"Wandering Earth" roadshow Zhengzhou Station, Wu Mengda exposed himself to oxygen inhalation between filming

1905 movie network news On December 26, the "Adventure Departure, Stubbornness to the End" roadshow came to Zhengzhou, and walked into the two campuses of North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower and Zheng Dashengda School of Economics and Trade Management to have a close exchange with thousands of students. It is reported that on the day of the event, many students queued outside the door early, ready to see the main creator’s style. The whole event was full of enthusiasm and extraordinary atmosphere. Wu Mengda, Zhao Jinmai, and Mike Sui, the stars of "Wandering Earth", appeared on stage, setting off the climax of the entire event. The main creators revealed the story behind the shooting of the film on the spot, and also participated in the interaction of the topic of "me and my stubbornness" and shared their own short stories about stubbornness. The movie "Wandering Earth" will meet with audiences across the country on


The roadshow scene was full of surprises, and the main creator arrived to review the shooting process

After the start of the event, two trailers and two features of "The Wandering Earth" were screened for the students at the scene first. At the same time, a positive clip of "The Wandering Earth" that has never been exposed was also shown up the ante. Although the clip is still in the confidential stage, judging from the exclamations of the students at the scene, this clip is "not simple"! As the pictures were broadcast one by one, the scene broke out into warm applause, and many students said they couldn’t wait to watch the positive film!

After the screening, "The Wandering Earth" stars Wu Mengda, Zhao Jinmai, and Mike Sui officially took the stage. Mike Sui said hello in pure Henan dialect and immediately got closer to the audience. Facing thousands of students, the three expressed their pride in being a part of Chinese science fiction films. Mike Sui first said: "The original work of" The Wandering Earth "is very magnificent, and the director Guo Fan is about to take the first step in Chinese hard science fiction. I am honored to be able to participate in it." And shouted: "My little heart can’t take it anymore."

Zhao Jinmai, a young actor born after 2000, used five "truths" at the scene to express his luck to join the crew of "Wandering Earth", and thanked the seniors for their care during the filming. Through this shooting experience, he learned a lot of secret techniques. "Every actor in" Wandering Earth "worked very hard. Zhao Jinmai’s costume is nearly 40 kilograms, and the descendants are three centimeters shorter when he wears it." Mike Sui quipped, which shows that every participant in front of and behind the screen of "Wandering Earth" worked hard.

Wu Mengda led the fan girl to scream, stubborn experience won applause, and thousands of people shouted adventure

The main creator of the scene also participated in the interaction on the topic of "me and my stubbornness". Zhao Jinmai said frankly: "My stubbornness is to constantly change myself. I used to be known for playing the little devil fairy of Bala La, but I don’t want to be limited to children’s characters." At the request of the audience, Zhao Jinmai performed the transformation of the little devil fairy of Bala La on the spot, and said generously: "Thank you for liking the little devil fairy, but I also hope that everyone can see my growth!"

And "National Grandpa" Wu Mengda’s answer touched the audience very much. He said: "My stubbornness is that I am 65 years old this year, and I have been shooting comedy for more than 40 years, but starting from’The Wandering Earth ‘to challenge new genres, but also to challenge new selves." During the filming of the film, Wu Mengda went into a swagger, and he had to take oxygen after each scene, but for the sake of Chinese science fiction, he and the young actors were stubborn to the end!

During the interactive session, Wu Mengda’s fan girl screamed and confessed. She said excitedly: "Teacher Wu Mengda is my favorite actor", and she also asked Wu Mengda why she starred in "Wandering Earth". Wu Mengda believes: "At first, I was a little mentally resistant when I received the invitation from Director Guo Fan, and I also had a skeptical attitude towards Chinese science fiction. But when I really put myself into the work, I saw the more than 500 young staff members of the crew face the work with enthusiasm every day, which really infected me. So it is my duty to throw myself into this filming full of novelty and adventure."

After the students shared their stubborn experiences with enthusiasm, the Zhengzhou Station of the film’s high school roadshow ended perfectly as thousands of students shouted "Wandering Earth, the first day of the new year, adventure departure". Next, the "Wandering Earth" crew will also go to Nanjing, Harbin, Xiamen and other cities.


The film is based on Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel of the same name and directed by Guo Fan. Wu Jing starred in the film, with Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Wu Mengda, and Zhao Jinmai starring. Mike Sui, Qu Jingjing, Zhang Yichi, Yang Haoyu, Li Hongchen, Yang Yi, Jiang Zhigang, and Zhang Huan starred. It tells the story of the sun’s imminent destruction and humanity’s impending journey to launch the "Wandering Earth" plan. The film will be officially released on February 5, 2019. On the first day of the new year, take a risk!