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  Today, the official Weibo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a concise but intriguing statement: Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s official vehicles will use domestic Hongqi sedans from today. This is less than 20 days before the launch of the Hongqi H7.

  In fact, the Red Flag is a model that has weathered great storms, in other words, it is also a portrayal of China’s industrial manufacturing. Before starting the article, it is worth briefly recalling the history of the Red Flag.

  First, the history and current situation of the red flag

  Founding and development period: 1958-1965

  In 1958, the leaders hoped that China would have high-end cars and wanted to rewrite the history that Chinese people could not make high-end cars, so the Hongqi brand was born with honor.

  It was not until 65 that Hongqi completed the accumulation from scratch and completed the initial accumulation of technology. Hongqi borrowed and imitated models mainly from the United States, and produced some sedans and inspection cars. The most classic model is the Hongqi CA72. Since then, the Hongqi CA770 high-end sedan has become a national-level courtesy car and a chief car above the Vice Premier of New China, becoming a veritable "national car".

  Stagnation period:

  During the Cultural Revolution that began in 1966, Hongqi CA72 was framed as a "belly car" due to the designer’s background and was persecuted.

  From 1965 to 1970, Hongqi went from imitation to autonomy. However, due to the "movement", Hongqi CA72 was forced to stop production after only a few hundred were produced. Subsequently, Hongqi developed the CA770 model, whose engine was designed with reference to the Cadillac engine. This model then formed a large number of derivative models, including China’s first bulletproof car CA772. However, due to the "political movement", although Hongqi had the right model during this time, production was seriously affected.

  Product lost period:

  From 1970 to 1981, Hongqi went to the road of technological upgrading, but the product failed. In 1972, FAW put forward the goal that it must catch up with the world’s advanced sedan level. In 1975, it produced the world-class car CA774-4E, with curved glass for the side windows of the body, high-strength thin steel plates for the body, four-speed automatic transmission for the gearbox, independent front and rear suspension, radial tires, power steering, and disc braking system. But for "some reason", the model did not pass the review.

  During the period of severe setbacks:

  From ’81 to’ 87, Hongqi went on the road of overseas cooperation. In ’81, German cars already had the intention to enter China, and Hongqi stopped production, but the research and development work has not stopped. During this period, there were negotiations with Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, and Audi to find the possibility of cooperation in mass production. However, due to various reasons, the cooperation with various companies came to an end. During the period, Chrysler maliciously defrauded and suffered heavy losses.

  From ’87 to’ 96, Hongqi once again went down the road of imitation. During these years, Hongqi imitated several foreign models, but for various reasons, they were not mass-produced. Overseas cooperation failed across the board, technicians were suppressed by managers, and the spirit of Hongqi had completely disappeared.

  From 1996 to 2008, Hongqi began to produce new models by OEM. The CA7220 was produced by imitating the Audi 100, the CA7460 was produced by imitating the Lincoln City, and the Hongqi Century Star was produced by imitating the Audi 200. At first, the engine was changed, but later the headlights were too lazy to move, so the new model was directly replaced. During this time, Hongqi never developed again.

  In 2008, Hongqi had a plan to revitalize Hongqi through independent research and development. It plans to produce a new model every year in the future, and it is self-service research and development. Last year, Hongqi H7 and L9 cars were seen at the auto show. On May 29 this year, Hongqi H7 was launched, priced 29.98-47 9,800.

  In fact, after seeing the development history of Hongqi, I feel that Hongqi sedan was a microcosm of China’s industry from its independent research and development in the early stage, to being hit, and then to being in a slump. And when it came to the joint venture period, FAW Group relied on Volkswagen to live, and the 55-year-old Hongqi sedan did not have the spirit of the year. This can be seen from the sales volume of the last two years: only 2 were sold in 2011 and 127 in 2012. It is estimated that these are all customized production, processed from the prototype workshop, and the cost is not cheap.

  Second, the red flag has the best opportunity

  In recent years, independent brands have continued to impact the high-end market, such as SAIC Roewe, FAW Pentium, etc., but the official car market is still controlled by Germany and Japan. Although they have surpassed Japanese and Korean mid-sized cars in some technologies and performance, the market response is still poor. If independent brand mid-sized cars can make a difference in the market, it will have strategic and positive significance for the growth of independent brands.

  After talking about history, let’s talk about the current situation of the red flag. The foreign minister’s car was replaced by the red flag and published on social media, which is quite profound. Does this prove that the state supports the red flag car in full swing? In fact, since the first lady’s visit, many independent brands have entered the best era.

  With the implementation of the "Double 18" official car purchase, automobile companies have also seen the potential of the official market. Hongqi, as the former boss, of course cannot be missed, so he started a series of plans: Zhang Xiaojun, the former executive deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division, who has served for 7 years, has become the general manager of FAW Car Sales Company, shouldering the heavy task of rebuilding the Hongqi brand. At the end of May this year, Hongqi’s high-end car H7 was launched. Enterprises are ready from the sales side and the product side, and the government has cleared the obstacles from the procurement side. This may be the best historical opportunity for Hongqi.

  III. Can red flags make ideals fly?

  Before Hongqi, there was no bright spot in technology, and the market positioning was in chaos. Hongqi is already a failed brand, which is an indisputable fact.

  At the technical level, in recent years, Hongqi’s strategy has been entirely based on existing foreign products. Chassis, engine, on the basis of prototype cars, modified to avoid patents, which is also a common problem before all independent enterprises. H7 claims to be purely independent research and development, and I personally think it is basically a mature model.

  Market level: Hongqi wants to copy Audi’s success in China too much, and everything is guided by Audi’s success precedent. Focusing on the high-end market, focusing on government procurement, hoping to promote this legendary brand from the top down. This can be seen from the executives transferred to Audi. There is a lack of luxury brands in the market for independent brands, and Hongqi happens to be a high-end government car. It has no choice but to take a detour a few years ago and make some four differences: technically pieced together, the market positioning is high or not, and the market positioning is not low. Home rental business government, where to use it is embarrassing. Now I finally woke up and started to focus on the high-end market. This strategy is also the only way out for Hongqi. If this strategy fails again, Hongqi can be said to never turn around.

  FAW’s plan is that once the government’s top management adopts the Hongqi as an official car, Audi’s market position will change accordingly (I am skeptical of this), and the Hongqi car will be changed overnight due to the market downturn caused by the loss of its leading car position. Although this idea is a bit simple, the beneficiaries of this change are not only Hongqi cars, but also the market position of the entire independent brand B-class car, and even greatly benefit the public’s confidence in the independent brand.

  But although the red flag is actively prepared, how to compete with Audi, BMW, Accord, Passat and other official cars? R & D, production, marketing, quality management, after-sales services, etc., are these red flags ready?

  In general, the recognition of the official vehicle market will take time, and the market side is even more difficult. Not to mention the popularity of German, Japanese, and American products, in addition to mandatory documents, local support cannot be ignored. The only worry now is FAW’s system, efficiency, and marketing integration capabilities. In the next five years, if Hongqi cannot come up with independent and excellent technology and models that conform to official and business temperament, it may be time for the Hongqi brand to disappear.

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Quality upgrade juice soda, big kiln drinks open the "quality and price ratio" peak season strategy

Recently, Dayao Beverage has launched a variety of new products and upgraded the quality of big soda to a juice version, preparing for the upcoming peak season of the beverage industry. In the process of continuously meeting the diverse needs of consumers, Dayao Beverage practices the concept of long-term doctrine, using this as a guide to pursue the common improvement of categories, quality and brands, so that more consumers can feel the "refreshing atmosphere" of national soda.

It’s not a good idea.The big kiln soda has been newly upgraded, and the juice content is the core

In the era of quality consumption, the consumption scene, consumption demand and sales channels of China’s beverage market are becoming increasingly diverse. The consumer side not only presents diverse needs, but also has increasing requirements for quality, not only to drink well, but also to drink well, and even to satisfy emotional value. Because of this, "quality-price ratio" instead of "cost performance" is becoming a new consumption concept that a considerable number of consumers agree with and pursue.

In the big soda category, the big kiln has always been known for its good drink, large quantity and high cost performance. Under the trend of quality-to-price consumption, the big kiln drinks continue to up the ante in terms of category and quality, and pry the market with high quality-to-price bottles of juice soda, so as to realize the long-term repurchase of products at the end point and establish a long-term deep link with consumers.

For a long time, Dayao Beverage has used "big soda" as a brand strategic positioning through detailed market research and judgment to consolidate the core characteristics of "big soda and aerated drinks". At present, Dayao Beverage has listed carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, plant protein drinks, and functional drinks in four categories. In terms of taste innovation, Dayao Beverage has launched Qu Jie soda sparkling water, small kiln fruit steam, Chayuanxiang juice sparkling tea, pomelo love honey pomelo sparkling tea series, etc. In 2023, Dayao Beverage launched energy coffee functional drinks.

This time, the classic carbonated product family added 520ml large glass bottles of pineapple-flavored juice soda, and also launched three portable pineapple, lime, and frozen pear, bringing a more refreshing experience to the whole people in midsummer. At the same time, the official announcement of the big kiln drinks increased the juice content of the three classic products, the big kiln guest, the big orange kiln Nuo, and the big kiln Liai, and upgraded it to juice soda, integrating the original classic taste with the juice demand. On the basis of retaining the core characteristics of "refreshing atmosphere", up the ante juice soda category. Previously, in order to meet the juice needs of young people, the big kiln has launched the big fruit juice in 2023, featuring the "chewing and drinking" big fruit juice, which truly returns to the original taste of fruit.

It is worth mentioning that, no matter how the product is upgraded, Dayao Beverage has always regarded quality management as the top priority of product development, adhered to the implementation of the "0471" quality management strategy, and controlled the quality from the whole process of supplier management, transportation and warehousing, environmental hygiene, and production technology, so that consumers can rest assured.

In addition, the quality of the newly upgraded Big Kiln Juice Soda has been greatly improved, but the product maintains the original 520mL specification, and the price remains unchanged, insisting on large quantity and high quality. Under the guidance of quality and price ratio, Big Kiln drinks have now been recognized by more and more consumers, providing strong support for the national market.

It’s not a good idea.Nationalized strategy-driven, long-term approach leads sustainable development

In the current practice of high-quality development requirements, it is essential for enterprises to adhere to the long-term approach, focus on the future, take a long-term perspective, give full play to the company’s determination, resilience and vitality, and pursue excellence in brand, quality and word-of-mouth, so as to create more cost-effective beverages for consumers.

Among them, Dayao Beverage will make nationalization the core strategy for the long-term development of the enterprise and firmly implement it. At present, Dayao Beverage has built seven production bases across the country. In 2017, Ningxia Dayao Beverage Production Base was officially put into operation; in 2021, Dayao Production Base in Liaoning, Jilin, and Shalqin, Inner Mongolia was put into operation one after another; in 2022, Anhui Funan Factory was put into operation; in 2023, Dayao chose to build two new production bases in Baoji, Shaanxi and Tai’an, Shandong, and will be put into operation one after another this year.

The production capacity of the seven major production bases of Dayao Beverage covers seven regions in North China, Northeast China, East China, Central China, South China, Southwest and Northwest China. It can not only efficiently guarantee production capacity, deliver in time, shorten the logistics radius, reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also control the quality from the raw materials, production environment, packaging, transportation and other aspects of the product, so that consumers can drink more assured, and provide sufficient and rich supply and quality assurance for the "North Business and South Aid" plan proposed by the southern market.

In the era of intensive farming in the industry, Dayao Beverage is well aware that long-term principles must achieve sustainable development. Therefore, in the early stage of its establishment, Dayao Beverage aimed to build "intelligent, digital, multi-functional, high-reliability, long-life, heavy quality, and safety" factory production technology. Product Research & Development focuses on all high-value attributes of carbonated beverage products throughout the life cycle, and fully introduces ecological concepts. In the process of factory construction and management, multiple energy-saving equipment such as electric energy metering, water saving, solid waste disposal and other intelligent equipment are invested to reduce excessive energy consumption, realize waste heat recovery and recycling, and achieve emission reduction from the source to ensure maximum utilization of resource recycling, so as to achieve clean production management.

Long-term perseverance has resulted in the high-quality development of the enterprise and the recognition of authority in the industry. Many factories of Dayao Beverage have won national and provincial honorary titles such as "Green Factory", "Digital Workshop" and "Intelligent Factory", highlighting the recognition of consumers and all sectors of society for the development achievements of Dayao.

In the future, Big Kiln Beverage will continue to embrace technological innovation, enhance its independent research and development capabilities, and ensure product quality through digitalization, intelligence, and information technology. This will provide momentum for the sustainable and efficient development of enterprises and bring the best quality-to-price soda to the people.

Who will compensate for the traffic accident caused by the driver? Let me tell you the real case!

  CCTV NewsIt is the consensus of many car owners to find a surrogate driver after drinking and socializing, but if the surrogate driver is fully responsible for the traffic accident, should the insurance company insured by the owner unconditionally settle the claim? Recently, the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court) heard a case of subrogation by an insurance company caused by "Internet + surrogate driving". The court ruled that the surrogate driving company should be liable to the insurance company according to law.

  At 21:33 on October 22, 2014, Mr. Zhou contacted a car service company to provide chauffeur services. At 21:45, the chauffeur Tang arrived at Mr. Zhou’s location. Due to Mr. Zhou’s drinking, his friend Cai signed a "entrusted chauffeur service agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") with a car service company. The signature of the "agreement" was stamped with the seal of a car service company.

  At 21:50, Tang had a traffic accident while driving Mr. Zhou’s vehicle, causing damage to the three vehicles. The traffic police department determined that Tang was fully responsible for the accident. Afterwards, the insurance company that insured Mr. Zhou’s car paid Mr. Zhou 53,300 yuan for the claim, and then obtained the transfer of rights issued by Mr. Zhou, and sued a car service company in court.

  The insurance company believes that a car service company, as the party providing the driving service, should ensure the safety of the vehicle. Now the company is responsible for the accident and should bear the liability of 53,300 yuan.

  The court of first instance ruled in favor of all the claims of the insurance company. A car service company refused to accept it and appealed to the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court, requesting that the original judgment be revoked and the original lawsuit request of the insurance company be rejected. An auto service company appealed that it was only a driver information service platform, an intermediary who provided driver service information to drivers and customers and facilitated the signing of the Agreement between the two parties, and was not a party to the Agreement. The driver-on-behalf relationship occurred between Mr. Zhou and Tang. Even if compensation is required, it should be Tang’s compensation.

  A car service company also proposed that the "Agreement" has stipulated relevant exemption clauses. For example, Article 12 stipulates that the client should first use vehicle insurance to settle claims. The company only compensates for "the part that falls within the scope of insurance liability but fails to pay", "the increase in insurance premiums in the following year" and "traffic compensation". Article 9 "Traffic accidents caused by non-personnel operations" are not responsible. When the customer logs in to the company platform to register, the company has informed the above exemption content, and the company’s website has also been publicized. When Mr. Zhou placed an order on the same day, the company also sent the relevant terms to Mr. Zhou via SMS. Therefore, the company has fully informed the exemption clause, and the exemption clause is legal and valid, and the company should be exempted accordingly.

  After the trial, the Shanghai First Intermediate Court held that it was not improper for the insurance company to assert the right of subrogation against an automobile service company based on the contractual relationship between an automobile service company and Mr. Zhou, and the exemption clause was not legally effective because it failed to provide a prompt explanation. An automobile service company should be liable for the losses caused by the traffic accident. Finally, 2nd-round Moderation rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment.

  The Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court held that an automobile service company affixed the official seal to the "entrusted party" of the Agreement, and Mr. Zhou’s friend Cai signed it at the "customer confirmation". An automobile service company also recognized that Mr. Zhou sent the information that needs to be driven to the company. According to the agreement in the Agreement that "the agreement signed by the accompanying person shall be regarded as signed by the client himself", Mr. Zhou and an automobile service company reached an agreement on the Agreement. The Agreement has come into effect, and the two parties have established a trust contract relationship. An automobile service company is a party to the Agreement. It is not improper for an insurance company to claim the right of subrogation from an automobile service company based on the contractual relationship between an automobile service company and Mr. Zhou. In addition, an automobile service company provides paid driving services, and the designated driver is fully responsible for traffic accidents during the driving process. Therefore, the company is at fault in the performance of the contract and should compensate the client, Mr. Zhou, for his losses.

  The "Agreement" is a format contract provided by the company, and Article 12 of it is a limitation of one’s own liability. The "Agreement" does not take black or bold methods to draw the attention of the client. The company claims to prompt customers through notifications during website registration and sending text messages, but does not provide evidence to prove it. Therefore, this clause has no legal effect because it fails to fulfill the obligation to prompt and explain. In addition, since the driver Tang is fully responsible for the traffic accident, this case does not fall under Article 9 of the "Agreement". "Therefore, an automobile service company shall be liable for the losses caused by the traffic accident. (CCTV reporter, Li Wenjie)

Nanning area Xingyue L Zhiqing has a big price cut! The reserve price is 152,700, and the quantity is limited.

In [car home Nanning Preferential Promotion Channel], we will bring you the latest car purchase benefits! At present, this high-profile model is undergoing limited-time preferential activities, with a preferential margin of 0.7 million yuan. The starting price has dropped to 152,700 yuan, which is a good opportunity to buy a car. If you want to seize this affordable opportunity, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount and add a high-quality car for yourself. Take action and don’t miss this good opportunity to save the budget!


The car system Xingyue L Zhiqing shows a delicate and dynamic design. Its front face adopts a unique family-style design, and the air intake grille adopts a large area of chrome decoration, creating a strong visual impact. The overall style combines strength and elegance, and the lines are smooth, showing the style of a luxury SUV. The proportion of the car body is coordinated, and the details are full of scientific sense and exquisite craftsmanship, which makes people unforgettable.


Xingyue L Zhiqing proudly appeared on the stage, and its body size showed the combination of exquisiteness and atmosphere. The proportion of the body with a length of 4795mm, a width of 1895mm and a height of 1689mm was coordinated, and the wheelbase was as long as 2845mm, giving the car a spacious and comfortable ride space. Streamlined body lines outline a steady and dynamic silhouette, showing luxury temperament. The front and rear tyre size are both 235/50 R19, with unique rim design, which not only improves the driving stability, but also adds a dynamic visual impact.


The interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is mainly exquisite and scientific, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. It is equipped with a 12.3-inch high-definition central control screen, which not only displays clearly, but also integrates multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other functions, making it easy to operate. The steering wheel is made of high-grade leather, which provides a good grip and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth to meet the needs of drivers. In terms of seats, Xingyue L Zhiqing is made of imitation leather, and the seat design pays attention to ergonomics. The main driver’s seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height, and is equipped with heating and ventilation functions, so that drivers can enjoy a comfortable riding experience. In addition, the front seats also have electric memory function, and passengers can automatically adjust the seat position according to their personal habits. The co-pilot seat also provides multi-directional adjustment, while the second row of seats supports backrest adjustment. As for the convenience configuration, Xingyue L Zhiqing is equipped with two USB and a Type-C interface in the front row, which is convenient for passengers to charge and transmit data, and the driver’s seat also has the function of wireless charging of mobile phones, which fully meets the needs of modern drivers.


The car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 120kW, which can provide excellent power output. This engine is also equipped with 163 horsepower, which makes the vehicle have good acceleration performance in daily driving. The matching 3-speed DHT gearbox further optimizes the power transmission and ensures a smooth and efficient driving experience.

Summarizing the evaluation of car home car owners, we can draw the conclusion that although there are some controversies about the appearance design, this car owner has a special liking for the protruding front face design of Xingyue L Zhiqing. His unique vision and preferences show that the appearance design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is not only a single aesthetic standard, but can meet the individual needs of different car owners. Therefore, the aesthetic design of Xingyue L Zhiqing may be one of its attractive highlights, which is worth further exploration and taste.

Dare to run a red light? "Face recognition" makes you "online celebrity" in minutes.

Cctv newsIt is obviously a red light, so it is a big difficulty for traffic management in China to break through it. Many people seem to suddenly become color blind as soon as they get to the traffic lights.

Everyone knows that it is illegal to run a red light, but almost everyone has run a red light. Why? Just because the illegal cost is low, few people are in charge, and even if it is broken, it is difficult to be found in time.

Capture the scene of running a red light.

Capture the scene of running a red light.

However, with the development of face recognition technology, this management difficulty may be broken. Recently, some cities in Shandong and Jiangsu began to use face recognition systems at traffic intersections to capture pedestrians and non-motor vehicles running red lights and expose them on the spot. So far, the effect is not bad.

There is an electronic display screen at many intersections in Suqian, which is called the face recognition system for pedestrians running red lights. Once a pedestrian runs a red light, his image information and some personal information will be presented on the display screen in time, and the time difference between them is only about 10 seconds.

It takes only 10 seconds from running a red light to video exposure!

Just 10 seconds! This means that pedestrians just ran a red light and came across the road. As a result, they looked up and saw their own scene of running a red light.

It takes only 10 seconds from running a red light to video exposure!

Identifiable identity information

In addition to live playback, the traffic control department will also connect household registration information for exposure. At the intersection of century avenue and Hongzehu Road in downtown Suqian, the live pictures of citizens running red lights at this intersection in recent days are being scrolled on the big screen.

Xia Jianshe, deputy detachment leader of the traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau: Everyone can see the display on the big screen. Some people will take the initiative to call our traffic control department after running a red light, and are willing to accept the punishment to ensure that they will not run a red light again. Let’s remove his photo. In the second way, we will take the initiative to contact him by comparing his contact information.

Xia Jianshe, deputy detachment leader of traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau

Xia Jianshe, deputy detachment leader of traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau

The accuracy of face recognition at 10 intersections is over 90%

For pedestrians and non-motor vehicles who run red lights, the traffic control department will impose fines on 20 yuan and 50 yuan respectively. At present, Suqian has installed face recognition systems at 10 intersections, exposing 580 pedestrians and non-motor vehicles running red lights, and the accuracy of face recognition is over 90%.

The accuracy of face recognition is over 90%

SuqianInstall face recognition system at 10 intersections.

Not only capture evidence, but also identify identity information.

In Jinan, Shandong Province, the data in 2016 showed that road safety accidents caused by pedestrians accounted for 16% of all accidents; Road safety accidents caused by non-motor vehicles account for 33.4% of all accidents. Recently, Jinan has also started to use the face recognition system.

Not only capture evidence, but also identify identity information.

Not only capture evidence, but also identify identity information.

When the red light is on, if a pedestrian crosses the stop line, the system will automatically capture 4 photos, keep the video for 15 seconds, and intercept the head of the illegal person. This system can not only capture and collect evidence, but also identify the identity information of illegal personnel. Even at night, it can be clearly imaged.

In addition to a fine for running a red light, you will also be sent to the intersection for duty.

Since the face recognition system was put into use in Jinan in early May, more than 6,200 illegal acts of running a red light have been caught. In addition to fines, people who run red lights will also receive traffic safety education and be sent to intersections for duty.

Running a red light will be sent to the intersection for duty.

Running a red light will be sent to the intersection for duty.

After nearly a month of rectification, the compliance rate of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles has been greatly improved. In the future, Jinan will install this system at about 50 major intersections in the city. 

The cake in the industry is not enough, and the marketing depends on the head anchor … What is the reason why it is "difficult" to make up domestic products?

Every reporter Shu Dongni, every intern reporter Huang Hai, every editor Liang Xiao    

The public opinion storm caused by 79 yuan Huaxizi’s eyebrow pencil has not stopped.

On September 14th, some event-related entries, such as "Netizen explodes Hua Xizi’s five makeup brushes for 919 yuan", "What eyebrow pencils are more expensive than Hua Xizi’s" and "Yu Meijing’s powder rose by 320,000 a day", were posted on the hot search, which triggered a total reading volume of over 200 million times.

Consumers who questioned the price of Huaxizi poured into traditional Chinese beauty brands with more cost-effective performance. Since September 12, brands such as Bee Flower and Yumeijing have been on the hot search in turn, becoming the "new favorites" chosen by consumers.

In the transformation from "online celebrity" to parity, there may be a consumption trend that cannot be ignored — — It seems that the first generation of online celebrity beauty brands represented by Hua Xizi and Perfect Diary can’t be sold in Amoy’s base camp. According to the data of the third-party research report, the reporter of national business daily found that the total GMV of Huaxizi had a high year-on-year decline for several months since December last year on the Alibaba platform, the base camp where Huaxizi started.

"It has never been used, and the price/performance ratio is average." Yemeng, who lives in Foshan, Guangdong Province, bought Hua Xizi’s makeup remover, cosmetic eggs and eyeliner two or three years ago.

For yemeng, who didn’t have a job at that time, the singer Charlie was the only reason for her to buy Hua Xizi. She was a hardcore fan of Charlie. "In fact, even if I knew that Charlie had become a brand friend, I hesitated for a long time before buying it, because I knew that it was low in cost performance, mainly in marketing. So I didn’t buy its ace product, but bought something I thought I would use. "

When it comes to lipstick and honey powder with a "good" reputation, yemeng, who has always been careful in skin care, bluntly said: "Honey powder lipstick is a bit ‘ Wrong species ’ … …” Yemeng’s experience is not unique. On social media such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu, there are many discussions about the quality and price of Huaxizi.

On September 13, the related terms of Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil were more expensive than gold on the hot search.

Taobao platform shows that the price of Huaxizi Shouwumei chalk in Huaxizi’s official flagship store is one replacement in 89 yuan, with a net content of 0.08g. After conversion, the average price per gram is 556.25 yuan, which is nearly 20% higher than the latest published unit price of gold in China and Shanghai Gold Exchange.

Image source: Weibo @ Hua Xizi Florasis

Is Huaxizi expensive?

"The price of Huaxizi is in the upper-middle price range among domestic products (beauty products)." On the afternoon of September 14, a person who was responsible for the live broadcast of a domestic brand e-commerce told reporters. However, the person also said that when calculating the price of eyebrow pencil, consumers should also take the replacement into account. Take the price of Hua Xizi’s live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi as an example. 79 yuan buys one and gets two replacement clothes, with an average price of 329.17 yuan per gram.

Compared with mainstream makeup brands on the market, the unit price of this eyebrow pencil of Hua Xizi is in the upper-middle level of the industry. In fact, entering the mid-to high-end market has always been the business goal that Hua Xizi is laying out.

According to several authoritative sources, Hua Mantian, the founder of Hua Xizi, once bluntly said: "For a long time, the high-end market of China cosmetics has been monopolized by international brands. But today, many products of Huaxizi have cut into the middle and high-end price belt and achieved certain success. "

However, for price-sensitive consumers, domestic beauty products with rising prices seem less attractive.

According to the latest research report of China Merchants Securities, in the nine months from December 2022 to August this year, the monthly GMV (total turnover) of Huaxizi products on Ali platform only increased in three months. In December 2022 and January 2023, the overall GMV of Huaxizi on the Ali platform dropped by as much as 45% and 56%.

Not only Hua Xizi, but also the perfect diary that ran out almost at the same time as Hua Xizi has a similar situation — — In the past nine months, the GMV of Perfect Diary on Ali platform has declined year-on-year almost every month.

The trend of pressure may have appeared in 618 last year. According to the research report of Guoyuan Securities, during the period of June 18, 2022, the brand growth rate of Huaxi Zi failed, with a drop of 41%.

On the afternoon of September 14th, the reporter sent an interview request to Hua Xizi on the issue of sales volume. As of press time, the other party has not responded.

"The research data is also biased. As far as I know, there is more than one channel for brands now. Taobao, Shake (sound), Fast (hand) and Little Red Book all need marketing costs. Brands may focus on Taobao at this stage. If other sales channels perform well, they may focus on other channels (such as marketing costs). Brands don’t want to be monopolized by the platform, making themselves very passive. "

On the evening of September 14, an e-commerce industry practitioner bluntly told reporters: "To be honest, we don’t know whether the sales volume of the brand is rising or falling, because the industry of live e-commerce may find many anchors to bring the goods, and all the sales data are in the hands of the boss or the corresponding merchants’ meeting knows that the company’s data has a wall."

However, in Wang Kai’s perception, the overall beauty is indeed on the decline in the past two years.

Wang Kai had previously worked as a "friend" in the head live broadcast room. He analyzed to reporters: "One is because there will be more new products of beauty, and now both domestic products and big brands are actually rolling … … For domestic products, it is more powerful in cost performance, but many of them have no brand power to support, so if it is not a very classic product, its product life cycle will be shorter. "

"Now it doesn’t cost too much to build a brand and make a product, so it won’t have long-term vitality."

It is not difficult to make products, and marketing has become the "number one project" of the brand. In the process of industry involution, the live broadcast room of the head anchor still has great appeal to domestic beauty brands.

Everyone is criticizing Hua Xizi, but almost all brands want to be Hua Xizi. Since I started to contact Li Jiaqi Live Studio in 2018, in just five years, Huaxi’s revenue has achieved a leap from tens of millions to billions.

"Lick" — — Wan Qing, who was in charge of the live broadcast of a domestic beauty brand, used this word to describe the company’s dependence on the head anchor. Wan Qing’s brand has appeared in many popular variety shows, but its dependence on the head anchor is not much different from that of small brands. "Sometimes it is a loss, because self-broadcasting is not necessarily so good."

Wan Qing told reporters that the cooperation between his brand and the head anchor often adopts the model of pit fee plus commission. Wan Qing recalled that the price of cooperation with a head anchor at that time was about 300,000 to 400,000 pit fees, plus a certain percentage of commission. "There is also a molecular parent link. If it is a parent link, it is more links, and it will be more expensive."

Wang Kai provided a set of data to the reporter. In the beauty industry, there are two main ways to cooperate with the live broadcast room. One is a pure maid, which is about 30% ~ 50%; The second is the pit fee plus commission, but the commission is probably between 30% and 50%, depending on the cooperation rules between the product and the anchor. "If you are like the previous top anchor, his commission will not be lower than 40% or 50%."

Image source: Weibo @ Li Jiaqi Austin

In the face of such a high proportion of commission, why are brands looking for goods in the live broadcast room still "endless"?

"Live broadcast is a must for domestic beauty."

Wang Kai gave a view similar to Wan Qing’s. He thought there were two main problems: exposure and transformation.

"If you have a deep cooperation with the head anchor, the head anchor will give you a video, and its broadcast volume may reach several million, which is equivalent to your exposure of several million in the whole network; If there is a super head anchor, there may be tens of millions in one game, which means that your product has tens of millions of exposures. " In terms of transformation, "a small-headed anchor, if it sells well, will bring you an output of about one million. Although you said that you paid a commission of 30% to 40% to this anchor, you still earned it."

In Wang Kai’s view, the brand’s choice of head anchor has hidden benefits. "First of all, this is an increase in exposure. There is no way to calculate the income, but it is indeed a relatively large hidden income. If Tik Tok has these exposures on Taobao, it will correspondingly increase the search volume of keywords on Taobao … … After the product goes on the market, there will be more things to consider, which will definitely be much better than yourself.

Cover image source: vision china -VCG41N171299989

SAIC: Zhiji L7 has wireless charging function.

  () Financial Research Center On April 21st, some investors asked (), Hello: Is the newly released Zhiji L7 pure electric vehicle jointly built by your company and Alibaba? Is it true that this car also has wireless charging function? thank you

  The company replied, Dear investors, hello. Zhiji Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2020. It is a brand-new user-oriented automobile science and technology company jointly built by SAIC, () and Alibaba Group. Zhiji L7 has wireless charging function.

Exploring Xiaomi automobile production base: small batch trial production has been realized, and the new car will be listed in February next year.

"It should have started production, but not long ago I heard a voice coming from a distance." A few days ago, a person working near the Xiaomi automobile production base said in an interview with reporters.

A few days ago, the reporter visited Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Beijing Economic Development Zone and saw that the production plant had begun to take shape. There is Xiaomi’s LOGO on the office building, and occasionally big trucks and yellow engineering vehicles pass by.

Xiaomi Automobile Production Base Source: Photojournalist Li Xing

Waiting for the dock staff to visit at the gate of Xiaomi automobile factory
Zhang Hai (pseudonym), a component supplier, told reporters that the first phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, the four major factories of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, built production workshops (stamping, welding, painting and assembly) and started small-batch trial production. The manufactured car is parked in the assembly workshop.

Since Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced Xiaomi’s entry into the smart car industry, the dynamics of Xiaomi Automobile have attracted much attention. An insider who asked not to be named said in an interview that Xiaomi Automobile will start mass production next month (December) and start selling early next year (February). Previously, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi’s first car will be mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

The confidentiality system of the factory is strict, and suppliers queue up to visit.

For a long time, Xiaomi car has been quite secretive because of its high degree of confidentiality. "When we enter the factory, we are forbidden to use tools such as mobile phones and cannot disclose any information." Zhang Hai told reporters.

During the visit, the reporter also found that Xiaomi Automobile Factory is surrounded by green iron sheets and stone walls. Only the north gate is reserved as the entrance and exit, and strict inspection is required when entering.

The security guard at the entrance of Xiaomi automobile told the reporter that foreigners who need to enter the factory should not only scan and register the QR code at the security booth at the door and register the visitor information, but also contact the internal staff Xiaomi to automatically come out and guide them before they enter. "The internal confidentiality system of Xiaomi Automobile is very strict, and we have to go through this process every time we come here." Another component supplier waiting for internal employees at the gate of Xiaomi Automobile Factory also said.

Suppliers queue up at the door to register. Source: Reporter Li Xing

At the north gate of Xiaomi Automobile, the reporter saw nearly 20 people scanning the QR code to register at the door, waiting for contact. To choose. "Most of us are suppliers of Xiaomi auto parts, some have reached cooperation, and some are going to Xiaomi Auto to explore and seek possible cooperation." Zhang Hai said.

Rong Fang (pseudonym), who is also a supplier of Xiaomi Automobile, told reporters that he dropped by Xiaomi Automobile Factory after attending the closed meeting of Xiaomi Automobile. "Xiaomi Auto’s information confidentiality system is particularly strict. The company representatives who participated in Xiaomi’s closed-door meeting signed a confidentiality agreement and could not disclose any information released at the meeting to the outside world." Rong Fang said.

According to public information, on November 8, Xiaomi held a closed-door partner meeting in Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. Participants are all major buyers of Xiaomi Automobile, including Xiaomi mobile phone and automobile supply chain business. This closed-door meeting is only for invited people, and mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment are not allowed in the meeting room.

Thirteen. In November, the relevant person in charge of Xiaomi Group also said in an interview that the only information that can be disclosed to the outside world for Xiaomi Automobile is the mass production time of the first car (that is, the first half of the year). 2024).

Trial production of dozens of new cars

According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile Factory will be built in two phases. The first phase covers an area of about 720,000 square meters with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. It will be completed in June 2023; The first phase project is expected to start in 2024 and be completed in 2025.

According to public information, the related factories of the first phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory passed the acceptance on June 12. The reporter saw in front of Xiaomi Automobile Factory that the land to be developed and developed in the factory was separated from the completed factories and office buildings, and marked with "No.1". 1 to 5, barbed wire. "In addition to the factory building, Xiaomi Automobile Factory has also set up an internal low-speed test site for the trial production of vehicles." Zhang Hai told reporters.

Around Xiaomi Automobile Factory Image Source: Photographed by Li Xing reporter

According to the above-mentioned insider who asked not to be named, Xiaomi Automobile Factory has started trial production in small batches for some time and is currently producing vehicles. Dozens of cars. "The factory will start mass production at the end of this year to prepare for the launch of the model in February next year." An insider who asked not to be named said.

A few days ago, a detailed picture of the chassis of Xiaomi’s first model was exposed online. From the spy photos, the overall design of the new car is fashionable, and the popular hidden door handle may be adopted. On the back, you can see the arc shape of the taillights.

"From the design point of view, the new car is a car, very similar to Tucki P7." The above-mentioned insider who asked not to be named said. Zhang Hai also said that judging from the appearance of the white body parked in the factory, Xiaomi’s first car may be a "sports car-like" car.

Hu Zhengnan, who is in charge of Xiaomi’s auto-related business, posted a message in his personal Weibo: "Hey! It’s hard to protect myself from it, and now I have a headache. What if we just start selling? "

Guo Ming, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, believes that the key selling points of Xiaomi’s first model will focus on autonomous driving technology, software ecology, 800V fast charging and power configuration, and the price is expected to be below 300,000. "After the first Xiaomi model is listed in 2024, it is expected that the shipment will be 50,000 to 60,000 units." Guo Ming is full of confidence.

"Birth card" may appear.

Although the mass production of the time node is confirmed, there is no news that there is a problem at present.

"Xiaomi Automobile must use its own production qualification. The group has invested so much money (coming in) that it is impossible to produce with the qualifications of others. " A number of Xiaomi auto parts suppliers told national business daily.

According to Reuters, Xiaomi was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to produce electric vehicles in August this year, but it still needs the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. However, the news has not been officially confirmed. The reporter also inquired about Xiaomi Group many times, but did not get a reply.

The person in charge of the new energy automobile company, who asked not to be named, told reporters that one of the important prerequisites for automobile enterprises to obtain the production qualification of new energy vehicles is to have their own production plants. Xiaomi Automobile has already met this condition, which may be just a problem. "There is still more than half a year before mass production," Xiaomi Automobile revealed. It is not impossible for Xiaomi Automobile to obtain (production) qualification during this period. The CEO of the above-mentioned new energy automobile company, who asked not to be named, said.

It should be noted that it has recently been reported that Xiaomi Automobile has contacted Jianghuai Automobile, Chery Automobile, Beiqi Blue Xiaomi Automobile and Beiqi Blue Valley to make further progress in cooperation, and both parties are interested in further negotiations. In this regard, Xiaomi Automobile related person said that for the person in charge of Beiqi Blue Valley, he only replied to the reporter: "We have not received relevant news internally."

"In theory, Xiaomi Automobile has its own factory and does not need OEM production from other companies. Beiqi Zhenjiang Blue Valley Factory will produce four models at the same time in 2024, and its smart selection cooperation model with Huawei will also have to transform the Futian factory for production. " An insider close to Beiqi Blue Valley told reporters.

In addition, it has recently been reported that Haima Automobile and Xiaomi Automobile have reached a cooperation. In this regard, Haima Automobile said on the interactive platform that the company has no cooperation with Xiaomi Automobile at present. Xiaomi automobile’s news about automobile cooperation. "We don’t know the news." The relevant person in charge of Haima Automobile responded to the reporter.

However, the management of the above-mentioned new energy automobile company, who asked not to be named, believes that Xiaomi Automobile is likely to find other automobile companies to cooperate in production, but will use its own production qualifications. "Even if Xiaomi Car Factory can be put into production quickly next year, there will still be a process of increasing production capacity." The sales target set by Lei Jun is that the production capacity of Xiaomi Automobile in June 2024 is 100,000 units, and it is difficult for the new factory to reach this production capacity quickly. The above-mentioned unnamed executives of new energy automobile companies analyzed this.

The new car of Xiaomi Automobile will be listed in February next year. Data Map Source: vision china

According to Lei Jun’s plan, the first batch of Xiaomi cars will sell 100,000 vehicles within one year and deliver 900,000 vehicles in the next three years, thus "entering the first camp in the industry in 2024". This means that from 2025 to 2027, Xiaomi Automobile needs an annual production capacity of at least 300,000 vehicles.

"Xiaomi Auto’s contact with other car companies to solve the existing capacity problem is a strategy based on its long-term sales target, which can alleviate the subsequent capacity shortage of Xiaomi Auto to some extent. The management of the above-mentioned new energy automobile company, who asked not to be named, believes.

All photos and parameters of Xiaomi Automobile are made public, and the rear part is "Beijing Xiaomi".

According to the official opinion of the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on November 15th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the announcement of road motor vehicle manufacturers and products (No.377 series) and the catalogue of energy-saving and new energy-using vehicles enjoying the preferential treatment of vehicle and vessel tax (No.56 series).The two Xiaomi cars on the market are all pure electric vehicles of this brand.

According to public information, Xiaomi Automobile is a brand of Xiaomi products, a pure electric car, and a manufacturer.Release Xiaomi Automobile for BAIC Group-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Photo, the picture shows the rear logo of Xiaomi automobile "Beijing Xiaomi", and the millet model "BJ7000MBEVR2" with a wheelbase of 3000mm uses lithium iron phosphate battery, which is provided by the supplier and BYD subsidiary; The motor is produced by United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., and the driving motor power is 220kW.

Another Xiaomi car model "BJ7000MBEVA1" uses ternary lithium battery, and the supplier is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

Various parameter information published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Net exposure BYD Han collided with the fire door and could not open the scene of the owner’s death

Recently, according to many media reports, a BYD Han caught fire in the Dalong section of Cenxi of Baomao Expressway due to collision with the guardrail. Unfortunately, the driver Yang was trapped in the car and died unfortunately. On the afternoon of the 6th, according to media reports, the staff of Yuncheng District Court confirmed to reporters that Yang Moumou, a judge of the court, did die unfortunately due to a high-speed traffic accident yesterday, which was not a tolerance. At present, the court has contacted family members to appease their emotions and coordinate the aftermath.

According to the witnesses of the incident, after the BYD Han collided and caught fire, someone rescued it and found that the door could not be opened, which also delayed the best time for rescue.

It is understood that BYD Han built a high-end car for BYD Auto, and the new car is equipped with a hidden door handle.

The discussion about the hidden door handle has recently become a hot topic.

Recently, some netizens posted a video, in which a Tucki P7 directly crossed the sidewalk beside the road, directly knocked down a tree, and finally stopped at the top of the fence next to it, and the whole body was billowing with smoke. What is even more desperate is that even after such a big car accident, Xpeng Motors’s hidden door handle still didn’t pop up, and the rescuers outside couldn’t open the car door through normal channels. Although the accident didn’t expose any news of casualties, it was still chilling at first glance, and the hidden door handle was once again carried to the focus by everyone.

It is worth noting that Tesla, the "rhythmic" hidden door handle, has also had serious problems. In 2029, Omar Awan, a 48-year-old American anesthesiologist, drove a Tesla Model S (parameter picture) rented by himself on a road in South Florida. The car suddenly lost control and crashed into a palm tree next to it, and then caught fire. When the firemen arrived, they tried to rescue Omar Awan from the car, but found that the door could not be opened at all, because the door handle of Model S was not a regular handle, but a so-called hidden handle, which automatically popped up when the car key was detected. Firefighters tried every means but couldn’t open the collapsed car door. They could only watch the fire devour Omar Awan’s life. Witnesses around also took these pictures.

When the hidden door handle has become a popular product, but some drawbacks are fatal, I feel that it is necessary for us to reflect and the relevant departments need to intervene. In order to avoid such a tragedy from happening again.

On May 15th, Haval Xiaolong series was officially launched.

Carrying the attention and expectation of countless users, the brand-new models of Haval brand in the new energy market-Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong will be officially listed in Beijing on May 15th. As a "global SUV expert", Haval brand is committed to bringing users the best SUV of each era. Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong are the latest masterpieces that Haval brought to users in the new energy era.

Relying on the new sequence, new channels, new technologies, new products and four "new" measures of Haval brand, Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong will bring users a higher quality travel experience with all-round strength, reset the new value benchmark of new energy SUV, and create a new era of Haval automobile in this field.

Hi4 electric four-wheel drive is standard, and Haval Xiaolong MAX promotes equal rights in science and technology.

As a sharp knife model of Haval Auto, Haval Xiaolong MAX comes standard with Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology, which is specially designed for the high-end driving needs of new energy scenes, and brings technological equality to users with technological innovation.

Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology includes three major technological innovations, namely, a new hybrid configuration with three power sources and two shafts, an iTVC intelligent torque vector control system and an innovative design of two-gear electromechanical coupling unit, which is the first new form of electric hybrid in the world.

Specifically, the hybrid configuration of Hi4 electric four-wheel drive integrates the generator and the driving motor on the front axle, and distributes the engine, the front and rear double motors, and a total of three power sources on the front and rear axles, which reduces the cost of the model, thus breaking the premium of the four-wheel drive model relative to the two-wheel drive model in pricing.

At the same time, iTVC intelligent torque vector control system can monitor the information of vehicles and roads in real time, dynamically adjust the torque output of each axle, and ensure the smooth performance of vehicles on cornering, wet and unpaved roads; Haval Xiaolong MAX has 3 engines and 9 modes of intelligent dynamic switching, which can switch different power modes under different working conditions such as cities and high speed, so as to achieve "the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes".

Based on the excellent performance of Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, Haval Xiaolong MAX can accelerate 0-100km/h with a comprehensive power of 205kW and a comprehensive torque of 585N·m and 6.8s; NEDC has a pure battery life of 105km, and the fuel consumption of WLTC feed is 5.5L/100km. In the previous endurance challenge, Haval Xiaolong MAX achieved the ultimate cruising range of 1231km under the condition of full oil and full charge, showing the strength of all-round electric four-wheel drive.

Implementing the actual interests of users, Haval Xiaolong MAX brings real scientific and technological equality. There is no longer a premium on the price of four-wheel drive models, which provides excellent experience and further reduces the cost of car use, so as to achieve "four-wheel drive experience, two-wheel drive price, four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive energy consumption", so that users can "afford it, drive well, use it sparingly and run far" and lead the new energy SUV into a new era of four-wheel drive for all.

In addition, Haval Xiaolong MAX has a leading intelligent experience at the same level, adopting a new Coffee OS intelligent cockpit, bringing a 3×12.3-inch super-suspended large screen, especially the full-color LCD co-pilot screen, which is enough to add laughter to the journey; W-HUD head-up digital display can display a variety of information, avoid drivers’ distraction and improve travel safety. At the same time, Haval Xiaolong MAX has a body size comparable to that of a medium-sized SUV, and the wheelbase of 2800mm makes the whole family travel spacious and comfortable.

The inductance is interesting, and Haval Xiaolong starts to enjoy life lightly.

Haval Xiaolong is specially designed for young users and young families. The high-efficiency DHT electric hybrid system has a comprehensive power of 185kW, a comprehensive torque of 375N·m, a NEDC pure battery life of 110km, a comprehensive battery life of 1000km+, intelligent switching of various driving modes, and a perfect balance between power and energy consumption in daily vehicles.

In order to meet the high requirements of young consumers for driving experience, Haval Xiaolong adopted the adjustment of sports chassis to locally strengthen the key installation points of the car body, which increased the lateral stiffness of the car body by 14% and made it more confident in dynamic driving.

At the same time, Haval Xiaolong has a minimalist inductive driving control that conforms to the trend of new energy. The user carries the key handle to unlock the lock, fastens the seat belt when sitting down, and can directly drive in gear after stepping on the brake to show READY. The whole process is completed in one go, making driving more convenient.

Haval new energy network is ready to go, and the service experience is fully upgraded.

With the upgrading of users’ demand for services, the automobile marketing service channels are also changing. In this regard, Haval brand integrates the advantages of the original channels and builds a brand-new new energy sales network-Haval New Energy Network.

Haval New Energy Network is a diversified channel layout, which integrates 4S stores, urban landmark stores and other modes. It is not only a platform to provide users with purchase, car purchase and after-sales service, but also a three-dimensional business card integrating brand display, concept promotion and ecological construction.

In addition, Haval New Energy Network also has a tea break area and a children’s area, so that users can enjoy the traditional 4S shop shopping service and realize interactive communication with users and brands.

The successful construction of Haval New Energy Network has greatly improved the decision-making, operation and execution efficiency of Haval brand, and also brought comprehensive improvement to the user service upgrade of Haval brand, helping Haval brand to create a more efficient, open and healthy new car ecosystem for users.


At the upcoming launch conference, the Haval brand will show the excellent product strength of Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong to the national media and users. These two models will lead the new wave in the field of new energy SUVs, provide users with high-quality travel experience and meet their needs for intelligence and comfort. In particular, Haval Xiaolong MAX, which is equipped with Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, will give users an unprecedented excellent experience by empowering technology equality with technological innovation.

The comprehensive strength of Haval Xiaolong series not only highlights the innovative ability of Haval brand in product research and development, but also further consolidates Haval’s brand position as a "global SUV expert" and brings groundbreaking influence to the new energy SUV industry.

Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched in one day. At present, 99 yuan’s pre-emptive booking is still going on, so you can enjoy multiple great gifts immediately. At the same time, you can also go to the Haval New Energy Network Experience Store in your city for a field test drive experience and get a close look at the charm of Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong products.