Close-up | Mothers retire and come back, sitting and playing volleyball also has the spirit of women’s volleyball.

The players of the Shanghai team boarded the podium. Photo taken in Zhu Dechun On October 28th, the 11th National Paralympic Games and the 8th Special Olympics Games were all over.
In the evening at Northwestern Polytechnical University, in the women’s sitting volleyball final, the Shanghai team beat the Jiangsu team with absolute advantages (25-16, 25-10, 25-9) to win the championship, and the leaders of the Jiangsu team at the guest table also marveled. "The strength of the Shanghai team is really strong."
Women’s sitting volleyball has always been the dominant event of the Shanghai team. Many players have also been selected for the China team and won the silver medal in the just-concluded Tokyo Paralympic Games.
Being able to keep the advantage all the time stems from the persistence of these mothers for many years-this is the embodiment of the spirit of women’s volleyball.
In the final of the Paralympic Games, Shanghai seated women’s volleyball team beat Jiangsu team.
Blisters are everywhere on hands and buttocks.
Except for a short lag at the beginning of the first game, the Shanghai team won the championship almost all the way ahead.
In the second half of the second game, the advantage of the scene was so great that it was only a matter of time before the champion. The leaders of Jiangsu team at the guest table had already congratulated the Shanghai team in advance.
The Shanghai team is also very emotional here."Although it seems that the advantages are great, no champion is easy to get, and they have paid too much behind them. For example, training is almost all year round. "
In the team events, Shanghai’s blind soccer and goalball events are basically amateur, but sitting volleyball can be called quasi-professional-the training base of the national team is located in Shanghai, and many players in the Shanghai team are also members of the national team.
In order to prepare for the previous Tokyo Paralympic Games and this Paralympic Games, these players really tried their best.
After retiring from the Shanghai Women’s Volleyball Team, Xu Huimin began to coach women’s volleyball for the disabled in 2009 and took over the position of head coach in 2018. As soon as he took over the sitting volleyball team, Xu Huimin was shocked-compared with the conventional volleyball that needs to run and jump, the rhythm and skills of sitting volleyball are very different.
The same basic volleyball movements, such as receiving and sending, padding and spiking, are very difficult for sitting volleyball players and require more perseverance and sweat-All the movements of the girls can only be done by sitting on the ground. They should replace their feet with their hands and learn to move quickly on the floor. Touching the ground for countless times, blisters are everywhere on hands and buttocks …
In order to better experience the technical characteristics of sitting volleyball, Xu Huimin also sat down on the ground: "I need to play with them to understand the rhythm of playing and adjust the training plan."
Shanghai team members and coaches thanked the audience.
No rest, this is the normal state.
Through continuous exploration, Xu Huimin has formed a set of efficient training mode-in order to achieve good results, Xu Huimin also applied for the sitting volleyball men’s team to practice with the girls to simulate high-intensity competitions and temper their competitive state.
During the preparation period, the sitting volleyball training adopts the "3+1" mode, that is, three weeks of all-day training and one week of only morning training. "Some players have proposed to quit, and some players have secretly wiped their tears …"
For such high-intensity training, Xu Huimin admits that at present, more than half of the female queues are old players, and most of them are "abandoning their homes and careers". Everyone is very concerned about their children and missing their parents. Compared with physical fatigue, psychological pressure is a bigger problem.
In order to relieve everyone’s psychological pressure, Xu Huimin will come to the dormitory regularly to talk with everyone; The center also offers courses such as "embroidery class" to adjust everyone’s psychology; During the Chinese New Year, the center organized an e-sports competition for the team members.
Lv Hongqin (right) is in the match against Liaoning team.
"It is common for me not to go home during the Spring Festival. Except for my children, my family understands me very well."Talking about the topic of the Spring Festival, team member Lu Hongqin said that he was a little embarrassed about his children.
Lv Hongqin is an "old man" of sitting women’s volleyball team. She lives in Changning, Shanghai, and is a member of both the Shanghai team and the national team.
As the captain of the national team sitting women’s volleyball team, she led the team members to participate in the four Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008, London in 2012 and Rio in 2016, and won three consecutive championships.
This year, as a representative of the Paralympic champion, she boarded the "Dream of the Olympics" float for the National Day ceremony. For her, the Olympics is a place where she witnessed her growth, and it is also a place where she won honors. And every Spring Festival in preparation for the Olympics is spent with her teammates in the team.
Group photo of the whole team.
Mothers retire and come back
After the final of the Paralympic Games, many players of the Shanghai team became the stars of the stadium, and many volunteers at the scene wanted to take photos with them.
Many college students say,"We all know their stories. We have been playing here for many days, and the spirit of women’s volleyball has also been passed on to them."
Five years ago, 36-year-old Lu Hongqin lost to the US team as the captain. "The American players are young, tall and growing up rapidly. We didn’t play well in that game." Lv Hongqin said that compared with players from European and American countries such as the United States and Russia, China girls are not dominant in size, and American players with an average height of more than 1.85 meters block the net as soon as they reach out.
At that time, the performance of American players made her see the vigorous development of this sport, but more of them were unwilling. After that, Lu Hongqin briefly returned to his family, but the sitting women’s volleyball players were green and yellow, the skills of the small players were not mature enough, the new players were not enough, and the team needed mature athletes. In this way, Lu Hongqin returned to the team again.
From her first participation in the Olympic Games to the present, during this period, she got married, had children and had her own family. It is a great challenge for her to return to the team.
Overcoming the gap in physical fitness and finding the sense of the ball on the court, Lu Hongqin, who is introverted, doesn’t talk much, but the fierce eyes on the court speak for themselves.
Volunteers take a group photo with Shanghai team players.
Big sister and champion mother
In addition to Lu Hongqin, Zhang Xufei, who was in contact with sitting volleyball in 2002, was also involved.
She played as the main player of the national team in the 2006 World Championships in the Netherlands, and her excellent performance impressed the coach and teammates. Since that competition, she has never stepped down from this main position.
The main force should not only be skilled in skills and excellent in ball skills, but also require not to leave the stadium all the time-she is the centering person of her teammates on the field, and she is also a kind and warm elder of everyone off the field. In life, everyone likes to call her "sister".
"But time and tide wait for no man. I am a little envious when I watch these young children sleep and all their pains are gone."ZhangXuFei lifted his right leg trouser legs, and a 10 cm long scar on his knee was particularly conspicuous. "The knee was opened, and now you can still hear it" Hua "when you touch it. Arms, waist and coccygeal vertebrae are all injuries. After all, they are athletes. This injury is common! "
The scars on my body seem to be athletes’ medals, and every place is a witness to past experiences. "In a blink of an eye, more than ten years have passed, and I am already the big sister of new players!"
In September 2009, her daughter was born, and the arrival of the little guy gave Zhang Xufei another title "Mom". In front of her daughter, she is not a champion on the podium, nor an athlete with neat football style. She is just her daughter’s guardian.
"I owe my daughter a lot, because I was forced to wean her when she was six months old and went back to training. There was no winter and summer vacation, no May Day, no National Day, and only half a day off every week. I love my daughter, but I also love volleyball. "
Because of the long separation, Zhang Xufei said that he often thought of his daughter during training and competition."She will show off to her classmates that she has a champion mother, and she will also be angry that I will not go home for months after a game."
"Although I am 34 years old, I have never thought about retiring. Volleyball has become a part of my life. I can’t give up and I don’t know how to give up."
"Maybe when I am old enough to retire, I will calmly walk off the field and return to my family, but now I just want to concentrate on playing every game and enjoy the cheers of every victory."
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