The 10,000-person scale two-dimensional yuan concert was held in Shanghai and became the main force for ticket purchases

The 10,000-person scale two-dimensional yuan concert was held in Shanghai and became the main force for ticket purchases

  China News Service, Shanghai, July 23rd (Wang Gupi) The fourth Bilibili Macro Link two-dimensional concert hosted by Bilibili bullet comment network, China’s largest young people’s trend culture and entertainment community, was held in Shanghai on the evening of the 23rd. Under the high temperature of 40 ° C that day, 10,000-person two-dimensional fans from all over the country showed undiminished enthusiasm and shared this annual "two-dimensional event" in China.

  Bilibili Macro Link (hereinafter referred to as "BML") is an annual large-scale offline party brand created by Bilibili bullet comment network (hereinafter referred to as "bilibili"), a cultural gathering place of China’s two dimensions (generally referring to Animation, Comic, Game, Virtual Idol, etc.) and the largest young people’s trend culture and entertainment community in China. In recent years, it has formed an increasing influence across the country.

  According to Chai Xujun, general manager of the cultural division of bilibili, BML’s name comes from a programmer’s "brain hole". "Macro refers to the macro command in the computer. We think this activity should be able to connect a very’grand ‘group of two-dimensional audiences, so there is such a name." And from the first 800-person small performance to this year’s 10,000-person scale, BML’s "macro" wish has been gradually realized.

"Post-95s" has become the main force in ticket purchases at Bilibili Macro Link this year. Official photo

  At the concert that night, in addition to the popular "UP masters" from the bilibili music district, dance district and other major sectors, the organizers also invited well-known foreign stars such as Miyazuki, who had sung interludes for "Digital Baby", to help perform and interact with Chinese fans.

  It is worth mentioning that the world’s first Chinese virtual singer Luo Tianyi and the well-known Japanese virtual idol Miss Black and White also took the stage that night with the latest holographic technology.

  "We want to give all two-dimensional fans a carnival experience. It’s a concert, and it’s a two-dimensional music festival," Chai Xujun said.

  According to the organizers, a total of 12,000 tickets for this year’s BML were sold out in less than two hours. Among them, the most expensive 1280 yuan (RMB) infield tickets were "sold out" in 4 minutes. The main force of ticket purchases this year is the "post-95s" who do not seem to have high spending power.

  "I have been registering for bilibili for many years. I am very curious about what my friends who like the two-dimensional world are like, and I also want to see the behind-the-scenes look of bilibili who has been with me for so long. It’s like wanting to meet an old friend, so when I see BML, I immediately grab the ticket." "After 95" freshman "Yin Lin" said.

  Chen Rui, chairperson of Bilibili, told reporters that in today’s growing spiritual demand, new forms of cultural consumption are also emerging, young people are more willing to accept new things, and the need for cultural consumption structure to develop in a diverse direction is becoming increasingly obvious. "For example, when we started BML, we just wanted to give everyone an opportunity for offline communication, but we didn’t expect to end up with the current 10,000-person scale."