Counting the entertainment circle after 85, Tsing Yi, Jiang Shuying, Crystal and Lyric were on the list.

In the period when all kinds of small flowers are in power, the general trend of Tsing Yi people is still steadily and orderly tempering their works and acting skills. In today’s entertainment circle, the status of the older generation of Tsing Yi people has gained unanimous recognition after years of precipitation, while the new generation of Tsing Yi, such as Jiang Shuying, Lyric, Lv Jiarong and Crystal, is still on the journey.


She will be one in Tsing Yi, Jiang Shuying.

I still remember that she was as charming and generous as the name Ruan Wan, with long shawl hair and elegant makeup and clean clothes. Jiang Shuying explained the most specific definition of the word goddess with her own. With the popularity of "Cyclone Eleven" and "Good Sir", her perfect facial features and the aura of her royal sister in the play really made people love it, and the popularity of Jiang Shuying was also increasing. There must be one for her in Tsing Yi.


The status of Lyric Tsing Yi is unshakable.

Lyric and Zhang Ziyi once co-starred in the clip of Tsing Yi in the variety show The Birth of the Actor. In the picture, Lyric’s eyes are full of drama, and her tears and her every move are impressive. For Lyric’s performance attitude of striving for perfection, not only Zhang Ziyi has recognized it, but even Song Dandan has always praised it. In addition, Lyric has become popular all over the country with his two works empresses in the palace and Surgical Storm, and the status of Tsing Yi is unshakable.


Lv Jiarong has always been in Tsing Yi.

Lv Jiarong plays Min Hongyu, a famous actress of Jiang Zuo in the popular drama "Life is like the First Meet". With her excellent acting skills and stunning appearance, Lv Jiarong once again captured a large number of fans, and her popularity soared. Before that, she had already had many popular representative works, such as Yin Mingzhu, the legendary swordsman Lan Fenghuang, Beauty in the World, Ruyi, etc. She has been in Tsing Yi with her strength works.


The first film in Tsing Yi, Crystal.

Crystal became the first actress to make a big splash with the role of "Crown Princess" in go princess go overnight. Since then, Crystal has hitched a ride, starring in many large-scale films such as "Wu Dong Gan Kun" and so on, and is also the first popular actress in Tsing Yi who successfully entered the film from TV series.