdy and stable, and provide reliable passive safety guarantee for drivers and passengers. No matter what kind of accident, passengers can always get the most effective protection.

This large-scale national media in-depth test drive, asked the M5 version of the smart drive to get a wide range of good feedback from the media, affirming its excellent smart drive experience and excellent product strength. Nowadays, the M5 version of Zhijie has been delivered nationwide on a large scale, bringing consumers a brand-new experience of high-level intelligent driving. With the large-scale delivery of the M5 Smart Drive Edition and the implementation of the 15-city map-free plan in Q3, we are moving towards a smarter and safer travel era. Let’s look forward to the great changes that technology will bring to our future life!

The network police of public security organs stationed in Tik Tok capital are sought after.

  Beijing Morning News (Chief reporter Zhang Jingya) The Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday that the first batch of 170 cyber police units of provincial and municipal public security organs will collectively settle in the short video platform of vibrato by opening special work accounts. Among the government affairs numbers of cyber police, the official account of the Cyber Security Corps of Beijing Public Security Bureau "Capital Cyber Police" has become the focus of much attention. At present, the video content released by "Capital Cyber Police" has been played nearly 100 million times, and the number of likes has reached more than 5.2 million times, ranking among the top in Tik Tok government affairs numbers of all cyber police departments in China.

  "Vivid and vivid content, easy-to-understand language style, and popular forms of communication not only help to show the work style of the people’s police in the new era, but also make network security propaganda and legal education spread in a new form, which is actively supported and fully recognized by young users." Liang Liming, a cyber policeman, said that since the "Capital Cyber Policeman" entered the Tik Tok platform, it has promoted the publicity of cyber legal system and practiced the purpose of "serving the people" by publishing daily police work, anti-fraud knowledge and current affairs hotspots in a rich, diverse and "grounded" form.

  The reporter found that the "Capital Cyber Police" account closely followed the "trend", used flash subtitles and humorous dubbing to simulate the scene of telephone fraud, and successively launched two seasons of original videos of "killing a liar in one sentence" to give advice to netizens on how to deal with the scam skillfully, with a broadcast volume of 33 million times and more than 2,400 comments. Users have said that they are "interesting, informative and useful, and like it for the network police." The reporter saw one paragraph, "liar: hello, sir, we just found out that your credit card spent 1.8 million in Thailand yesterday. Is it your own operation?" Me: Yes, the elephant I bought yesterday, what happened? "

  In addition, the "Capital Cyber Police" combined with the high-incidence fraud means in real life, such as job hunting after graduation, making friends online, pretending to be a public security organ, and produced a series of sitcom "Cyber Police Classroom" to interpret network security knowledge, which was widely recognized by netizens. Up to now, the cumulative broadcast volume has reached more than 3.7 million times, and it has been praised 140,000 times. After Didi Yueqing hitchhiking incident, the "Capital Cyber Police" immediately released a safety reminder video through Tik Tok, instructing netizens how to set the location of emergency contacts to share their trips and how to ask for help quickly in an emergency. At present, the video has been praised by netizens for more than 243,000 times.

"Flying in the Big Country" started in Ling Xiaosu, Geng Le and Wu Jian with aerospace dreams.

1905 movie network news Recently, The Great Power Flying directed by Zhang Li held the theme conference and launching ceremony of "Dream Departure" in Beijing Aerospace City. Actors Ling Xiaosu, Geng Le, Wu Jian and others all appeared. Among them, Fang Xiaotian, played by Ling Xiaosu, is an aerospace backbone. Wu Jian, a powerful actor who has repeatedly shaped the image of a soldier and a tough guy, plays Fang Xiaotian’s brother and the first generation of preparatory astronauts.


The launch conference was held in Beijing Aerospace City, and Wu Jian said that he felt like going home. It turns out that this is not the first time he has played an astronaut. As early as 2018, Wu Jian spent three months here when filming an aerospace TV series. He had in-depth exchanges and studies with astronauts such as Liu Wang, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping, and completed many professional training for astronauts: escape tower training, swivel chair training, underwater weightlessness training and centrifuge training that ordinary people could not bear. Wu Jian recalled that the training of astronauts was extremely hard, and every astronaut was a veritable "superman" who had to bear great psychological pressure and physical quality test.


Flying in a Big Country is a work that depicts the true face of two generations of astronauts in an all-round way. It depicts the story of the older generation of astronauts who found their way in the long exploration and struggled for the aerospace industry all their lives. Fang Haotian, the first generation astronaut played by Wu Jian, has a full image and distinctive personality. When it comes to playing the astronaut again, Wu Jian is particularly confident. He is currently recovering, and I believe that with excellent physical fitness and a good foundation laid by previous professional training, he will be able to successfully interpret the elegance of the first generation of astronauts in China.

In order to express his imagination and longing for the spacewalk, Wu Jian also painted on the spot, and the China rocket engraved with the national flag soared into the air. In the distant space, Wu Jian also painted a jade rabbit to express the romanticism of the astronauts.


It is reported that "Flying in a Big Country" will be filmed in many places for nearly five months. I look forward to the performance of actor Wu Jian, and convey the aerospace spirit of hard work, courage to attack, pioneering and innovative, and selfless dedication to the audience through the wonderful interpretation of the role.

Rank of World Football Players in 2023

1. Mbappé: 180 million euros.

2. Harland: 180 million euros.

3. Vinicius Junior: 150 million euros.

4. Bellingham: 120 million euros.

5. Saka: 120 million euros

6. Mucia: 110 million euros.

7. Forden: 110 million euros

8. Osmain: 100 million euros

9. Pedri: 100 million euros.

10. valverde: 100 million euros.

11. Chuameni: 90 million euros

12. Harry Kane: 90 million euros

13. Enzo Fernandez: 85 million euros

14. Hilia, Cavallace: 85 million euros.

15. Vilt: 85 million euros.

Nkunku: 80 million euros

17. kimmich: 80 million euros.

Rafael Leon: 80 million euros

19. Lautaro Martínez: 80 million euros.

Rodrigo: 80 million euros

Declan Rice: 80 million euros

22. Odegard: 80 million euros.

23. Rachford: 80 million euros.

Rodrigo Herná ndez Cascante: 80 million euros.

25. Luis Diaz: 75 million euros

Gvardiol: 75 million euros.

Vlahovic: 75 million euros.

28. Mataix Delicht: 75 million euros

29. bruno fernandez: 75 million euros.

30. Jesus: 75 million euros.

31. Reuben Diaz: 75 million euros.

32. Santos: 70 million euros

33. N ú? ez: 70 million euros

34. Neymar: 70 million euros.

35. Marchionos: 70 million euros

36. Sane: 70 million euros

37. Alfonso: 70 million euros

38. Nicolò Barella: 70 million euros

39. araujo: 70 million euros.

40. Militao: 70 million euros.

41. Gabriel: 70 million euros

42. Salah: 70 million euros

43. reece james: 70 million euros.

44. Mendes: 65 million euros.

45. Muani: 65 million euros

46. Koeman: 65 million euros

Goretzka: 65 million euros.

48. Fofana: 65 million euros.

49. Arnold: 65 million euros

50. Mount: 65 million euros

TT voice, after becoming social software, is on the verge of danger.

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This generation of young people have long been unable to integrate into the social process of "eating and drinking mahjong KTV" of their parents, but in reality, they are limited by time and space and cannot expand their social circle. They establish contact with strangers outside the life and work circle through online games and thus have emotional connections. Games have become the social currency of a new generation of young people.

Mobile games and e-sports have long been popular in the streets. At the moment of winning the championship, the popularity in bilibili live broadcast room has reached more than 400 million, and the popularity of Tiger Tooth live broadcast has reached more than 300 million. Judging from the popularity of its various online platforms, e-sports live broadcast has long been a national entertainment activity.

The market scale of the game has derived the social demand of the game, and the upcoming TT focuses on the social voice of the game, thus harvesting 100 million users. However, under the precedent of many social platforms that died of social atmosphere, 90% of users are TT voices after 95 s and 00 s, but people have to worry, can game-based socialization go on healthily?

From game voice to social tools

At first, TT voice was just a voice tool.

In 2012, the mobile game industry in China began to enter an explosive period, and a large number of game practitioners rushed into the game content production industry in an attempt to create an explosive game. However, at that time, most games were still in the initial stage, and there was no perfect voice communication system, but the need for players to communicate in time was very urgent.

Based on this, Fun Pill Network chose to start from the game voice tool. In 2014, TT voice became an instant hit. In the first year, the number of registered users exceeded 3 million, and the number of online users exceeded 60,000. In one year, the running water exceeded 100 million yuan.

However, it is difficult for tool apps to achieve considerable revenue. Moreover, after 2016, more and more games that need to be "blacked out" have added built-in instant voice systems, and the core business of TT voice has been impacted, not only because the ceiling is too low, but also because the tools themselves have become chicken ribs.

"Blackout" in the game itself is a social way, therefore, social transformation has become the easiest path for TT voice to cut in. In 2018, TT voice gradually added live voice, expanded chat, pia drama, dynamics and other kinetic energy, which was deeply tied with explosive mobile games such as the glory of the king and Peace Elite, enabling gamers to directly perform voice hacking, teaming up, scoring and other operations within TT voice, broadening the use scenarios of TT voice, and the average online market for daily users exceeded two hours.

In the field of game socialization, TT voice can be regarded as a deep-rooted player. For example, in finding a playmate, the glory of the king’s matching mechanism does not allow too much difference between segments. Many players find it difficult to match the right teammates and opponents with the same segment because the segment is too high or too low, but TT Voice can find the right playmate with the same segment based on the game and gender, so as to recognize gamers who have the same topic cognition.

In fact, not only mobile games like the glory of the king Peace Elite have voice social needs, but other games also have voice social needs, but many minority games have no funds and strength to add voice built-in and social channels. The "quick matching" of the "black channel" on TT voice homepage not only covers high-heat mobile games such as the glory of the player, the peaceful elite, the call of duty, the fifth personality, but also covers leisure and educational games such as light encounter, gobang, you draw and guess, which makes TT voice not a vassal of a certain game, but the best playmate of the game, and can inject fresh blood into the platform while stabilizing old users.

In addition, TT voice is not only satisfied with finding suitable game playmates for players, but also based on user interest tags and other information, using system algorithms to gather people with similar interests in the virtual room voice room by distributing playmates, finding radar and other functions, and sharing audio, video, pictures and other contents in real time to achieve the purpose of making friends. In addition to "playing in black", TT voice also opened content sections such as finding playmates and entertainment.

Judging from these functions, TT voice is not only a tool, but also a social ecology based on games, which meets all the online entertainment and leisure needs of this generation of young people.

Therefore, TT voice also has a living space outside the game content. According to publicly disclosed data, the unique TT voice has accumulated more than 100 million users by 2020, an increase of more than 80% from the previous month. In addition, the platform MAU reached 20 million, of which the post-95 s, that is, Z generation users accounted for as high as 90%.

During the first half of 2021, users spend about 158 minutes in TT voice chat rooms every day, and users initiate more than 850,000 voice chat rooms every day, an increase of 45.6% compared with the same period in 2020.

Sullivan pointed out in the report that TT voice has become the largest mobile voice social platform and the largest player-centered mobile social platform in China according to monthly users and income data.

The ceiling is too low and it is too difficult to grow.

According to the data of China Game Industry Report 2020 released by China Game Industry Research Institute, the number of game users in China will reach 665 million in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 3.7%. In other words, there is one TT voice user in every six e-sports players.

However, it is worth noting that TT voice is actually known outside the deep e-sports players. Because almost every popular game has its own social function, players can achieve basic needs such as communication and team formation in the game. With the improvement of the voice communication system of the game itself, the chances of players opening the voice-assisted APP are bound to gradually decrease.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that TT voice survives in a crack, and this crack makes it difficult for TT voice to make a breakthrough in market scale.

In addition, there are too many voice social software, and the substitutability of TT voice is very high, not to mention that WeChat QQ can open black communication games in groups, and there are also black-opening software such as YY voice, KK voice and hello voice in the market to compete with it. In contrast, the competitive advantage of TT voice is not clear.

According to the prospectus, in the first half of 2021, the monthly activity of TT voice reached 16.2 million. Compared with the social products such as Gathering Times and Momo, the number of monthly users of less than 20 million is not large enough.

The ceiling is too low, the loyalty is not enough, and the user payment rate is also very low. According to the data in the prospectus, the monthly living payment rates from 2018 to 2020 were 7.3%, 7.1% and 5.3% respectively, and even fell to 5.1% in the first half of 2021, the lowest level in history.

In addition, the target users of TT voice are the post-95 s and post-00 s under the age of 24, but this young group has limited spending power and it is difficult to promote more consumption.

Moreover, the acquisition cost of TT voice is not low. According to the prospectus, in 2020 and the first half of 2021, the network and marketing expenses of Fun Pill Network increased by 123.06% and 120.88% year-on-year, both higher than the revenue growth in the same period and higher than the growth rate of paying users.

In addition, as an auxiliary tool APP, TT voice also needs to solve the problem of user retention. At the beginning, TT voice can be downloaded because of the formation of playmates, but after a short period of acquaintance and pairing, playmates who form fixed friends often develop into daily communication software such as WeChat /QQ for voice, dialogue, making friends, opening black and other activities.

As far as social tools are concerned, most of WeChat and QQ are bound with offline real social information, so the probability of users uninstalling software and accounts is very low, but only a small social APP with Internet strangers’ "friends", which leads to a higher probability of uninstalling software and accounts because of the low maintenance cost, making it difficult for users to really keep them.

In this way, TT voice has become a diversion middleman of WeChat QQ, and it is difficult for users to really stay. In fact, this problem is not only the embarrassment of TT voice, but also the embarrassment that all niche social tools except WeChat QQ are difficult to solve.

Risk involved in gray areas is high.

Almost all Internet companies want to socialize, and Ma Yun’s Alipay is no exception. However, social functions are easy to build in, but it is extremely difficult to make social apps.

In particular, it is indeed the common demand of a new generation of young people to make friends through games, but social interaction based on games can be an interest, but it is also easier to deteriorate.

With the development of Qinglang Action, many accompanying software such as "Bixin", "Little Deer Accompanied Play" and "hello Voice" have been taken off the shelves indefinitely because of illegal activities such as fraud and pornography, and social software accompanying games has become a high-risk zone for juvenile supervision.

Although TT voice has not been removed, it does not mean that it does not have this problem. On the home page of TT voice, the online number of blind date rooms has exceeded that of black-out, party, listening to songs and other rooms.

The content of "edge ball" can be said to be the user’s low quality, but TT voice belongs to the "ignition" in this kind of edge ball socialization, and the official attitude may even imply encouragement. Many users reported that TT voice received an "immediate private chat" automatically matched by the system after the initial download and registration, and the dynamic recommendations were all kinds of speeches and private messages.

Some media reports have pointed out that TT voice has voice rooms named after minors, and some voice rooms have voice contents such as suspected obscenity and abuse, and the report pointed out that the platform did not block these live broadcast rooms during the investigation.

On the black cat complaint platform, the number of complaints about TT voice is as high as 2,705, which is more than two old-fashioned voice software such as Momo YY live broadcast. The complaints include problems such as fraud, inducing minors to pay, and swearing.

There are also public reports this year. A 9-year-old girl from Guangzhou once got to know the suspect Lu Mou after downloading TT voice chat dating platform. Lu Mou gave her a red envelope in the name of giving gifts. Due to lack of judgment, she was cheated for 12,781 yuan.

TT voice expanding social interest content outside the game may encourage dangerous discussions. In the "expanding column" section of TT voice, there are a large number of underage users, and most of them are involved in puppy love, and the situation is extremely serious. The section of "Minors posting to find boyfriends in public" even has a very obvious recommended position in the APP, and even pornographic content shows obvious recommended positions, as well as obscure yellow-related drainage stickers.

Although social software can’t supervise all users’ languages, the target users of TT voice are mainly minors and young students under the age of 25. Are you sure this high-risk social interaction is not playing with fire?

At present, TT voice has no underage review mechanism. After downloading, registration can be completed only by receiving a four-digit verification code from the mobile phone, which means that minors can complete registration without even unlocking their parents’ mobile phones, and can be used to contact all users without their real names or any third-party information.

Judging from its official attitude, although the youth model has also been established, most of the contents under the model are subject education courses. Obviously, there is no active and healthy planning and guidance for the healthy socialization of minors’ interests.

Although the state has issued policies to restrict the related behaviors of minors’ games, the surrounding industries of games also need strict supervision. Whether it is live broadcast or accompanying play, enterprises should actively fulfill their responsibilities to protect young people, and should not lower the lower limit in pursuit of market scale.