Easy car: stable price+improved sense of technology, BYD Han EV hits the hearts of young customers.

According to the data of "Yi Che Zhi" and "October Passenger Car Market Operation Report", in October 2021, the sales volume of BYD Hanxin Energy reached 9,250, a year-on-year increase of 134.3%; From January to October this year, BYD’s cumulative sales volume of Hanxin Energy was 82,087 vehicles. According to the data released by BYD, as of October, Hanxin has achieved positive sales growth for seven consecutive months, and the monthly sales volume has exceeded 10,000 for the sixth time. Therefore, Hanxin has also become a well-deserved star among domestic high-end new energy vehicles.

Zhang Lin, the general manager of Beijing BYD Dynasty flagship store, told Yi Chezhi that BYD Han, as a domestic B-class car, accounts for about 40% of consumers aged 25-35, which is quite rare. He believes that Han models are widely favored by the younger generation, which is the result of the proper combination of product strength and channel sales strategy.

Nowadays, vehicle modeling is a prerequisite for grasping the younger generation of consumers. Former Audi design director Iger has sharpened his sword for five years, integrating China elements with international trends. The birth of BYD Han has created the DNA of a new era of independent vehicles, and its design sense and trendy aesthetics have undoubtedly touched many young consumers. "Most young people are’ Yan Kong’, and the plain shape is tantamount to a horse slipping." Fan Anjing, sales director of Suzhou Ganyuan Xinjing BYD, said, "Young people’s pursuit of beauty is more unique than other age groups, and Han’s overall design is not stereotyped, which is far from the stereotype of domestic independent brand models."

Zhang Lin pointed out that in addition to design, the sense of science and technology is also a major selling point for products to attract young people. BYD, which built its own R&D system in the early years, is a leader in the automotive three-electric system. Soon after the revolutionary R&D achievement-blade battery was launched, BYD Han EV also came out.

Based on excellent quality, BYD Han EV also has the "Three Electricity Lifetime Warranty", which can be described as full of sincerity. Fan Anjing said that when explaining the Han model to potential users, the most basic thing is to fully develop the product’s own value. "The configuration of the car, the after-sales policy and BYD’s technology are the overall value of the vehicle. The value reflects the basis of pricing, and it is concluded that the model has a strong cost performance, which is an important basis for attracting young users to buy entry-level high-end cars."

"Chasing low prices" was once the label of domestic car consumers. With the improvement of national consumption level and industrial manufacturing level, a new generation of young consumers no longer blindly pursue low prices to save money, but they will not rudely pursue the identity brought by high prices. From the sales performance of BYD Han, young consumers tend to be more rational and pay more and more attention to the brand’s "true cost performance".

As a strategic model of BYD’s comparable Tesla Model 3, the Han model also has a fairly stable price system, which is rare among independent models. Zhang Lin revealed that since the listing, Han models have been sold at the manufacturer’s guide price, and dealers have not sold at a premium or at a reduced price. "In the past, consumers who bought domestic brands often encountered price cuts a few months after buying a car, so everyone would tend to wait and see the price and hold the money for purchase. Selling at the guided price like BYD Han is conducive to maintaining the high-end image of the brand and increasing consumers’ trust in the brand. "

Not only that, according to Zhang Lin, the purchase mode of "consignment by order" by Tesla and other brands has greatly reduced the inventory pressure of dealers on Han models and laid the foundation for the stability of the price system of the whole Han model. Especially in 2021, when there is a shortage of automobile chips and the production capacity is tight, the period from "making a decision" to picking up a car becomes longer. This model reduces the wait-and-see bargaining mentality when holding money for purchase, and indirectly makes consumers recognize the price.

Pre-sale price of 300,000/600,000 BYD Tang announced.

speed up apply the brakes oil consumption second rice rise Still very fierce to test the new BYD Tang DM 80 first. Evaluation Editor-Liang Haiwen:

For its acceleration and braking performance, in fact, this level can already be predicted before the test, and the new Tang DM 80 impressed me deeply mainly because it should be said that it has done a good job in driving quality. The quiet and comfortable feeling when driving with pure electricity will make passengers have a good riding experience, and the excellent performance of kinetic energy recovery system is also an important assistant to reduce energy consumption/fuel consumption. On the whole, if you are interested in buying a hybrid model, Tang DM is a model worthy of special consideration.

Evaluation editor-Chen Hai maid:

The hybrid system of Tang DM can be said to be relatively mature, although it has a lot of bright data, such as speeding up the results in less than five seconds. But it is a family car after all, so I am actually more concerned about its pure battery life and daily driving experience. Fortunately, I am not disappointed. More importantly, the new Tang price is quite kind. Even if you don’t want a hybrid model, then the fuel version of less than 130,000 is believed to impress many friends.

Evaluation Editor-Huang Rongjia:

It is not news that Tang DM accelerates quickly. The old model itself is very fast, and the new generation has inherited the aura. What really surprises me is that the new generation of Tang DM is equipped with 22-inch rims and brembo six-piston brake calipers, and the vibration reduction effect is very good. If you consider that this is a medium-sized 7-seat SUV with less than 300,000, it is really exciting. For BYD, for China brand, it’s really disappointing this time, which makes people sit up and take notice.

SAIC: Zhiji L7 has wireless charging function.

  () Financial Research Center On April 21st, some investors asked (), Hello: Is the newly released Zhiji L7 pure electric vehicle jointly built by your company and Alibaba? Is it true that this car also has wireless charging function? thank you

  The company replied, Dear investors, hello. Zhiji Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2020. It is a brand-new user-oriented automobile science and technology company jointly built by SAIC, () and Alibaba Group. Zhiji L7 has wireless charging function.

Four key words of BYD Han family’s popularity from update to better.

  International Online auto channel News: 190,000 cars, the Han family, as BYD’s car product, has crossed a market milestone in the past March. Since it was listed for 20 months, its performance has been impeccable. Facing the high expectations of the market, it has handed over many nearly perfect sales answers one after another.

  Behind the achievements, part of it is attributed to the wave of "new four modernizations" of automobiles. New energy vehicles are in the best era, which provides opportunities and confidence for BYD, the industry leader.

  After the official announcement of stopping the production of fuel vehicles in a drastic way, the newly evolved flagship car of BYD Han family was listed in the public eye on April 10, and I believe many people have been looking forward to it for a long time.

  The battery life of Han EV Chuangshi pure electric car increased to 715km;; Han EV Qian Shan Cui limited edition national tide culture self-confidence; Han DM-i can be oil and electricity; Subversion performance of Chinese DM-P. Four brand-new advanced models have formed an unprecedented super matrix in the medium and large car market, and the price range and target population have been further expanded. It is bound to achieve the penetration and breakthrough of China automobile brand into the luxury market occupied by joint venture brands with the advantages of new energy technology, and accelerate the market share of traditional fuel vehicles in the past.

  Why is the product strength of BYD Han family more and more "invincible"? How does BYD realize the continuous evolution of explosive products to the high end? The answer may be in the following four keywords.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image001

  More luxurious in China.

  The advanced core of BYD’s Han Yan value is reflected in the perfect integration of traditional culture and modern luxury, without losing low-key luxury.

  On the basis of the design language of "Longyan Aesthetics" created by BYD’s global design director Wolfgang Eiger, the front face, taillights and vehicle design of the Han family are once again elaborately crafted, showing the elegance and smoothness of a new generation of Longyan flagship coupe.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image002

  In addition to the brand-new penetrating Chinese knot taillights that incorporate the essence of Chinese culture, the limited edition design of Han EV Qian Shan Cui is amazing. The name of Qian Shan Cui is taken from the poem in Cheng Ju’s Three Peaks Cottage — — "Rain washes Qian Shan’s greenery, and the paddy field and the pine stream have been struggling." The turquoise tone of landscape paintings is rich and profound, and the colors under the illumination are bright and bright. At the same time, it complements the high and cold color matching with a series of exclusive exterior interior sports kits, and the intelligent fragrance with thick makeup and light touch adds a touch of elegance.

  The interior design extracts the arrangement of the word "Pin" from the ancient buildings in China, so that the whole interior creates a sense of encirclement, while emphasizing the advanced sense of spatial layering. The dragon elements such as the luxurious seats with dragon scales interpret the Chinese fashion atmosphere, and the warm and restrained purple carbon fiber interior is full of artistic atmosphere.

  On the whole, BYD has created a Han family with a luxurious world outlook, which is highly recognized by mainstream aesthetics and has a unique symbol of China culture. It can’t help but make people feel that "Hua Liu" is the top stream, reflecting strong national self-confidence.

From Update to Better Four Key Words of BYD Han Family _fororder_image003

  More "fragrant" performance

  As a leader of new energy vehicles, BYD has always adhered to the development concept of "technology is king, innovation is the foundation", and it is the only enterprise in the world that has mastered the core technologies of new energy vehicle chips, batteries, motors, electronic control and charging facilities, and vehicle manufacturing.

  The empowerment of many core technologies is the capital for the Han family to sell well for a long time. Relying on major technological breakthroughs such as blade battery, DM-i super hybrid, DM-p, and equipped with three power systems including EV, DM-i and DM-p, the evolved Han family achieved a further improvement in performance and efficiency, and solved many travel pain points and needs.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image004

  First of all, let’s look at the Han EV Genesis Edition. The comprehensive maximum torque of the new car system is as high as 700N·m, which is almost comparable to the performance of the V10 engine. The four-wheel drive version only needs 3.9s for zero acceleration. With the support of high-efficiency heat pump air conditioning in wide temperature range and battery direct cooling and direct heating technology, the CLTC battery life of Han EV Genesis Edition is as high as 715km, and the charging rate is increased to 150km at most when charging for 10 minutes, and the super fast charging from 30% to 80% can be completed in 30 minutes, so that the user’s travel radius is significantly improved, and the pain points of low-temperature battery life and charging efficiency are solved.

  Different from the single configuration of Han DM in the past, this time BYD provided the dual options of Han DM-i focusing on energy saving and Han DM-p focusing on performance, creating a new experience of plug-in hybrid cars.

  Han DM-i is powered by super hybrid technology, equipped with core components such as Xiaoyun-Plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine with thermal efficiency as high as 40.12%, EHS electric hybrid system, DM-i super hybrid special power blade battery, etc., which subverts the traditional oil-based hybrid technology architecture. The fuel consumption of NEDC is as low as 4.2L per 100 km, the comprehensive cruising range of NEDC is as high as 1,300 km, and the zero-speed acceleration only takes 7.9s This set of endurance, performance and fuel consumption data makes Han DM-i one of the best choices in the 200,000-300,000 class car market.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image005

  Han DM-p can be described as both performance and efficiency, which has almost refreshed the new height of luxury cars. In addition to the engine, it is equipped with front and rear dual motors with a comprehensive maximum power of 360kW and a maximum torque of 675N·m, with an acceleration of 3.7s at zero speed, a fuel consumption of 5.2L at a power loss of 100 km for NEDC, and a pure battery life of 202km for NEDC. Han DM-p has the strength to break the market pattern of 300,000-class luxury cars in the future.

  According to the current situation, a small number of China automobile brands may be able to seize some high-end market share, but it is still difficult to achieve a big breakthrough. The evolution of Han family products has opened a door for entering the high-end market, and making the product cost-effective is the key to open this door.

  Science and technology support high-end

  In order to attract more BBA and new high-end consumer groups, BYD must come up with a better user experience, especially intelligence.

  BYD has DiPilot in the field of intelligent driving and DiLink in the field of intelligent cockpit. The intelligent standard of Han family emphasizes the safety and openness of the whole scene, from steady and reliable to gradually leading. This time, the Han family’s intelligent driving assistance and intelligent cockpit have been fully upgraded.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image006

  The DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with 24 sensors at most, including 12 ultrasonic radars +5 millimeter-wave radars +4 panoramic cameras +1 intelligent driving high-perception camera +1 Eps torque sensor +1 DMS driver status monitoring camera, reaching the level of L2.5, and the functions of driving assistance on expressway, emergency lane keeping assistance and intelligent comity are greatly improved.

  DiLink 4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system has a brand-new UI design and customized APP. It is equipped with 5G chips to increase the speed by over 10 times, and the dual-frequency positioning accuracy can be as accurate as 1 meter, and it supports intelligent voice interaction. In addition to the Han DM-i 121KM distinguished model, the whole system is equipped with HiFi-class customized Dana audio, and at the same time supports the remote upgrade of OTA of the whole vehicle to create a smarter, more efficient and more humane intelligent cockpit.

  The intelligent technology that does not sell futures has successfully landed on the product side, and the practical experience brought by BYD Han to users is unmatched by many cars of the same class.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image007

  The safety of tempering.

  Safety is the primary pain point for consumers to buy new energy vehicles. In turn, this is actually one of the most prominent features of BYD Han.

  From all kinds of rigorous tests in the R&D process, to blade batteries with high-temperature "ceramic battery" technology, to multiple active and passive safety functions and material laying, and then to diversified cockpit safety guarantee, BYD’s full-dimensional safety performance was finally achieved, and its high score passed C-NCAP "five-star safety certification" and C-IASI three "GOOD" double certifications.

  For the car health that users are generally concerned about, BYD Han adopts the "baby-grade" painting and refreshing process, reaching the level of European standard 3.0. The green clean mode and remote high-temperature disinfection and sterilization mode bring safer fresh breath.

  Han family products also add W-HUD head-up display in the aspect of active safety. The larger imaging size and brightness can significantly improve driving safety, while DMS driver monitoring can carry out fatigue detection, distraction detection and long-term driving detection, and remind drivers through multimedia, instrument icon text and language.

  Based on the performance of key products in the above four aspects: luxury, performance, intelligence and safety, the brand appeal of BYD Han family is also growing positively, and the user group is constantly expanding.

Four keywords from update to better BYD Han family _fororder_image008


  Previously, BYD revealed that the cumulative orders of Han DM-i and Han DM-p had exceeded 12,098 vehicles in just 10 hours when the pre-sale was opened. After the launch of four new cars, the monthly sales volume of the Han family is expected to be 20,000.

  From the product evolution of the Han family, we have seen the multi-dimensional qualitative change of BYD at the level of technology, products and market, which is also the basis for BYD to become the first fuel vehicle company in the world to stop production. As Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, said at the performance briefing of the 2021 annual report: "With the introduction of DM-i and blade batteries, especially a turning point product like Han EV, BYD’s brand should be said to be different from before." (Text: Yang Xiaohong Figure: BYD)

There can’t be a price before the official release! Why is Xiaomi car difficult to "price"?

Early this morning, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, released the ultimate rumor about Xiaomi Automobile on the social media platform. Wang Hua said that in the past two days, rumors have been made three times to clarify the price P chart of Xiaomi Automobile.Today, the rumor is finally dismissed. Until the official Xiaomi automobile product launch conference is over, all the information and posters with Xiaomi automobile version and price are fake..

Wang Hua also said that there can be no price and policy before the official release. Don’t believe the so-called insider rumors, no one knows the real price, or even the official release time, because everything has not yet been determined.

Things to review:

Regarding the price of Xiaomi car, at the Xiaomi car technology conference held on December 28, 2023, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, explained the performance of the first car SU7 of Xiaomi and said firmly: "So don’t shout 99,000 (referring to the pricing of Xiaomi SU7), it is impossible!" Lei Jun further said: "Anyone who has this kind of performance and configuration will get more than 400,000! Therefore, there is no need to talk about 149,000, but we still have to respect technology! "

On January 2nd, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi SU750 had no rivals within 7.5 million and rushed to Weibo for hot search. On the same day, Lei Jun wrote on the social media platform, "Xiaomi SU7, who is competing with the same file?" . In the comment area of this article in Weibo, some netizens commented, "Without the price, I don’t know who is in the same file. Mr. Lei will give the price quickly and want to buy a car for the New Year."

Subsequently, Lei Jun replied to this comment, "Is there an opponent within 500,000?"

Xiaomi public relations rumors three times in two days.

Recently, some people have made a price poster similar to Xiaomi’s official style, which indicates that the pre-sale price of Xiaomi SU7 rear-drive standard version is 99,000, and the pre-sale price of Xiaomi SU7 four-wheel drive Max version is 599,000.

In this regard, Wang Hua, the head of Xiaomi’s public relations, denied rumors on the social media platform on the 3rd. These pictures were fake at first glance. "Not only is the font wrong, but there is no metric mark, and the screenshot of official website is directly P".

After the rumor was rumored on the 3rd, a poster picture of the scheduled opening of Xiaomi SU7 was circulated on the Internet. This time, the picture was made very realistically, with many details, but unfortunately it was still fake.

Wang Hua, head of Xiaomi’s public relations, said: "Everyone’s expectations have been received, and the rhythm of a daily picture is unnecessary. When it is officially released, everyone can see it at a glance."

Why is Xiaomi car difficult to "price"?

Nowadays, the pricing of Xiaomi SU7 has become a mystery, and it has also earned enough attention.

According to national business daily, according to Pang Rui, a well-known brand expert and founding partner of Zhansheng Communication, this may be a "test water" for Xiaomi Automobile in pricing. "So far, for the pricing of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi is more denying the price circulated on the Internet, without giving any positive hints. Perhaps this is also a pricing test strategy, that is, by observing the market’s public opinion feedback on different rumored prices, Xiaomi can constantly correct the price and gradually form the final pricing in the process. " He said, "Xiaomi has denied the three prices of 99,000, 149,000 and 599,000, which also shows that Xiaomi SU7 will not be positioned in the low-end or luxury car market, but is more likely to choose the middle and high-end market."

Whether it is electronic products such as mobile phones or home appliances such as televisions, millet products are often known for their cost performance. When Xiaomi turned to the car track, many people also expected its first car, especially in terms of price, hoping that it could maintain the brand tonality of "high cost performance".

Some netizens speculate from the current automobile market that the minimum starting price of Xiaomi automobile may be between 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan. At the same time, it is reported that Xiaomi SU7 Max needs to be sold for more than 330,000 yuan to achieve breakeven.

According to China Net Finance, Liang Zhenpeng, a senior industrial economic observer, said that Xiaomi’s pricing was not announced, which may be a decision made by considering various factors. "On the one hand, it takes a long time for a car to go from PPT to commercial mass production, and then to improve the yield to meet the standards of product quality, process performance and other technical parameters. For Xiaomi, the cost is temporarily difficult to determine, so the price has not been disclosed yet; On the other hand, in the process of R&D and manufacturing, Xiaomi’s automobile products will continue to be iteratively updated, and the cost will continue to change, thus affecting the final pricing. "

How much do you think Xiaomi will sell?

Upstream news is integrated from Sina Weibo, Zhongxin Jingwei, China Net Finance, national business daily, etc.

Editor: Yang Hong Editor: Zhou Shangdou Audit: Feng Fei

BYD looks forward to the first coupe and U7′ s appearance in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  BYD’s first thousand cars looked up at U7′ s declaration photos and officially appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As the first car under the brand, the front face of the car still adopts the classic family-style design of the brand, and the front face is very sharp, and the C-shaped headlight group is still not absent. As a sports coupe, a front shovel and a convex radiator are installed under the front of the car, which further enhances the sense of movement of the car.

BYD looks forward to the first coupe and U7 appears in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to declare _fororder_image001

BYD looks forward to the first coupe and U7 appears in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to declare _fororder_image002

  The length, width and height of the new car are 5265*1998*1517mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 3160mm, positioning a large-scale pure electric car, and the drag coefficient of the whole car is as low as 0.195Cd, which is the lowest in the world. In addition, the slip-back body with the rising waistline creates a forward dive posture, and it is full of movement with the dense petal wheel hub. The tail of the new car adopts a slender design, and the end of the sliding back roof continues to extend outward. With the penetrating taillights and the diffuser below, it not only highlights the sense of movement of the car, but also retains the distinguished atmosphere of the car as a large car. The car also offers a liftable electric tail, an electronic rearview mirror, front and rear carbon fiber kits, and a variety of wheels and caliper colors to choose from.

BYD looks forward to the first coupe and U7 appears in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to declare _fororder_image003

  Looking up to U7, it is equipped with "Easy Sifang" four-motor technology. Each wheel drive motor has a power output of up to 240kW, and the overall power of the whole vehicle is as high as 960kW. The strong power performance is expected to be super-running in zero-speed acceleration. In addition, Wangwang U7 is also equipped with Yunnian -X intelligent body control system, which has many advanced functions such as in-situ take-off, in-situ U-turn and safe driving in case of tire breakage. (Source: Looking up at the car)

Why did you choose BYD Han? You have to accept these three reasons.

New energy vehicles are the hottest topic at the moment, especially after the outbreak of gathering with major new car-making forces, which gives consumers more choices. Then, among many models, why can BYD Han become the sales volume after Model 3? Today we will talk about three reasons for choosing it!

Reason one: the same level of security is the best!

Whether it is a pure electric car or a plug-in hybrid car, it must first be a "car". You may prefer black technology or pay more attention to operation, but no one can ignore the safety of the car. Especially the spontaneous combustion problem, although it has a higher endurance performance, it is extremely unstable and prone to safety accidents. Once it spontaneously ignites, it will cause explosions in a short time, which will endanger the health of passengers.

The birth of blade battery completely solved this problem, not only infinitely close to ternary lithium battery in battery life, but also completely solved the problem of spontaneous combustion. And Ferrous lithium phosphate itself is cheap, and the car is naturally the safest in its class. In addition, it can also greatly save the cost of building a car, and apply the cost to the interior materials, which can also greatly enhance the sense of luxury.

Reason 2: It is most suitable for home use.

In the comparison of models of the same class, both Model 3 and Model 3 have a "common problem", that is, their body size is too small, more like a sedan, especially the rear space is too narrow to use. Byd Han is a real dimension reduction blow, with a body size of 4980×1910×1495mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm far exceeding the other two cars.

If the owner is a single aristocrat or a young man who has just fallen in love, it won’t make a big difference for the time being, but if it is a family that has already married or even had children, then BYD Han’s advantage is very obvious.

Reason 3: worry-free battery life

Although from the book data, BYD Han’s battery life is not particularly top-notch, according to the actual measurement by the owner and the media, BYD Han’s battery life is very excellent, and the actual battery life of the 605km version is basically measured at around 600km, even in the cold winter, the owner’s measured result is more than 390km. On the other hand, some ternary lithium models have a battery life of more than 700km, but the actual battery life level can’t even nedc 300km, which has caused great troubles to consumers.

On May 15th, Haval Xiaolong series was officially launched.

Carrying the attention and expectation of countless users, the brand-new models of Haval brand in the new energy market-Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong will be officially listed in Beijing on May 15th. As a "global SUV expert", Haval brand is committed to bringing users the best SUV of each era. Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong are the latest masterpieces that Haval brought to users in the new energy era.

Relying on the new sequence, new channels, new technologies, new products and four "new" measures of Haval brand, Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong will bring users a higher quality travel experience with all-round strength, reset the new value benchmark of new energy SUV, and create a new era of Haval automobile in this field.

Hi4 electric four-wheel drive is standard, and Haval Xiaolong MAX promotes equal rights in science and technology.

As a sharp knife model of Haval Auto, Haval Xiaolong MAX comes standard with Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology, which is specially designed for the high-end driving needs of new energy scenes, and brings technological equality to users with technological innovation.

Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology includes three major technological innovations, namely, a new hybrid configuration with three power sources and two shafts, an iTVC intelligent torque vector control system and an innovative design of two-gear electromechanical coupling unit, which is the first new form of electric hybrid in the world.

Specifically, the hybrid configuration of Hi4 electric four-wheel drive integrates the generator and the driving motor on the front axle, and distributes the engine, the front and rear double motors, and a total of three power sources on the front and rear axles, which reduces the cost of the model, thus breaking the premium of the four-wheel drive model relative to the two-wheel drive model in pricing.

At the same time, iTVC intelligent torque vector control system can monitor the information of vehicles and roads in real time, dynamically adjust the torque output of each axle, and ensure the smooth performance of vehicles on cornering, wet and unpaved roads; Haval Xiaolong MAX has 3 engines and 9 modes of intelligent dynamic switching, which can switch different power modes under different working conditions such as cities and high speed, so as to achieve "the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes".

Based on the excellent performance of Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, Haval Xiaolong MAX can accelerate 0-100km/h with a comprehensive power of 205kW and a comprehensive torque of 585N·m and 6.8s; NEDC has a pure battery life of 105km, and the fuel consumption of WLTC feed is 5.5L/100km. In the previous endurance challenge, Haval Xiaolong MAX achieved the ultimate cruising range of 1231km under the condition of full oil and full charge, showing the strength of all-round electric four-wheel drive.

Implementing the actual interests of users, Haval Xiaolong MAX brings real scientific and technological equality. There is no longer a premium on the price of four-wheel drive models, which provides excellent experience and further reduces the cost of car use, so as to achieve "four-wheel drive experience, two-wheel drive price, four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive energy consumption", so that users can "afford it, drive well, use it sparingly and run far" and lead the new energy SUV into a new era of four-wheel drive for all.

In addition, Haval Xiaolong MAX has a leading intelligent experience at the same level, adopting a new Coffee OS intelligent cockpit, bringing a 3×12.3-inch super-suspended large screen, especially the full-color LCD co-pilot screen, which is enough to add laughter to the journey; W-HUD head-up digital display can display a variety of information, avoid drivers’ distraction and improve travel safety. At the same time, Haval Xiaolong MAX has a body size comparable to that of a medium-sized SUV, and the wheelbase of 2800mm makes the whole family travel spacious and comfortable.

The inductance is interesting, and Haval Xiaolong starts to enjoy life lightly.

Haval Xiaolong is specially designed for young users and young families. The high-efficiency DHT electric hybrid system has a comprehensive power of 185kW, a comprehensive torque of 375N·m, a NEDC pure battery life of 110km, a comprehensive battery life of 1000km+, intelligent switching of various driving modes, and a perfect balance between power and energy consumption in daily vehicles.

In order to meet the high requirements of young consumers for driving experience, Haval Xiaolong adopted the adjustment of sports chassis to locally strengthen the key installation points of the car body, which increased the lateral stiffness of the car body by 14% and made it more confident in dynamic driving.

At the same time, Haval Xiaolong has a minimalist inductive driving control that conforms to the trend of new energy. The user carries the key handle to unlock the lock, fastens the seat belt when sitting down, and can directly drive in gear after stepping on the brake to show READY. The whole process is completed in one go, making driving more convenient.

Haval new energy network is ready to go, and the service experience is fully upgraded.

With the upgrading of users’ demand for services, the automobile marketing service channels are also changing. In this regard, Haval brand integrates the advantages of the original channels and builds a brand-new new energy sales network-Haval New Energy Network.

Haval New Energy Network is a diversified channel layout, which integrates 4S stores, urban landmark stores and other modes. It is not only a platform to provide users with purchase, car purchase and after-sales service, but also a three-dimensional business card integrating brand display, concept promotion and ecological construction.

In addition, Haval New Energy Network also has a tea break area and a children’s area, so that users can enjoy the traditional 4S shop shopping service and realize interactive communication with users and brands.

The successful construction of Haval New Energy Network has greatly improved the decision-making, operation and execution efficiency of Haval brand, and also brought comprehensive improvement to the user service upgrade of Haval brand, helping Haval brand to create a more efficient, open and healthy new car ecosystem for users.


At the upcoming launch conference, the Haval brand will show the excellent product strength of Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong to the national media and users. These two models will lead the new wave in the field of new energy SUVs, provide users with high-quality travel experience and meet their needs for intelligence and comfort. In particular, Haval Xiaolong MAX, which is equipped with Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, will give users an unprecedented excellent experience by empowering technology equality with technological innovation.

The comprehensive strength of Haval Xiaolong series not only highlights the innovative ability of Haval brand in product research and development, but also further consolidates Haval’s brand position as a "global SUV expert" and brings groundbreaking influence to the new energy SUV industry.

Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched in one day. At present, 99 yuan’s pre-emptive booking is still going on, so you can enjoy multiple great gifts immediately. At the same time, you can also go to the Haval New Energy Network Experience Store in your city for a field test drive experience and get a close look at the charm of Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong products.

Tiggo 8/Exeed TX leads 2018 Chery New Car Outlook

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  Series products are responsible for opening up new markets for automobiles, and their products are different from existing products in design and positioning, and will be oriented to younger consumers and multi-person travel market segments. Jetway X70 will be the first model in this product series, which shows the characteristics of paying attention to practicality.

Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model

  In terms of appearance, Jetway X70 adopts the design language of "Huizhou City Leader", and the hexagonal front grille is decorated with a large number of chrome trim strips, which are connected with the headlight group, stretching the horizontal visual effect and enhancing the sense of exquisiteness. There are four rectangular light sources on both sides of the front bumper of the new car, which are outlined with chrome trim strips, highlighting the sense of fashion and home.

Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model

  Viewed from the side, the new car adopts a three-waistline design, in which the topmost waistline runs through the front and rear door handles and is connected with the taillight group, creating a diving visual effect. At the same time, Jetway X70 is also equipped with a roof rack and a new style of double five-spoke wheels.

Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the car are 4720/1900/1695mm (including luggage rack 1710mm) and 2745mm, and it is positioned as a 7-seat model.

Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model

  The interior design of the new car is not amazing, but simple and attractive. The center console is decorated with bright chrome trim, equipped with a large touch screen and LCD instrument panel to cater to the needs of young consumers. At the same time, the seat layout provides different seat configurations such as 2+3, 2+2+3 and 2+3+2 to meet the needs of family multi-person travel.

Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model

  In terms of power, Jetway X70 will be equipped with a 1.5T, with a maximum of 149 HP and a peak value of 210 Nm, and the transmission system is expected to match 6 speeds. On the other hand, it adopts the configuration of front type and rear type.

Chery Automobile Jietu X70 2018 Elite Model

  Jetway X70 also has a sports X70S model, which mainly changes in appearance details, including the adoption of a black honeycomb front grille, red calipers, a brand-new rim style and a three-spoke steering wheel. The introduction of the sports version shows that Jetway X70 will pay more attention to the market of young consumers, pay attention to providing personalized products for them, and with a suitable price, it should have a good market prospect.

Editor’s comment:

  Chery’s exploration of multi-brand road has never stopped. It has previously launched sub-brands such as Ruilin and others. This time, it launched Jetway product series for the emerging "Travel+"market, hoping to meet the needs of different consumers with different products. From Jietu X70′ s point of view, there are obvious differences between the new car and the existing models of Chery brand. The brand-new design gives people a refreshing feeling, which is suitable for young consumers’ fresh and distinctive needs. From the configuration point of view, it pays more attention to simplicity and practicality, and also strives for high cost performance. Its market performance is worth looking forward to.


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  8 has been officially unveiled on February 1 and will be listed in April. The Tiggo 8 is positioned as a 7-seat medium-sized vehicle, adopting the latest design language of the Chery brand, and will be sold as the flagship SUV of the Chery brand.

Chery tiggo 8 2018 basic model

  The front air intake grille of the new car adopts a large area of black mesh material, creating a good sense of weight. At the same time, the air intakes on both sides of the front of the new car are also integrated with LED daytime running lights, which further highlights the fashionable sports color.

Chery tiggo 8 2018 basic model

  The roof line is relatively straight, which is conducive to creating a relaxed head space for rear passengers. There is an obvious upward trend behind the C-pillar, creating a diving visual effect. The tail shape of the new car is relatively simple, and the design of several horizontal banners adds a touch of muscle. The most conspicuous thing is that it adopts a brand-new palindrome family taillight shape, and the effect is cool after lighting.

Chery tiggo 8 2018 basic model

Editor’s comment:

  Chery Tiggo 8 is responsible for the brand’s "going up". It is expected that Chery will adopt the highest standard configuration in power and configuration, and its final production model is worth looking forward to. In Tongzhong, there are strong competing products such as L, Hehe, etc. It is not easy to gain a foothold in this market. Tiggo 8 also needs to come up with strong product strength and competitive price.

 ● new style

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  The new Arrizo 5 is expected to be launched in 2018. The new car is mainly upgraded in interior and configuration, while the appearance basically maintains the existing shape, and the power continues the existing 1.5L and 1.5T engines.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  From the previous spy photos, the overall outline of the new car is the same as the cash, and the front and rear headlights have not changed significantly. In the interior, a brand-new design has been adopted, and an air-conditioning outlet running through the center console has appeared. The layout of the central control screen and buttons has also been redesigned. The electronic and other functions are integrated around the shift lever, and the baffle design is added above the storage compartment at the rear. Compared with the current models, the overall interior texture has been greatly improved.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The new car is expected to continue the powertrain of existing models, equipped with 1.5L and 1.5T engines, in which the maximum power of the 1.5L engine is 116 HP and the peak torque is 141 Nm, while the maximum power of the 1.5T engine is 147 HP and the peak torque is 210 Nm, and the transmission system matches the gearbox.

Editor’s comment:

  The new Arrizo 5 also pays more attention to the improvement of "internal strength". The appearance has not changed much, but the interior and configuration have been improved obviously. The new interior design is more fashionable, and the configuration is expected to be improved. The power system is basically unchanged, and the estimated price is also It will be the same as the current model.

 ● Jietu X60//

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  At the JETOUR product launch on January 22 this year, Chery not only brought the JETOUR X70 and two 7-seat medium-sized SUVs, but also announced that the JETOUR X60, X90 and X95 SUVs will be unveiled at the auto show. Jetway X60 is also positioned as a 7-seat medium-sized SUV, but the body size is slightly smaller than X70. The Jetway X90 and X95 are located in 7 seats, and the body size will exceed 5 meters. There is no more news at present, and we will continue to follow up.

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Editor’s comment:

  Jietu is a product sequence of "Travel+"brand-new market segment launched by Chery Commercial Vehicle Group for second-child and multi-population families and holiday travel. Judging from the information published so far, it mainly introduces 7-seat and relatively large SUVs or models, which is also a measure to meet the market demand. In addition, Jietu also attaches great importance to new energy vehicles, and its products will all be launched with electric models, which are generally listed about 6 months later than the fuel version, which is also in line with the trend of industrial development.

■ Summary

  In the past 2017, Chery’s overall sales volume dropped by 1% year-on-year, and its sales ranking dropped out of the top five brands in China. It can be said that 2018 is a year for Chery to catch up. This year, Chery is expected to invest 10 new SUV models in the SUV market, especially the brand-new Jietu products, which mainly focus on the "Travel+"market. It will pay more attention to the market segments of young consumers and multi-person travel, and will also make some efforts in the field of shared cars. These measures cater to the current development trend of the automobile market, and Chery’s market performance this year is worth looking forward to.

  In terms of specific models, I personally think that Tiggo 8 and EXEED TX are more worthy of attention. Tiggo 8 will be the current flagship SUV of Chery brand, which shows Chery’s latest family-style design and will be equipped with Chery’s latest technology configuration and power system. On it, we will see the development trend of other new cars of Chery. EXEED TX is an important model for Chery to open the European market, and its technology, materials and configuration will reflect the highest level of Chery, so interested friends can focus on it. (Text/Liang Haiwen)

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High quality is the last word! Let’s see if the advanced performance of Tiggo 8&nbspPRO has poked your heart.

Since its launch in May, the Tiggo 8 PRO has won wide attention from users with its outstanding scientific and technological performance, and has become another star model of the Tiggo 8 champion family. As of November, the sales volume of the champion family of Tiggo 8 has reached 171,000 units, helping Chery to achieve the best record of producing and selling one million units during the year. In addition to the continuous growth of market sales, Chery has won the international gold medal of the International Quality Management Group Meeting (ICQCC), which is known as the "Quality Olympics" for six consecutive years, and its ingenious quality has been recognized by both the international market and the industry. With the leading champion strength and advanced intelligent technology, Tiggo 8 PRO injects the technological experience with humanistic care into car life, creating a brand-new high-quality travel mode for consumers.

(Award Certificate of the 47th International ICQCC Conference)

Super intelligent technology, withstand the comprehensive limit test.

Tiggo 8 PRO inherits the strict standards of the Tiggo 8 champion family, and has made great efforts in the safety quality and performance verification of vehicles. The ultra-high strength steel and its integrated body structure can play an important role in buffering and absorbing energy when a collision occurs, effectively reducing the impact and injury caused by external forces, and at the same time ensuring the personal safety of passengers in the car to the greatest extent. Tiggo 8, the first model of the champion family of Tiggo 8, won the five-star safety certification with a score of 84.8% in the C-NCAP crash test, and since then it has set a high standard for the five-star safety design of the champion family. Not only that, the Tiggo 8 champion family has verified that the cumulative reliability mileage has reached 3.11 million kilometers in the "four highs" limit test including high temperature, plateau, cold and high durability, ensuring the high performance and high quality performance of the vehicle in extremely harsh environment. Tiggo 8 PRO also has the strong quality genes of the family. It inherits the five-star safety design standards of the Tiggo 8 champion family and a number of devil-like ultimate test product strength verification, which makes the vehicle have stronger stability and reliability, and provides higher vehicle safety standards and performance guarantees for daily travel.

In addition to the safe and reliable "steel bars and iron bones", a strong "big heart" is also the technical key to support the high quality of Tiggo 8 PRO. It is equipped with the top ten engines of "China Heart"-Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI and 1.6TGDI engines, which are independently developed by Chery and adopt the industry-leading power intelligent manufacturing technology. Through the second-generation i-HEC combustion system, on the basis of leading technologies such as fish-bellied intake, Masking combustion chamber and airflow-guided spray, the intake energy of the system is further enhanced and the combustion efficiency is improved. At the same time, with the technologies of cast aluminum cylinder, silent chain and scissor double balance shaft, the engine has also reached the high level in terms of lightweight and NVH.

In addition, the 15,000-hour engine bench test continuously increases the load on the engine, simulates various situations that may be encountered in the actual environment, and ensures the power output and durability of the engine. The technical verification and rigorous testing have given the Tiggo 8 PRO outstanding dynamic performance, and also allowed users to appreciate the driving experience full of speed and passion. The industry’s first engine lifetime warranty service is not only Chery’s self-confidence and guarantee for quality, but also fully relieves the worries of users’ daily use of cars, so that every trip can be full of confidence without fear of any difficulties and obstacles.

YEATION high-quality timber, set high standards in the industry.

In addition to carefully polishing the core hardware such as body structure and engine, Tiggo 8 PRO also strives for perfection in cockpit technology. YEATION uses materials and upgrades air conditioning purification technology, which exceeds the national VOC limit by 100 times, setting a new benchmark for cockpit safety and quality in the industry.

As we all know, the pollution of new cars is mostly concentrated on volatile organic compounds such as toluene and formaldehyde, and its source comes from the interior parts, skin materials and damping plates of vehicles. The C-PURE Chery clean cubic green cockpit carried by Tiggo 8 PRO starts from the source of pollution, and selects 25 EU-grade green materials such as all-water leather, soft coating and sprayable liquid damping materials to effectively control the volatilization of harmful substances. At the same time, about 20 kinds of materials and 192 parts in the car were verified by odor test and VOC test. The air inside the car was purified layer by layer by using CN95 anti-bacterial air conditioning filter element and negative ion purification technology, so that the odor of the new car reached the industry-leading level of 3.0, and the actual VOC was 100 times more environmentally friendly than the national limit standard. Combining many leading technologies and ingenious craftsmanship of Chery, Tiggo 8 PRO not only redefines cockpit safety with higher standards, but also creates a green and healthy travel space for users in this post-epidemic era where air quality is highly valued, adding another high-quality safety guarantee to daily vehicles.

Intelligent cockpit technology, providing high-quality travel

Chery Automobile’s solid and profound intelligent technology has given the Tiggo 8 champion family strong safety performance and excellent power performance, and at the same time, it has given sufficient technical support in the safety and quality of the cockpit, bringing users a healthier car experience. On this basis, Tiggo 8 PRO has become a flagship product of science and technology in the champion family with advanced AI artificial intelligence and its humanized wisdom.

Tiggo 8 PRO adopts Chery Automobile’s leading Lion5.0 AI technology intelligent cockpit technology, equipped with Xiaoqi Intelligent Car Butler 5.0, and built-in Horizon’s new generation of high-efficiency car-level AI chip Journey 3, which increases the computing power by 50% and can reach 5TOPS (5 trillion operations per second). It has powerful data processing and high-performance storage functions, and can recognize 46 dialects at the same time. Compatible with iOS system and Android system, it has passed the strict AEC-Q100 Grade2 car regulation certification to ensure all-weather stable work, thus making the voice interaction experience between people and cars more convenient and smooth in the application of multi-functional and multi-scene technology.

In addition, humanized technology covering all aspects of car life is also a major feature of this cockpit technology. The AI Emotion Super Interactive System carried by Tiggo 8 PRO can monitor the driver’s fatigue state at the first time through facial recognition and eye tracking technology, and can also make corresponding intelligent reminders according to different fatigue levels, and relieve driving fatigue in time by actively initiating voice, simulating incoming calls, playing music, adjusting air volume of air conditioners and other ways. When driving at night and the light is unfavorable, the system can use infrared supplementary light to keenly capture the driver’s distracted, sleepy and dozing behaviors, and actively adjust the intensity of sound and air conditioning to remind the driver in time. In addition, the Tiggo 8 PRO is also equipped with an OMS occupant monitoring system. Once the passengers in the car are "found" to be smoking, they can automatically open the window or open the air conditioning external circulation according to the weather conditions outside the car, and keep the cockpit clean and comfortable at all times, so that users can have a safer and more intimate car experience anytime and anywhere, bringing a warm and intellectual travel experience.

Thanks to Chery’s continuous deep cultivation in the technical field, the Tiggo 8 champion family has industry-leading safety performance and power performance, and the Tiggo 8 PRO, known as the flagship of technology, has set a new technical model in cockpit safety quality and intelligent technology. For consumers who are now pursuing high-tech and high-quality experience, Tiggo 8 PRO can undoubtedly better meet their high-end car demand, bring users a brand-new high-quality travel experience and help users enjoy a quality life!