From the Warring States Period to the end of Ming Dynasty, a quick look at the excellent domestic animation with historical themes in recent ten years.

The exaggeration and imagination of animation have inherent advantages in telling stories. Compared with animation, history often gives people a more serious and realistic feeling. When animation collides with history, there are not many representative works in history of animation, China. Animators tend to start with China’s fairy tales, because its fantastic and fantastic characteristics coincide with animation, and it is easier to adapt them. However, there are also some creators who bravely climb the peak, looking for strange things from China’s long history, or aesthetic features and times features that inspire them. The Beijing News has made a special inventory of some representative works in the past decade. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities of "history+animation".

Warring States to Qin dynasty

Nine Songs of Heaven (in 2016, Douban scored 9.0)

In the face of the pressure of the strong neighbor Qin, South Korea, which is at stake, is still full of darkness. Han Fei, a son of the royal family who returned from studying in Qi State, joined hands with Wei Zhaung, a descendant of Ghost Valley, to form a "quicksand" organization that embodies the spirit of legalism, and led Zhang Liang, Zi Nv and others to have a thrilling confrontation with the dark forces in Ji Wuye.

Poster of "Hundred Steps Flying Sword of the Bright Moon in Qin Dynasty".

Qin Shi Ming Yue Series (2007-present)

This series is inspired by Wen Shiren’s original novels. The background of the story is taken from the historical period from Qin Shihuang’s destruction of the Six Kingdoms to Xiang Yu’s destruction of the Qin Dynasty, which spans about 30 years. The protagonist, Tianming, stubbornly lives in troubled times like a weed, bravely resists the chivalrous men in the face of violent regimes and sinister enemies.

The Eastern Han Dynasty

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (in 2017, Douban scored 8.2 points)

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos and disputes among heroes, and Wei, Shu and Wu countries rose one after another, which became a decisive trend, and a long historical drama was performed.

The scene of "Three Boundaries in Taoyuan" in the animation "Three Kingdoms Speech".

Fire phoenix starts a prairie fire (in 2023, Douban scored 8.5 points)

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo was in chaos in Beijing, holding the emperor as a vassal and taking his relatives hostage. Then, under the planning of Lu Bu, he prepared to use Luoyang as bait to trick the allied forces into the urn and burn Luoyang. In order to save the hostages, the allied forces have their own unique tricks, and the stage of the hegemons and heroes has officially kicked off.

Sui dynasty

Dart man (in 2023, Douban scored 8.4 points)

Adapted from the comic book of the same name by Xu Xianzhe, it tells the story that in 607 AD, the emperor was cruel and heartless, and the people were in poverty. The escort was walking in the desert of the western regions with a knife and a horse. On the way to avoid the imperial court, he took an escort mission with Chang ‘an as his destination, which was full of dangers and dangers.

Stills of "The Dart Man", the picture shows Emperor Yangdi holding his ministers.

the Tang Dynasty

Painting the Bad People Series in Jianghu (from 2014 to now, Douban scored 8.4 points)

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the situation was turbulent. The mysterious organization "bad people" belonging to the government all lost their trace, as did the priceless treasury treasure. According to legend, all the secrets are hidden in the Longquan sword, and those who get the Longquan sword have the ability to control the world. Li Xingyun was orphaned at an early age, adopted by a kind hermit, Uncle Yang, and followed him to practice martial arts. After many years, he went down the mountain with his school sister Lu Linxuan to improve his martial arts, and met Ji Ruxue and Zhang Zifan. By coincidence, Li Xingyun actually got the Longquan sword, and the news spread like wildfire, which aroused the vigilance of major sects. They sent killers to track Li Xingyun and his party in an attempt to snatch the Longquan sword …

Journal of Dali Temple (in 2020, Douban scored 8.2 points)

During the reign of Wu Mingkong in the Tang Dynasty, Dali Temple, which was in charge of major national cases, was used as the stage to tell the story that all the people in Dali Temple, led by white cat Shao Qing Li Bing, launched all kinds of thrilling adventures to solve crimes, rebelled against fate and adhered to their inner justice.

Stills of Dali Temple Journal.

Tianbao Fu Yao Record (in 2020, Douban scored 7.5 points)

It tells the story of five teenagers, Li Jinglong, Kong Hongjun, Artest, Mo Rigen and Qiu Yongsi, who met Chang ‘an, Tang Dou by chance, and fought for justice in the world.

The movie Chang ‘an Three Wan Li (in 2023, Douban scored 8.3 points).

A few years after the An Shi Rebellion broke out, the Tubo army attacked the southwest. Our time in the Tang Dynasty made Gao Shi’s engagement unfavorable, and Chang ‘an was in jeopardy. Gao Shi, who was trapped in a lonely city, recalled his past with Li Bai to the eunuch of the prison army.

Gao Shi meets Li Bai in Three Wan Li in Chang ‘an.

Song dynasty

Strange Talk in Kaifeng-This Bao Gong is not very good (in 2017, Douban scored 7.2 points)

Strange Tales in Kaifeng redefines the roles of Bao Gong, Gongsun Ce and Zhan Zhao. They changed their previous serious images, and they were cute and funny on weekdays, but they were serious, handsome and wise when exploring cases.


Qi Jiguang (in 2014, Douban scored 7.8 points).

It tells the heroic story of Qi Jiajun led by Qi Jiguang in Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty, who risked his life to fight in Zhejiang, Fujian and other places to wipe out the enemy.

Animated Qi Jiguang poster.

Junior Royal Guards Season 1 (in 2017, Douban scored 8.0)

At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, set up a Royal Guards’ pro-army commander, and later set up a North-South Town Fu Department to inspect officials and was powerful. The Royal Guards have been in existence for a hundred years. The towns in the north and the south are at odds with each other. Foreign bandits are eyeing the Central Plains, rivers and lakes are full of smoke, and bandits are rampant. The most famous among thieves is the "Three Thieves". Young Yuan Xiaotang, as the only son of Yuan Xiaozhi, the commander of Beizhen Fushi Company, saw the sudden change of the imperial city and was bent on proving himself and making great contributions …

Four Seas Whale Riding Season 1 (in 2018, Douban scored 6.4 points)

On the occasion of the emperor’s sea patrol, Prince Jianwen witnessed the sudden regicide of Zheng, who was also a teacher and friend. He was framed by the court as killing his father and seized the position, and fled back to Quanzhou in a panic. Zheng, the prefect, accepted the order of the prince, returned to Quanzhou to arrest Jianwen, and after seeing through it, Prince Jianwen started his escape journey to the south from Quanzhou … At this time, all parties inside and outside the court were ready to move.

Wanguozhi (in 2019, Douban scored 8.4 points)

It tells the story that Qian Zonglu Changfeng, a navy master of Daming, came to the "Wan Guo" of Luzon Island after the fleet was completely annihilated, joined Song Xianxing’s organization "Tiangong", and fought against the colonists and the invading forces at sea with the strange people of all countries.

Stills of the annals of the nations.

Pillow knife song (in 2021, Douban scored 8.2 points)

The ancient overhead worldview, based on the background of "the building will collapse" in the late Ming Dynasty, focuses on personal choice in the big era. One of the important roles-the scholar-born "general" Ding Wuhou, was partly modeled by Yuan Chonghuan, a historical figure.

Involving multiple dynasties

China Ancient Poetry Animation (in 2015, Douban scored 9.1 points)

It is an animated short film collection with classic ancient poetry as the theme of the story and historical allusions of Jiading Hongru giants as the outline.

If history is a group of meows (in 2018, Douban scored 8.2 points)

Adapted from the comic book of the same name, it is a historical animation based on Chinese history and other documents and materials.

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Proofread Zhai Yongjun