When is the Lantern Festival in 2021? What day is it on the fifteenth day of the first month?

  The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is called Lantern Festival every year, so when is the Lantern Festival in 2021, and when is it?

Q: When is the Lantern Festival in 2021? When is the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month?

  A:Lantern Festival in 2021 is on Friday, February 26th, 2021, the 15th day of the first lunar month..

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Brief introduction of lantern festival

  After the Spring Festival, another traditional festival in China is the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

  The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called the night "Xiao", so they called the fifteenth day of the first month the Lantern Festival. The 15th day of the first month is the night of the first full moon in a year, and it is also the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. On the night in spring returns, people celebrate this and celebrate the continuation of the Spring Festival. Lantern Festival is also called "Shangyuan Festival".

  According to the folk tradition in China, on this bright night, people light up thousands of lanterns to celebrate. Going out to enjoy the moon, burning lamps and setting off flames, enjoying solve riddles on the lanterns, having Lantern Festival together, family reunion and celebrating the festive season are all enjoyable.

  Lantern Festival is also called Lantern Festival. The custom of burning lanterns on Lantern Festival originated from the Han Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, the activities of enjoying lanterns became more prosperous. Lights were hung everywhere in the palace and on the streets, and tall lantern wheels, lantern buildings and lantern trees were also built. Lu Zhaolin, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty, once described the grand occasion of burning lanterns on Lantern Festival in "Watching Lights on Fifteen Nights", saying that "the stars in the Han Dynasty are falling, and the buildings are like the moon hanging."

  In the Song Dynasty, more attention was paid to the Lantern Festival, and the lantern viewing activities were more lively. The lantern viewing activities lasted for five days and the styles of lanterns were more abundant. In the Ming Dynasty, the lantern festival will last for 10 days, which is the longest lantern festival in China. Although there were only three days of lantern viewing in Qing Dynasty, the lantern viewing activities were large in scale and unprecedented in pomp. Besides burning lanterns, fireworks were also put on to entertain.

  "solve riddles on the lanterns", also called "playing riddles", is an activity added after the Lantern Festival, which appeared in the Song Dynasty. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the capital Lin ‘an made riddles every Lantern Festival, and there were many people guessing riddles. At the beginning, it was a busybody who wrote riddles on paper and pasted them on colorful lanterns for people to guess. Because riddles are enlightening and interesting, they are welcomed by all walks of life in the process of spreading.

  The folk custom of eating Yuanxiao during the Lantern Festival. Yuanxiao is made of glutinous rice, either solid or stuffed. Filled with bean paste, sugar, hawthorn, all kinds of fruit materials, etc., it can be cooked, fried, steamed and fried when eating. At first, people called this kind of food "Floating Yuanzi", and later they called it "Tangtuan" or "Tangyuan". These names "Reunion" have similar sounds, meaning reunion, which symbolizes the reunion of the whole family, harmony and happiness, and people also miss their parting relatives and place their good wishes on their future life.

  In some places, the Lantern Festival also has the custom of "walking all kinds of diseases", also known as "roasting all kinds of diseases" and "dispersing all kinds of diseases". Most of the participants are women. They walk together or walk by the wall, or cross the bridge and walk in the suburbs, in order to drive away diseases and eliminate disasters.

  With the passage of time, there are more and more activities in the Lantern Festival, and many local festivals have added traditional folk performances such as playing dragon lanterns, playing lions, walking on stilts, rowing dry boats and dancing yangko, and playing Taiping drums. This traditional festival, which has been passed down for more than 2,000 years, is not only popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, but also celebrated year after year in areas inhabited by overseas Chinese.

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[Network China Festival Lantern Festival] Do you know all these Lantern Festival knowledge?

The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar, and the ancients called night "night".

So put the first full moon night of the year

The fifteenth day of the first month is called Lantern Festival.

So ~ Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month,

Do you remember those traditional customs?

Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian ~


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The bright moon in the sky, the Lantern Festival in the bowl

Every household is round and round.

Full of best wishes for the new year.

I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival!

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Stay away from "toxic" "love" Listen to Zhang Wenhong teach you to love rationally.

Yesterday was the annual 520 "Dog Abuse Festival". There were many days related to love, and there were countless slogans and truths about love. Sincere love is always worthy of praise, but sometimes when there are other plans in the name of "love", you get the goods, and you get the goods!
Recently, there is a news in the hot search that really makes people laugh and cry:
There is a hot comment that borrows the lyrics of Aska Yang’s Onion, but it is very appropriate: "If you are willing to peel my heart layer by layer" …
Pure love is worthy of praise, and love and hate are the eternal carriers of thousands of literature; But sometimes, when the name of "love" is used for other purposes, how many people who are addicted to the love trap can discover the truth layer by layer?
Here, we must release Zhang Wen’s grand and super-rational view of love:
"Get a hepatitis B vaccine before you fall in love."
"The reason why AIDS hurts young people so much,
It is because it is under the banner of love.
Anything, once in the name of love, is terrible. "
Here, the key points must be bold: "anything, once it is under the banner of love, is terrible!" "
And the love that comes with "drugs" is always a tragedy.
For example, girls who are addicted to love traps and help transport drugs,
I don’t know what is waiting for them is not love.
It’s behind bars.
For example, some people are carried away by love,
Drug trafficking, drug abuse …
Trying to make love more "complete" …
A couple in Yunnan "borrowed" money from strangers to raise money for drugs.
And then don’t return it! ! !
To pay off his girlfriend’s debts,
The man was caught with drugs in his body,
Swallow twice as much as ordinary people.
Or starting from love but going to extremes,
In order to get back together, the man pretended to send a courier to the door.
Injured his ex-girlfriend and grandmother and forced him to "laugh" …
Women turn themselves in for drug abuse,
In order to enter the detention center and "reunite" with her boyfriend …
And drug trafficking was caught "throwing pot" to the boyfriend of pregnant girlfriend.
On May 13th, the police of Pinggui Branch of Hezhou Public Security Bureau in Guangxi arrested two suspects and seized more than 70 grams of suspected heroin. The criminal suspects He Mou and Cen Mou are lovers. When he was arrested, He tried his best to argue and "shabu-shabu" his pregnant girlfriend Cen.
The couple tried to get rid of their unhappiness by taking drugs.
During the patrol, the Anti-drug Brigade of Yongfu County Public Security Bureau in Guangxi found a white car parked on the side of the road, and there was a quarrel between men and women from time to time.
The police came forward to check and found that they were in a trance and faltered. The police found banknotes suspected of taking drugs and a small amount of drugs scattered at the car console, and they brought them back to Yongfu County Law Enforcement Case Center according to law. After testing, the urine of the two men was positive for ketamine (commonly known as K powder) and truthfully confessed the illegal facts of taking drugs in the car.
After the police asked, they learned that Qin and Wang were lovers before. Shortly after breaking up, there was a quarrel in the car due to emotional problems. Because of his bad mood, Qin, who had a drug abuse record, took out the K powder prepared in advance, thinking that they could get rid of their troubles by taking drugs together. The two were given administrative punishment by the public security organs.
True love,
Instead of using your partner,
Nor is it to lure your partner to the white abyss with drugs.
"Toxic" love never lasts,
When drugs meet love,
It is doomed to be a tragic ending.
Stay away from the "love" mixed with drugs,
Don’t let a trace of drugs contaminate your life.
Healthy love, away from drugs!
Source: China Anti-drug

Close-up | Mothers retire and come back, sitting and playing volleyball also has the spirit of women’s volleyball.

The players of the Shanghai team boarded the podium. Photo taken in Zhu Dechun On October 28th, the 11th National Paralympic Games and the 8th Special Olympics Games were all over.
In the evening at Northwestern Polytechnical University, in the women’s sitting volleyball final, the Shanghai team beat the Jiangsu team with absolute advantages (25-16, 25-10, 25-9) to win the championship, and the leaders of the Jiangsu team at the guest table also marveled. "The strength of the Shanghai team is really strong."
Women’s sitting volleyball has always been the dominant event of the Shanghai team. Many players have also been selected for the China team and won the silver medal in the just-concluded Tokyo Paralympic Games.
Being able to keep the advantage all the time stems from the persistence of these mothers for many years-this is the embodiment of the spirit of women’s volleyball.
In the final of the Paralympic Games, Shanghai seated women’s volleyball team beat Jiangsu team.
Blisters are everywhere on hands and buttocks.
Except for a short lag at the beginning of the first game, the Shanghai team won the championship almost all the way ahead.
In the second half of the second game, the advantage of the scene was so great that it was only a matter of time before the champion. The leaders of Jiangsu team at the guest table had already congratulated the Shanghai team in advance.
The Shanghai team is also very emotional here."Although it seems that the advantages are great, no champion is easy to get, and they have paid too much behind them. For example, training is almost all year round. "
In the team events, Shanghai’s blind soccer and goalball events are basically amateur, but sitting volleyball can be called quasi-professional-the training base of the national team is located in Shanghai, and many players in the Shanghai team are also members of the national team.
In order to prepare for the previous Tokyo Paralympic Games and this Paralympic Games, these players really tried their best.
After retiring from the Shanghai Women’s Volleyball Team, Xu Huimin began to coach women’s volleyball for the disabled in 2009 and took over the position of head coach in 2018. As soon as he took over the sitting volleyball team, Xu Huimin was shocked-compared with the conventional volleyball that needs to run and jump, the rhythm and skills of sitting volleyball are very different.
The same basic volleyball movements, such as receiving and sending, padding and spiking, are very difficult for sitting volleyball players and require more perseverance and sweat-All the movements of the girls can only be done by sitting on the ground. They should replace their feet with their hands and learn to move quickly on the floor. Touching the ground for countless times, blisters are everywhere on hands and buttocks …
In order to better experience the technical characteristics of sitting volleyball, Xu Huimin also sat down on the ground: "I need to play with them to understand the rhythm of playing and adjust the training plan."
Shanghai team members and coaches thanked the audience.
No rest, this is the normal state.
Through continuous exploration, Xu Huimin has formed a set of efficient training mode-in order to achieve good results, Xu Huimin also applied for the sitting volleyball men’s team to practice with the girls to simulate high-intensity competitions and temper their competitive state.
During the preparation period, the sitting volleyball training adopts the "3+1" mode, that is, three weeks of all-day training and one week of only morning training. "Some players have proposed to quit, and some players have secretly wiped their tears …"
For such high-intensity training, Xu Huimin admits that at present, more than half of the female queues are old players, and most of them are "abandoning their homes and careers". Everyone is very concerned about their children and missing their parents. Compared with physical fatigue, psychological pressure is a bigger problem.
In order to relieve everyone’s psychological pressure, Xu Huimin will come to the dormitory regularly to talk with everyone; The center also offers courses such as "embroidery class" to adjust everyone’s psychology; During the Chinese New Year, the center organized an e-sports competition for the team members.
Lv Hongqin (right) is in the match against Liaoning team.
"It is common for me not to go home during the Spring Festival. Except for my children, my family understands me very well."Talking about the topic of the Spring Festival, team member Lu Hongqin said that he was a little embarrassed about his children.
Lv Hongqin is an "old man" of sitting women’s volleyball team. She lives in Changning, Shanghai, and is a member of both the Shanghai team and the national team.
As the captain of the national team sitting women’s volleyball team, she led the team members to participate in the four Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008, London in 2012 and Rio in 2016, and won three consecutive championships.
This year, as a representative of the Paralympic champion, she boarded the "Dream of the Olympics" float for the National Day ceremony. For her, the Olympics is a place where she witnessed her growth, and it is also a place where she won honors. And every Spring Festival in preparation for the Olympics is spent with her teammates in the team.
Group photo of the whole team.
Mothers retire and come back
After the final of the Paralympic Games, many players of the Shanghai team became the stars of the stadium, and many volunteers at the scene wanted to take photos with them.
Many college students say,"We all know their stories. We have been playing here for many days, and the spirit of women’s volleyball has also been passed on to them."
Five years ago, 36-year-old Lu Hongqin lost to the US team as the captain. "The American players are young, tall and growing up rapidly. We didn’t play well in that game." Lv Hongqin said that compared with players from European and American countries such as the United States and Russia, China girls are not dominant in size, and American players with an average height of more than 1.85 meters block the net as soon as they reach out.
At that time, the performance of American players made her see the vigorous development of this sport, but more of them were unwilling. After that, Lu Hongqin briefly returned to his family, but the sitting women’s volleyball players were green and yellow, the skills of the small players were not mature enough, the new players were not enough, and the team needed mature athletes. In this way, Lu Hongqin returned to the team again.
From her first participation in the Olympic Games to the present, during this period, she got married, had children and had her own family. It is a great challenge for her to return to the team.
Overcoming the gap in physical fitness and finding the sense of the ball on the court, Lu Hongqin, who is introverted, doesn’t talk much, but the fierce eyes on the court speak for themselves.
Volunteers take a group photo with Shanghai team players.
Big sister and champion mother
In addition to Lu Hongqin, Zhang Xufei, who was in contact with sitting volleyball in 2002, was also involved.
She played as the main player of the national team in the 2006 World Championships in the Netherlands, and her excellent performance impressed the coach and teammates. Since that competition, she has never stepped down from this main position.
The main force should not only be skilled in skills and excellent in ball skills, but also require not to leave the stadium all the time-she is the centering person of her teammates on the field, and she is also a kind and warm elder of everyone off the field. In life, everyone likes to call her "sister".
"But time and tide wait for no man. I am a little envious when I watch these young children sleep and all their pains are gone."ZhangXuFei lifted his right leg trouser legs, and a 10 cm long scar on his knee was particularly conspicuous. "The knee was opened, and now you can still hear it" Hua "when you touch it. Arms, waist and coccygeal vertebrae are all injuries. After all, they are athletes. This injury is common! "
The scars on my body seem to be athletes’ medals, and every place is a witness to past experiences. "In a blink of an eye, more than ten years have passed, and I am already the big sister of new players!"
In September 2009, her daughter was born, and the arrival of the little guy gave Zhang Xufei another title "Mom". In front of her daughter, she is not a champion on the podium, nor an athlete with neat football style. She is just her daughter’s guardian.
"I owe my daughter a lot, because I was forced to wean her when she was six months old and went back to training. There was no winter and summer vacation, no May Day, no National Day, and only half a day off every week. I love my daughter, but I also love volleyball. "
Because of the long separation, Zhang Xufei said that he often thought of his daughter during training and competition."She will show off to her classmates that she has a champion mother, and she will also be angry that I will not go home for months after a game."
"Although I am 34 years old, I have never thought about retiring. Volleyball has become a part of my life. I can’t give up and I don’t know how to give up."
"Maybe when I am old enough to retire, I will calmly walk off the field and return to my family, but now I just want to concentrate on playing every game and enjoy the cheers of every victory."
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The college entrance examination countdown is 10 days! Make more moves to ensure the safety of exams.

  Beijing, May 28th (Leng Yuyang) Today, there are only 10 days left before the 2018 college entrance examination. Every year, the college entrance examination, the topic of examination style and discipline, and the safety of college entrance examination are all hot spots of social concern. This year, what measures have been introduced in various places to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination?

  Data map: Senior three students are taking the simulated college entrance examination in the classroom, and the window sill of the classroom is filled with various review materials. Yan Nan Photo source: vision china

  Relevant departments have repeatedly applied for the deployment of college entrance examination security

  As the college entrance examination approaches, the safety of college entrance examination is frequently put on the agenda. The reporter from Zhongxin. com found that since March this year, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security and other relevant departments have deployed the safety work of the college entrance examination many times.

  As early as March this year, the Ministry of Education made arrangements for the safety of the college entrance examination. On March 5th, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Enrollment of Colleges and Universities in 2018, which pointed out that special actions should be concentrated on purifying the network environment involved in the examination, cracking down on the sale of cheating equipment, purifying the surrounding environment of the test center, and cracking down on cheating for the test. Strengthen the management of standardized test sites, close the entrance to the examination room, focus on the implementation of examination services and examination room management, and ensure strict and orderly examination style and discipline.

  Two months later, the safety of the college entrance examination was specifically mentioned again. On May 8th, the Ministry of Education held a video conference with the members of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting of the National Unified Education Examination to fully mobilize and deploy the safety work of the 2018 college entrance examination.

  Chen Baosheng, Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Education, pointed out at the meeting that it is necessary to further strengthen the departmental cooperation mechanism, focus on key actions, key groups and key areas, and severely punish them, thus forming a high-pressure situation to crack down on exam fraud. Strictly control the entrance, invigilation, marking and admission.

  At the same time, Shi Jun, member of the Party Committee and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security, also demanded at the meeting that local public security organs should persist in attacking with heavy punches, strengthen online inspections, carry out key rectification, strengthen investigation and crackdown, and strictly guard against crimes involving exams. It is necessary to strengthen risk prevention and control, strengthen public security management around test sites, and create a good campus surrounding environment.

  On May 25th, less than half a month before the college entrance examination, official website, the Ministry of Education, released a message and signed a letter of responsibility for college entrance examination safety with the admissions committees of colleges and universities in various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).

  The responsibility book is clear, and all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should improve the management responsibility system and accountability system of the college entrance examination, improve the working mechanism of the relevant departments, and take effective measures to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the college entrance examination.

  What measures are there to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination?

  At the same time, the reporters of Zhongxin. com found that the same measures were taken at the local level, and the college entrance examination was deployed safely.

  The importance of preventing examination questions from leaking is self-evident. In this regard, Henan proposed that education administrative departments at all levels and recruitment offices should strengthen the supervision of the whole process and the whole chain of secret-related links such as making papers, transporting, keeping, distributing, applying for examinations and marking papers to ensure the absolute safety of test papers.

  Xinyang, Henan Province, put forward more detailed measures. Specifically, the security room video should be monitored and stored 24 hours a day, in all directions and without dead ends. It is necessary to strengthen the video monitoring of the test paper on the way from the secret room to the test center, and track it in real time, so as to achieve special car transportation, special secret box storage, double lock reinforcement, public security escort, and full video monitoring.

  Preventing high-tech cheating is also a highlight of this year’s college entrance examination security work. The safety work plan for the 2018 college entrance examination issued by Beijing proposes that a fixed monitoring network covering the whole city and some outer suburbs will be started in advance, and special electromagnetic environment monitoring and governance work will be carried out on the test sites and surrounding areas to investigate suspicious signals. During the examination, the monitoring vehicles will patrol the road and cooperate with the fixed monitoring network to ensure seamless monitoring of the electromagnetic environment of the test center. Two groups of radio law enforcement officers will also be on duty in sections during the examination.

  In addition, in terms of ensuring the safety of examination rooms, Wuhan, Hubei Province proposed that every examination room in the city should be equipped with metal detectors and mobile phone shielding devices, and candidates should undergo security inspection after entering the examination room. The situation of the examination room will be recorded and recorded all the time, and remotely monitored electronically. In addition, this year’s Wuhan college entrance examination venue will all be replaced by intelligent automatic time correction radio clocks, and candidates can’t wear watches to enter the examination room.

  On the other hand, Jiangxi proposed that during the college entrance examination, colleges and universities should strictly enforce the system of students’ leave. Without special reasons, college students are not allowed to leave school on June 7 and 8. Students who have been approved to leave school or practice alone should contact the students by telephone half an hour after the exam starts during the college entrance examination, and report any suspicious substitute immediately.

  Data Map: On June 7, 2017, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the test center of Henan Experimental Middle School, the candidates and parents who took the college entrance examination. China News Service reporter Wang Zhongju photo

  Carefully deployed in many places to escort candidates.

  While severely cracking down on the safety issues involved in the examination, there are also some warm moves in many places to escort the candidates.

  For example, the Shaanxi Provincial Admissions Office recently issued the Shaanxi 2018 College Entrance Examination Code to remind candidates that only 2B pencils, 0.5mm black ink pens, rulers, compasses, triangular plates, rubber without envelopes, knives, blank pads, transparent pencil cases and other stationery are allowed to enter the examination room. Mobile phones, radio transmitting and receiving equipment, electronic memory recording and playback equipment, watches, correction fluids, correction tapes, hearing AIDS, pencil cases and other non-examination articles are strictly prohibited from being brought into the examination room.

  Food safety is also a hot topic for candidates and parents. In this regard, hunan food and drug administration recently issued a warning on food safety consumption during the college entrance examination. Specifically, parents should pay attention to the fact that the time interval between the prepared food and consumption should not exceed 2 hours; Parents and candidates should not be superstitious about the so-called "brain tonic" products and other warm tips.

  What should candidates do if they encounter problems with their documents? Recently, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a special distribution point for candidates’ certificates in the service hall of resident ID cards, and introduced measures such as expediting acceptance, giving priority to making certificates and shortening the time limit for receiving them, so as to provide convenient services for candidates who are in urgent need of certificates.

  In addition, Leshan, Sichuan Province stipulates that May 10 to June 14 is the noise-forbidden time for the college entrance examination, and arrangements are made for the construction time of the construction site, the use of sound devices for motor vehicles, and the use of sound in square dances during the noise-forbidden period to ensure the study and rest of candidates. (End)

How to reform the English proficiency test for CET-4 and CET-6?

  Beijing, Dec. 14 (Leng Yuyang) According to the news from the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, the CET-4 and CET-6 will be held today in the second half of 2019, and candidates can check their scores in February next year. In recent years, there has been a constant debate in public opinion about the reform of CET-4 and CET-6, and even the debate about whether to keep or abolish it. In the future, how to evaluate the English proficiency level is worthy of attention.

  College English Test Band 4 and Band 6 starts today.

  According to the news from the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, the CET will be held on December 14th in the second half of 2019. Among them, 9: 00 am & mdash; Take CET-4 at 11:20, and at 15:00— At 17:25, the CET-6 will be conducted.

  On the eve of the exam, many provincial education examination institutes issued a reminder that candidates must enter the examination room with the admission ticket, student ID card and valid ID card on the day of the exam (starting at 8:45 am and starting at 2:45 pm), and the "three certificates" are indispensable. Admission is forbidden after 15 minutes.

  During the examination, candidates are only allowed to bring necessary examination stationery into the examination room, and are not allowed to bring books, materials, bags and other items. It is strictly forbidden to bring electronic equipment with the function of sending or receiving information. Once found, it will be dealt with in violation of regulations, and the results will be invalid.

  According to the pre-test reminders issued by various places, before the exam, there are often some lawless elements and intermediaries in the society who use the Internet and other tools to publish harmful information such as "helping the exam", "providing real questions" and "answers" and peddling cheating tools, and claim to "package" to defraud candidates of money. Please don’t believe in false propaganda, so as not to be deceived.

  Under the current examination system, the CET written test is held twice a year in June and December of each year. In June, all subjects in English and non-English are taken, and only English subjects are taken in December. CET oral test is held twice a year, in May and November each year. Since December 2016, candidates who apply for the written test in the same year are eligible to apply for the same level of oral test.

  Candidates can check their scores through the official website of CET-4 and CET-6 in February next year.

  Debate on the reform of CET-4 and CET-6

  The National College English Test Band 4 and Band 6 is a large-scale standardized test sponsored by the Ministry of Education and presided over and implemented by the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education. Since its implementation in 1987, CET-4 and CET-6 have gone through more than 30 years, accompanying the youth of generations of students.

  In order to constantly meet the needs of students learning English, CET-4 and CET-6 have been on the road of reform. The reporter found that in recent ten years, various reform schemes, such as taking multiple questions and volumes, canceling cloze, increasing Chinese-English translation scores, and changing fast reading comprehension into long reading comprehension, have been implemented in CET-4 and CET-6.

  On October 23 this year, the plenary session of the National College English Test Committee for Band 4 and Band 6 in the second half of 2019 held in Shanghai said that the use of artificial intelligence technology has obvious effects on improving the quality of marking papers, and it is suggested to further strengthen research and gradually promote it. Moreover, the CET test system still needs to be further improved, and it is suggested that CET oral test should be included as a compulsory subject as soon as possible, which is beneficial to college English teaching.

  In fact, in recent years, some experts and scholars have called for "canceling the CET-4 and CET-6 examination" and "turning to the socialization level examination".

  In January this year, Cai Jigang, a professor at Fudan University and the president of China Academic English Teaching Research Association, published an article in the media entitled "CET-4 and CET-6 can be turned to socialization level test". According to the article, CET-4 and CET-6 have even seriously affected the higher requirements of college English, and standardized tests have also affected or even seriously affected the development of college students’ critical thinking ability.

  In Cai Jigang’s view, higher education is a systematic process, and each major or course can’t be selfish. College English can only be a service course. Different disciplines and majors have different needs for English, and the English proficiency test should not be "one size fits all". CET-4 and CET-6 should be turned to socialized proficiency test as soon as possible.

  At the same time, however, there are voices that the CET-4 and CET-6 can’t fully reflect the level of the subjects, but its existence value should not be denied.

  According to a commentary published by China Youth Daily at the end of 2017, CET-4 and CET-6 cover listening, reading, translation and writing. At the same time, an oral test is set, which covers listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the test items are relatively flexible. Compared with IELTS or TOEFL, which cost thousands of registration fees, CET-4 and CET-6, which can be applied for only tens of yuan, is still the "gold standard" for evaluating the English level of most China students.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at China Academy of Educational Sciences, told Zhongxin.com that although CET-4 and CET-6 have played a lot of positive roles in history, the shortcomings of their unscientific inspection standards and insufficient pertinence have hindered students’ English learning. Relevant departments may wish to listen to the suggestions of academic circles and replace them or carry out more drastic reforms.

  When will the future English test come?

  The reporter noted that as early as 2014, the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Examination Enrollment System", proposing to strengthen the construction of foreign language proficiency assessment system, which is the first time at the national level to put forward clear requirements for the comprehensive reform of foreign language examinations.

  In February 2018, the Ministry of Education and state language commission officially released the China English Proficiency Scale, which is the first English proficiency assessment standard for English learners in China. At that time, when answering a reporter’s question, the person in charge of the examination center of the Ministry of Education said that on the basis of the scale, the examination center of the Ministry of Education was developing the English proficiency test.

  In December this year, Yu Han, deputy director of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, revealed at the 2019 TOEFL annual meeting that the overall design of the China English Proficiency Test has been completed at this stage. "The focus of the previous research is to develop exams corresponding to the corresponding levels of higher education. At present, the design and demonstration of the examination syllabus have been completed, and the test work has been carried out in some colleges and universities. "

  In view of the speculation that China English Proficiency Test will replace CET-4 and CET-6, on December 11th, the relevant person in charge of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education responded to the media reporter and said: How to integrate the new system with the existing examination items and do a good job in inheritance and development, we are studying and widely listening to opinions.

  In addition, it is worth noting that another national-level general English test — — The National English Test has been suspended in Sichuan, Liaoning, Jiangxi and Henan provinces.

  The comprehensive reform of foreign language examination is progressing continuously, but the final direction of CET-4 and CET-6 is still inconclusive.

Fun Olympics | Can swimming build 8 abdominal muscles? Brother Africa tells you the answer.

  CCTV News:In the men’s swimming field of Rio Olympic Games, we are used to this painting style:

  Eight-pack ABS and a faint mermaid line … … 



  No one can resist the power of the perfect figure.


Australian star McEvoy


Phelps of Rio 2016 Olympic Games


"Youth Invincible Edition" of Philippine Fish and Rochet are poisonous after watching … …

  However, in the 100-meter freestyle preliminaries, a "belly brother" broke this style of painting.


  His name is Robel Kiros Habte, and he is 24 years old and comes from Ethiopia.


Yes, 24 years old!

  According to official data, gabit is 1.76 meters tall and weighs 81 kilograms.

  This height and weight are really grounded. Many netizens said: "I feel that I can compete."


Like us, he only has one abdominal muscle.

  Gabit took part in the men’s 100m freestyle.


Take off and take off without falling in the wind ~


Then, file out gracefully ~



However … … Swim a little slow … …

  Gabit finished the race almost half a pool behind others in the preliminaries … … The score was 1 minute 04.95 seconds, and he was the only player who took more than 1 minute, ranking 59 th overall.


  However, when he reached the finish line, he got the warmest applause from the audience.

  Gabit told reporters that this is his first time to participate in the Olympic Games, and he had never even seen a 50-meter regular competition swimming pool before the competition. He was very happy to be here. He said that his personal best time was 59.08 seconds. Although he didn’t play well this time, he really tried his best in this field.


  "I am the only professional swimmer in our country. This is not surprising, because Ethiopia is a traditional long-distance running power, and people just want to be a long-distance runner. But I have a soft spot for swimming. What I always thought was to be different from others. "

  It doesn’t matter where my destination is, what matters is that I’m here!


In the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Eric Sabani of Equatorial Guinea competed.

  History is always strikingly similar. The appearance of gabit made Xiao Bian suddenly think of another athlete from Africa, Eric MSabani of Equatorial Guinea. He also participated in the 100-meter freestyle preliminaries at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and finally he finished the race with a time of 1 minute 52.72 seconds, just like gabit’s experience. Unlike gabit, Tim Sabani is not a professional swimmer. He only started swimming nine months before the Sydney Olympic Games.

  How did you get into the Olympic Games with such a bloated figure?

  Gabit’s Olympic spirit is praiseworthy, but many netizens may ask, "Why did he qualify for the Rio Olympic Games? How did he get in when he swam so slowly? "

  Because of the "wild card". Every session of the International Olympic Committee will issue "wild card" players to countries with underdeveloped sports. The quota system is determined to ensure that some countries can be represented in some backward projects and show the spirit of modern Olympics. These players obviously don’t have the strength to compete for gold and silver at all, but every year their persistence and love for the project touched a group of audiences.

  So, as long as you finish the game, you are good!

Blizzard in March Peach blossom snow, thunder and snow, hot search in Henan when it snows, and the snow is as thick as a quilt. Is this normal?

Since last evening, the temperature in Hangzhou has turned straight down.

At 15 o’clock yesterday, the temperature in Hangzhou was 26.1℃, and at 23 o’clock in the evening, the temperature was only 12.2℃. In just 8 hours, the temperature dropped by nearly 14℃. Today, the lowest temperature in Hangzhou is 11℃. The temperature during the whole day seems to have no heartbeat, and there is almost no fluctuation. By 14 o’clock, the temperature in Hangzhou is only 11.4℃.

Just when Hangzhou people "spit" spring is like the four seasons, many friends said:Not only is the four seasons in Hangzhou chaotic, but it snows heavily in Henan!

With the cold air heading south, rain and snow occurred in parts of Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hubei and other places this morning, and snowfall mainly occurred in southeastern Shaanxi, southwestern Shanxi and western Henan.

This morning, heavy snow fell in Luoyang, Henan, and "Snow in Henan" once rushed to the top of the hot search. In the afternoon, snowflakes floated in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital.

From this morning to this afternoon, the snowfall (turning into water) in Luanchuan, western Henan Province has exceeded 20 mm, reaching the level of heavy snowstorm. The local meteorological observatory has issued a yellow warning signal of snowstorm red warning signal and road icing. The snow is as thick as a quilt, and it is 18 cm at 14: 00, which is rare in March. The local snow record in March is 20 cm (March-April, 1992).

Henan Meteorology said: Under the combined influence of cold air and strong southerly warm and humid airflow, the temperature in many places in Henan plummeted today, and there was a large range of rain and snow. In the morning, Henan Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of road icing and a blue warning of blizzard.During the day today, some counties and cities in the central and western regions experienced moderate to heavy rain and snow and local snowstorms. As of 16: 00 today, the snowfall in Xin ‘an, Luoyang reached 34.8 mm.

Snow in March is also called "Peach Blossom Snow"When the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the wind blows the petals like snow, and later people call the snowflakes falling with the peach blossoms peach blossom snow.

You know, a week ago, Zhengzhou experienced the "summer" in advance, and the highest temperature exceeded 30℃. A week later, it began to "peach blossom snow" in March, which was really a random crossing of the four seasons.

In addition, from today’s weather phenomenon and lightning monitoring, some areas in Henan province have experienced thunder and snow.

Many netizens feel quite puzzled.It’s March, and it snows at this time, and it can also thunder and snow. Is it abnormal?

According to the analysis of China Weather Network,At this time, it is in the season of alternating cold and warm, and it is normal to snow. In previous years, it snowed in April.Snowfall is mainly caused by the combined influence of warm and humid airflow in the south and the cold air infiltrating from the lower level to the south, and some areas are also caused by topography. For example, in mountainous areas with higher altitude, the temperature is lower, which is prone to snowfall.

As the cold air moves south, rain and snow will also change in some areas, and the snowfall area will spread further south. For example, in Mianchi, Henan Province, it rained from about 5 am today, and it snowed from around 6 am to 10 am. The accumulated snowfall has reached 9 mm.

The phenomenon of "thunder and snow" has also happened in many places.When it snows, because the strong warm and humid airflow meets the strong cold air, the warm and humid air is forced to rise, resulting in strong convection, which creates conditions for the formation of lightning, and the phenomenon of "thunder hitting snow" appears.

Some people say, "It snows in have no martial ethics only after the flowers bloom", while others care.: I wonder if crops will have an impact?

Henan Meteorology said that due to the lack of precipitation in Henan Province in the early stage, the proportion of 0 ~ 10 cm short of moisture monitoring stations reached 55% (note: moisture is an important monitoring indicator of drought, mainly reflecting the situation of soil water content), and the forest fire risk rating was also high.This rain and snow process is very beneficial to improving soil moisture, ensuring wheat growth and reducing forest fire danger.It is expected that the rain and snow will gradually stop in most areas in the middle of the night today, but the cold in spring is still there. In the morning after tomorrow, the temperature in Henan Province will be around 0-5℃, and there will be heavy fog in many places.

Orange persimmon interactive reporter Sun Wei

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The snow express will not stop, and the Spring Festival price will be notified.

Elephant journalist Zhao Quantang Fan Mohan


On the afternoon of February 2, Zhengzhou ushered in a new round of snowfall. Snowflakes are flying, and the express car is still on the road. Does continuous snowfall affect the delivery of express delivery? What changes have taken place in the price during the Spring Festival? Elephant journalists came to the express delivery point in Zhengzhou to learn about the situation.

Don’t close when it snows, don’t worry about the delay of express delivery.

At the SF Express Point in Maohua Road, Zhengzhou City, despite the heavy snow, the express point is still operating normally, and everything is as usual. According to the salesman of SF Express, this snowfall will not affect the operation of the express delivery point. However, some courier company salesmen also said that snowfall will cause some couriers to arrive late.

According to reports, SF salesman started unloading at around 6 am and got off work at 9 pm. Near the end of the year, the number of gifts transported by the courier company increased, and the company equipped the salesman with a shuttle bus to transfer the goods. In order to ensure the quality of work, in recent weeks, SF Express Company has provided free breakfast and hot drinks for outlets every day.

How to calculate the cost without stopping during the Spring Festival?

A number of courier companies said that due to the overtime pay of couriers, the price of pickup items will rise during the Chinese New Year. According to previous years’ practice, an additional Spring Festival service fee will be added to the basic fee for mailing, and this year’s fee standard has not been announced.

A number of courier companies have indicated that the fee information will be released as soon as possible in official website, the courier company. At that time, you can log in to official website of major express delivery companies to check the charging standards.

(Source: Elephant News)


Olympic platform: swimming

    Warrior: Wu Peng


    Men RS 200 m butterfly


    11-13 August

    Military exploits:

    Silver medal in 2007 World Championships

    Warrior: Zhang Lin

    Events: Men’s 200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 1500m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle relay.

    Appearance: August 9-13

    Merit: Men’s 400-meter freestyle ranked seventh in the world this year.

    Warrior: Zhou Yafei

    Events: women’s 100m butterfly and women’s 4x100m medley relay.

    Appearance: August 9-17

    Merit: Women’s 4× 100m medley gold medal in Barcelona Swimming World Championships in 2003.

    Warrior: Qi Hui

    Events: women’s 200m breaststroke and women’s 200m individual medley.

    Appearance: August 13-15

    Merit: Women’s 200m individual medley 2 minutes 12 seconds 61, 11th best result in the world this year.

    Our reporter Li Yuanfei J131

Editor: Huo Junxia