The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced ten major events this year: the mobile phone traffic tariff dropped to 26 yuan/GB.

  BEIJING, Dec. 22 (Reporter Cheng Chunyu) Today, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced ten major events in 2017: new achievements were made in the full implementation of "Made in China 2025", the domestic long-distance roaming charges for mobile phones were completely cancelled, and the domestic large aircraft C919 successfully made its first flight.

  New achievements have been made in the full implementation of "Made in China 2025"

  In 2017, the vertical linkage and horizontal collaborative working mechanism of "Made in China 2025" became more and more perfect, the implementation of five major projects progressed steadily, the "Made in China 2025" national demonstration zone was launched, and a number of major landmark projects and projects were successively implemented. Add three national manufacturing innovation centers: information optoelectronics, printing and flexible display, and robots; 97 projects carried out pilot demonstrations of multi-field and multi-mode intelligent manufacturing; A number of high-end equipment innovations such as the "Fuxing" Chinese standard EMU with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour are constantly emerging, and the results of service-oriented manufacturing are beginning to show.

  Domestic long-distance and roaming charges for mobile phones have been completely cancelled.

  The three tasks of "canceling all domestic long-distance and roaming charges of mobile phones during the year, greatly reducing the access charges of private Internet lines for small and medium-sized enterprises and reducing the international long-distance telephone charges" have been overfulfilled ahead of schedule. On September 1st, the three basic telecommunications companies completely canceled the domestic long-distance and roaming charges for mobile phones. Small and medium-sized enterprises’ private line tariffs have been greatly reduced, with the highest drop of international long-distance telephone charges exceeding 90%, the average tariff of mobile Internet traffic dropping to 26 yuan /GB, over 80% of fiber-optic broadband users, and 60% of users’ access bandwidth exceeding 50M.

  At 11: 38 on November 10th, the first aircraft of China’s domestic large aircraft C919 soared into the sky, starting a "long journey" of more than 1,300 kilometers. China News Service reporter Yin Liqin photo

  Domestic large aircraft C919 successfully made its first flight.

  The C919 large passenger plane successfully made its first flight on May 5, 2017 after the final assembly rolled off the assembly line in 2015, realizing the historic breakthrough of the Chinese nation’s century-old "big plane dream". At the same time, a number of high-end equipment have achieved major breakthroughs: the world’s most advanced ultra-deep-water double-rig semi-submersible deep-sea drilling platform "Blue Whale No.1" successfully tested combustible ice in the South China Sea, and the "Fuxing" Chinese standard EMU was officially put into operation on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. The ARJ21-700 new regional aircraft has safely transported more than 30,000 passengers.

  Industrial Internet Boosts the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry

  In 2017, the framework of industrial Internet standard system (1.0) was released, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promoted the construction of a number of industrial Internet platforms. A number of new industrial apps were commercialized, and personalized customization, intelligent production, networked collaboration and service-oriented manufacturing models were increasingly enriched. The pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing and the special project of intelligent manufacturing have been steadily promoted, and the penetration rate of "double innovation" platform of key manufacturing enterprises is close to 70%.

  4G(TD-LTE) won the special prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  On January 9, 2017, the project "Key Technologies and Applications of the Fourth Generation Mobile Communication System (TD-LTE)" promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology won the special prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. China put forward and dominated the international standard of TD-LTE, which achieved a breakthrough in the whole industrial chain of mobile communication and built the world’s largest 4G network, with the total number of 4G users in China reaching 962 million. Positive progress has been made in the research and development of 5G technology, and the second phase of the experiment has been completed. The mid-band frequency planning has been released first, and technologies such as network architecture have become international standards. Fifteen 5G field test base stations have been built.

  Revision and promulgation of "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Law"

  The revised SME Promotion Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) will be officially implemented on January 1, 2018. The new law promotes the effective policies in recent years into laws, standardizes the policies related to fiscal and taxation support, and improves the measures related to financing promotion, especially standardizing administrative licensing matters, reducing the burden on enterprises, simplifying tax collection and cancellation registration procedures for small and micro enterprises, and creating a good environment for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  "Double Points Policy" Helps the Healthy Development of New Energy Vehicles

  On September 27, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments jointly issued a double-point policy, and at the same time set up two points, namely, the average fuel consumption of enterprises and new energy vehicles, and established a point trading mechanism. Enterprises independently determined the negative point compensation method to achieve two goals of energy saving and consumption reduction and promoting the development of new energy vehicles. In 2017, China’s new energy automobile industry developed rapidly, with both production and sales exceeding 700,000 vehicles, with the number of vehicles exceeding 1.7 million, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.

  Expanding and upgrading information consumption and continuously releasing domestic demand potential

  In the first three quarters, China’s online retail sales exceeded 4.8 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 34%, accounting for 14% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. New intelligent hardware, virtual reality and other products emerge in an endless stream, and new models and formats such as mobile payment and sharing economy are accelerating. It is estimated that the annual information consumption scale will reach 4.5 trillion yuan, accounting for 10% of the final consumption expenditure.

  The cancer "strip steel" in the iron and steel industry has been completely cleared

  2017 is a crucial year for steel de-capacity, exceeding the government target of 50 million tons of steel de-capacity for the whole year. Concentrate on banning strip steel, which has plagued the development of the industry for many years, and realize the comprehensive clearing of 140 million tons of strip steel, effectively reversing the situation that "bad money drives out good money" in the steel industry.

  Integration of defense and civilian technologies’s development of national defense science, technology and industry has achieved stage results.

  Beidou-3 began global networking, and the accuracy of services in the Asia-Pacific region reached the meter level; The military industry has taken a new step in opening up, and the revised catalogue of scientific research and production licenses for weapons and equipment has been reduced by 62% compared with the original one. More than two-thirds of the main units that have obtained the licenses for the development and production of weapons and equipment are civilian units, and the level of "civilian participation in the army" has been upgraded from general supporting products to overall and sub-systems; The sharing of military and civilian resources has been deepened, and more than 3,000 major test equipment and facilities for national defense science, technology and industry have been released to the society. (End)

In 2018, a big wave of new policies will be related to your "wallet" from July 1.

  In a blink of an eye, 2018 is about halfway through. In July, there is a big wave of new policies about your wallet: the reduction of tariffs on imported consumer goods, the cancellation of traffic roaming fees, etc. What other new policies are there?

  1 enterprise employees’ pensions shall be subject to the central adjustment system.

  The State Council recently issued the Notice on Establishing the Central Adjustment System of the Basic Endowment Insurance Fund for Enterprise Employees, and decided to establish the central adjustment system of the endowment insurance fund, which will be implemented on July 1, 2018. On the basis of the current provincial overall planning of basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, a central adjustment fund for old-age insurance will be established, and the old-age insurance funds in various provinces will be appropriately adjusted to ensure that basic pensions are paid in full and on time.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that the implementation of the central fund transfer system will not increase the burden on enterprises and individuals and will not affect the treatment of retirees. First, do not increase the proportion of contributions paid by enterprises and individual employees. The establishment of a central fund adjustment system is mainly to adjust the surplus and deficiency of funds between provinces. The total income and expenditure of the national endowment insurance fund in the current period has not changed, and enterprises and individual employees do not need to pay extra fees, which will not increase the overall burden of society. Second, it will not change the current pension insurance benefits calculation and adjustment methods, and will not affect the personal benefits of retirees. In some provinces, the amount of funds borrowed is greater than the amount of funds allocated. In these provinces, the burden of old-age care is relatively light and the fund support ability is strong. After adjustment, it will not affect the timely and full payment of current pensions. In some provinces, the amount of funds allocated is greater than that of the above solution. Through adjustment, the pressure of fund payment can be appropriately alleviated, and the basic pension can be better guaranteed to be paid in full and on time.

  2. Adjustment of social security payment base

  Many places in the country have successively announced the social security payment base in 2018. Taking Beijing as an example, the lower limit of the payment base for employees participating in basic old-age insurance and unemployment insurance is 40% of the average monthly salary of employees in Beijing in 2017, with a minimum of 3,387 yuan, which is 305 yuan higher than last year; For employees who participate in basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, the minimum payment base is 60% of the average monthly salary of employees in this city in 2017, with a minimum of 5,080 yuan, up 456 yuan from last year.

  Social security payment is related to the treatment of the insured after retirement. Only when a certain payment level is reached can a better treatment level be achieved. If the payment level is too low, the pension level is still low. In other words, the payment level will increase with the increase of average salary, and the future treatment level will also increase.

  3. The tax incentives for scientific and technical personnel will be "received"

  The Ministry of Finance, the State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the Notice on Individual Income Tax Policies for Scientific and Technological Personnel to Earn Cash Rewards from Their Post Scientific and Technological Achievements, which made it clear that since July 1, 2018, non-profit research and development institutions and institutions of higher learning approved according to the law on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the cash rewards given to scientific and technological personnel from their post scientific and technological achievements can be included in the "salary and salary income" of scientific and technological personnel in the current month at a reduced rate of 50%, and personal income tax can be paid according to law.

  It is cheaper to import daily consumer goods.

  With the approval of the State Council, the MFN tariff rate of some consumer goods will be reduced from July 1, 2018, involving 1449 tax items, and the average tax rate will be reduced from 15.7% to 6.9%, with an average decrease of 55.9%. Reduce the average import tariff rate of clothing, shoes and hats, kitchens and sports and fitness products from 15.9% to 7.1%; Reduce the average import tariff rate of household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators from 20.5% to 8%; Reduce the average import tariff rate of processed foods such as aquaculture, fishing aquatic products and mineral water from 15.2% to 6.9%; The average import tariff rate of washing products, cosmetics such as skin care and hairdressing and some medical and health products will be reduced from 8.4% to 2.9%.

  5. Tariff reduction of imported cars and parts.

  With the approval of the State Council, from July 1, 2018, the tariffs on automobiles with tax rates of 25% and 20% will be reduced to 15%, with tax reductions of 40% and 25% respectively; The tariffs on auto parts with tax rates of 8%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% will be reduced to 6%, with an average tax reduction of 46%.

  6. The vehicle purchase tax will be levied on the trailer by half.

  The Ministry of Finance, State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the Announcement on Reducing Vehicle Purchase Tax on Trailers. From July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021, the vehicle purchase tax will be reduced by half. The date of purchase shall be determined according to the issuance date of the Uniform Invoice for Motor Vehicle Sales, Special Payment Letter for Customs Tariff or other valid documents.

  7. Preferential tax policies for venture capital enterprises and angel investment individuals.

  The Notice on Tax Policies for Venture Capital Enterprises and Angel Investors jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China promoted the preferential tax policies for venture capital enterprises and angel investors, that is, the preferential policies for venture capital enterprises and angel investors to invest in seed-stage and start-up technology-based enterprises, and the taxable income was deducted by 70% of the investment amount, which was implemented nationwide by eight pilot areas of comprehensive innovation reform and Suzhou Industrial Park.

  This Notice clarifies that the personal income tax policy for angel investment will be implemented as of July 1, 2018, and other policies will be implemented as of January 1, 2018; The above-mentioned tax policy can be applied to the investment that occurred within 2 years before the implementation date and has been invested for 2 years after the implementation date and meets the prescribed conditions.

  8. Traffic "roaming" fee is cancelled.

  On June 22nd, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom successively announced that, starting from July 1st, 2018, the roaming fee will be cancelled, and the provincial traffic of new and old mobile phone users will be upgraded to domestic traffic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan traffic).

  Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a series of measures to reduce the growth rate of mobile traffic, including: from July 1, the "roaming" fee for mobile traffic will be cancelled, and basic telecommunications companies will be encouraged to launch large-flow packages. The average unit price of mobile traffic will be reduced by more than 30% during the year. Further reduce household broadband charges and international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming charges. Promote enterprises to optimize and streamline tariff packages, and study and introduce relevant policies and measures to standardize tariff management. Support all localities to expand the coverage of wireless networks in public places and provide users with free Internet access services.

  9. Some high-speed rail tickets are discounted by 6.5%

  Starting from July 5 this year, the announced fares of high-speed trains running on the six sections of Hefei-Wuhan, Wuhan-Yichang, Guiyang-Guangzhou, Liuzhou-Nanning, Shanghai-Nanjing and Nanjing-Hangzhou were optimized and adjusted. This time, it is clear that the published fare is the highest price limit. Railway-related enterprises can lower the fare within the price limit by season, time, seats and sections according to the passenger flow, with a maximum discount of 6.5%. Compared with the current situation, the adjusted executive fare has generally increased and decreased.

  10. Tianjin will raise the unemployment insurance standard from July 1st.

  A few days ago, Tianjin issued a notice, starting from July 1 this year, it will raise the unemployment insurance payment standard.

  According to the "Notice on Improving the Payment Standard of Unemployment Insurance in Tianjin", if the payment period is from the first month to the twelfth month, the monthly payment standard will be raised from 1150 yuan to 1240 yuan; For the 13th to 24th months, the monthly payment standard was raised from 1,110 yuan to 1,200 yuan, respectively increasing the 90 yuan.

  The standard of one-time living allowance for farmers’ contract workers was raised from the current monthly payment standard of 690 yuan to 744 yuan, with an increase of 7.83% in 54 yuan. (Gao Chang/Compilation)

Kuke Music fell 6.48% to $2.31 per share.

On March 21st, KUKE dropped 6.48% in intraday trading, to $2.31 per share at 22:06, with a turnover of $1,129.0.

According to the financial data, as of June 30, 2023, the total music revenue of Kuke was 62.131 million RMB, a year-on-year decrease of 22.83%. The net profit of returning to the mother was 7.551 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 124.34%.

1+1 Watching Brazil: Football, Brazil’s Business Card

        When Brazil is mentioned in China, nine times out of ten, football will be mentioned. Football is not only a business card handed by Brazil to the world, but also a window for the outside world to observe Brazil.

        Bai Yansong: Before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was officially held, the football match of the Olympic Games had already started. The Brazilian men’s soccer team, which had high hopes, drew 0-0 with only 10 players in the first show. The front page of Brazilian media chose the picture of Neymar sighing or feeling extremely depressed, from which we can see that for Brazilians, football is the most worrying thing.

        What do Brazilians think of their own players coming to China to develop?

        Rio citizens:I don’t think there is any problem. My son likes playing football at the age of 23, but there is no chance. If a China club is willing to sign him, there is no doubt that not only he will go, but I will also go with him.

        Interviewed in the streets of Rio, there are some opinions about Brazilian players going to play in China, including opposition, approval and helplessness. In June this year, 56 million euros, the Chinese Super League team Shanghai signed Brazilian striker Hulk, and the high transfer fee set a new record for Chinese Super League and even Asian football.

        Kuka, former head coach of Shandong Luneng:China’s football is in the development stage, and the amount of money spent on hiring players should gradually decrease in the future. As China’s salary returns to rationality, Brazilian players will gradually reduce their trips to China.

        The Palmeiras team coached by Kuka is currently ranked first in Bajia League, but their head coach who coached Shandong Luneng in China was terminated, but the local fans did not think so.

        Palmeiras fans:Football is a team sport. It is useless to change only KUKA. Everyone must change, China players and Brazilian players. Everyone must change. If this is not enough, then I think KUKA is not alone.

        Bai Yansong:There is a questionnaire that you can have a look at. Have you heard of the clubs in China Football League? The first place is Guangzhou Evergrande, which may be related to his head coach Scolari. How many times do you remember China entering the World Cup finals? As a result, the proportion of wrong answers was the highest, and only 11% were right. The most fierce answer is never, and then the second place is 36%, more than three times, we should go in more than three times.

        Football students from China.

        Ma Sheng:My name is Ma Sheng. I’m 19 years old. I’m Aquarius. I came to Brazil from Anhui. My Brazilian name is Gattuso. I’m a central defender on the court. My blood type is A.

        Li Yueming:My name is Li Yueming. I come from Anshan, Liaoning. I’m 19 years old. I’m a Leo. My Brazilian name is Li, which is my Chinese surname. I’m 1.89 meters and I’m a central defender on the court.

        Belan Brethous, a small city 300 kilometers around Sao Paulo, is more comfortable and quiet than Sao Paulo. Ma Sheng and Li Yueming from China are training with Botafogo Professional Team in Sao Paulo. They have just finished their three-year study in Brazil, and now they are managed by Hebei Elite Football Club and Concession. To put it simply, they just finished studying abroad, and because of their outstanding performance, they stayed in Brazil to work.

        Bai Yansong:In fact, there is no way to send children out to play football. The best way is that we have a very rich football environment ourselves, and then football starts with dolls, instead of starting with the president of the Football Association, as we did a few years ago.

        Brazilian football has no worries about the future.

        In Brazil, it is said that after children learn to walk, the first thing they do is to play football. In the eight slums in the urban-rural fringe of Rio, the reporter saw a group of barefoot children, the youngest of whom was only 4 or 5 years old, but their feet were quite sophisticated.

        Reporter:What position do you play?


        Iger is 9 years old and lives in this slum. Although he hasn’t scored yet, when interviewed by reporters, he strongly urged his parents to allow him to be on TV. Iger’s idol is Neymar, born in 1992. Just like them, they played barefoot and practiced some gorgeous footwork. Fortunately, Neymar, who grew up in a slum, has become famous.

        Bai Yansong:Although the sand parade of the Olympic Games on Copacabana beach seems to be unfinished, it doesn’t affect the beach next to it at all. Brazilians continue to exercise happily. We found that the Brazilian innovated football on the beach. He combined volleyball and football, two of his strongest sports, and played volleyball, which required superb skills and skills. Maybe Brazilian football will be improved.

        Brazilian players and fans

        In order to find the mark of Pele, we came to Santos fan bar. When we asked the fans about Pele’s impression, an old man replied, Who is Pele? Later, the owner of the bar said that he was joking with us, and this was actually Bailey’s teammate in the national team. They fought together in the 1962 World Cup and won the championship.

        Coutinho:The memory is that we played football together and won the championship together. It was a grand game, and everyone was very excited. We were boiling on the court with the goddess of victory.

        Pele, who started from Santos team, became a symbol of Brazilian football, which made Santos fans proud forever. Bailey’s autograph on the wall has been hanging here for almost eight years. It can be said that all Santos fans know this bar. The decoration of the bar is unified into black and white colors of the team, and the walls are covered with historical photos of the team.

        Bai Yansong:There are simply too many people playing football in Brazil. Indeed, now Brazilian football seems to have encountered a huge challenge, losing 7-1 to Germany, and even the Copa America did not appear in the group stage, losing to Peru, which really shocked Brazilians. But when I really came to Brazil, I would feel that it will make a comeback soon, because there are too many people playing football, just like there are too many people playing table tennis in China. If you win or lose once, you won’t be afraid at all.

Lowering the threshold, raising facilities, car consumption and welcoming favorable policies

  Optimize automobile purchase restriction, distribute consumption subsidies, facilitate second-hand car trading, and strengthen the construction of charging facilities … … Recently, the central and local governments have introduced a number of measures to promote automobile consumption, starting from various aspects, to promote the further development of the domestic automobile industry market. According to industry insiders, the central government has repeatedly emphasized the promotion of automobile consumption, and local governments have also taken diversified measures, reflecting that China’s automobile industry has great development potential at the current stage of transformation and upgrading, and a number of policies have further promoted the automobile consumption market, which will help to play its role in driving the macro economy.

  The reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission that in order to thoroughly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand and give full play to the basic role of consumption in economic development, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Measures on Restoring and Expanding Consumption, proposing measures such as optimizing the management of automobile purchase and use and expanding the consumption of new energy vehicles. In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 13 departments jointly issued "Several Measures on Promoting Automobile Consumption" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures"), and also deployed to further stabilize and expand automobile consumption from various aspects such as optimizing automobile purchase restriction management policies and strengthening the construction of supporting facilities for new energy vehicles.

  Chang Tiewei, deputy director of the Employment Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that since the beginning of this year, the retail sales of automobile products in the first half of the year reached 2,240.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.8%, driven by various consumption promotion policies, automobile marketing activities and a large number of new models.

  "At present, China’s automobile consumption recovery trend is stable and positive, and the consumption and export scale of new energy vehicles are outstanding, but there is still room for further tapping potential and upgrading automobile consumption. In view of the outstanding problems found in a large number of investigations, we put forward more pragmatic and effective measures. Including the policy of optimizing the management of purchase restriction, and encouraging the increase of annual car purchase indicators according to local conditions; Promote the rational renewal of vehicles; Reduce the use cost of new energy vehicles and optimize the use environment. " Chang Tiewei said.

  Li Chunlin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, mentioned at the routine briefing of the State Council policy held recently that more popular and inclusive support policies will be studied and optimized for the automobile consumption market segment, so as to better meet the people’s multi-level and diversified consumption needs and promote the high-quality development of related industries. "Whether it is automobile consumption or other consumer goods consumption, we must first adapt to changes in demand and create new demand through supply-side structural reforms. At the same time, we will continue and optimize the policy of vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption for new energy vehicles, and propose that by the end of 2025, vehicle purchase tax will be exempted; It will be halved in 2026 and 2027. "

  The Ministry of Commerce has also promoted measures to improve the charging infrastructure and support new energy vehicles to go to the countryside, and organized activities such as the "100-city linkage" automobile festival and the "thousand counties and thousands of towns" new energy vehicle consumption season, and launched the national comprehensive information service platform for used cars. Xu Xingfeng, director of the Department of Market Operation and Consumption Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that in the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will focus on optimizing the consumption environment and implementing the policy of downsizing.

  Various places have also come up with "real money and silver" to support automobile consumption.

  The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce said that in the second half of the year, we will focus on mass consumption, cultural tourism consumption, sales leaders and county consumption. At present, Guangdong is promoting the relaxation of "restricted cards" in Guangzhou and Shenzhen; Support Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other automobile major cities to implement car purchase subsidies, trade in old vehicles for new ones, and expand the sales of new energy vehicles.

  The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce said that in the second half of the year, the province will focus on holding more than 50 car promotion activities such as the "100-city linkage" car festival. Carry out green smart home appliances to the countryside and trade-in promotions. Further implement the policy of canceling the restrictions on the relocation of used cars, promote the convenient measures of "inter-provincial handling" of used cars, build a platform for inquiring about used car trading information, and accelerate the activation of the used car market.

  With the support of relevant policies, car companies have also responded positively to jointly promote the growth of the industrial market.

  In an interview with reporters, GAC Ai ‘an said that the current policies have brought great opportunities to the automobile industry, especially new energy vehicle companies. In addition to the consumption of new energy vehicles mentioned in the policy, Ai ‘an also actively responded to the new energy going to the countryside and the construction of charging infrastructure mentioned in the measures, and is formulating relevant preferential policies for rural vehicles.

  "The favorable policies issued by the state this time will inevitably open the door of new energy vehicles in the county and township markets and sell new energy vehicles to a wider area. BYD launched a variety of models matching the county and township markets on the product side for new energy going to the countryside, and continuously expanded the county and township market layout to enhance the consumer experience. " The relevant person in charge of BYD said.

  "Automobile and gasoline consumption account for about 40% of the total retail sales of consumer goods above designated size, and are the pillars of consumption." Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, believes that cities with less than 4 million cars suggest to release the purchase restriction, which can effectively promote the consumption potential, especially in cities where some purchase restrictions lead to the serious backwardness of urban car ownership, and there is a large room for consumption growth.

  Ji Xuehong, a professor from north china university of technology, also said in an interview that the recent introduction of a number of automobile consumption promotion policies will help the automobile industry to play an economic role.

  "China’s automobile industry is in the stage of rapid transition from traditional fuel vehicles to intelligent electric vehicles. The multi-level consumption promotion policies introduced by the central and local governments will help further help the industrial transformation and upgrading and realize the self-reliance and autonomy of China’s automobile industry." Ji Xuehong said, "On the other hand, the automobile industry chain is long and large, and various stimulus policies can play a good role. At the same time, it can also strengthen the linkage between the upstream and downstream industry chains and promote the stable economic growth as a whole."

  At the same time, Ji Xuehong also pointed out that the promotion of policies needs to further implement the details. "In terms of finance, we can consider moderately relaxing interest rates and reducing the down payment ratio. In terms of products, the continuous development of new energy vehicle technology requires the government to provide more authoritative and reliable data and evaluation to help consumers establish objective and positive cognition and establish the excellent reputation of domestic brands. "

China will continue and optimize the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 2 (Reporter Gao Kang) The the State Council executive meeting held on June 2 studied the policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry. In order to release the consumption potential of new energy vehicles, the meeting proposed to continue and optimize the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles.

  New energy vehicles are the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, and the development space is very broad.

  In recent years, China’s new energy automobile industry has developed vigorously. According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to April this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 2.291 million and 2.222 million, an increase of 42.8% year-on-year, with a market share of 27%; The export of new energy vehicles was 348,000, a year-on-year increase of 170%.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to consolidate and expand the development advantages of new energy vehicles, further optimize the industrial layout, strengthen key core technology research in key areas such as power battery system, new chassis structure and intelligent driving system, make overall plans for the development and utilization of domestic and international resources, improve the recycling system of power batteries, build an industrial ecology with the integrated development of "cars and energy in Lu Yun", and enhance the independent controllability and green development level of the whole industrial chain.

  "Technological innovation is the core competitiveness of development." Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said that in recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in the field of new energy vehicles, but it still needs to make efforts in tackling key core technologies, and at the same time, it needs to continue to make efforts in the construction of charging infrastructure and the research and development of small and micro electric vehicles.

  Chen Shihua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association, said that from the overall automobile data this year, China’s new energy automobile industry has developed steadily, and its supply capacity and quality have been continuously improved, becoming an important force to stabilize the industry.

  Insiders pointed out that the industry generally predicts that the development of new energy vehicles will maintain a good development trend, and the production and sales data of new energy vehicles in China is expected to usher in a new high this year. But at the same time, we should also see that at present, the confidence of automobile consumption still needs to be boosted and the potential of automobile consumption still needs to be released.

  In this regard, the meeting pointed out that it is necessary to continue and optimize the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles, build a high-quality charging infrastructure system, further stabilize market expectations, optimize the consumption environment, and release the consumption potential of new energy vehicles.

  "The new measures are expected to bring great impetus to the development of the new energy automobile industry in the next few years." Cui Dongshu said that the subsidy recession has a great impact on the new energy automobile industry, and consumers are sensitive to price and taxation. Continuing and optimizing the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles will further release the consumption potential of new energy vehicles and promote the sustainable and steady growth of the new energy automobile industry.

Global media attention! China Central Radio and Television Headquarters Promotes Sino-Italian Football Exchange

  A round football has attracted wide attention. The news that Shen Haixiong, director of China Central Radio and Television Station, and Gabriele Glavina, president of the Italian Football Association, signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in Rome has quickly fermented in the global media. Small football, attracting attention, has become one of the hot spots of multinational media.

  In order to implement the consensus of the heads of state of China and Italy on deepening mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and promote the development of football career and the spread of football culture in the two countries, on March 24th, China Central Radio and Television General Station and the Italian Football Association decided to carry out all-round strategic cooperation. According to the intention reached by both sides, Serie A is expected to enter China normally in the next three years.

  "Football has once again become a bridge between different cultures."

  The Associated Press (AP) published an article entitled "Italian Football Federation Signs Deal with Chinese Government", saying that the Italian Football Association signed a comprehensive memorandum with the government of China to promote the development of football in the two countries. Gabriele Glavina, president of the Italian Football Association, said: "Football has once again become a bridge between different cultures." The Washington Post, Miami Herald, ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Network) and other media all forwarded the report of the Associated Press.

  Agence France-Presse reported the signing of the contract between the Italian Football Association and the government of China. The report emphasized that the president of the Italian Football Association said "this is a historic meeting and extremely important" after meeting with Shen Haixiong, director of the Central Radio and Television Station. Reuters reported on the topic "Italy will discuss staging Serie A matches in China".

  An article published on the Financial Times website was titled "Top Italian Football League is negotiating to host a game in China". After this report was forwarded by the international mainstream media, it caused widespread public concern.

  The news that China and Italy signed a memorandum of understanding on football exchange has attracted great attention from Italian media. Almost all mainstream media, including the Italian National Radio and Television Company, La Corriere dello Sport, Ansa, La Republica, Italian Football Association official website and Tgcom24 news channel website, reported it in a prominent position or at an important time.

  The Italian National Radio and Television Company tweeted that the Italian Football Association hopes to carry out all-round cooperation with China, including Serie A events, through the memorandum of cooperation signed with the Central Radio and Television General Station, the largest media group in China.

  The Evening Post published an article saying that this is a very pragmatic memorandum. The cooperation between CCTV and the Italian Football Association will help to promote the spread of Italian football culture in China, promote cooperation in related industries, jointly improve the football level of the two countries, and promote comprehensive cooperation and exchanges including competition cooperation, cultural exchange, sports medicine cooperation and player coaching.

  Official website, the Italian Football Association, released a message immediately after the signing of the memorandum, saying that the memorandum was aimed at promoting the development of football in China and the spread of Italian football in China. Glavina, president of the Italian Football Association, believes that this is a historic meeting. This dialogue with the director of the Central Radio and Television General Station can not only further strengthen the exchanges between Italy and China in football and culture, but also breed new opportunities for cooperation.

  The Italian newspaper La Repubblica published an article saying that the signing of the memorandum will help Italy to better spread its football culture in China. In the near future, maybe we can watch Lazio-Napoli match in China.

  On March 24th, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Kazakstan, Thailand, Nepal, Canadian and other countries published a draft of "The Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between CCTV and Italian Football Association is expected to enter China normally", which blew the football wind in China.

  Serie A is expected to enter China normally, and this news has also been forwarded and praised by many media in China. Mainstream media such as People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, Chinese Government Online,, and World Wide Web believe that China and Italy will organize training for football technicians, football club management talents and schools, organize national football teams of the two countries to hold friendly competitions in each other’s countries, carry out cooperation in football digitalization and product development, and build a new communication platform for fans and teams of the two countries. Overseas Chinese media such as Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Ta Kung Pao and American Business News also paid attention to the historic significance of this agreement for the first time.

By the end of September 2023, the number of new energy vehicles in China had reached 18.21 million.

  People’s Daily, Beijing, October 10 (Reporter Zhang Tianpei) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security that by the end of September 2023, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 430 million, including 330 million vehicles and 18.21 million new energy vehicles. There are 520 million motorists, including 480 million motorists.

  According to reports, there were 26.01 million newly registered motor vehicles in the first three quarters, including 18.17 million newly registered vehicles, up 4.4% year-on-year. The newly registered vehicles in the first quarter, the second quarter and the third quarter were 5.88 million, 5.87 million and 6.42 million respectively.

  By the end of September, the number of new energy vehicles in China reached 18.21 million, accounting for 5.5% of the total number of vehicles. Among them, the number of pure electric vehicles is 14.01 million, accounting for 76.9% of the total number of new energy vehicles. From the first quarter to the third quarter, 5.198 million new energy vehicles were registered nationwide, up 40% year-on-year, accounting for 28.6% of the newly registered vehicles. Among them, 1.44 million new energy vehicles were registered in the first quarter, 1.709 million in the second quarter and 2.049 million in the third quarter respectively.

  It is understood that the used car market remained active in the first three quarters. From the first quarter to the third quarter, local public security traffic control departments handled a total of 25.05 million motor vehicle transfer registrations, including 23.31 million motor vehicle transfer registrations, accounting for 93.1%. In recent years, the Ministry of Public Security, together with the Ministry of Commerce and other departments, has promoted the implementation of reform measures to facilitate the registration of second-hand car transactions in different places, which has better promoted the circulation of second-hand cars. In the first three quarters of this year, the public security traffic control department handled 3.805 million transactions of second-hand passenger cars in different places.

  By the end of September, there were 90 cities in China with more than 1 million cars, an increase of 8 cities over the same period of last year. Among them, 43 cities have more than 2 million cars and 25 cities have more than 3 million cars. Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu have more than 6 million cars, Shanghai and Suzhou have more than 5 million cars, and Tianjin, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Xi ‘an, Shenzhen and Dongguan have more than 4 million cars.

Counting the entertainment circle after 85, Tsing Yi, Jiang Shuying, Crystal and Lyric were on the list.

In the period when all kinds of small flowers are in power, the general trend of Tsing Yi people is still steadily and orderly tempering their works and acting skills. In today’s entertainment circle, the status of the older generation of Tsing Yi people has gained unanimous recognition after years of precipitation, while the new generation of Tsing Yi, such as Jiang Shuying, Lyric, Lv Jiarong and Crystal, is still on the journey.


She will be one in Tsing Yi, Jiang Shuying.

I still remember that she was as charming and generous as the name Ruan Wan, with long shawl hair and elegant makeup and clean clothes. Jiang Shuying explained the most specific definition of the word goddess with her own. With the popularity of "Cyclone Eleven" and "Good Sir", her perfect facial features and the aura of her royal sister in the play really made people love it, and the popularity of Jiang Shuying was also increasing. There must be one for her in Tsing Yi.


The status of Lyric Tsing Yi is unshakable.

Lyric and Zhang Ziyi once co-starred in the clip of Tsing Yi in the variety show The Birth of the Actor. In the picture, Lyric’s eyes are full of drama, and her tears and her every move are impressive. For Lyric’s performance attitude of striving for perfection, not only Zhang Ziyi has recognized it, but even Song Dandan has always praised it. In addition, Lyric has become popular all over the country with his two works empresses in the palace and Surgical Storm, and the status of Tsing Yi is unshakable.


Lv Jiarong has always been in Tsing Yi.

Lv Jiarong plays Min Hongyu, a famous actress of Jiang Zuo in the popular drama "Life is like the First Meet". With her excellent acting skills and stunning appearance, Lv Jiarong once again captured a large number of fans, and her popularity soared. Before that, she had already had many popular representative works, such as Yin Mingzhu, the legendary swordsman Lan Fenghuang, Beauty in the World, Ruyi, etc. She has been in Tsing Yi with her strength works.


The first film in Tsing Yi, Crystal.

Crystal became the first actress to make a big splash with the role of "Crown Princess" in go princess go overnight. Since then, Crystal has hitched a ride, starring in many large-scale films such as "Wu Dong Gan Kun" and so on, and is also the first popular actress in Tsing Yi who successfully entered the film from TV series.

Fang Zhigang: Every drop of crude oil is the crystallization of science and technology.

  Editor’s Note: The publicity campaign on the theme of "Chinese Dream: Artisans in Great Countries" was jointly carried out by the National Internet Information Office and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, aiming at vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and artisans, creating a glorious social fashion of labor and a professional atmosphere of striving for perfection, giving full play to the demonstration and leading role of advanced model figures, and encouraging more workers, especially young people, to take the road of becoming talents and serving the country with skills.

  China Youth Network, Beijing, September 29th (Reporter Mou Haokun Intern reporter Wu Boyang correspondent Hasyeti Kasmu Li Shuangxing) Petroleum is the most important raw material in modern industrial society. Everyone’s food, clothing, housing and transportation are closely related to oil and natural gas.

  For example, a bottle of mineral water on the table, which is put in front of you after water source discovery, mining, purification, bottling and transportation, consumes a third of the oil. If it is fruit juice, the oil consumption will be as much as half a bottle.

  Before graduating from college, like many young people who have never been to an oil field, Fang Zhigang, a first-class engineer in Tuha Oilfield and a technical expert in China Petroleum Gas Lift Center, thought that once an oil well was drilled, the oil could be ejected or pumped out and then applied to all aspects of our lives. However, when he arrived in the Turpan-Hami basin, he realized that oil is contained in rock sand and needs to be "washed out" again and again by water and polymers.

  Recently, the reporter followed the theme propaganda activity of "Chinese Dream, Artisans of Great Powers", and learned about the whole process of oil from exploitation, refining to export, as well as the symbolic brand technology of China oil. "Gas-lift oil recovery is an oil recovery method that injects high-pressure gas into the well from the ground and uses the principle of gas expansion to reduce the liquid density in the wellbore and lift crude oil to the ground." Fang Zhigang is an outstanding representative engaged in this technical research and the leader of the gas lift technical innovation team in recent years.

  "What we are doing is to make oil wells produce high and stable yields."

  "Facing the long yellow sand and the vast Gobi every day, it’s a bit monotonous and lonely after a long time, but I’m used to it." After graduating from college, Fang Zhigang, a young man from the northeast, came to the northwest of the motherland, which gradually made him feel special about this land in Xinjiang. In his eyes, the vast desert contains infinite possibilities. "If you want to dry oil, you want to choose the place with the most oil fields. The most promising place in the future is Xinjiang." He said.

  Fang Zhigang went into the gas distribution room to check the gas injection in the gas lift well at the gas lift technical operation site in Jannarol Oilfield (well 2397). Photo courtesy of respondents

  When he first arrived in Tuha Oilfield, Fang Zhigang came to Tuha Drilling Company for an internship. But the drilling work is a far cry from what Fang Zhigang imagined. Fang Zhigang starts from the construction site every day, lifting drill pipes and removing cuttings. At the end of the day, he is covered with mud and oil. What impressed me the most was that one day a nearby well overflowed and several drilling teams helped to prepare mud. Fang Zhigang and his workmates carried barite powder and poured it into the mud pit in bags. A bag of 25 kilograms, busy from the afternoon until late at night, when the danger is lifted, everyone is tired and paralyzed at the well site.

  This is the first time that Fang Zhigang experienced heavy physical labor. Later, I heard from Master that overflow is the precursor of blowout, and barite powder mixed with mud is used to kill well and make blowout. If you hold down the well, it will be fine. If you can’t hold down the well, it will be a blowout accident, and the most serious machine will destroy people. At that time, what appeared in Fang Zhigang’s mind was the picture of Iron Man Wang Jinxi jumping into the mud pool, and he also understood the special significance behind everyone’s shoulder-pulling.

  After the first Spring Festival in Tuha Oilfield, the company informed Fang Zhigang to report to the Institute of Engineering Technology. When he arrived at the Academy of Engineering and entered the gas lift center, Fang Zhigang’s first task was to design a slim hole expandable packer. At that time, Tuha Oilfield used sidetracking technology to bring a number of old wells and casing damaged wells back to life and re-employed. However, there is no matching small diameter packer in China, so the oilfield decided to develop it by itself.

  When designing the rubber tube, the research team encountered problems. Small size does not have enough bearing capacity, and large size can’t get into the well. Repeated adjustment of the design failed to solve the problem. "It’s like a seesaw, taking care of one end and not caring about the other." Fang Zhigang said.

  After soaking in the workshop for several days, Fang Zhigang pondered it over and over again. He found that the most serious deformation of the rubber tube was mainly at both ends, and this factor mainly affected the sealing performance.

  "Can you change the rubber tube from fixed to movable, so as to reduce the risk of damage and improve the sealing performance?" Fang Zhigang’s idea, after implementation, really solved the problem. Master asserted that a single-minded young man can do technology and research.

  After a period of oil well production, the pressure drop and the output drop, all of which need to be supplemented by artificial lifting to improve the output. In Fang Zhigang’s view, among many artificial lifting oil production methods, gas lift can give full play to the reservoir’s own energy. Under the condition of gas source, gas lift oil production is the first choice and the most economical and effective artificial lifting method in the oilfield. Moreover, gas lift can produce oil in the whole life cycle from the initial stage of production to the final shutdown.

  With gas lift, wells with insufficient energy for flowing production can produce normally, wells with low production can increase production, and wells with high production can obtain higher production. Fang Zhigang often vividly said to the gas lift team members, "What we are doing is to make the oil well high and stable, make the oil field develop efficiently, and strive to make the oil field younger."

  "The mountain is climbed step by step."

  In 2010, Fang Zhigang took over the 48-gas lift technical service of BBA Oilfield in the Middle East, and the biggest problem was gas lift tools.

  The crude oil in BBA Oilfield has "four highs", high sulfur content, high wax content, high carbon dioxide content and high asphaltene content, which requires high sulfur and corrosion resistance for downhole tools. In particular, the oil well is large in size and high in production, and the diameter of the working cylinder of gas lift valve is required to be 168 mm, while the largest size of Tuha gas lift in the past was only 127 mm.

  "The diameter has increased by 41 mm, which seems to have only increased by one-third, but the technological difficulty is geometric growth, which is easy to talk about!" It is time-consuming, heavy-duty and difficult to complete the R&D and manufacturing test of tools and put them into field application within one year. When I first took over the task in 2010, many people described it as an "impossible task".

  "The mountain is climbed step by step, and the ship is shaken out one by one." Fang Zhigang said, "If you don’t do it, you will never succeed."

  When it really gets started, problems follow.

  The first is to prevent hydrogen sulfide. Sulfur is the nemesis of metals. Generally, when metal meets hydrogen sulfide, it will produce "hydrogen embrittlement" phenomenon, and the stress will drop greatly, so it is easy to break off. The upper and lower ends of the working cylinder of the gas lift valve are connected with oil pipes, and the diameter is relatively small, while the diameter of the body part is large, which is "small at both ends and thick in the middle" on the whole. In the past, the working cylinder of gas lift valve mostly adopted welding technology, three-stage combination and two welds. However, sulfur has a great influence on the weld, and the sulfur-proof welding process is more difficult.

  Domestic factories have found one after another, but they can’t guarantee sulfur-resistant welding. "Welding can’t be changed to forging!" Forging is not difficult. Just to solve the problems of shrinkage ratio and compression resistance, I don’t know how many times I optimized the structure repeatedly, and finally I had to choose a special-shaped working cylinder similar to an ellipse.

  Press the hoist to float the ladle, avoiding the welding problem and welcoming the forging test. The special-shaped structure has greatly increased the difficulty of forging, and it is only after half a year of tackling key problems that we have found the top domestic factory in Shenyang.

  Dozens of such large and small problems have been solved, almost all of which are original solutions. Finally, it’s time to wake up the underground gas lift tools. Whether the gas-lift tools that have been dormant underground for several years can be started normally or not, the gas-lift ceremony of Well 028 affects the hearts of all parties in the oilfield. Although every step of gas lift is carefully calculated and thought out, many original technologies are used to extract oil under such harsh conditions, which is unprecedented in China. "Whether it’s a dragon or a worm, we’ll see." Just like welcoming the birth of a child, Fang Zhigang was both nervous and excited in those days. "I still have the confidence to do my own work!"

  At 9: 00 am on July 18, 2017, with the opening of the gas injection valve, natural gas was continuously injected into the wellbore. The primary valve is over-gassed, and the secondary valve is over-gassed … … Two days later, the gas lift well entered the normal working state, and the oil well output rose steadily until it exceeded 30% of the initial daily production. The oil field won the environmental protection award issued by the local government, which is the first time that the local government’s foreign cooperation project has won such an honor for decades.

  "My greatest value is here."

  In North Trouvat Oilfield (Well 7546), Fang Zhigang (third from left) led the team to go deep into the technical service site to carry out technical services. Photo courtesy of respondents

  Working in the oil field and serving the domestic and foreign countries by gas lift is the norm in Fang Zhigang, and even the wife who works in the same unit rarely meets it.

  At the end of 2014, his father, who was far away in the northeast, was critically ill, and Fang Zhigang hurried back to his hometown. When I met my father in the hospital, my condition was so serious that it was no longer suitable for treatment. Father said, "Son, let’s go home." Going home that day, my father died in the middle of the night.

  I have been working for many years, far away from my hometown, and there are only a handful of days to be with my father. Children want to raise and don’t stay close. Fang Zhigang said that the most regrettable thing is that he failed to convince his father to come to Xinjiang to live together before his death.

  After the birth of his youngest daughter, he was away on business all the year round. I have a vacation once in a while, but I can’t stay for a few days. When I first met my father, my little daughter felt strange and cried. Go to bed at night and drive straight out. A few days later, I finally got a little hot, and it was time to go again.

  In 2011, Tuha gas lift entered the Middle East market. As the head of the Middle East project in Beijing, Fang Zhigang is as busy as a top every day. In July, it was the critical moment of business operation, and the two daughters had a high fever at the same time. Three days later, I still have a high fever. The wife was really desperate, so she called Fang Zhigang.

  Report to the leader, immediately grant leave, and arrange for colleagues in Tuha Oilfield to coordinate vehicles and help take care of them. Fang Zhigang finished the work at hand overnight, and instructed his colleagues. Only then did he fly back to Xinjiang in a hurry and rushed to the hospital. At this time, the child’s body temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius, especially the one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, who has been in a coma since she had a fever. The doctor suggested that she be transferred to the hospital immediately. Rushed to Urumqi overnight, the hospital arranged directly into the intensive care unit. Seeing the child with an oxygen tube and a stomach tube, this strong northeast man shed tears.

  Fortunately, three days later, the high fever eased and the child could open his eyes, so the couple were a little relieved. A week later, the child was transferred to the general ward. Fang Zhigang was ready to put up with his wife’s complaints and scolding, but she didn’t say anything. She understands that most oil families do.

  A few years ago, some mainland enterprises also offered olive branches with high salaries, hoping to seek common development. Fang Zhigang declined politely. He said: "It is my breath that has made me. My greatest value is here, and the stage for giving full play to my talents is also here."