How many unreasonable places are there in the female body?

From forest apes to modern humans

Humans have experienced tens of millions of years of evolution.

In this process

We learned to walk upright and use tools.

Has produced the emotion, the thinking consciousness

Great changes have taken place in the body.

it is a pity that

Although after tens of millions of years of evolution,

Our bodies still have some. …

Where "it doesn’t seem reasonable"

Let’s take a look at it with you today.

The female body

How many unreasonable places are there?

Private part

First of all, let’s talk about the biggest difference between women and men-reproductive system. As one of the most important parts of the human body, the reproductive system, which bears the heavy responsibility of racial reproduction, has a "huge" defect in design-it is too close to the urinary system and excretory system.

Women’s reproductive tract mouth, urethral mouth and anus are too close. Under the attack of these two, various problems follow.

It is inevitable that there will be some "dirty things" in excreta that are not conducive to health. Because they are too close, these "dirty things" may run to the reproductive system with a little carelessness, causing inflammation, mold infection and other diseases.

Even if you pay great attention to personal hygiene, it is difficult to keep this area dry and fresh all the time. The humid environment will continue to irritate the skin and cause folliculitis.

In addition, the female reproductive system has also designed an unreasonable "cooling mechanism"-menstruation stage.

Regular visits by "big aunt" will not only bring a lot of inconvenience in life, but also bring physical pain and emotional fluctuations.


After talking about the private parts, let’s turn our eyes to the inside of the body and talk about the pelvis.

In order to give birth smoothly, women’s pelvis is wider than men’s, and such "differential treatment" brings many "congenital disadvantages" to girls.

Because the pelvis is narrower, boys can have a "good-looking" ass without effort. And girls’ hips are wide and flat.

The wider pelvis also leads to a larger pelvic inclination, a forward posture and an X-leg problem.

Therefore, women are more vulnerable to pelvic pain, and at the same time, the probability of low back pain and other problems is higher than that of men.

Accessory milk

Next, let’s move our eyes upward-vice breasts.

During fetal development, if the redundant breast tissue is not completely degraded, this embarrassing thing will appear. Although complementary breasts will not pose a threat to women’s health, they will bring some inconvenience and trouble to women.

First of all, the first question is-not good-looking. Vice breasts usually grow near women’s armpits. In summer, these two bulging "fat" have become the heart disease of many girls.

If it’s just "two lumps of meat", it’s tolerable. I’m afraid that the pair of breasts is the version with nipples, which is embarrassing to by going up one flight of stairs.

corpus luteum

The corpus luteum may be unfamiliar to men. Let me introduce it to you first. The corpus luteum of women is a temporary gland in the ovary, which will be formed after ovulation.

Unlike "useless auxiliary milk", Huang will secrete hormones such as progesterone, which can help the endometrium maintain a stable state and promote the full development of the chest.

But it has a fatal bug-it will break! And it is easy to break!

Slightly violent jumping, running, or too hard when going to the toilet may cause corpus luteum rupture. If the pressure in the yellow body is too great and no external force is needed, it will even break for you automatically.

After corpus luteum rupture, abdominal pain will be severe, and if internal bleeding is serious, there may even be shock.

Prostaglandins and androgens

Yes, women also secrete prostaglandins and androgens. The former can regulate menstrual cycle and fertility, while the latter can affect women’s sexual desire and reproductive health.

However, if these two hormones are secreted too much, they will have adverse effects on girls’ health.

Excessive secretion of prostaglandin will amplify girls’ sensitivity to pain, while excessive secretion of androgen will lead to more body hair and irregular menstruation.

The good news is.

Some researchers have found that

Over the past 40 thousand years

The speed of human evolution is accelerating.

Especially in the last 5000 years.

The speed of human evolution is 100 times faster than before.

Over time.

These "unreasonable" places.

Maybe through evolution.

Become more reasonable

But everyone here

I don’t think I can witness it in person

Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

End of this period