Quality upgrade juice soda, big kiln drinks open the "quality and price ratio" peak season strategy

Recently, Dayao Beverage has launched a variety of new products and upgraded the quality of big soda to a juice version, preparing for the upcoming peak season of the beverage industry. In the process of continuously meeting the diverse needs of consumers, Dayao Beverage practices the concept of long-term doctrine, using this as a guide to pursue the common improvement of categories, quality and brands, so that more consumers can feel the "refreshing atmosphere" of national soda.

It’s not a good idea.The big kiln soda has been newly upgraded, and the juice content is the core

In the era of quality consumption, the consumption scene, consumption demand and sales channels of China’s beverage market are becoming increasingly diverse. The consumer side not only presents diverse needs, but also has increasing requirements for quality, not only to drink well, but also to drink well, and even to satisfy emotional value. Because of this, "quality-price ratio" instead of "cost performance" is becoming a new consumption concept that a considerable number of consumers agree with and pursue.

In the big soda category, the big kiln has always been known for its good drink, large quantity and high cost performance. Under the trend of quality-to-price consumption, the big kiln drinks continue to up the ante in terms of category and quality, and pry the market with high quality-to-price bottles of juice soda, so as to realize the long-term repurchase of products at the end point and establish a long-term deep link with consumers.

For a long time, Dayao Beverage has used "big soda" as a brand strategic positioning through detailed market research and judgment to consolidate the core characteristics of "big soda and aerated drinks". At present, Dayao Beverage has listed carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, plant protein drinks, and functional drinks in four categories. In terms of taste innovation, Dayao Beverage has launched Qu Jie soda sparkling water, small kiln fruit steam, Chayuanxiang juice sparkling tea, pomelo love honey pomelo sparkling tea series, etc. In 2023, Dayao Beverage launched energy coffee functional drinks.

This time, the classic carbonated product family added 520ml large glass bottles of pineapple-flavored juice soda, and also launched three portable pineapple, lime, and frozen pear, bringing a more refreshing experience to the whole people in midsummer. At the same time, the official announcement of the big kiln drinks increased the juice content of the three classic products, the big kiln guest, the big orange kiln Nuo, and the big kiln Liai, and upgraded it to juice soda, integrating the original classic taste with the juice demand. On the basis of retaining the core characteristics of "refreshing atmosphere", up the ante juice soda category. Previously, in order to meet the juice needs of young people, the big kiln has launched the big fruit juice in 2023, featuring the "chewing and drinking" big fruit juice, which truly returns to the original taste of fruit.

It is worth mentioning that, no matter how the product is upgraded, Dayao Beverage has always regarded quality management as the top priority of product development, adhered to the implementation of the "0471" quality management strategy, and controlled the quality from the whole process of supplier management, transportation and warehousing, environmental hygiene, and production technology, so that consumers can rest assured.

In addition, the quality of the newly upgraded Big Kiln Juice Soda has been greatly improved, but the product maintains the original 520mL specification, and the price remains unchanged, insisting on large quantity and high quality. Under the guidance of quality and price ratio, Big Kiln drinks have now been recognized by more and more consumers, providing strong support for the national market.

It’s not a good idea.Nationalized strategy-driven, long-term approach leads sustainable development

In the current practice of high-quality development requirements, it is essential for enterprises to adhere to the long-term approach, focus on the future, take a long-term perspective, give full play to the company’s determination, resilience and vitality, and pursue excellence in brand, quality and word-of-mouth, so as to create more cost-effective beverages for consumers.

Among them, Dayao Beverage will make nationalization the core strategy for the long-term development of the enterprise and firmly implement it. At present, Dayao Beverage has built seven production bases across the country. In 2017, Ningxia Dayao Beverage Production Base was officially put into operation; in 2021, Dayao Production Base in Liaoning, Jilin, and Shalqin, Inner Mongolia was put into operation one after another; in 2022, Anhui Funan Factory was put into operation; in 2023, Dayao chose to build two new production bases in Baoji, Shaanxi and Tai’an, Shandong, and will be put into operation one after another this year.

The production capacity of the seven major production bases of Dayao Beverage covers seven regions in North China, Northeast China, East China, Central China, South China, Southwest and Northwest China. It can not only efficiently guarantee production capacity, deliver in time, shorten the logistics radius, reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also control the quality from the raw materials, production environment, packaging, transportation and other aspects of the product, so that consumers can drink more assured, and provide sufficient and rich supply and quality assurance for the "North Business and South Aid" plan proposed by the southern market.

In the era of intensive farming in the industry, Dayao Beverage is well aware that long-term principles must achieve sustainable development. Therefore, in the early stage of its establishment, Dayao Beverage aimed to build "intelligent, digital, multi-functional, high-reliability, long-life, heavy quality, and safety" factory production technology. Product Research & Development focuses on all high-value attributes of carbonated beverage products throughout the life cycle, and fully introduces ecological concepts. In the process of factory construction and management, multiple energy-saving equipment such as electric energy metering, water saving, solid waste disposal and other intelligent equipment are invested to reduce excessive energy consumption, realize waste heat recovery and recycling, and achieve emission reduction from the source to ensure maximum utilization of resource recycling, so as to achieve clean production management.

Long-term perseverance has resulted in the high-quality development of the enterprise and the recognition of authority in the industry. Many factories of Dayao Beverage have won national and provincial honorary titles such as "Green Factory", "Digital Workshop" and "Intelligent Factory", highlighting the recognition of consumers and all sectors of society for the development achievements of Dayao.

In the future, Big Kiln Beverage will continue to embrace technological innovation, enhance its independent research and development capabilities, and ensure product quality through digitalization, intelligence, and information technology. This will provide momentum for the sustainable and efficient development of enterprises and bring the best quality-to-price soda to the people.