The new M7 in the world is set to exceed 80,000 vehicles, and the smart car ETF(159888) rose in intraday trading.

Today, the three major indexes opened higher and went lower, and the smart car ETF(159888) rose against the market, up to 10:17, with an increase of 0.62%. The positions of Guangting Information, Dongjian Technology and Zhongke Chuangda all rose more than 5%, and Luchang Technology, Hudian Shares and Wanji Technology all followed suit.

In the news, the new M7 in the world has exceeded 80,000 vehicles in 50 days since its listing, and the sales data of other new energy vehicle companies in October collectively appeared. Among the new forces, the monthly delivery of LI exceeded 40,000 vehicles for the first time, and the delivery of Xpeng Motors exceeded 20,000 vehicles, which made the automobile market "Silver Ten" full of background color.

Smart car ETF closely tracks CS Smart Car Index. From the perspective of the weight distribution of Shenwan secondary industries, the constituent stocks are mainly distributed in high-quality industry tracks such as electronics, computers, automobiles and communications, with distinct scientific and technological attributes. From the perspective of more exposed concepts, Smart Car Index is mainly exposed to automobiles, consumer electronics and Huawei-related concepts.

Founder Securities said that with the acceleration of the application of NOA in cities and the continuous landing of automatic driving systems at L3 and above, advanced assisted driving is gradually becoming standard. Thanks to the gradual maturity of hardware platform and software algorithm, the second half of autonomous driving is coming, and commercial vehicle autonomous driving takes the lead in entering the stage of commercial operation.

The network police of public security organs stationed in Tik Tok capital are sought after.

  Beijing Morning News (Chief reporter Zhang Jingya) The Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday that the first batch of 170 cyber police units of provincial and municipal public security organs will collectively settle in the short video platform of vibrato by opening special work accounts. Among the government affairs numbers of cyber police, the official account of the Cyber Security Corps of Beijing Public Security Bureau "Capital Cyber Police" has become the focus of much attention. At present, the video content released by "Capital Cyber Police" has been played nearly 100 million times, and the number of likes has reached more than 5.2 million times, ranking among the top in Tik Tok government affairs numbers of all cyber police departments in China.

  "Vivid and vivid content, easy-to-understand language style, and popular forms of communication not only help to show the work style of the people’s police in the new era, but also make network security propaganda and legal education spread in a new form, which is actively supported and fully recognized by young users." Liang Liming, a cyber policeman, said that since the "Capital Cyber Policeman" entered the Tik Tok platform, it has promoted the publicity of cyber legal system and practiced the purpose of "serving the people" by publishing daily police work, anti-fraud knowledge and current affairs hotspots in a rich, diverse and "grounded" form.

  The reporter found that the "Capital Cyber Police" account closely followed the "trend", used flash subtitles and humorous dubbing to simulate the scene of telephone fraud, and successively launched two seasons of original videos of "killing a liar in one sentence" to give advice to netizens on how to deal with the scam skillfully, with a broadcast volume of 33 million times and more than 2,400 comments. Users have said that they are "interesting, informative and useful, and like it for the network police." The reporter saw one paragraph, "liar: hello, sir, we just found out that your credit card spent 1.8 million in Thailand yesterday. Is it your own operation?" Me: Yes, the elephant I bought yesterday, what happened? "

  In addition, the "Capital Cyber Police" combined with the high-incidence fraud means in real life, such as job hunting after graduation, making friends online, pretending to be a public security organ, and produced a series of sitcom "Cyber Police Classroom" to interpret network security knowledge, which was widely recognized by netizens. Up to now, the cumulative broadcast volume has reached more than 3.7 million times, and it has been praised 140,000 times. After Didi Yueqing hitchhiking incident, the "Capital Cyber Police" immediately released a safety reminder video through Tik Tok, instructing netizens how to set the location of emergency contacts to share their trips and how to ask for help quickly in an emergency. At present, the video has been praised by netizens for more than 243,000 times.

AITO asked the world that the new M7 series was released and delivered at a price of 24.98-32.98 million yuan. Scan the code to read the mobile version.

  On September 12th, the new M7 series of AITO was officially launched. As a luxury medium-sized SUV with great wisdom, large space and super safety, the new M7 will bring consumers a brand-new travel experience. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "We have invested 500 million yuan in the new M7 series of AITO, using solid materials and excellent technology to make it not only become ‘ Intelligent cockpit ceiling ’ , or ‘ Intelligent driving ceiling ’ , but also ‘ Intelligent safety ceiling ’ ! In the invisible and visible places, it brings users the ultimate experience that is more advanced than far ahead! "

  "Shuangzhi" continues to be far ahead, and the whole country can drive with wisdom.

  The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system [footnoteRef:1], which is the first to realize high-speed and urban advanced intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, the urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (NCA)[footnoteRef:2] will realize the intelligent driving experience that can be opened all over the country. Since its release in April 2023, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has built a rich scene library on the AI ? ? training cluster, learning 10 million +km in depth every day, and continuously optimizing the iterative intelligent driving algorithm and scene strategy. As of September 2023, the long-distance NCA pilot MPI(Miles Per Intervention) is as high as 200km, and the success rate of urban elevated import and export is as high as 99%+, which is comparable to that of "old drivers".

  Behind the excellent intelligent driving experience, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. With the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, the whole scene and all-weather perception of moving and static targets (including alien objects [footnoteRef:3]) are realized. Among them, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 upgrades the GOD(General Obstacle Detection Network) 2.0 network pioneered by the industry on the basis of integrating BEV(Bird Eye View) perception ability, which can identify alien objects outside the white list of general obstacles, and finely identify the types of obstacles (such as distinguishing ambulances, police cars, etc.), with a recognition rate as high as 99.9% [footnote ref: 4]; RCR 2.0(Road Cognition & Reasoning) can match the navigation map with the real world, which can not only "see things" but also "see the road". In addition, based on the multi-sensor fusion perception ability, the new M7 in Wenjie also has the intelligent parking ability of visible parking, and supports parking in parking service and ultra-narrow parking spaces in the park.

  HarmonyOS’s smart cockpit is smoother and more fun. The super desktop brings more mobile phone applications, and the "touch" of the mobile phone can realize the flow of applications such as drama and games. Mobile phone aerial photography can also be transferred to the cockpit screen, allowing the whole family to "sit around the world" in the car. Xiaoyi Smart Voice can navigate offline even when the signal is not good, and it can also realize convenient experiences such as voice-controlled photo sharing at any time and payment without getting off the bus. In the back row, HUAWEI MagLinkTM has developed a new way to play space scenes. Huawei tablets can be connected immediately, realizing multi-device linkage. The intelligent cockpit can be changed into a personal workshop, a multi-person conference room and a children’s study, and the magic space can be flexibly switched to create "mobile whole house intelligence".

   All-round rejuvenation and upgrading, the super-large space is unparalleled.

  The new M7 fully considers the needs of family travel. The top five seats have the leading effective space in the car at the same level, with a length of 3338mm, and each seat is very spacious. The trunk is 1100mm deep, with a standard volume of 686L, which can easily accommodate 12 20-inch boarding boxes [footnoteRef:5]. After the second row of seats are laid down and connected with the trunk, the maximum depth is extended to 2051mm, which can form a loading space of 1,619 L [Footnote Ref: 6], easily accommodate 30 20-inch suitcases, and can switch various modes such as a 2-meter big bed, so that it is easy for two people to lie flat. With the 52L storage compartment in the trunk, the ultimate space efficiency meets the loading requirements of family cars, whether it is a long distance for one person or a romantic or two people.

  The new M7 enjoys a more flexible layout with six seats, giving users more choices. The overall space of the front, middle and rear three rows reaches 2605mm, and both the six-seat and four-seat modes have spacious interior space. The whole car is full of seats, and there is still a 1.1-meter trunk. The standard volume of 188L can hold four 20-inch suitcases. After putting down the rear seat, it can be expanded to 775L, which can accommodate four 28-inch suitcases at the same time, easily meeting the needs of multi-scene vehicles.

   Active and passive double insurance, double super safety and more reliable.

  Passive safety is not afraid of accidents, active safety avoids accidents, physical safety and intelligent safety are double insurance, which makes the new M7 series double super safety in the world. In terms of passive safety, it is safer and more reliable to ask the new M7 body structure to match the mold opening and rebuild the welding production line. The submarine-grade thermoformed steel accounts for 24.4%[footnoteRef:7] and high-strength steel and aluminum alloy account for 80.6%[footnoteRef:8], which is better than the mainstream models of 500,000 luxury brands currently on sale. At the same time, CBS(Composite Body Solutions) [footnoteRef:9] composite body material is introduced to effectively improve the body stiffness and collision safety. In addition, the new car comes standard with eight airbags and front double pre-tensioned seat belts, which provide users with all-round driving safety based on more real-life scene verification.


  The cart is comfortable and easy to drive, and the whole family is comfortable to travel.

  The new M7 focuses on family travel scenes and comprehensively optimizes the driving experience. The big five seats come standard with brand-new "cotton candy" seats, with 10 layers of comfortable laminated design and a total foam thickness of 100mm;; The ventilation, heating and massage functions of four seats are standard, and each seat is as comfortable as first class. Through the Xiaoyi Wisdom Assistant, the double-row nap function of the main driver and the auxiliary driver can be turned on by voice. Enjoy six new zero-gravity seats, so that users can unload their fatigue when riding, as if they were in a space capsule, bringing the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience. In addition, the new M7 is equipped with leading and comfortable configurations such as front and rear double air-conditioning boxes, 17 air-conditioning outlets, rear air-conditioning touch screen, and fully automatic electric pedal [footnoteRef:12]. A healthier "zero formaldehyde" cockpit allows the whole family to enjoy a healthy and comfortable travel experience at any time.

  In terms of driving experience, the new M7 upgraded Huawei Datstm 2.0 (dynamic adaptive torque system) and front and rear suspension double FSD(Frequency Selective Damping) variable damping shock absorbers, making driving more stable and smooth. The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE extended-range electric drive platform, and the four-wheel drive version accelerates 4.8s[footnoteRef:13] in 100 kilometers, leading the same level in power performance. Under the condition of full oil and full charge CLTC, the new M7 has a comprehensive battery life of 1300km[footnoteRef:14], a pure battery life of 240km, and the fuel consumption is as low as 5.6L/100km[footnoteRef:15] under the condition of power feeding, thus achieving long battery life and ultra-low energy consumption. In addition, the active air intake grille and lower body height enable the new M7 to have an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.298Cd; With the new intelligent range extension technology, the working condition and environment are intelligently identified, and the use strategy between the range extender and the motor is reasonably allocated, so that the power is better, the battery life is longer, the silence is better and the energy consumption is lower.

  As a 250,000-class luxury SUV, Wenjie New M7 has established the image of the "ceiling" of smart price ratio in market segments. The official guide price of the new M7 series is: 249,800 yuan for the five-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus, 284,800 yuan for the five-seat four-wheel drive version of M7 Plus and 309,800 yuan for the five-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max; The six-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus is 269,800 yuan, and the six-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max is 329,800 yuan.

  At the launch conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, held a delivery ceremony for small order users during the Chengdu Auto Show. The new M7 was delivered as soon as it was released, which greatly shortened the waiting period for users to place an order and improved consumers’ car purchase and car use experience.

  Order the new M7 series immediately, and you can enjoy the right of buying a car of 33,000 yuan [footnoteRef:16]. Consumers can consult and make reservations at Huawei Mall, Huawei Authorized Experience Store and AITO User Center.

Take a high-level intelligent driving without a map, and Baojun Yue is also listed on Plus.

[Know the way of car products] Recently, I learned that Baojunyue Plus and Baojunyue are also officially listed in 2024, and Baojunyue Plus,The price is 80,800-90,800 yuan., Bao Junyue Plus,The price is 93,800-103,800 yuan.Next, let’s take a look at the new car with everyone.

The Tianyu architecture officially released by Baojun brand is divided into three platforms: D, M and S, and covers full-size models from A00 to C, including pure electric and hybrid power combinations. Among them, the D platform is a large-size platform with a vehicle length of 4600 mm-5100 mm. As the most economical platform, the M platform covers the size range of 3500mm-4,600 mm medium-sized scooters, and the S platform is characterized by convenient personality, with the length ranging from 2500mm to 3,500 mm..

Model: Baojun Yueye Plus

Appearance, Yueye Plus positioning small SUV models, using a square box shape, the recognition is still very high. On the front face, the front grille uses a black closed grille, left and right four-point LED daytime running lights, and the front guard is decorated with a large number of black enamel materials. Baojun Yueye Plus offers five body colors: cloud gray, sea of clouds white, blue sky, aurora green and deep space black.

Coming to the side of the car body, the top is equipped with the popular chrome-plated luggage rack, and the window is decorated with black decorative strips. The door handle adopts the traditional door handle, and the new car is also practical. The new car is equipped with multi-frame sports wheels. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3,996 * 1,760 * 1,726 mm, the wheelbase is 2560mm, the full-load ground clearance is 150mm, and the turning radius is only 5.35m, so the new car has good passability.

At the rear of the car body, the new car has a square shape, and the window is relatively narrow. The new car is not equipped with a small schoolbag. It adopts classic city zebra headlights and track rear taillights, and adopts a side door.

In terms of interior, the style is quite satisfactory, the three-position steering wheel is equipped with LCD instrument+suspended central control panel, the center console is layered, the air conditioning outlet is rectangular, and the instrument panel, four-door armrest, seat and other leather covers are all made of 3D Mesh advanced environmental protection materials with low emission and no odor.

In terms of power, Baojunyue Plus adopts a front-drive layout, equipped with a 75kW high-power motor, with a peak torque of 180N·m, a top speed of 150km/h, and a CLTC pure electric cruising range of 401km. It is equipped with the only unmanned high-order intelligent driving assistance within 200,000.

Model: 2024 Baojun Yueye

In appearance, the 2024 Baojunyue is a redesigned model, which provides the body colors of Sunrise Orange, Morning Green, Deep Space Black, Sea of Clouds White, Mountain Fog Grey and Xiaguang Blue for users to choose from. The new car is basically a continuation of the current model, the headlights are sharp and sharp, and the front enclosure is decorated with off-road style kits.

When you come to the side of the car body, it has a two-door layout. When you enter the second row, you need to move the first row of seats forward, using traditional door handles and equipped with side skirt pedals. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3381/1685/1721mm and the wheelbase is 2110mm respectively.

In terms of interior, it has the largest soft covering area of 1.16m2, a 10.25-inch dual screen, a multi-function steering wheel, leather seats, 6-way electric adjustment of the main driver’s seat, automatic wiper, cruise control, keyless entry, and 4 speakers in the whole car.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor with a maximum power of 50 kW and a peak torque of 140 Nm. In terms of battery, it is equipped with a 28.1 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, which has a battery life of 303 kilometers.

Xiaobian has something to say:

Baojunyue Plus and 2024 Baojunyue have also been listed, and the sincerity of the new car can also be seen at this price. On this basis, the new car also provides rich technology configuration and sufficient battery life, and this assisted driving also has surprises. Looking forward to the dynamic experience in the later period. Want to know more about new car information and car purchase market, please leave a message for interaction. Everyone must consume rationally when buying a car. (Photo/Text/Photo: Chen Fengmei, who knows how to drive)

"Cloud Fitness" appears "from person to person". Did you dance "Compendium of Materia Medica" with Liu Genghong?

  Recently, "fitness live broadcast" has once again become popular on the internet, and the trend of "staying at home fitness" has revived. In the face of the epidemic, more and more people in Shanxi choose to strengthen their physique and adjust their mentality through physical exercise, and many people’s lives have also changed because of exercise. Xu Jun/Zuo (Xinhua News Agency)

  This year’s "May Day" holiday, the "scenery" in the circle of friends is very different from previous years: some people go outdoors and enjoy the comfort brought by camping; There are still a large number of people who continue to stay at home and follow Liu Genghong in the live broadcast room to dance the "Compendium of Materia Medica". Beginning in early April, live fitness and shuttlecock jumping seemed to be unavoidable topics, and many "Liu Genghong boys" and "Liu Genghong girls" punched in the clouds on time.

  In recent years, influenced by the repeated epidemic in COVID-19, fitness, as a part of the consumer market, has been constantly changing, and the home scene has been fully developed. From the launch of black technology products such as fitness rings and mirrors, online courses have been laid out on fitness platforms one after another, and a group of fitness IP figures such as Saturday Ye, Pamela and Liu Genghong quickly iterated, and the wave of "cloud fitness" for the whole people has been heated up.

  However, with the topic of "Liu Genghong boys and girls jumping into hospitals" rushing to the hot search, many people in the industry reminded that we must pay attention to the intensity of training, do what we can, and don’t blindly follow the practice.

  "Cloud Fitness" appears "from person to person", so it is most important to choose the right one.

  "You jump ‘ Compendium of materia medica ’ Is it? " Lin Lin, a post-90s Chengdu girl, found that the greetings of friends around her have changed recently. She told the reporter of Zhongqing Daily and, "It seems that overnight, Liu Genghong has become everyone’s fitness instructor, and sometimes she sees her friend ‘ Trembling ’ When I came, I knew that she skipped exercise yesterday. "

  In Lin Lin’s view, the "person-to-person" follow-up phenomenon, dubbed by netizens, has become a "new social way" for young people. As a fitness enthusiast, Lin Lin will follow the live broadcast of Liu Genghong to exercise whenever she has time.

  "Before the fire broke out in Liu Genghong, many online celebrity fitness bloggers had sprung up on various platforms with various courses. Choose courses that you can follow and like, and train regularly. You don’t have to be hard on yourself. After all, fitness is something that can release your stress. " Lin Lin said.

  In fact, long before Liu Genghong, Pamela, a foreign fitness blogger known as "Humanoid AI", set off a trend of heel-training in China. Sharing and practicing courses has also enabled many offline fitness coaches and fitness enthusiasts to switch to the network and become a fitness blogger with many fans. Interestingly, Olympic champions such as Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Su Bingtian started to participate in the "National Fitness Program" launched by some platforms during the "May 1" holiday this year, taking everyone to exercise together.

  "Cloud Fitness" swept the social platform, which is obviously a red sea.

  More and more stars, athletes and fitness bloggers give free classes, which seems to give everyone a reason to "move". Skipping rope with the Keep course and practicing boxing in the offline fighting hall, Yang Xiaoyi, who works in Beijing, happily got a fitness report card: he lost 30 pounds in five months. She told the reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network that after leaving the original company in early March, "Cloud Fitness" made her have a lot of happiness.

  Although she didn’t follow Liu Genghong’s "Shuttlecock Exercise", Yang Xiaoyi will also look for a fitness blogger who suits her on social platforms. When screening and practicing courses, she will pay special attention to the cases and comments posted by bloggers. "Generally, we will verify whether the courses are scientific or not, and we will also look at the interest chain behind bloggers. If bloggers just want to bring goods, sports are not suitable for themselves, and they will be ruled out."

  A fitness practitioner who didn’t want to be named reminded: "The chaos that can’t be ignored is that some bloggers exaggerate the effects of some actions in order to pursue traffic and cater to the market. Myth ’ . Returning to the initial heart, fitness bloggers should recommend sports areas that they are good at, and give professional guidance to people who love you, so that everyone can fall in love with sports, not get hurt, and enjoy the joy of sports. "

  "Liu Doby is not very funny", the owner of bilibili Sports and Fitness UP with millions of fans, suggested that you should know your physical condition before fitness and do what you can; During the fitness period, you should also learn some fitness science knowledge properly, so as to better distinguish and choose the fitness bloggers and exercise methods that suit you. "Exercise and fitness should be done slowly, and it is urgent."

  "Cloud Fitness" should also have "dry goods", and it can also train users for offline fitness.

  Exercise has become a daily habit of Liu Doby because of his contact with fitness during the post-operation rehabilitation period. She worked as a fitness instructor for 7 years before becoming a full-time fitness UP master. Liu Doby admits that she likes the feeling of face-to-face communication with students offline.

  "Until the beginning of 2021, because of vocal cord injury, I tried to share my own dancing and training videos on various platforms during my rest at home. I didn’t expect to gain a lot of attention." After more than two months, Liu Doby chose the "main attack" online.

  Without the face-to-face atmosphere of offline fitness, how to attract young people to like the content of online courses is particularly important. Liu Doby told the reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network that she was very opposed to "crash" and body anxiety, and hoped to convey more emotional value in online courses.

  For example, let everyone feel that exercise and fitness can actually be very happy, exercise can also be integrated into the dance and music that everyone likes, and it can also make you more active and energetic in your work and life. What makes her happy is that "the fitness studio in Liu Genghong is actually providing emotional value for everyone, which deserves more people to see. Fitness is not only for beauty, but also for happiness and decompression, especially in the home mode, which may require the release of emotions. "

  "Early-made follow-up videos are more like ‘ Translator ’ , to help you do password guidance, safety tips and action explanations. But anyone can do the video of translating and practicing actions, and I still have to do my own original content. " Liu Doby admits that compared with other bloggers, her courses are "relatively small", and there will be no high-intensity movements. They are all fitness and fat-burning dances that she also likes very much. However, she will also arrange more interesting courses according to the suggestions of netizens.

  Yan Shuaiqi has been a fitness instructor for two years and a course designer on the Keep platform. Now he has become a sports UPP owner with nearly 2 million fans. He observed that since the outbreak of the epidemic, when gyms were closed, many fitness coaches turned online, and some coaches who had done well became full-time bloggers.

  In view of the fact that the course audience is mostly male users, he classifies his courses according to fat reduction, single part training, posture adjustment, home training and novice application. In his view, "doing sports courses is the same as being a brand. The content must be focused and it is impossible for all people. We should thoroughly understand the needs of the audience we are facing, launch the response content according to the needs, and also explain what everyone needs ‘ Dry goods ’ And tips for safety training. "

  At the beginning of this year, Liu Doby obviously felt that many fitness instructors around her were testing the water from the media, and some institutions invited her to share and train from the media operation. In her view, the popularity of "cloud fitness" not only makes online courses richer and more high-quality, but also promotes the development of the fitness industry.

  "Maybe some people will prefer online courses, but some people will develop fitness habits through online courses. After the epidemic, they will turn to offline fitness and bring drainage to offline fitness venues. More importantly, there are more and more online quality courses, which will also force offline fitness instructors to be more professional. " Yan Shuaiqi also believes that the increase of online quality courses will promote the better development of the fitness industry. "The more people stay at home to exercise, the more people will be willing to go offline to exercise after the epidemic."

  Running a gym in Beijing makes Wang Liping feel very interesting. "Although the epidemic is repeated, the students in the gym will follow the fitness bloggers for daily exercise, but they are also eager to train in offline venues. The feeling and atmosphere that everyone is sweating together, and you are fighting with me, can’t be achieved by online live broadcast. " However, she also saw the fierce competition in the fitness market from online to offline. "After surviving the epidemic, we will continue to improve our courses and services and develop rapidly with the fitness industry."

  Zhongqing Daily Zhongqing Net reporter Meng Peipei Source: China Youth Daily

"Flying in the Big Country" started in Ling Xiaosu, Geng Le and Wu Jian with aerospace dreams.

1905 movie network news Recently, The Great Power Flying directed by Zhang Li held the theme conference and launching ceremony of "Dream Departure" in Beijing Aerospace City. Actors Ling Xiaosu, Geng Le, Wu Jian and others all appeared. Among them, Fang Xiaotian, played by Ling Xiaosu, is an aerospace backbone. Wu Jian, a powerful actor who has repeatedly shaped the image of a soldier and a tough guy, plays Fang Xiaotian’s brother and the first generation of preparatory astronauts.


The launch conference was held in Beijing Aerospace City, and Wu Jian said that he felt like going home. It turns out that this is not the first time he has played an astronaut. As early as 2018, Wu Jian spent three months here when filming an aerospace TV series. He had in-depth exchanges and studies with astronauts such as Liu Wang, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping, and completed many professional training for astronauts: escape tower training, swivel chair training, underwater weightlessness training and centrifuge training that ordinary people could not bear. Wu Jian recalled that the training of astronauts was extremely hard, and every astronaut was a veritable "superman" who had to bear great psychological pressure and physical quality test.


Flying in a Big Country is a work that depicts the true face of two generations of astronauts in an all-round way. It depicts the story of the older generation of astronauts who found their way in the long exploration and struggled for the aerospace industry all their lives. Fang Haotian, the first generation astronaut played by Wu Jian, has a full image and distinctive personality. When it comes to playing the astronaut again, Wu Jian is particularly confident. He is currently recovering, and I believe that with excellent physical fitness and a good foundation laid by previous professional training, he will be able to successfully interpret the elegance of the first generation of astronauts in China.

In order to express his imagination and longing for the spacewalk, Wu Jian also painted on the spot, and the China rocket engraved with the national flag soared into the air. In the distant space, Wu Jian also painted a jade rabbit to express the romanticism of the astronauts.


It is reported that "Flying in a Big Country" will be filmed in many places for nearly five months. I look forward to the performance of actor Wu Jian, and convey the aerospace spirit of hard work, courage to attack, pioneering and innovative, and selfless dedication to the audience through the wonderful interpretation of the role.

Since June, these new regulations have been officially implemented! Affect your medical care, food, housing and transportation!

  The implementation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Basic Health Care and Health Promotion Law and the electronization of motor vehicle inspection marks will cover the whole country … … Coming into June, a large number of new regulations will be formally implemented, which will affect our medical care, food, housing and transportation. Come and find out!

  whole country


  The first basic and comprehensive law implementation in the field of health

  The Basic Medical Care and Health Promotion Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on June 1, 2020. This is the first basic and comprehensive law in the field of health in China.

  The law proposes that citizens are the first responsible person for their own health; The state brings health education into the national education system; The state organizes surveys and statistics on the health status of residents; The state formulates and implements health work plans for minors, women, the elderly and the disabled, and strengthens health services for key groups.

  The law also provides for violent injuries to doctors. "The personal safety and personal dignity of medical and health personnel are inviolable, and their legitimate rights and interests are protected by law. It is forbidden for any organization or individual to threaten or endanger the personal safety of medical and health personnel and infringe on the personal dignity of medical and health personnel. "

  The first basic and comprehensive law in the field of health in China, People’s Republic of China (PRC) Basic Medical Care and Health Promotion Law, came into effect on June 1st. The law clearly stipulates that the whole society should care about and respect medical and health personnel; The personal safety and personal dignity of medical and health personnel are inviolable, and their legitimate rights and interests are protected by law.


  Banks may not raise the loan interest rate on the grounds of loan suspension.

  China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other six departments issued the Notice on Further Standardizing Credit Financing Charges and Reducing the Comprehensive Financing Cost of Enterprises, which came into effect on June 1st. The "Notice" proposes to cancel the fees such as credit fund management; Banks may not charge credit funds to pay transfer fees; For the credit funds that have been allocated but not yet used by the enterprise, no fund management fee shall be charged; For credit financing of small and micro enterprises, it is not allowed to stipulate liquidated damages for early repayment or late payment in the loan contract, and cancel the overdraft commitment fee for corporate accounts and the credit certificate fee.

  The Notice clarifies that banks are not allowed to force enterprises to purchase insurance, wealth management, funds or other asset management products when approving credit. It is also necessary to carry out credit review in advance, and not to raise the loan interest rate on the grounds of loan suspension, so as to ensure that enterprises with capital needs can obtain loans at reasonable cost; It is forbidden to continue to provide credit support to "zombie enterprises", occupy the bank’s loanable funds and push up the financing cost of other enterprises.


  Improve the efficiency of bank approval

  The newly revised Measures for the Implementation of the Administrative License of the People’s Bank of China shall come into force on June 1st. The method improves and refines the acceptance and approval process of administrative license; Simple procedures have been specially set up for the issuance of bank account opening licenses and other matters, and the time limit for examination and approval of relevant licensing matters has been reduced to five days after acceptance.


  Motor vehicle inspection marks cover the whole country electronically.

  On the basis of pilot projects in 16 cities, the Ministry of Public Security promoted the electronization of motor vehicle inspection marks in two batches throughout the country, providing electronic license services for motor vehicle owners, drivers and related industries and management departments. The first batch has been implemented since April 25, and the second batch will be implemented since June 20, including 15 provinces (regions) of Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia, achieving full national coverage.

  Motor vehicle owners can APPly for the motor vehicle inspection mark electronic certificate through the Internet traffic safety comprehensive service platform or the "Traffic Management 12123" mobile app. Vehicles that are exempt from inspection within 6 years can apply for the inspection mark electronic certificate directly online. Inspection mark electronic certificate can be presented in three ways: online presentation, offline presentation and print presentation, which is convenient for the owner or driver of motor vehicles to apply in different scenes.


  The whole country will implement the "one helmet and one belt" security guard action.

  Recently, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security explicitly requested that all localities should steadily promote the "one helmet and one belt" safety protection action, guide drivers and passengers to correctly wear safety helmets and standardize the use of seat belts. From June 1st, the scope of law enforcement punishment is limited to traffic violations of riding a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet and driving a car without using a seat belt.


  Pension service institutions and employees who have these behaviors will be jointly punished.

  The Measures for the Administration of the List of Joint Disciplinary Objects for Breach of Trust in the Pension Service Market (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs shall come into force on June 1, 2020. The "Measures" pointed out that there are violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly due to the behavior of aged care services; Cheating the property of the elderly by illegal fund-raising or fraudulent means of selling "health care" products; There is a major fire hazard, without undue delay, overdue reform; There are illegal acts involving financial funds such as defrauding government subsidy funds by means of false reporting and impersonator; Old-age care service institutions and employees who refuse to accept or accept supervision and inspection in accordance with the regulations, or conceal the real situation when accepting supervision and inspection, are punished by relevant departments according to laws and regulations, and at the same time, local civil affairs departments should include them in the list of joint disciplinary targets within their respective jurisdictions.


  Implementation of that measure for the administration of mandatory national standards

  The Measures for the Administration of Compulsory National Standards will come into force on June 1, 2020. The "Measures" pointed out that mandatory national standards should be formulated for technical requirements to protect personal health and life and property safety, national security, ecological environment safety and meet the basic needs of economic and social management.

  Among them, automobile brake linings are included in the CCC certification (compulsory certification) management scope. If automobile brake linings have not obtained the compulsory product certification certificate and are not marked with the compulsory certification mark, they may not leave the factory, sell, import or be used in other business activities.

Screenshot of the Catalogue of Compulsory Product Certification Source: Website of the General Administration of Market Supervision


  Network security review to safeguard national security

  The "Network Security Review Measures" jointly issued by the National Network Information Office and other 12 departments came into effect on June 1. The measures clearly point out that if key information infrastructure operators purchase network products and services that affect or may affect national security, they should conduct network security review.


  Some exams were cancelled or postponed.

  According to the news from the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, in June, all TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, LAST and Cambridge General English Band 5 FCE exams will be cancelled, and the exam fees will be fully refunded. The national CET-4 and CET-6 scheduled for June 13th were postponed and held twice, with the test dates of July 11th and September 19th respectively. The same candidate can only choose to take one exam at the same level.



  Beijing: Promote the use of public spoons and chopsticks.

  The Regulations of Beijing Municipality on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior came into effect on June 1st. The regulations say "no" to 6 categories and 29 uncivilized behaviors, including throwing objects at high altitude, disturbing people by noise, and charging electric car corridors. At the same time, it advocates ordering food in moderation, implementing separate meals, and organizing weddings, funerals and celebrations in a civilized and frugal manner.


  Tianjin: promoting automobile consumption

  Tianjin recently introduced 11 measures to promote automobile consumption, including adding 35,000 personal indicators for passenger cars, promoting the convenience of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and relaxing the qualifications for individuals and enterprises to apply for incremental indicators. The measures will be implemented from June 1st.


  Shandong: 267 acts can be exempted or punished.

  Shandong Province has made a list of matters that will not be punished and mitigated, implemented inclusive and prudent supervision, and guided people to consciously abide by the law. The list makes it clear that since June 1, 267 illegal acts, such as "failing to hang the business license according to regulations", can be exempted from punishment or given a light punishment if they meet the legal conditions after the enterprise or the party concerned corrects them in time.


  Shanxi: Officially implementing garbage sorting.

  The Regulations on the Classified Management of Urban Domestic Waste in Shanxi Province came into effect on June 1st. According to the regulations, domestic wastes are classified according to recyclables, harmful waste, kitchen waste and other wastes. Cancel the garbage bins scattered in the main streets and public places of the city, and implement regular and fixed-point collection and non-landing management.


  Jiangsu: Promote the "Property Ownership Certificate upon Delivery"

  Jiangsu Province has promoted the real estate registration mode of "issuing certificates upon delivery", and moved the registration window to the real estate delivery site, which will realize normal operation from June. Regardless of the mortgage or the full amount, the buyers only need to settle the tax and prepare all the information, so they can register the real estate at the same time when they close the house and get the certificate of real estate ownership.


  Anhui: Promoting the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  The Regulations of Anhui Province on Traditional Chinese Medicine came into effect on June 1st. The regulations clearly stipulate that each city and county people’s government should hold at least one independent public Chinese medicine hospital; Those who have expertise in learning from teachers and medical skills can obtain the qualification of Chinese medicine doctors after examination; Provincial education departments should incorporate the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine into the relevant courses of primary and secondary schools and popularize the knowledge of Chinese medicine.


  Chongqing: Inter-provincial resident ID card "All Chongqing Office"

  According to the news of the Public Security Corps of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, from June 1st, foreign registered residents who have stable employment, schooling and residence in Chongqing can handle ID card related business at any police station in Chongqing. The time limit for collecting identity cards has been shortened from the current 20 working days to 15 working days.


  Anhui: It is forbidden to eat terrestrial wild animals and their products.

  The revised Anhui Food Safety Regulations came into force on June 1st. The "Regulations" stipulate that food producers and operators shall not use non-food raw materials or recycled food as raw materials to produce food, and shall not add substances prohibited by laws and regulations to food; Prohibit the production and operation of foods made of wild animals and their products that are prohibited by laws and regulations; It is forbidden to eat terrestrial wild animals and their products, as well as other wild animals and their products prohibited by laws and regulations.


  Sichuan: New Regulations on Rural Homestead Management

  The Notice on Standardizing the Examination and Approval of Rural Homestead and the Management of Housing Construction jointly issued by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stipulates that farmers who have been approved to build houses with land shall, in principle, complete building within two years from the date of application for approval; After the completion of the house, the old houses should be demolished. In strict accordance with the requirements of building new houses and demolishing old houses, in principle, the old houses should be demolished within 90 days after passing the acceptance of the township government. The original homestead should be arranged for use by rural collective economic organizations, and those that can be rehabilitated must be rehabilitated. Farmers who have passed the acceptance can apply to the real estate registration department for real estate registration in accordance with the law after dismantling the old houses and returning the original homestead to the village collective. The Notice shall come into force as of June 1st.


  Gansu: Forcibly bringing pets into public places will be fined.

  The Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Gansu Province is the first local regulation regulating citizens’ behavior in Gansu Province, which will be implemented on June 1. The "Regulations" clarify that those who take dogs out into the dog-forbidden area, fail to use the leash chain as required, and fail to clean up the dog feces in time shall be ordered by the corresponding administrative department to make corrections, and those who refuse to make corrections shall be fined between 50 yuan and 200 yuan. If you don’t listen to dissuasion, you will be fined not less than 100 yuan but not more than 500 yuan for bringing your pet into public places such as hotels and restaurants.


  Shanghai: Increase the punishment for fraudulent insurance.

  The revised Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Basic Medical Insurance in Shanghai will be implemented in June. The "Measures" stipulate that if designated medical institutions and retail pharmacies defraud the basic medical insurance fund by fraud, forgery of certification materials or other means, the municipal and district medical insurance bureaus shall order them to return the relevant basic medical insurance expenses already paid by the basic medical insurance fund, and impose a fine of more than two times and less than five times the relevant expenses paid by the basic medical insurance fund.

  The "Measures" mentioned that a medical security credit evaluation system and an information disclosure system should be established and improved. The untrustworthy information of designated medical institutions, designated retail pharmacies, designated evaluation institutions and designated nursing institutions and their staff, insured persons and other individuals shall be collected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and this Municipality, and joint punishment shall be carried out according to the law and regulations.

"You are beautiful when you smile" is still being drained by hot search, and the three slots are obvious, so it is difficult to turn over against the wind.

The urban romantic drama "You are beautiful when you smile", which has caused a large number of audiences to resist since its launch, has been searched again.

Compared with the momentum of Weibo’s first and second search volume, this hot search is particularly unsightly. Combining the previous e-sports fans and fans who had high expectations for this drama from Reuters, the angry siege was launched when the drama was officially broadcast.

It seems that this "low-key" hot search arranged by the propaganda group of "You are beautiful when you smile" is to prevent the passers-by from being disgusted and collapsing, and to drain the gradually depressed broadcast volume. However, it is undeniable that even with the help of the marketing number and the water army, the comment area is still falling.

It is conceivable that this hot search did not save the popularity of "You are beautiful when you smile" a little. The constant criticism of the original audience formed a wave of public opinion. The play was once labeled as "you are beautiful when you plagiarize" and even directly denied that "it is not an e-sports drama at all". On a famous comment scoring platform, nearly 150,000 people scored the TV series "You are beautiful when you smile" with a final score of 2.9, so "bad drama" can be concluded.

However, the "dust of the ages", which was vigorously vomited at the same beginning, went against the wind.

It can be seen that, with the foreshadowing of the previous plot, The Dust of the Eternal Jun began to develop the love-hate entanglement and identity bondage between the ancient and the back pool, Bai Jun and Qing Mu. Apart from the gradually full and clear emotional line, the contradiction between the fairy world and the demon world deepened. The style of the whole TV series not only stopped in the monotony of being immersed in love, but added the due elements of Xian Xia, which made the audience who had been expecting a quality reversal greatly.

To say that "The Dust of the Ages" relies on excellent plots to restore word of mouth, then in the case that domestic TV dramas are generally cut first and then broadcast, there is no hope for "You are beautiful when you smile", which has been promoted by hot search. The reason is nothing more than three points:

The first point is almost a foregone conclusion. After the eighteenth episode, that is, more than half of the plot, e-sports fans’ dislike of "You are beautiful when you smile" has been nailed down and very clear, and the statement issued by "You are beautiful when you smile", which flaunts itself as an e-sports drama, has not retained the most important audience, or even intensified contradictions.

However, the plot content is still full of plagiarism. Even in the picture of Reuters, Cheng Xiao, the heroine, is sitting on the trophy table and chatting with the crew. The trophy table is a place where countless e-sports players have made great efforts with their dreams, but they regret leaving because they have no chance to win the trophy, calling it a sacred place. In the play, people related to e-sports are completely offended outside the play, and "You are beautiful when you smile" is really unique.

The second point is that the plot is hard. Only by this, You are Beautiful when You Smile can’t copy the comeback path of Dust through the ages. The same is the adaptation of the novel, and the e-sports players in Qing Lan’s works are in love first; Ignoring training under the principle of "food is the original sin", he won the championship by virtue of talent; Players from other countries are big villains like flowing water …

The author applies the experience of well-known e-sports players in reality, despises their efforts, and thinks that talent can be invincible in the world; Ignoring their achievements, only industrial saccharin is left. Without reasonable adaptation, a work that is so hard-working and hides the author’s lofty mentality will be doomed to failure if it is born into a TV script.

The third point is the numerous black spots in "You Smile Beautiful" that fans can’t wash white:

Playing professional games at the age of 22 is not old; When a genius is abused by blood, he should type and beg for mercy; Auxiliary is used to resist injury; New players can be airborne directly without trial training; You need to shout 321 when opening a group; Players can hang up and help their girlfriends quarrel when playing the game; During training, e-sports players should apply masks, and black masks have the best effect; Play a game of training in five days; You don’t need a coach to reach the final; After the game, the whole team talked about gossip together, and there was no need to repeat the ironic pictures.

Combining the above three points, Xiao Bian even thinks that only the Xuanfa group of the "You are beautiful when you smile" crew is working conscientiously at the risk of being scolded, and other men and women who rely on the value of their faces to sprinkle industrial sugar; Champion team members who don’t like training but love gossiping; A dispensable screenwriter; Those who have no creativity and rely entirely on copying can all be ignored.

With the hope that the public will face up to the idea of e-sports in China, Xiao Bian hopes that more e-sports dramas that spread positive energy will be launched as soon as possible. Instead of making money under the banner of respecting e-sports, it is similar to the drama, but secretly thinks that "they are all idiots playing games."

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced ten major events this year: the mobile phone traffic tariff dropped to 26 yuan/GB.

  BEIJING, Dec. 22 (Reporter Cheng Chunyu) Today, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced ten major events in 2017: new achievements were made in the full implementation of "Made in China 2025", the domestic long-distance roaming charges for mobile phones were completely cancelled, and the domestic large aircraft C919 successfully made its first flight.

  New achievements have been made in the full implementation of "Made in China 2025"

  In 2017, the vertical linkage and horizontal collaborative working mechanism of "Made in China 2025" became more and more perfect, the implementation of five major projects progressed steadily, the "Made in China 2025" national demonstration zone was launched, and a number of major landmark projects and projects were successively implemented. Add three national manufacturing innovation centers: information optoelectronics, printing and flexible display, and robots; 97 projects carried out pilot demonstrations of multi-field and multi-mode intelligent manufacturing; A number of high-end equipment innovations such as the "Fuxing" Chinese standard EMU with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour are constantly emerging, and the results of service-oriented manufacturing are beginning to show.

  Domestic long-distance and roaming charges for mobile phones have been completely cancelled.

  The three tasks of "canceling all domestic long-distance and roaming charges of mobile phones during the year, greatly reducing the access charges of private Internet lines for small and medium-sized enterprises and reducing the international long-distance telephone charges" have been overfulfilled ahead of schedule. On September 1st, the three basic telecommunications companies completely canceled the domestic long-distance and roaming charges for mobile phones. Small and medium-sized enterprises’ private line tariffs have been greatly reduced, with the highest drop of international long-distance telephone charges exceeding 90%, the average tariff of mobile Internet traffic dropping to 26 yuan /GB, over 80% of fiber-optic broadband users, and 60% of users’ access bandwidth exceeding 50M.

  At 11: 38 on November 10th, the first aircraft of China’s domestic large aircraft C919 soared into the sky, starting a "long journey" of more than 1,300 kilometers. China News Service reporter Yin Liqin photo

  Domestic large aircraft C919 successfully made its first flight.

  The C919 large passenger plane successfully made its first flight on May 5, 2017 after the final assembly rolled off the assembly line in 2015, realizing the historic breakthrough of the Chinese nation’s century-old "big plane dream". At the same time, a number of high-end equipment have achieved major breakthroughs: the world’s most advanced ultra-deep-water double-rig semi-submersible deep-sea drilling platform "Blue Whale No.1" successfully tested combustible ice in the South China Sea, and the "Fuxing" Chinese standard EMU was officially put into operation on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. The ARJ21-700 new regional aircraft has safely transported more than 30,000 passengers.

  Industrial Internet Boosts the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry

  In 2017, the framework of industrial Internet standard system (1.0) was released, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promoted the construction of a number of industrial Internet platforms. A number of new industrial apps were commercialized, and personalized customization, intelligent production, networked collaboration and service-oriented manufacturing models were increasingly enriched. The pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing and the special project of intelligent manufacturing have been steadily promoted, and the penetration rate of "double innovation" platform of key manufacturing enterprises is close to 70%.

  4G(TD-LTE) won the special prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  On January 9, 2017, the project "Key Technologies and Applications of the Fourth Generation Mobile Communication System (TD-LTE)" promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology won the special prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. China put forward and dominated the international standard of TD-LTE, which achieved a breakthrough in the whole industrial chain of mobile communication and built the world’s largest 4G network, with the total number of 4G users in China reaching 962 million. Positive progress has been made in the research and development of 5G technology, and the second phase of the experiment has been completed. The mid-band frequency planning has been released first, and technologies such as network architecture have become international standards. Fifteen 5G field test base stations have been built.

  Revision and promulgation of "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Law"

  The revised SME Promotion Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) will be officially implemented on January 1, 2018. The new law promotes the effective policies in recent years into laws, standardizes the policies related to fiscal and taxation support, and improves the measures related to financing promotion, especially standardizing administrative licensing matters, reducing the burden on enterprises, simplifying tax collection and cancellation registration procedures for small and micro enterprises, and creating a good environment for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  "Double Points Policy" Helps the Healthy Development of New Energy Vehicles

  On September 27, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments jointly issued a double-point policy, and at the same time set up two points, namely, the average fuel consumption of enterprises and new energy vehicles, and established a point trading mechanism. Enterprises independently determined the negative point compensation method to achieve two goals of energy saving and consumption reduction and promoting the development of new energy vehicles. In 2017, China’s new energy automobile industry developed rapidly, with both production and sales exceeding 700,000 vehicles, with the number of vehicles exceeding 1.7 million, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.

  Expanding and upgrading information consumption and continuously releasing domestic demand potential

  In the first three quarters, China’s online retail sales exceeded 4.8 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 34%, accounting for 14% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. New intelligent hardware, virtual reality and other products emerge in an endless stream, and new models and formats such as mobile payment and sharing economy are accelerating. It is estimated that the annual information consumption scale will reach 4.5 trillion yuan, accounting for 10% of the final consumption expenditure.

  The cancer "strip steel" in the iron and steel industry has been completely cleared

  2017 is a crucial year for steel de-capacity, exceeding the government target of 50 million tons of steel de-capacity for the whole year. Concentrate on banning strip steel, which has plagued the development of the industry for many years, and realize the comprehensive clearing of 140 million tons of strip steel, effectively reversing the situation that "bad money drives out good money" in the steel industry.

  Integration of defense and civilian technologies’s development of national defense science, technology and industry has achieved stage results.

  Beidou-3 began global networking, and the accuracy of services in the Asia-Pacific region reached the meter level; The military industry has taken a new step in opening up, and the revised catalogue of scientific research and production licenses for weapons and equipment has been reduced by 62% compared with the original one. More than two-thirds of the main units that have obtained the licenses for the development and production of weapons and equipment are civilian units, and the level of "civilian participation in the army" has been upgraded from general supporting products to overall and sub-systems; The sharing of military and civilian resources has been deepened, and more than 3,000 major test equipment and facilities for national defense science, technology and industry have been released to the society. (End)

In 2018, a big wave of new policies will be related to your "wallet" from July 1.

  In a blink of an eye, 2018 is about halfway through. In July, there is a big wave of new policies about your wallet: the reduction of tariffs on imported consumer goods, the cancellation of traffic roaming fees, etc. What other new policies are there?

  1 enterprise employees’ pensions shall be subject to the central adjustment system.

  The State Council recently issued the Notice on Establishing the Central Adjustment System of the Basic Endowment Insurance Fund for Enterprise Employees, and decided to establish the central adjustment system of the endowment insurance fund, which will be implemented on July 1, 2018. On the basis of the current provincial overall planning of basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, a central adjustment fund for old-age insurance will be established, and the old-age insurance funds in various provinces will be appropriately adjusted to ensure that basic pensions are paid in full and on time.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that the implementation of the central fund transfer system will not increase the burden on enterprises and individuals and will not affect the treatment of retirees. First, do not increase the proportion of contributions paid by enterprises and individual employees. The establishment of a central fund adjustment system is mainly to adjust the surplus and deficiency of funds between provinces. The total income and expenditure of the national endowment insurance fund in the current period has not changed, and enterprises and individual employees do not need to pay extra fees, which will not increase the overall burden of society. Second, it will not change the current pension insurance benefits calculation and adjustment methods, and will not affect the personal benefits of retirees. In some provinces, the amount of funds borrowed is greater than the amount of funds allocated. In these provinces, the burden of old-age care is relatively light and the fund support ability is strong. After adjustment, it will not affect the timely and full payment of current pensions. In some provinces, the amount of funds allocated is greater than that of the above solution. Through adjustment, the pressure of fund payment can be appropriately alleviated, and the basic pension can be better guaranteed to be paid in full and on time.

  2. Adjustment of social security payment base

  Many places in the country have successively announced the social security payment base in 2018. Taking Beijing as an example, the lower limit of the payment base for employees participating in basic old-age insurance and unemployment insurance is 40% of the average monthly salary of employees in Beijing in 2017, with a minimum of 3,387 yuan, which is 305 yuan higher than last year; For employees who participate in basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, the minimum payment base is 60% of the average monthly salary of employees in this city in 2017, with a minimum of 5,080 yuan, up 456 yuan from last year.

  Social security payment is related to the treatment of the insured after retirement. Only when a certain payment level is reached can a better treatment level be achieved. If the payment level is too low, the pension level is still low. In other words, the payment level will increase with the increase of average salary, and the future treatment level will also increase.

  3. The tax incentives for scientific and technical personnel will be "received"

  The Ministry of Finance, the State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the Notice on Individual Income Tax Policies for Scientific and Technological Personnel to Earn Cash Rewards from Their Post Scientific and Technological Achievements, which made it clear that since July 1, 2018, non-profit research and development institutions and institutions of higher learning approved according to the law on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the cash rewards given to scientific and technological personnel from their post scientific and technological achievements can be included in the "salary and salary income" of scientific and technological personnel in the current month at a reduced rate of 50%, and personal income tax can be paid according to law.

  It is cheaper to import daily consumer goods.

  With the approval of the State Council, the MFN tariff rate of some consumer goods will be reduced from July 1, 2018, involving 1449 tax items, and the average tax rate will be reduced from 15.7% to 6.9%, with an average decrease of 55.9%. Reduce the average import tariff rate of clothing, shoes and hats, kitchens and sports and fitness products from 15.9% to 7.1%; Reduce the average import tariff rate of household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators from 20.5% to 8%; Reduce the average import tariff rate of processed foods such as aquaculture, fishing aquatic products and mineral water from 15.2% to 6.9%; The average import tariff rate of washing products, cosmetics such as skin care and hairdressing and some medical and health products will be reduced from 8.4% to 2.9%.

  5. Tariff reduction of imported cars and parts.

  With the approval of the State Council, from July 1, 2018, the tariffs on automobiles with tax rates of 25% and 20% will be reduced to 15%, with tax reductions of 40% and 25% respectively; The tariffs on auto parts with tax rates of 8%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% will be reduced to 6%, with an average tax reduction of 46%.

  6. The vehicle purchase tax will be levied on the trailer by half.

  The Ministry of Finance, State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the Announcement on Reducing Vehicle Purchase Tax on Trailers. From July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021, the vehicle purchase tax will be reduced by half. The date of purchase shall be determined according to the issuance date of the Uniform Invoice for Motor Vehicle Sales, Special Payment Letter for Customs Tariff or other valid documents.

  7. Preferential tax policies for venture capital enterprises and angel investment individuals.

  The Notice on Tax Policies for Venture Capital Enterprises and Angel Investors jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China promoted the preferential tax policies for venture capital enterprises and angel investors, that is, the preferential policies for venture capital enterprises and angel investors to invest in seed-stage and start-up technology-based enterprises, and the taxable income was deducted by 70% of the investment amount, which was implemented nationwide by eight pilot areas of comprehensive innovation reform and Suzhou Industrial Park.

  This Notice clarifies that the personal income tax policy for angel investment will be implemented as of July 1, 2018, and other policies will be implemented as of January 1, 2018; The above-mentioned tax policy can be applied to the investment that occurred within 2 years before the implementation date and has been invested for 2 years after the implementation date and meets the prescribed conditions.

  8. Traffic "roaming" fee is cancelled.

  On June 22nd, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom successively announced that, starting from July 1st, 2018, the roaming fee will be cancelled, and the provincial traffic of new and old mobile phone users will be upgraded to domestic traffic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan traffic).

  Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a series of measures to reduce the growth rate of mobile traffic, including: from July 1, the "roaming" fee for mobile traffic will be cancelled, and basic telecommunications companies will be encouraged to launch large-flow packages. The average unit price of mobile traffic will be reduced by more than 30% during the year. Further reduce household broadband charges and international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming charges. Promote enterprises to optimize and streamline tariff packages, and study and introduce relevant policies and measures to standardize tariff management. Support all localities to expand the coverage of wireless networks in public places and provide users with free Internet access services.

  9. Some high-speed rail tickets are discounted by 6.5%

  Starting from July 5 this year, the announced fares of high-speed trains running on the six sections of Hefei-Wuhan, Wuhan-Yichang, Guiyang-Guangzhou, Liuzhou-Nanning, Shanghai-Nanjing and Nanjing-Hangzhou were optimized and adjusted. This time, it is clear that the published fare is the highest price limit. Railway-related enterprises can lower the fare within the price limit by season, time, seats and sections according to the passenger flow, with a maximum discount of 6.5%. Compared with the current situation, the adjusted executive fare has generally increased and decreased.

  10. Tianjin will raise the unemployment insurance standard from July 1st.

  A few days ago, Tianjin issued a notice, starting from July 1 this year, it will raise the unemployment insurance payment standard.

  According to the "Notice on Improving the Payment Standard of Unemployment Insurance in Tianjin", if the payment period is from the first month to the twelfth month, the monthly payment standard will be raised from 1150 yuan to 1240 yuan; For the 13th to 24th months, the monthly payment standard was raised from 1,110 yuan to 1,200 yuan, respectively increasing the 90 yuan.

  The standard of one-time living allowance for farmers’ contract workers was raised from the current monthly payment standard of 690 yuan to 744 yuan, with an increase of 7.83% in 54 yuan. (Gao Chang/Compilation)