1+1 Watching Brazil: Football, Brazil’s Business Card

        When Brazil is mentioned in China, nine times out of ten, football will be mentioned. Football is not only a business card handed by Brazil to the world, but also a window for the outside world to observe Brazil.

        Bai Yansong: Before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was officially held, the football match of the Olympic Games had already started. The Brazilian men’s soccer team, which had high hopes, drew 0-0 with only 10 players in the first show. The front page of Brazilian media chose the picture of Neymar sighing or feeling extremely depressed, from which we can see that for Brazilians, football is the most worrying thing.

        What do Brazilians think of their own players coming to China to develop?

        Rio citizens:I don’t think there is any problem. My son likes playing football at the age of 23, but there is no chance. If a China club is willing to sign him, there is no doubt that not only he will go, but I will also go with him.

        Interviewed in the streets of Rio, there are some opinions about Brazilian players going to play in China, including opposition, approval and helplessness. In June this year, 56 million euros, the Chinese Super League team Shanghai signed Brazilian striker Hulk, and the high transfer fee set a new record for Chinese Super League and even Asian football.

        Kuka, former head coach of Shandong Luneng:China’s football is in the development stage, and the amount of money spent on hiring players should gradually decrease in the future. As China’s salary returns to rationality, Brazilian players will gradually reduce their trips to China.

        The Palmeiras team coached by Kuka is currently ranked first in Bajia League, but their head coach who coached Shandong Luneng in China was terminated, but the local fans did not think so.

        Palmeiras fans:Football is a team sport. It is useless to change only KUKA. Everyone must change, China players and Brazilian players. Everyone must change. If this is not enough, then I think KUKA is not alone.

        Bai Yansong:There is a questionnaire that you can have a look at. Have you heard of the clubs in China Football League? The first place is Guangzhou Evergrande, which may be related to his head coach Scolari. How many times do you remember China entering the World Cup finals? As a result, the proportion of wrong answers was the highest, and only 11% were right. The most fierce answer is never, and then the second place is 36%, more than three times, we should go in more than three times.

        Football students from China.

        Ma Sheng:My name is Ma Sheng. I’m 19 years old. I’m Aquarius. I came to Brazil from Anhui. My Brazilian name is Gattuso. I’m a central defender on the court. My blood type is A.

        Li Yueming:My name is Li Yueming. I come from Anshan, Liaoning. I’m 19 years old. I’m a Leo. My Brazilian name is Li, which is my Chinese surname. I’m 1.89 meters and I’m a central defender on the court.

        Belan Brethous, a small city 300 kilometers around Sao Paulo, is more comfortable and quiet than Sao Paulo. Ma Sheng and Li Yueming from China are training with Botafogo Professional Team in Sao Paulo. They have just finished their three-year study in Brazil, and now they are managed by Hebei Elite Football Club and Concession. To put it simply, they just finished studying abroad, and because of their outstanding performance, they stayed in Brazil to work.

        Bai Yansong:In fact, there is no way to send children out to play football. The best way is that we have a very rich football environment ourselves, and then football starts with dolls, instead of starting with the president of the Football Association, as we did a few years ago.

        Brazilian football has no worries about the future.

        In Brazil, it is said that after children learn to walk, the first thing they do is to play football. In the eight slums in the urban-rural fringe of Rio, the reporter saw a group of barefoot children, the youngest of whom was only 4 or 5 years old, but their feet were quite sophisticated.

        Reporter:What position do you play?


        Iger is 9 years old and lives in this slum. Although he hasn’t scored yet, when interviewed by reporters, he strongly urged his parents to allow him to be on TV. Iger’s idol is Neymar, born in 1992. Just like them, they played barefoot and practiced some gorgeous footwork. Fortunately, Neymar, who grew up in a slum, has become famous.

        Bai Yansong:Although the sand parade of the Olympic Games on Copacabana beach seems to be unfinished, it doesn’t affect the beach next to it at all. Brazilians continue to exercise happily. We found that the Brazilian innovated football on the beach. He combined volleyball and football, two of his strongest sports, and played volleyball, which required superb skills and skills. Maybe Brazilian football will be improved.

        Brazilian players and fans

        In order to find the mark of Pele, we came to Santos fan bar. When we asked the fans about Pele’s impression, an old man replied, Who is Pele? Later, the owner of the bar said that he was joking with us, and this was actually Bailey’s teammate in the national team. They fought together in the 1962 World Cup and won the championship.

        Coutinho:The memory is that we played football together and won the championship together. It was a grand game, and everyone was very excited. We were boiling on the court with the goddess of victory.

        Pele, who started from Santos team, became a symbol of Brazilian football, which made Santos fans proud forever. Bailey’s autograph on the wall has been hanging here for almost eight years. It can be said that all Santos fans know this bar. The decoration of the bar is unified into black and white colors of the team, and the walls are covered with historical photos of the team.

        Bai Yansong:There are simply too many people playing football in Brazil. Indeed, now Brazilian football seems to have encountered a huge challenge, losing 7-1 to Germany, and even the Copa America did not appear in the group stage, losing to Peru, which really shocked Brazilians. But when I really came to Brazil, I would feel that it will make a comeback soon, because there are too many people playing football, just like there are too many people playing table tennis in China. If you win or lose once, you won’t be afraid at all.