The takeaway platform does not need tableware options to be embarrassed, and merchants are worried about being given bad reviews.

  During the "meal" period of a restaurant, takeaways waiting for "departure" are filled with the desk Photographer/Intern, Huang Jiating

  The scale of the Internet catering market has doubled, and the problem of disposable tableware pollution is also very serious. It is reported that Meituan and, two major takeaway platforms in China, have launched "Qingshan Plan" and "Blue Planet Plan" environmental protection plans respectively. However, some people believe that in dealing with the problem of takeaway waste, the takeaway platform can play a limited role. In addition, catering companies, disposable tableware manufacturers, and consumers should share the corresponding responsibilities to improve the environmental protection problems caused by takeaway lunch boxes.

  Big data shows that 3 out of every 10 Chinese people are takeout users, generating more than 20 million takeaways every day. In the next ten years, the socialization, intensification and industrialization of kitchens will see tremendous development, and the problem of disposable tableware pollution will also come.


  How much takeaway waste can be generated every day?

  At around 11:30 noon, the deliveryman Xiao Liu hurried into a commercial building at Wudaokou. He didn’t have time to wait for the elevator, so he chose to climb the stairs to pick up the food at the gourmet food stall on the third floor. At this time, in the stairwell leading to the food stall, there were already many delivery guys running up and down like meteors, and the atmosphere was quite tense.

  The peak delivery period is called "rice mouth" by the delivery brothers. In the delivery hotspot – a university campus, during the "rice mouth" period, the delivery frequency of a delivery brother can reach 4 to 5 times, and the order volume for one delivery is about 4 to 5 copies. In terms of takeaway restaurants, according to the observation of the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, taking the rice noodle takeaway as an example, the order volume during the "rice mouth" period is 16 to 25 copies. The standard package includes a pair of chopsticks, a plastic spoon, a plastic round bowl, a plastic round bowl lid, and a plastic bag. If the user’s order requires soy sauce, vinegar, or chili peppers, another 3 to 5 plastic bags will be generated. According to the statistics of standard orders, a "rice noodle takeaway" will generate 16 to 25 meals of lunch box waste.

  In this food stall, there are a total of 14 merchants, each with an order volume of about 20 to 50 copies. Taking each standard lunch box as an example, the food stall produces 840 to 2,100 fast food lunch boxes in one "meal".

  In contrast, the number of takeout orders from large chain restaurants is even more impressive. According to the owner of a restaurant chain specializing in northwestern flavors: "We have about 4.40 million takeout orders a year. According to the average order of four lunch boxes, we should use 17 million lunch boxes a year." The owner admitted that for restaurants, the most concerned is how to ensure that takeout is delivered to customers within 25 minutes to an hour, and that the color, aroma, taste and shape of the dish are basically unchanged when it comes out of the pot. "We have also tried paper lunch boxes," he said. "But Chinese food and beverage forms are particularly rich and complex, and the cartons with soup and water do not penetrate for more than a few minutes. It cannot be achieved in an hour."

  Data from Xinhua News Agency: Our country has more than 20 million takeaways every day. But the amount of waste generated is also worrying. The used lunch boxes are stacked up enough to go three and a half times from the earth to the International Space Station, and the plastic bags can cover 168 football fields.

  current situation

  The rapid development of takeout brings garbage problems

  According to the "China Plastic Products Industry Production and Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report", the cumulative output of plastic products in our country 30.47 million tons in January-May 2017, with a cumulative increase of 3.8%. The growth of plastic products is inseparable from the rise and development of emerging industries such as takeaway. At the "Takeaway Food Packaging Safety and Environmental Protection Seminar" held recently, Zhou Lili, a senior engineer in the comprehensive business department of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, introduced that plastic products account for a large proportion of disposable tableware. China’s current total amount of disposable tableware plastics belongs to a large consumer group in the world. But in fact, if the per capita is calculated, we are not the largest consumer, but the United States should be the largest consumer.

  Just how big the Chinese takeout market is can be seen by looking at the data released by the two major takeout platforms.

  Meituan comments on big data show that the national takeaway industry has developed rapidly in 2016: in 2016, the overall transaction volume of the takeaway industry reached 130 billion, it is expected to break through 200 billion in 2017, and it will climb to 300 billion scale in 2018. From the user perspective, 3 out of every 10 Chinese people are takeaway users. expects the takeaway market to break through 700 billion in 2020.

  According to the analysis, the top reasons why Chinese users choose online takeaway are busy with work and no time to cook, unwilling to cook at home, preferential activities for takeaway, delicious meals for takeaway, bad weather, and lifestyle habits. Among them, the fast pace of work and time constraints are the main reasons for users to order takeaway. 42.7% of users choose takeaway to solve work meals, and 21.8% of users are unwilling to cook at home.


  The "no utensils required" option doesn’t work well

  Takeaway food delivery companies are very concerned about the problem of tableware waste. Recently, Meituan Dianping and have started to trial the "no tableware" service, which is to add the "no tableware" option on the APP order page, where the tableware refers to disposable chopsticks. It is understood that Meituan Takeaway launched the "Qingshan Plan" this year, establishing the post of chief environmental protection officer to encourage customer engagement in "bring your own tableware" activities and reduce the use of disposable tableware such as chopsticks and napkins. At the same time, for catering companies that promise to use "environmentally friendly lunch box packaging", light up the environmental protection logo and add screening items. Consumers can screen with one click and invite consumers and professional organizations to supervise catering companies that promise to use "environmentally friendly lunch box packaging".

  This year, launched the "Blue Planet" program, adding a "no tableware" note option on the order confirmation page of the new version of the APP, and providing points rewards for users who choose "no tableware". The points mall will open an environmental protection area for users to use points to claim desert public welfare forests and redeem environmentally friendly shopping bags. At present, has reached preliminary cooperation intentions with well-known environmental protection organizations such as the Alxa SEE Foundation.

  But it is understood that the trial effect is not very satisfactory. Some merchants would rather spend time and effort on diners’ taste preferences for fear of making mistakes, such as less sugar, less oil, no cilantro, etc., but when it comes to the question of whether to put chopsticks, they are "rather trusting them than not trusting them". "What if the customer gives me a bad review? I have to send someone to deliver it again, and the labor cost has risen again."

  Some analysts believe that in dealing with the problem of takeaway waste, the takeaway platform can play a limited role. Only catering companies that provide takeaway services, manufacturers of disposable tableware, and consumers can assume corresponding responsibilities, and all parties can work together to improve the current environmental protection problems caused by takeaway lunch boxes.

  expert opinion

  Waste tableware should be recycled

  Zhou Lili, a senior engineer in the comprehensive business department of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, pointed out that plastic products are a relatively contradictory product, which facilitates our lives, but also brings environmental protection problems. Zhou Lili suggested that the relevant departments formulate a rule on how to recycle these discarded catering utensils, how to regenerate them, and how to manage them well. "We also recommend centralized inspections in some key regions and setting up some recycling points. Of course, this cost should be based on the production enterprises, distributors, and the model of white polystyrene lunch boxes. This is a contribution to environmental protection. In addition, we still recommend using degradable materials as much as possible in the future when conditions are available."

  Meng Suhe, chairperson of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, said that in terms of the safety and environmental protection of takeaway lunch boxes, catering platforms should actively formulate entry thresholds, guide catering enterprises to choose qualified, safe and environmentally friendly lunch box products, and eliminate catering enterprises that do not pay attention to environmental protection and safety. For lunch box manufacturers, Meng Suhe believes that due to the characteristics of Chinese cooking and consumption, it is necessary to actively produce lunch box products suitable for Chinese takeaway use, and ensure their environmental protection attributes and product quality.

  Shang Guiqin, director of the National Key Laboratory of Food Contact Materials (Changzhou), believes that food delivery companies can formulate industry standards for the fast food industry, unify the requirements of lunch box standards, select manufacturers and suppliers that can meet the standards, and make environmental protection choices from the perspective of social responsibility.

  Financial Observation

  Just by "advertising"

  It is difficult to solve the problem in the short term

  The pollution problem of fast food boxes has recently become a hot topic of public opinion. Experts say that the amount of plastic used in the United States far exceeds that of our country, but the public opinion in the United States is not hot about pollution. From a certain perspective, our citizens’ concern for environmental protection has made the fastest progress in the world.

  It is commendable that the two food delivery companies have taken the lead in environmental protection measures and found ways to remind users to appropriately reduce the use of disposable dining products. These efforts have not only reduced the pollution of disposable tableware in our country, but also made the corporate culture and corporate image of two responsible large enterprises.

  In the next ten years, the socialization, intensification, and industrialization of kitchens will see tremendous development, and the problem of disposable tableware pollution will also develop rapidly. There is no time to wait. If we only rely on the publicity of these enterprises, we will definitely not be able to solve such a huge social problem in the short term.

  According to, although the "no tableware" option is designed on the APP, and some people do check this option often, many merchants still provide tableware for each takeaway. The reason is that it is very troublesome to selectively remove some tableware from the order, and the second is that if there is a mistake, the customer’s request for supplementary tableware will increase the cost. Also, in case the customer reneges, he dares not not to send supplementary tableware. So this environmental protection measure worth boasting has become a decoration.

  Therefore, to solve the problem of white waste, we must first rely on the consciousness of the people. How to quickly improve the awareness of the people’s environmental protection is the key to the problem. In fact, without the promotion of these companies, everyone who has the habit of ordering takeout frequently will definitely be able to express a lot of profound insights on environmental protection issues. But whether they are willing to do it by themselves, and whether they are willing to exchange their own little trouble for a greater improvement in the living environment of the whole country’s citizens is another question.

  Our reporter, Zhao Xinpei, intern, Huang Jiating

Rich rights and interests, delayed delivery and compensation, ask the new M7 to break 70,000 units in 45 days

   After a wave of Wang fried, "far ahead" has begun to appear "interlaced" (interlaced like mountains, no) phenomenon. Now, Huawei’s wave of "breaking the sky" has been used in the new M7 Dading gameplay: in early October, Huawei announced the new M7 worth 30,000 yuan Dading rights and interests, and soon made a commitment to the market to delay the delivery of subsidies of 200 yuan/day. On the basis of the order surge, the drainage of "welfare on the top is guaranteed" was formed again. The market continued to be hot, and the cumulative Dading has exceeded 70,000 units in the 45 days of listing! Triggered netizens to ridicule, Huawei just issued "benefits", regardless of their own pressure gameplay, giving the marketing market another lesson.



  Rights and security "together" Huawei is playing heartbeat?

  For a long time, the official listing of new cars will focus on "welfare" promotions, in order to win good market sales. Huawei has found a new way to stand on the "consumer side" and let the rights and protection of the new M7 go together!

  In terms of "welfare", Huawei’s new M7 rights and interests: (Time: 10.8-10)

  ① Dading enjoys 5,000 yuan to deduct 8,000 yuan, and the balance is reduced or exempted;

  ② Give away 12,000 yuan worth of inner and outer decoration matching gold;

  ③ Enjoy a matching right worth 15,000 yuan (as described below);

  Max Smart Driving Edition users can deduct the optional ADS2.0 urban pilot NCA function in equal amounts;

  Plus rear drive version users can equally choose a technology comfort package worth 15,000 yuan;

  Users of all models can also choose a combination of rights and interests worth 15,000 yuan (21-inch wheels worth 10,000 yuan and original rear-installed boutiques 3 choose 1)



  Shortly after the release of the 30,000 yuan rights and interests, the care plan for consumers to "back the bottom" was immediately released: Wenjiexin M7 users who completed the big payment before November 30, 2023 (inclusive), the order status on the AITO App from the date of "the delivery plan has been confirmed" to the date of "the vehicle has arrived at the store", if the corresponding waiting period in the table below is exceeded, the cash subsidy for car pickup will be obtained according to the number of days (the date the vehicle has arrived at the store – the date the delivery plan has been confirmed – the waiting period). The overdue subsidy standard is 200 yuan/day, up to 10,000 yuan.



  Two policies have come out one after another, allowing consumers to call "fun", creating a "Mate7 moment" in which the new M7 is set to break the 70,000 in 45 days. Even Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of end point BG, and chairperson of smart car solutions BU, has to go to the factory to supervise production and quality control. He also personally made a commitment to the market: currently, the Sailis smart factory is working overtime, the entire supply chain has invested more than 1 billion new funds, increased more than 20,000 people, and the new production shifts are 22 hours a day, going all out to ensure delivery! Directly let consumers praise "this wave, stable"!

  Not only is it smart and safe, but the space is also beyond your imagination

  After 25 days on the market, 50,000 orders will be broken, 60,000 orders will be broken in a month, and 70,000 orders will be broken in 45 days. Naturally, this splash of orders cannot be achieved solely by "welfare" and "rights and interests". People are increasingly discovering that the new M7 backed by Huawei is not only full of sincerity, but also extraordinary in the fields of intelligence and security. Even regular items such as space and interiors are impressive.



  The length, width and height of the five seats of the new M7 are 5020 × 1945 × 1760mm respectively. Huawei creatively uses the "room acquisition rate" to tell the market that the body size is not equal to the large space, and the effective interior space is the point that needs to be paid attention to. The five seats of the new M7 have the best effective interior space in the same class, and the "room acquisition rate" of 66.3% leads the same class. The length of the car is 3338mm, which is better than the excellent ideal L7 and BMW X5L in the same class. Each position is very spacious. The trunk depth is 1100mm, and the standard volume can reach 686L, which can easily accommodate 12 20-inch boarding boxes. After the second row of seats is reclined and connected to the trunk, the maximum depth is expanded to 2051mm, which can form a loading space of 1619L, easily accommodate 30 20-inch suitcases, and with the 52L storage compartment of the trunk, the ultimate space efficiency meets the loading needs of family cars. At the same time, the new M7 enjoys a more flexible six-seat layout, providing consumers with more car purchase options.



  In terms of seats, the new M7 focuses on family travel scenarios and comprehensively optimizes the driving experience. The five seats are standard with new "marshmallow" seats, 10 layers of comfortable stacked design, and the total thickness of foam is 100mm; the standard four seats are equipped with ventilation, heating and massage functions, each seat is as comfortable as first class. Through Xiaoyi smart assistant, the double-row nap function of the main and co-pilot can be activated by voice. Enjoy six seats with new zero-gravity seats, allowing users to relieve fatigue while riding, as if they were in a space capsule, bringing ultimate comfort and relaxation experience.



  Backed by Huawei, I thought that the product power of the new M7 in the world was far ahead, but after it went on the market, I found that the original Dading gameplay was also unparalleled. In fact, apart from the surface look of the kernel, these "unattainable" all stem from Huawei’s always standing at the starting point of the user, resulting in the popular fried chicken in the automotive circle and the new M7 in the world. At present, all rights and interests are in place, and the opportunity must not be missed. If you are interested in the new M7 in the world, speed up and rush!

Who will compensate for the traffic accident caused by the driver? Let me tell you the real case!

  CCTV NewsIt is the consensus of many car owners to find a surrogate driver after drinking and socializing, but if the surrogate driver is fully responsible for the traffic accident, should the insurance company insured by the owner unconditionally settle the claim? Recently, the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court) heard a case of subrogation by an insurance company caused by "Internet + surrogate driving". The court ruled that the surrogate driving company should be liable to the insurance company according to law.

  At 21:33 on October 22, 2014, Mr. Zhou contacted a car service company to provide chauffeur services. At 21:45, the chauffeur Tang arrived at Mr. Zhou’s location. Due to Mr. Zhou’s drinking, his friend Cai signed a "entrusted chauffeur service agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") with a car service company. The signature of the "agreement" was stamped with the seal of a car service company.

  At 21:50, Tang had a traffic accident while driving Mr. Zhou’s vehicle, causing damage to the three vehicles. The traffic police department determined that Tang was fully responsible for the accident. Afterwards, the insurance company that insured Mr. Zhou’s car paid Mr. Zhou 53,300 yuan for the claim, and then obtained the transfer of rights issued by Mr. Zhou, and sued a car service company in court.

  The insurance company believes that a car service company, as the party providing the driving service, should ensure the safety of the vehicle. Now the company is responsible for the accident and should bear the liability of 53,300 yuan.

  The court of first instance ruled in favor of all the claims of the insurance company. A car service company refused to accept it and appealed to the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court, requesting that the original judgment be revoked and the original lawsuit request of the insurance company be rejected. An auto service company appealed that it was only a driver information service platform, an intermediary who provided driver service information to drivers and customers and facilitated the signing of the Agreement between the two parties, and was not a party to the Agreement. The driver-on-behalf relationship occurred between Mr. Zhou and Tang. Even if compensation is required, it should be Tang’s compensation.

  A car service company also proposed that the "Agreement" has stipulated relevant exemption clauses. For example, Article 12 stipulates that the client should first use vehicle insurance to settle claims. The company only compensates for "the part that falls within the scope of insurance liability but fails to pay", "the increase in insurance premiums in the following year" and "traffic compensation". Article 9 "Traffic accidents caused by non-personnel operations" are not responsible. When the customer logs in to the company platform to register, the company has informed the above exemption content, and the company’s website has also been publicized. When Mr. Zhou placed an order on the same day, the company also sent the relevant terms to Mr. Zhou via SMS. Therefore, the company has fully informed the exemption clause, and the exemption clause is legal and valid, and the company should be exempted accordingly.

  After the trial, the Shanghai First Intermediate Court held that it was not improper for the insurance company to assert the right of subrogation against an automobile service company based on the contractual relationship between an automobile service company and Mr. Zhou, and the exemption clause was not legally effective because it failed to provide a prompt explanation. An automobile service company should be liable for the losses caused by the traffic accident. Finally, 2nd-round Moderation rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment.

  The Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court held that an automobile service company affixed the official seal to the "entrusted party" of the Agreement, and Mr. Zhou’s friend Cai signed it at the "customer confirmation". An automobile service company also recognized that Mr. Zhou sent the information that needs to be driven to the company. According to the agreement in the Agreement that "the agreement signed by the accompanying person shall be regarded as signed by the client himself", Mr. Zhou and an automobile service company reached an agreement on the Agreement. The Agreement has come into effect, and the two parties have established a trust contract relationship. An automobile service company is a party to the Agreement. It is not improper for an insurance company to claim the right of subrogation from an automobile service company based on the contractual relationship between an automobile service company and Mr. Zhou. In addition, an automobile service company provides paid driving services, and the designated driver is fully responsible for traffic accidents during the driving process. Therefore, the company is at fault in the performance of the contract and should compensate the client, Mr. Zhou, for his losses.

  The "Agreement" is a format contract provided by the company, and Article 12 of it is a limitation of one’s own liability. The "Agreement" does not take black or bold methods to draw the attention of the client. The company claims to prompt customers through notifications during website registration and sending text messages, but does not provide evidence to prove it. Therefore, this clause has no legal effect because it fails to fulfill the obligation to prompt and explain. In addition, since the driver Tang is fully responsible for the traffic accident, this case does not fall under Article 9 of the "Agreement". "Therefore, an automobile service company shall be liable for the losses caused by the traffic accident. (CCTV reporter, Li Wenjie)

"Wandering Earth" roadshow Zhengzhou Station, Wu Mengda exposed himself to oxygen inhalation between filming

1905 movie network news On December 26, the "Adventure Departure, Stubbornness to the End" roadshow came to Zhengzhou, and walked into the two campuses of North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower and Zheng Dashengda School of Economics and Trade Management to have a close exchange with thousands of students. It is reported that on the day of the event, many students queued outside the door early, ready to see the main creator’s style. The whole event was full of enthusiasm and extraordinary atmosphere. Wu Mengda, Zhao Jinmai, and Mike Sui, the stars of "Wandering Earth", appeared on stage, setting off the climax of the entire event. The main creators revealed the story behind the shooting of the film on the spot, and also participated in the interaction of the topic of "me and my stubbornness" and shared their own short stories about stubbornness. The movie "Wandering Earth" will meet with audiences across the country on


The roadshow scene was full of surprises, and the main creator arrived to review the shooting process

After the start of the event, two trailers and two features of "The Wandering Earth" were screened for the students at the scene first. At the same time, a positive clip of "The Wandering Earth" that has never been exposed was also shown up the ante. Although the clip is still in the confidential stage, judging from the exclamations of the students at the scene, this clip is "not simple"! As the pictures were broadcast one by one, the scene broke out into warm applause, and many students said they couldn’t wait to watch the positive film!

After the screening, "The Wandering Earth" stars Wu Mengda, Zhao Jinmai, and Mike Sui officially took the stage. Mike Sui said hello in pure Henan dialect and immediately got closer to the audience. Facing thousands of students, the three expressed their pride in being a part of Chinese science fiction films. Mike Sui first said: "The original work of" The Wandering Earth "is very magnificent, and the director Guo Fan is about to take the first step in Chinese hard science fiction. I am honored to be able to participate in it." And shouted: "My little heart can’t take it anymore."

Zhao Jinmai, a young actor born after 2000, used five "truths" at the scene to express his luck to join the crew of "Wandering Earth", and thanked the seniors for their care during the filming. Through this shooting experience, he learned a lot of secret techniques. "Every actor in" Wandering Earth "worked very hard. Zhao Jinmai’s costume is nearly 40 kilograms, and the descendants are three centimeters shorter when he wears it." Mike Sui quipped, which shows that every participant in front of and behind the screen of "Wandering Earth" worked hard.

Wu Mengda led the fan girl to scream, stubborn experience won applause, and thousands of people shouted adventure

The main creator of the scene also participated in the interaction on the topic of "me and my stubbornness". Zhao Jinmai said frankly: "My stubbornness is to constantly change myself. I used to be known for playing the little devil fairy of Bala La, but I don’t want to be limited to children’s characters." At the request of the audience, Zhao Jinmai performed the transformation of the little devil fairy of Bala La on the spot, and said generously: "Thank you for liking the little devil fairy, but I also hope that everyone can see my growth!"

And "National Grandpa" Wu Mengda’s answer touched the audience very much. He said: "My stubbornness is that I am 65 years old this year, and I have been shooting comedy for more than 40 years, but starting from’The Wandering Earth ‘to challenge new genres, but also to challenge new selves." During the filming of the film, Wu Mengda went into a swagger, and he had to take oxygen after each scene, but for the sake of Chinese science fiction, he and the young actors were stubborn to the end!

During the interactive session, Wu Mengda’s fan girl screamed and confessed. She said excitedly: "Teacher Wu Mengda is my favorite actor", and she also asked Wu Mengda why she starred in "Wandering Earth". Wu Mengda believes: "At first, I was a little mentally resistant when I received the invitation from Director Guo Fan, and I also had a skeptical attitude towards Chinese science fiction. But when I really put myself into the work, I saw the more than 500 young staff members of the crew face the work with enthusiasm every day, which really infected me. So it is my duty to throw myself into this filming full of novelty and adventure."

After the students shared their stubborn experiences with enthusiasm, the Zhengzhou Station of the film’s high school roadshow ended perfectly as thousands of students shouted "Wandering Earth, the first day of the new year, adventure departure". Next, the "Wandering Earth" crew will also go to Nanjing, Harbin, Xiamen and other cities.


The film is based on Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel of the same name and directed by Guo Fan. Wu Jing starred in the film, with Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Wu Mengda, and Zhao Jinmai starring. Mike Sui, Qu Jingjing, Zhang Yichi, Yang Haoyu, Li Hongchen, Yang Yi, Jiang Zhigang, and Zhang Huan starred. It tells the story of the sun’s imminent destruction and humanity’s impending journey to launch the "Wandering Earth" plan. The film will be officially released on February 5, 2019. On the first day of the new year, take a risk!

Nanning area Xingyue L Zhiqing has a big price cut! The reserve price is 152,700, and the quantity is limited.

In [car home Nanning Preferential Promotion Channel], we will bring you the latest car purchase benefits! At present, this high-profile model is undergoing limited-time preferential activities, with a preferential margin of 0.7 million yuan. The starting price has dropped to 152,700 yuan, which is a good opportunity to buy a car. If you want to seize this affordable opportunity, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount and add a high-quality car for yourself. Take action and don’t miss this good opportunity to save the budget!

The car system Xingyue L Zhiqing shows a delicate and dynamic design. Its front face adopts a unique family-style design, and the air intake grille adopts a large area of chrome decoration, creating a strong visual impact. The overall style combines strength and elegance, and the lines are smooth, showing the style of a luxury SUV. The proportion of the car body is coordinated, and the details are full of scientific sense and exquisite craftsmanship, which makes people unforgettable.

Xingyue L Zhiqing proudly appeared on the stage, and its body size showed the combination of exquisiteness and atmosphere. The proportion of the body with a length of 4795mm, a width of 1895mm and a height of 1689mm was coordinated, and the wheelbase was as long as 2845mm, giving the car a spacious and comfortable ride space. Streamlined body lines outline a steady and dynamic silhouette, showing luxury temperament. The front and rear tyre size are both 235/50 R19, with unique rim design, which not only improves the driving stability, but also adds a dynamic visual impact.

The interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is mainly exquisite and scientific, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. It is equipped with a 12.3-inch high-definition central control screen, which not only displays clearly, but also integrates multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other functions, making it easy to operate. The steering wheel is made of high-grade leather, which provides a good grip and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth to meet the needs of drivers. In terms of seats, Xingyue L Zhiqing is made of imitation leather, and the seat design pays attention to ergonomics. The main driver’s seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height, and is equipped with heating and ventilation functions, so that drivers can enjoy a comfortable riding experience. In addition, the front seats also have electric memory function, and passengers can automatically adjust the seat position according to their personal habits. The co-pilot seat also provides multi-directional adjustment, while the second row of seats supports backrest adjustment. As for the convenience configuration, Xingyue L Zhiqing is equipped with two USB and a Type-C interface in the front row, which is convenient for passengers to charge and transmit data, and the driver’s seat also has the function of wireless charging of mobile phones, which fully meets the needs of modern drivers.

The car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 120kW, which can provide excellent power output. This engine is also equipped with 163 horsepower, which makes the vehicle have good acceleration performance in daily driving. The matching 3-speed DHT gearbox further optimizes the power transmission and ensures a smooth and efficient driving experience.

Summarizing the evaluation of car home car owners, we can draw the conclusion that although there are some controversies about the appearance design, this car owner has a special liking for the protruding front face design of Xingyue L Zhiqing. His unique vision and preferences show that the appearance design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is not only a single aesthetic standard, but can meet the individual needs of different car owners. Therefore, the aesthetic design of Xingyue L Zhiqing may be one of its attractive highlights, which is worth further exploration and taste.

Dare to run a red light? "Face recognition" makes you "online celebrity" in minutes.

Cctv newsIt is obviously a red light, so it is a big difficulty for traffic management in China to break through it. Many people seem to suddenly become color blind as soon as they get to the traffic lights.

Everyone knows that it is illegal to run a red light, but almost everyone has run a red light. Why? Just because the illegal cost is low, few people are in charge, and even if it is broken, it is difficult to be found in time.

Capture the scene of running a red light.

Capture the scene of running a red light.

However, with the development of face recognition technology, this management difficulty may be broken. Recently, some cities in Shandong and Jiangsu began to use face recognition systems at traffic intersections to capture pedestrians and non-motor vehicles running red lights and expose them on the spot. So far, the effect is not bad.

There is an electronic display screen at many intersections in Suqian, which is called the face recognition system for pedestrians running red lights. Once a pedestrian runs a red light, his image information and some personal information will be presented on the display screen in time, and the time difference between them is only about 10 seconds.

It takes only 10 seconds from running a red light to video exposure!

Just 10 seconds! This means that pedestrians just ran a red light and came across the road. As a result, they looked up and saw their own scene of running a red light.

It takes only 10 seconds from running a red light to video exposure!

Identifiable identity information

In addition to live playback, the traffic control department will also connect household registration information for exposure. At the intersection of century avenue and Hongzehu Road in downtown Suqian, the live pictures of citizens running red lights at this intersection in recent days are being scrolled on the big screen.

Xia Jianshe, deputy detachment leader of the traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau: Everyone can see the display on the big screen. Some people will take the initiative to call our traffic control department after running a red light, and are willing to accept the punishment to ensure that they will not run a red light again. Let’s remove his photo. In the second way, we will take the initiative to contact him by comparing his contact information.

Xia Jianshe, deputy detachment leader of traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau

Xia Jianshe, deputy detachment leader of traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau

The accuracy of face recognition at 10 intersections is over 90%

For pedestrians and non-motor vehicles who run red lights, the traffic control department will impose fines on 20 yuan and 50 yuan respectively. At present, Suqian has installed face recognition systems at 10 intersections, exposing 580 pedestrians and non-motor vehicles running red lights, and the accuracy of face recognition is over 90%.

The accuracy of face recognition is over 90%

SuqianInstall face recognition system at 10 intersections.

Not only capture evidence, but also identify identity information.

In Jinan, Shandong Province, the data in 2016 showed that road safety accidents caused by pedestrians accounted for 16% of all accidents; Road safety accidents caused by non-motor vehicles account for 33.4% of all accidents. Recently, Jinan has also started to use the face recognition system.

Not only capture evidence, but also identify identity information.

Not only capture evidence, but also identify identity information.

When the red light is on, if a pedestrian crosses the stop line, the system will automatically capture 4 photos, keep the video for 15 seconds, and intercept the head of the illegal person. This system can not only capture and collect evidence, but also identify the identity information of illegal personnel. Even at night, it can be clearly imaged.

In addition to a fine for running a red light, you will also be sent to the intersection for duty.

Since the face recognition system was put into use in Jinan in early May, more than 6,200 illegal acts of running a red light have been caught. In addition to fines, people who run red lights will also receive traffic safety education and be sent to intersections for duty.

Running a red light will be sent to the intersection for duty.

Running a red light will be sent to the intersection for duty.

After nearly a month of rectification, the compliance rate of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles has been greatly improved. In the future, Jinan will install this system at about 50 major intersections in the city. 

Easy car: stable price+improved sense of technology, BYD Han EV hits the hearts of young customers.

According to the data of "Yi Che Zhi" and "October Passenger Car Market Operation Report", in October 2021, the sales volume of BYD Hanxin Energy reached 9,250, a year-on-year increase of 134.3%; From January to October this year, BYD’s cumulative sales volume of Hanxin Energy was 82,087 vehicles. According to the data released by BYD, as of October, Hanxin has achieved positive sales growth for seven consecutive months, and the monthly sales volume has exceeded 10,000 for the sixth time. Therefore, Hanxin has also become a well-deserved star among domestic high-end new energy vehicles.

Zhang Lin, the general manager of Beijing BYD Dynasty flagship store, told Yi Chezhi that BYD Han, as a domestic B-class car, accounts for about 40% of consumers aged 25-35, which is quite rare. He believes that Han models are widely favored by the younger generation, which is the result of the proper combination of product strength and channel sales strategy.

Nowadays, vehicle modeling is a prerequisite for grasping the younger generation of consumers. Former Audi design director Iger has sharpened his sword for five years, integrating China elements with international trends. The birth of BYD Han has created the DNA of a new era of independent vehicles, and its design sense and trendy aesthetics have undoubtedly touched many young consumers. "Most young people are’ Yan Kong’, and the plain shape is tantamount to a horse slipping." Fan Anjing, sales director of Suzhou Ganyuan Xinjing BYD, said, "Young people’s pursuit of beauty is more unique than other age groups, and Han’s overall design is not stereotyped, which is far from the stereotype of domestic independent brand models."

Zhang Lin pointed out that in addition to design, the sense of science and technology is also a major selling point for products to attract young people. BYD, which built its own R&D system in the early years, is a leader in the automotive three-electric system. Soon after the revolutionary R&D achievement-blade battery was launched, BYD Han EV also came out.

Based on excellent quality, BYD Han EV also has the "Three Electricity Lifetime Warranty", which can be described as full of sincerity. Fan Anjing said that when explaining the Han model to potential users, the most basic thing is to fully develop the product’s own value. "The configuration of the car, the after-sales policy and BYD’s technology are the overall value of the vehicle. The value reflects the basis of pricing, and it is concluded that the model has a strong cost performance, which is an important basis for attracting young users to buy entry-level high-end cars."

"Chasing low prices" was once the label of domestic car consumers. With the improvement of national consumption level and industrial manufacturing level, a new generation of young consumers no longer blindly pursue low prices to save money, but they will not rudely pursue the identity brought by high prices. From the sales performance of BYD Han, young consumers tend to be more rational and pay more and more attention to the brand’s "true cost performance".

As a strategic model of BYD’s comparable Tesla Model 3, the Han model also has a fairly stable price system, which is rare among independent models. Zhang Lin revealed that since the listing, Han models have been sold at the manufacturer’s guide price, and dealers have not sold at a premium or at a reduced price. "In the past, consumers who bought domestic brands often encountered price cuts a few months after buying a car, so everyone would tend to wait and see the price and hold the money for purchase. Selling at the guided price like BYD Han is conducive to maintaining the high-end image of the brand and increasing consumers’ trust in the brand. "

Not only that, according to Zhang Lin, the purchase mode of "consignment by order" by Tesla and other brands has greatly reduced the inventory pressure of dealers on Han models and laid the foundation for the stability of the price system of the whole Han model. Especially in 2021, when there is a shortage of automobile chips and the production capacity is tight, the period from "making a decision" to picking up a car becomes longer. This model reduces the wait-and-see bargaining mentality when holding money for purchase, and indirectly makes consumers recognize the price.