Fun Olympics | Can swimming build 8 abdominal muscles? Brother Africa tells you the answer.

  CCTV News:In the men’s swimming field of Rio Olympic Games, we are used to this painting style:

  Eight-pack ABS and a faint mermaid line … … 



  No one can resist the power of the perfect figure.


Australian star McEvoy


Phelps of Rio 2016 Olympic Games


"Youth Invincible Edition" of Philippine Fish and Rochet are poisonous after watching … …

  However, in the 100-meter freestyle preliminaries, a "belly brother" broke this style of painting.


  His name is Robel Kiros Habte, and he is 24 years old and comes from Ethiopia.


Yes, 24 years old!

  According to official data, gabit is 1.76 meters tall and weighs 81 kilograms.

  This height and weight are really grounded. Many netizens said: "I feel that I can compete."


Like us, he only has one abdominal muscle.

  Gabit took part in the men’s 100m freestyle.


Take off and take off without falling in the wind ~


Then, file out gracefully ~



However … … Swim a little slow … …

  Gabit finished the race almost half a pool behind others in the preliminaries … … The score was 1 minute 04.95 seconds, and he was the only player who took more than 1 minute, ranking 59 th overall.


  However, when he reached the finish line, he got the warmest applause from the audience.

  Gabit told reporters that this is his first time to participate in the Olympic Games, and he had never even seen a 50-meter regular competition swimming pool before the competition. He was very happy to be here. He said that his personal best time was 59.08 seconds. Although he didn’t play well this time, he really tried his best in this field.


  "I am the only professional swimmer in our country. This is not surprising, because Ethiopia is a traditional long-distance running power, and people just want to be a long-distance runner. But I have a soft spot for swimming. What I always thought was to be different from others. "

  It doesn’t matter where my destination is, what matters is that I’m here!


In the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Eric Sabani of Equatorial Guinea competed.

  History is always strikingly similar. The appearance of gabit made Xiao Bian suddenly think of another athlete from Africa, Eric MSabani of Equatorial Guinea. He also participated in the 100-meter freestyle preliminaries at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and finally he finished the race with a time of 1 minute 52.72 seconds, just like gabit’s experience. Unlike gabit, Tim Sabani is not a professional swimmer. He only started swimming nine months before the Sydney Olympic Games.

  How did you get into the Olympic Games with such a bloated figure?

  Gabit’s Olympic spirit is praiseworthy, but many netizens may ask, "Why did he qualify for the Rio Olympic Games? How did he get in when he swam so slowly? "

  Because of the "wild card". Every session of the International Olympic Committee will issue "wild card" players to countries with underdeveloped sports. The quota system is determined to ensure that some countries can be represented in some backward projects and show the spirit of modern Olympics. These players obviously don’t have the strength to compete for gold and silver at all, but every year their persistence and love for the project touched a group of audiences.

  So, as long as you finish the game, you are good!

The snow express will not stop, and the Spring Festival price will be notified.

Elephant journalist Zhao Quantang Fan Mohan


On the afternoon of February 2, Zhengzhou ushered in a new round of snowfall. Snowflakes are flying, and the express car is still on the road. Does continuous snowfall affect the delivery of express delivery? What changes have taken place in the price during the Spring Festival? Elephant journalists came to the express delivery point in Zhengzhou to learn about the situation.

Don’t close when it snows, don’t worry about the delay of express delivery.

At the SF Express Point in Maohua Road, Zhengzhou City, despite the heavy snow, the express point is still operating normally, and everything is as usual. According to the salesman of SF Express, this snowfall will not affect the operation of the express delivery point. However, some courier company salesmen also said that snowfall will cause some couriers to arrive late.

According to reports, SF salesman started unloading at around 6 am and got off work at 9 pm. Near the end of the year, the number of gifts transported by the courier company increased, and the company equipped the salesman with a shuttle bus to transfer the goods. In order to ensure the quality of work, in recent weeks, SF Express Company has provided free breakfast and hot drinks for outlets every day.

How to calculate the cost without stopping during the Spring Festival?

A number of courier companies said that due to the overtime pay of couriers, the price of pickup items will rise during the Chinese New Year. According to previous years’ practice, an additional Spring Festival service fee will be added to the basic fee for mailing, and this year’s fee standard has not been announced.

A number of courier companies have indicated that the fee information will be released as soon as possible in official website, the courier company. At that time, you can log in to official website of major express delivery companies to check the charging standards.

(Source: Elephant News)


[Winter Olympics "cold" knowledge] How difficult is freestyle skiing? From 1260 degrees to 1440 degrees, women athletes all over the world have walked for nearly 9 years.

  CCTV News:We have a strong feeling in watching the freestyle ski jumping competition, which is the visual impact and aesthetic feeling. But at the same time, we also see that many athletes, including world-class top players, will make mistakes and fall. Indeed, freestyle skiing has high intensity and higher risk factor. How difficult is this project?

  Big platform and aerial skills, snow skills, U-shaped field and slope obstacle skills all belong to freestyle skiing. Among them, the big platform is the most difficult. Athletes need to slide down the slope and rush to the platform, but also perform aerial stunts such as somersault and gyration at the end of the platform by inertia, which is extremely risky.

  At present, in the world’s first-line platform competition, the degree of female athletes’ aerial rotation basically starts from 720 degrees, and then reaches 900 degrees, 1080 degrees, 1260 degrees and 1440 degrees, a total of five dimensions. Players in the first three dimensions can basically do it, but from 1260 degrees to 1440 degrees, women players all over the world have walked for nearly 9 years.

  In October, 2012, Lisa zimmermann, a 16-year-old German talented girl, completed the first two-week off-axis twist of a female snowboarder in the history of snowboarding, officially opening the era of two cores and three and a half weeks for women’s snowboarding.

  In November, 2020, mathilde Gremaud, a Swiss player, completed a two-week off-axis twist of 1440 degrees and broke the history at the same time.

  In December, 2021, Gu Ailing made another 1440-degree off-axis twist with two straight slides, making history again. It took nearly nine years to make this step.

  Why is the big platform jump so difficult? In fact, not only the big platform, but also the whole freestyle skiing event is not easy. Freestyle skiing is a high-risk and high-intensity competition with very high technical content. Take-off, aerial action, landing and taxiing, the three processes are interlocking, pulling one hair and moving the whole body. The turning action in the air can be divided into vertical and horizontal axes of the human body and turning around the longitudinal axis. While completing the difficult movements, it must also be highly ornamental, while ensuring a smooth and safe landing.

  The timing of the athlete’s take-off, the degree of take-off, the angle of the moment of take-off, the muscle strength of the leg and the muscle strength of the waist, etc., all have great influence on landing, and there are too many uncertain factors. It can be said that freestyle skiing can’t make mistakes from the beginning. It can be seen that freestyle skiing is not just a wonderful flying jump, but there are countless invisible efforts behind it. Freestyle skiing is not so difficult as human’s awe of the Olympic competitive spirit and the courage to break through and surpass themselves. Always young, always enthusiastic, always love sports.

In 2024, the box office of New Year’s Day broke 1.2 billion, and the "bright star" fault led the way.

According to Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 21: 00 on December 31st, the total box office (including screening and pre-sale) of new films on New Year’s Day in 2024 exceeded 1.26 billion, and "Twinkle, twinkle, bright stars" and "The annual meeting can’t stop! "Stealth" is still the top three at the box office, among which "Twinkle, twinkle, bright stars" leads with 553 million faults.
"Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, bright stars" set a record that the pre-sale of Chinese film history broke through 100 million at the earliest and the pre-sale of New Year’s Eve file broke through 100 million at the fastest. The film is directed by Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan, written by Zhang Pan, Duan Yule, Wang Yichao and Chen Xiaoming, starring Qu Chuxiao and Karlina, and starring Jinna and Jiang Yunlin.
The annual meeting can’t stop! Ranked second in the box office list of new films on New Year’s Day, the film tells the story that fitter Hu Jianlin was transferred to the group headquarters by mistake and became a gold collar. At the annual meeting of the group, he exposed the corrupt executives of the factory and finally saved the factory. The film was written and directed by Run Nian Dong, with Luo Jia as the screenwriter and producer, Dapeng, Ke Bai and Zhuang Duffy as the leading actors, Wang Xun as the leading actor, Sean as the friendly actor and Li Naiwen as the guest actor.
The cumulative box office of "Stealth" is also nearly 200 million, and the film is co-starred by Andy Lau, Lin Jiadong and Eddie Peng Yuyan. Fighting between police and bandits, undercover stealth, and the righteous belief that they will stick to their death, and the evil hidden under the "dark net", are on the verge of confrontation with evil.
It is worth mentioning that "If You Are the One 3", written and directed by Xiaogang Feng, has been a box office flop. The film was released on December 30th, with a box office of only 24.3 million yuan on its first day of release, and the current cumulative box office is 43 million yuan, ranking sixth in the total box office of new films on New Year’s Day in 2024. The film, starring Ge You and Shu Qi, starring Fan Wei, Li Chengru, Yun-peng Yue and Chang Yuan, featuring Yao Chen, Guan Xiaotong and Wu Yi-cong, and specially introduced by Yu Shuxin, is the final chapter of If You Are the One series.
Some market research institutions said that the film market showed a good recovery trend, and the major schedules exceeded expectations. The New Year’s Day schedule has a New Year’s atmosphere, and the diversified film types have achieved full coverage of the audience, optimistic about the overall performance of the schedule.
Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Kong Xiaoping
Proofread Li Haihui

Emotional memory of the 90-year-old war hero at the premiere of the film Our July today.

Sanqin Metropolis Daily-Sanqin Net News (Reporter Xia Mingqin)On December 18th, the premiere of the film "Our July", a major cultural boutique support project in Shaanxi Province, was held at China Film International Studios in Xiying Film Park. The film’s creative team and the veteran Wang Wengui’s old hero and representatives of revolutionary martyrs’ families made their debut to pay tribute to those youthful years.

The film "Our July" is based on the Battle of Fu Mei, which tells the story of the first field army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and started the first decisive battle in the northwest, showing the touching details of the PLA soldiers’ fighting and their friendship with comrades.

The film was produced by Xi ‘an Film Studio Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Meixian County Committee and Meixian People’s Government. It was released today (December 19).

Huang Xiansong, general manager of Xiying Group and chairman of Shaanxi Film Association, said that the film "Our July" is a film that pays tribute to the heroes who took the lead in founding the new China and paid tribute to the thousands of revolutionary martyrs in Qian Qian, showing the heroic spirit of the China People’s Liberation Army in dying and fighting to the end, and sharing weal and woe with each other as comrades.

For more than 60 years, Xiying has always adhered to the creative orientation of "people-centered", shouldered the mission of "singing songs for the people and casting souls for the times", accelerated the revitalization and development of "Western Film and Television", and successively produced a number of masterpieces of Acura Party, Acura Motherland, Acura People and Acura Heroes. In the new era and new journey, Xiying will launch more excellent works to enhance people’s spiritual strength, carry forward the spirit of China and tell the story of China well.

Zhang Xiaoping, deputy secretary of Meixian County Party Committee and county magistrate, thinks that "Our July" truly reproduces the process of the battle of supporting eyebrows, portrays the glorious image of the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army who are brave and tenacious and fought bloody battles. It is a masterpiece with a red theme integrating ideology, artistry and appeal, and it is also a vivid teaching material for the study and education of party history that cherishes the memory of revolutionary martyrs, bears heroic memories and is full of red genes.

Meixian county is the main battlefield of the eyebrow-lifting campaign, and it is also the place where the red spirit is inherited and carried forward. We will take this premiere as an opportunity to make good use of red resources, carry forward the red tradition and inherit the red spirit, so as to inspire party member cadres to draw strength from the heroic spirit and revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary predecessors, turn patriotic enthusiasm into a powerful driving force for dedication, inherit the red gene in performing their duties and responsibilities, and continue the red blood in taking responsibility.

Recall the heavy history

Revolutionary heroes tell stories covered in medals emotionally.

Wang Wengui, a veteran of the 2nd Corps of the First Field Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, as a participant in the war and a witness to history, spoke passionately about the hardships of the war. The heroic struggle of the soldiers was not afraid of sacrifice. He said, "When I was in my 90 s, I was very excited to see this film truly restore the war." Wang Jingwen, Wang Wengui’s daughter, also said that seeing the film seems to be in the scene of the bloody battles of her parents. As a family member of the veterans, she feels extremely proud and glorious.

Mr. Gao Xilin, the son of Gao Zengyue, the deputy head of the film, was very excited after watching the film. He expressed his gratitude to the producer and the creative team in a trembling voice. "This film successfully restored the historical scene of that era. It is not only a work to remember the heroes who died, but also an important teaching material to educate future generations and inherit the revolutionary spirit." Gao Fei, the granddaughter of Gao Zengyue, said that the professional and meticulous creation team presented this excellent work, which not only recorded valuable historical images, but also brought precious memories.

The creative team shared behind-the-scenes creative experience.

Inheriting the Red Revolutionary Spirit with Roles

The film "Our July" team devoted themselves to their respective fields with the spirit of striving for perfection, visiting and researching, studying archives, discussing with experts, etc., combined with meticulous service road design and excellent artistic techniques such as photography and production, and strived to truly restore the war scene. Director Zhang Youfang, starring Yin Chendi, Yu Zhilin and Gao Feng, shared the creative story in the filming process with the audience.

Gao Feng (who plays Luo Congshan) said: "After seeing the complete film, I was moved to tears, thinking about the hardships of shooting, and I realized the hardships of the war and the firm revolutionary belief and resolute courage of our ancestors."

Yin Chendi (as Wang Wengui) said: "I started doing research and homework as soon as I joined the group. After more than 50 days of hard shooting, I experienced personal growth, learned historical knowledge, and grasped the revolutionary spirit, which became my very important memory."

Starring Yu Zhilin (as Zhao Chunsi) tells that as a veteran, he was infected by the real environmental atmosphere on the set and deeply realized that there would be no happy life today without the sacrifice of his ancestors.

Later director Zhang Youfang said, "We have received more than 7,000 lens materials and more than 5,000 minutes of footage. The workload is heavy, the task is heavy, and the pressure is great. However, compared with the sacrifices made by our revolutionary ancestors, we are still too happy today.".

Producer Duan Peng said, "It’s a great honor to participate in this project with the producer and the creative team, and all the difficulties experienced have turned into today’s achievements, which will be our longest and most important experience".

Experts and scholars comment on the artistic value of movies.

Restore the masterpiece of historical hero stories

Zhang Ali, chairman of Shaanxi Literary Critics Association, believes that Shaanxi films have long been concerned about the revolutionary history, cultural history and real life in the northwest. This film not only inherits the artistic tradition, but also transcends the conventional definition of films and becomes the carrier of historical restoration, representing an important breakthrough of Xiying in the creation of western films and injecting new vitality into western films. At the same time, it combines various art forms and time relations, redefining the viewing experience.

Li Zhen, a professor at Shaanxi Normal University, said that the film is a masterpiece to restore the story of historical heroes, which combines two types, namely documentary and war film. Through the memories of heroes, we have traveled through just visiting for 70 years, and we have a deep understanding of history. The film has created different types of heroes, which are both bloody and tender, without showing off or grandiose words, which makes the characters more authentic and will be deeply moved when watching.

According to Pei Yali, a professor at Shaanxi Normal University, "This is a touching film, and the most touching part is the real interview content, which is very touching and adds soul to the film. The film also absorbs the cultural and artistic traditions very well, showing the profound integration of Guanzhong culture and art. For example, when the two armies confronted each other, the two armies challenged the Shaanxi opera, which we have not seen in other films, so that the audience can empathize. "

The audience communicated with the creative team around behind-the-scenes stories, creative inspiration and performance details. Everyone said that the film was real and moving, and the revolutionary ancestors did not hesitate to shed blood and sacrifice, and wrote a magnificent chapter for the happiness of the motherland and the people. Their heroic deeds will go down in history forever. We should remember the history, carry forward the glorious tradition, contribute to the prosperity of the motherland and create a better future.

Leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, members of Xiying Group, Meixian County Party Committee and County Government, Provincial Literary Critics Association, Provincial Film Association, Provincial Cultural Industry Association, Provincial Film Industry Association, Provincial Musicians Association and other units, responsible persons of Xiying film and television industry, university experts, media guests, fans and audiences attended the premiere ceremony.

On December 19th, let’s walk into the cinema, reminisce about the red years and pay tribute to the revolutionary heroes.

Movie life, happy color | This decade, our movie life.

Special feature of 1905 film network In this decade, from fireworks to prosperity in the world, movies have always been in our lives. This decade, the film is life, life is film, this decade, our film life.

A movie, like a mirror, reflects the inner world of the viewer. Actors find their own colors from the characters; Wang Xiaoping, a movie fan, will substitute himself into the role and advance and retreat with the role.

"I love movies because it opens my world." Wang Xiaoping is a kindergarten teacher and a movie fan. When she was a child, she lived on an island and it was inconvenient to communicate with the outside world. The film became a window for her to know the world. When her parents took her as a child, she went to the surrounding villages to watch open-air movies and watched almost everything she could. On the other side of the sea is the road to Ningbo. Occasionally, her parents will take her there by ferry to see a movie. For her, it is like Chinese New Year.

In the ten years since 2012, a bridge has been built between the island and Ningbo, and the transportation is convenient. Now Wang Xiaoping can drive back and forth at any time, which is very happy for her as a movie fan. In addition to making it easier to go to Ningbo to watch movies, a modern cinema was built on the island in 2018. Since the establishment of this cinema on the island, Wang Xiaoping has watched more movies, and none of the new films he wants to see will be left behind.

Wang Xiaoping likes movies. As a kindergarten teacher, she also likes to chat with children in primary schools. Many movies can resonate with them. For example, these movies touched her deeply, and children also said that they were moved by them. Every year on Children’s Day in kindergarten, we watch movies together. Wang Xiaoping organizes everyone to make posters and set up stalls to buy tickets. Students can also go to other classes to watch movies.

Wang Xiaoping usually talks with children about domestic animated films. For example, Wang Xiaoping will use the characters with great personality in these films in art classes. She will pass on the good stories and characters in the films to students through her teaching life such as music and art. In her view: "I watched so many movies and experienced so many lives. I know that the movie brought me more than just a temporary touch. A good movie is a lifetime treasure for me, because my heart is full of passion and warmth. "

Wang Xiaoping’s practice of inspiring children through animated films made Youhao Zhang, as an anime fan, feel very cordial. Youhao Zhang grew up watching cartoons produced by Shanghai Fine Arts Studio when he was a child. At that time, the school rarely showed movies to children. Seeing that many schools now use movies to assist teaching, Youhao Zhang felt very envious.

Ten years ago, Youhao Zhang studied broadcasting at school. He was admitted to a school in Beijing as he wished. But when he was a freshman, he had deep doubts about himself and didn’t know how he could pass the teacher’s exam. When he was a sophomore, he began to read characters and scripts, and came into contact with classic plays such as Four Generations under One roof and Thunderstorm. He gradually felt that he could read the people in the scripts and understand their inner world. Later, he successfully graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and embarked on the road of being an actor.

When he saw the script, Youhao Zhang felt that it was a play he had to fight for, and the role in the script was highly compatible with himself. Then he wrote a long letter about his thoughts on Xiao July and the whole The Eight Hundred after watching the role. This is the first time he feels that he has devoted himself to creating a role — — What kind of person he should be and what kind of emotion he should be endowed with.

Later, Youhao Zhang began to enter the core team of creation, and felt his responsibility and obligation to do his work well. He is also very grateful to the distinguished people he met along the way. They conveyed a very important idea to him, that is, don’t lose the color of himself. The reason why he was chosen to play a certain role is that he has something that makes others feel different.

Movies are a way to open the world. Movies can be used to inspire children’s hearts and let people find themselves in them.

Hot words vividly record the life of China people.

On September 29th, in the new "December City" block of Kuanzhai Lane, Chengdu, actors dressed as characters of the Tang and Song Dynasties were performing in a parade. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Hongjing photo
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 19th, by topic:Hot words vividly record the life of China people.
Xinhua News Agency reporters Ma Xinran, Zhang Yujie and Luo Fei
"Love the Future", "Generative Artificial Intelligence", "Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation", "Special Forces Tourism" and "Village Supermarket" … The buzzwords, new words and online expressions of 2023 launched by multi-platforms have been released one after another. These annual hot words cover the hot current affairs of the year, record the changes of the times, social development and people’s lives, and outline a vibrant China.
"The hot words that are simple and easy to understand are the most sensitive nerve endings to perceive social development." Wang Xiaoyan, an associate professor in the Chinese Department of the College of Arts and Sciences of Beijing Normal University, said that online language is an observation window that is closest to the lives of Chinese people and directly reflects the feelings of the group.
The "Top Ten Internet Terms" released by the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center in 2023 are: Aida Future, Fireworks, Intelligent Life, Village BA, Special Forces Tourism, Prominent Bag, Playing a ×××, Dopamine, The Gear of Destiny Begins to Turn, and New Employees.
Experts said that the monitoring corpus contains language resources in different media forms such as video barrage and online news, and the size of the analyzed corpus exceeds 8 billion characters.
Wang Xiaoyan believes that online neologisms or occasional old words and new sayings show the vigorous vitality of Chinese. The "commando-style tourism" and "dopamine penetration" come from the fact that netizens mix and match cross-industry proper terms, and the "gear of fate begins to turn" and "the main one is ×××", which has the characteristics of strong appeal and easy internet spread.
For example, hot words such as "Love the future" and "Fireworks" are close to daily life, full of human touch and romantic poetry, showing the life picture under the accelerated economic and social recovery and pinning people’s beautiful vision for life. Internet vocabulary integrates the context of wonderful life, which reflects the solid foundation of China’s economic stabilization and social life stability and order.
On August 16th, the picture shows Mozi Sky Survey Telescope. Xinhua News Agency (Photo courtesy of China University of Science and Technology)
More innovative ideas are also reflected in the "Top Ten New Words" in 2023. Generative artificial intelligence, global civilization initiative, village supermarket, new quality productivity, national ecological day, consumption boost year, special forces tourism, conspicuous bags, hundred-mode war, Mozi’s sky survey …
Ouyang Rihui, vice president of China Institute of Internet Economy, Central University of Finance and Economics, believes that compared with the top ten new words in 2022, the high-tech vocabulary has higher gold content and more quantity this year. "This shows that 2023 is a year for China to increase innovation and strive to develop".
This year, all kinds of "large-scale deep learning models" are developing in the application field. There are more than 100 large-scale models published in China, and the large-field "optical" telescope is named after Mozi, which shows that it has the hard power of scientific research in China. New-quality productivity provides scientific guidance for China to accelerate scientific and technological innovation and promote high-quality development in the new era and new journey.
Sports events with super-high national popularity, such as "Village BA", "Village Super" and "Hangzhou Asian Games", have entered the list of buzzwords, new words and online terms one after another this year.
On October 25th, the finals of the National and American Country Basketball Competition (Village BA) started in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, and the audience watched the game in the stands. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ou Dongyu photo
"Thanks to the hot circle of’ Village BA’, there are several waves of tourists in the surrounding villages." Yang Xiaochun, a physical education teacher at No.1 Middle School in Kaili City, Guizhou Province, said, "The mass sports culture atmosphere is stronger, and exercise and health are always on everyone’s lips.
In her view, sports have boosted the spirit of China people to stand on their own feet and pursue their dreams. Yang Xiaochun is a member of the local women’s basketball team.
From the "Chinese Dream" in 2013, the "new era" in 2017, to the "Chinese modernization" and "the common value of all mankind" in 2022, and then to this year’s "modern civilization of the Chinese nation" and "building a the belt and road initiative with high quality" … China people’s pioneering temperament and the context of national development can be seen.
"forge ahead hand in hand" is the theme of the times read by Ruan Huangyun, a Vietnamese student studying at Central South University. China’s global civilization initiative ranks among the "top ten new words" and "top ten buzzwords" respectively this year.
"The Journey to the West’s Dream of Red Mansions is very popular in Vietnam, and Chinese culture is no stranger to us. The two countries have many common highlights of civilization, and exchanges and mutual learning bring the love and respect that the world needs most." Ruan Huangyun said. She hopes to become a Chinese teacher and continue to spread the flame of civilization after returning to China.
On July 12, the photovoltaic power station in Xuezhang Township, Ruicheng County, Shanxi Province (photo of drone). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yanshe
Since 2013, green and sustainability have become the "permanent guests" of China’s annual hot words. This year’s shortlisted "National Ecological Day" is a microcosm of the ecological civilization concept of "respecting nature, adapting to nature and protecting nature" which is deeply rooted in China.
Nowadays, more and more people in China have opened household carbon accounts. Since the application program "Carbon Pratt & Whitney" for low-carbon electricity consumption in Shenzhen was launched one year ago, 805,000 households have opened carbon accounts, and the cumulative carbon reduction is about 12,000 tons. The new energy vehicles that can be seen everywhere on urban roads are also one of the many witnesses that China people practice "green travel".
"The continuity and positive energy contained in the annual hot words are, to a certain extent, the surface innuendo of social development stability and civilization." Wang Xiaoyan said that in the future, there will be more "keywords" representing China people’s yearning for a better life, which is worth looking forward to.

The 2023 Beijing North Football Invitational Tournament concluded, leading the public health movement.

BEIJING, Beijing, November 1st (Xinhua)-Hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center, the 2023 Jingbei Football Invitational Tournament hosted by Beijing Football Association recently came to an end in the football field of Kangbite Sports City. After nearly two months of competition, the champion was finally decided.

With the theme of "I exercise, I am healthy and I am happy", the Jingbei Football Invitational Tournament is a national social football brand competition created by Beijing Social Sports Management Center, aiming to convey a positive, healthy and happy sports concept to the general public. The Invitational Tournament has been successfully held for six times since 2018.

After nearly two months of intense competition, this year’s invitational tournament finally won the first and second place in 1994, with Guan Gao United and Brothers Company tied for the third place.

The players are in the competition. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

A contestant said that after years of development, the invitational tournament has been warmly welcomed and highly recognized by the majority of football fans, which has had a far-reaching impact in the football world. It is very happy to have the opportunity to participate in the Jingbei Football Invitational Tournament, a mass football brand event. "I can feel that everyone here is full of sports vitality and enjoy the happiness brought by football."

According to the organizer, it is hoped that the Beijing North Football Invitational Tournament will further vigorously promote the national football, advocate the spirit of national fitness, promote the development of football in the city, enhance the physical fitness of the whole people, and cultivate the sportsmanship of striving, enterprising, unity and cooperation among the citizens.

The 2023 Beijing North Football Invitational Tournament was closed. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

In recent years, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau has made continuous efforts to build a sports and fitness environment from various angles, such as enriching diversified sports events, building fitness venues all over urban and rural areas, and scientifically guiding national fitness, which not only improved the citizens’ sports and cultural literacy, but also led the transformation of the public’s healthy lifestyle. It is reported that a series of mass sports activities will be launched next to promote the physical and mental health of the whole people and promote the all-round development of sports. (End)

In the name of "advanced" and the fact of "hooliganism", what is noble in the fashion circle?

# Headline Creation Challenge #

After the beginning of the year, various film festivals, fashion weeks and red carpets at home and abroad have never stopped. The fashion industry seems to be eager to release all the inspiration accumulated in the past two years.

Through the internet, everyone can enjoy different aesthetics all over the world, which was originally a good thing.

However, the fashion industry has always been dominated by the aesthetics of Europe and the United States, and they do not change the strong nature, and more and more like to kidnap the aesthetics of Asians with "advanced".

If you look closely, you will find that the fashion industry is all "hooligans" under the banner of "advanced".

Part 1: Binding, Discrimination and Solidification

Recently, Liu Wen, a supermodel, boarded a hot search with the entry of "wearing a chain dress with dozens of pounds", which triggered a hot discussion among netizens.

When I opened it, it turned out that Liu Wen was a catwalk for a big brand, and the skirt she was wearing was all made up of chains, weighing tens of pounds.

In the comment area, full of praise such as "beautiful", "Liu Wen’s business ability is excellent" and "too stable", small 8 didn’t know how to react for a moment.

To be fair, is this set of styling really beautiful?

As can be seen from the photos of the audience, Liu Wen’s two arms are congested because of the heavy skirt, and the skin color of the arms is in sharp contrast with the skin color of the neck, so people can only feel bound and can’t see where the beauty lies.

The first function of clothes is to wear, and the second is to look beautiful. This style does not occupy any point. Just because it is designed by foreign brands, it has become recognized as "beauty".

Europe and America are very experienced in forcibly defining aesthetics.

However, what Europe and America admire is "advanced". Models should lose their ribs and their cheeks should be sunken, which is in line with their aesthetics.

At the same time, they are still aggravating the stereotype of Asians: the eyes should be small, the cheekbones should be high, and the hair should be combed into a "big light", exposing the shortcomings of the head shape.

In China, Liu Wen looks like this: fresh, simple and intellectual.

But in Europe and America, she became old-fashioned, withered and emaciated.

He Sui, a supermodel known as "Fairy Girl", is glamorous and smart in China.

When she went abroad for a catwalk, she became indescribable ……

The so-called "senior face" is just a kidnapping of European and American aesthetics and Asian aesthetics.

Part 2: the "freedom" of going too far

While keen on labeling Asians, the fashion industry also likes to beautify their "freedom".

"Freedom to dress" is a very popular word in recent years. Indeed, everyone has the right to wear clothes he likes, but gradually, this "freedom" has gone beyond the fire.

Recently, Jin Jenny, a member of BLACKPINK, a top-notch Korean women’s group, is traveling in Europe and America.

As the top actress in Asia, she played a supporting role in American TV series, and the biggest scene was dancing the following dance.

Once the clip came out, it attracted netizens to vomit.

To put it bluntly, what’s the difference between this and playing hooligans in the street?

Don’t say that our thoughts are feudal, and they can’t accept the comments of Korean netizens.

As soon as the controversy subsided, Jenny Jin was scolded for a group of photos.

In the first photo, she is wearing a perspective coat, which seems to be tightly dressed. When you look closely, you can actually see everything in a glance.

In the second photo, she is wearing a plastic corset and tight underwear, which is neither beautiful nor comfortable, and I really don’t know what the meaning is.

If the domestic fashion circle had arranged for her to dress like this, the designers and dressers would have been scolded.

However, since this was written by European and American fashion circles, the related comments immediately became "Jennie is so beautiful" ……

At the previous Milan Fashion Week, the styles of Liu Wen and He Cong were also unacceptable.

Liu Wen appeared in the show wearing a black dress with straps, saying that the straps are not exaggerated at all. There are only two crossed straps as a cover for the whole upper body, which is quite like "the emperor’s new clothes".

Another supermodel, He Cong’s clothes, are even more outrageous. The place that can not be covered is covered tightly, and there is no cloth in the covered place, so it can only be replaced by hands.

It took thousands of years for human beings to evolve from smooth animals to ashamed homo sapiens, but now, the fashion circle has begun to advocate the trend of not wearing clothes, which is really hard to understand.

You can dress freely, but please don’t overdo it.

Part 3: Aesthetic "brainwashing" has achieved results.

Some people may say that the aesthetics of European and American fashion circles have anything to do with us, and they like whatever they like!

In fact, this has a lot to do with us. Under the "brainwashing" of aesthetics in Europe and America, there are also many examples of self-uglification in China.

The same is the advertisement for shooting beauty cosmetics. The effect of shooting abroad is like this: blonde, sweet and lovely.

And here we are, a model with a single eyelid, picking her eyes with her fingers as "squinting".

The same is the advertisement for shooting bags. The advertising effect abroad is natural, and the models are also carefully selected beauties.

In China, however, the advertisements have become ugly with dark style, squinting and high cheekbones.

What’s more sad is that it was taken by our own photographer.

In addition to industry photographers being brainwashed by abnormal aesthetics in Europe and America, even schools have been eroded by this trend.

Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, as one of the benchmarks of domestic academy of fine arts, launched a graduation show full of "squints".

To tell the truth, it is difficult for everyone to see so many people who conform to stereotypes in their lives, but on the show floor, such models are caught a lot.

Chinese culture has been passed down for thousands of years, and we have our own aesthetics.

What we are after is never skinny and squint with high cheekbones, but a well-proportioned figure, an oval face, big eyes and a high nose.

Aesthetics can be grounded, but not grounded.

Nowadays, more and more people oppose the so-called "advanced aesthetics" in Europe and America, and it is the most beautiful to stick to yourself!

The realistic echo and reflection of history

On September 13th, local time, in Washington, D.C., US congressmen attended the 20th anniversary ceremony of the September 11th terrorist attacks on Capitol Hill. Photo courtesy of people’s vision

On April 13th, in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, a number of civic groups gathered in front of the Fukushima prefectural government, holding high slogans such as "Don’t discharge into the sea" and "People don’t support the decision" to protest the government’s decision to discharge Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea. Photo courtesy of vision china

The coming year 2021 is a year of complexity, disorder and ups and downs for the whole world. The COVID-19 epidemic runs through the whole year, with constant alarms, and many countries have opened and closed their doors; The game of great powers has spread to more non-traditional fields such as governance and technology; In the multiple crises, the international community has repeatedly made multiple-choice questions about "abnormal" and "new normal". Walking at the crossroads of development, "uncertainty" has become one of the most frequently used expressions.

Taking history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall. When the world is experiencing a great change that has never happened in a hundred years, history has become the reference coordinate that we can choose for our annual resumption. Through the "anniversary" nodes of some international events in 2021, we may be able to find the realistic echo of history from far and near.

30 years after the end of the cold war, is the world more United?

Late at night on December 25, 1991, the Soviet flag was lowered slowly in the Kremlin. With the collapse of a "superpower" occupying one-sixth of the world’s land area, the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which lasted for nearly half a century, also came to an end.

Although the Cold War has satisfied the ideological and geopolitical interests of the "superpower", the long-term confrontation between the East and the West has created a tragedy of division in Germany, North Korea and other countries. Wen Anli, an expert on the history of the Cold War and a professor at Harvard University, believes that the lessons left by the Cold War to today’s human society include that big countries need to regulate their own behaviors, respect each other’s core interests, and jointly contain and resolve regional conflicts.

However, the "new cold war" is gradually becoming a popular word in current international political life. There are constant comments that the United States, as a former winner of the Cold War, has been experiencing increasing strategic anxiety in recent years and is trying to push the most important international relationship in the 21st century-Sino-US relations to the so-called "new cold war".

Although this is inconsistent with the public statement of the Biden administration in the United States, this year, the United States has organized a so-called "democracy summit" and divided the world into two camps again. While piecing together the "small circle", I tried to maintain the dominance of the West with the practices of the Cold War. From the Group of Seven to the "Five Eyes Alliance", from the four-party mechanism of the United States, Japan, India and Australia to the tripartite security partnership between the United States and Britain and Australia, behind the United States, the "cold war-style" group politics reappeared.

As a result, people see a lot of history repeating itself. NATO, led by the United States, is breaking its promise to expand further, trying to contain Russia by taking advantage of Ukraine, which left Russia and entered Europe after the Cold War, and constantly speculating that Russia is assembling heavy troops and "preparing to invade Ukraine". British troops, tanks and equipment were ordered to return to Germany for fear that "Russia threatened the Baltic countries." Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has repeatedly compared the current situation with the Cuban missile crisis during the Cold War, when the world was on the brink of thermonuclear war, and it is still regarded as the most dangerous moment for human survival. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, "the United States is on the old road of the Soviet Union with confidence and firm steps".

In 1991, 30 years ago, the Soviet Union was disintegrated under multiple shocks. Thirty years later, in 2021, which was started by the "riots on Capitol Hill", the United States fell into a social crisis and a stalemate in party struggle, and the gloom of the "lighthouse" became an indisputable fact. If the vision is long enough, it can be said that the United States is not the winner of the cold war, or that there is no winner in the cold war. When global challenges such as COVID-19 epidemic, climate change and digital security appear indiscriminately in front of all countries, multipolarization and cooperation beyond ideological differences are still the general trend of the international pattern.

Twenty years after the September 11th incident, is the world safer?

Twenty years later, the terrible flames of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in new york seem to be still in sight. However, the trial of the mastermind of the "9.11" incident is still pending, and the ghost of terrorism still lingers in the world. Open the "calendar of terrorist events" in 2021, and people will find one after another bloody records-

On February 22, a terrorist attack occurred in North Waziristan, northwest Pakistan, killing four people; On March 3, at least 8 people were stabbed in a suspected terrorist attack in Wetlanda, a city in southern Sweden. On June 5, a terrorist attack occurred in a village in northern Burkina Faso, Africa, killing at least 132 people; On July 14th, the Chinese commuter shuttle bus of Dasu Hydropower Station project in Cape Province, Pakistan suffered a terrorist explosion, killing 9 Chinese personnel and 4 Pakistani personnel. On August 26, two suicide bombings occurred near Kabul airport in Afghanistan, killing about 100 people, including American soldiers who were evacuating Afghanistan. On November 14th, a taxi exploded in Liverpool, England, killing one person and injuring another. On December 8, the French media revealed that the French anti-terrorism agency had foiled the fourth terrorist attack attempt this year …

The historical trend of the United States and the world changed to a great extent at the moment when the plane crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The Taliban in Afghanistan were accused of being the mastermind behind the September 11th terrorist attacks, and they provided shelter for bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Since then, the unipolar pattern of "dominating the world" in the United States after the Cold War has been seriously impacted. "Counter-terrorism" has become the first priority of the US government, which has driven the national strategic shift and launched the so-called "global war on terrorism". Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been plunged into wars one after another, with nearly one million people killed and tens of millions displaced.

In August this year, the United States withdrew from Afghanistan out of the strategy of turning to great power competition, and the Taliban announced the establishment of the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan". After four presidents, the United States "successfully" changed the Afghan regime from "Taliban" to "Taliban", leaving behind devastation in Afghanistan. The "war on terrorism" started by Americans since the "9.11" incident ended up with a reputation of "more anti-terrorism".

The analysis believes that the withdrawal of troops from Kabul, which is comparable to the "Saigon moment", highlights the misjudgment of American foreign policy and the lack of strategic preparation. The U.S. military unilaterally withdrew from Afghanistan in order to protect its own security, which led to a serious crisis of trust between the United States and NATO. The Washington Post published an editorial on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th incident, pointing out that "it is undeniable that the United States has gone in the wrong direction in strategy, tactics and morality in the past 20 years".

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, is the nuclear cloud farther away from mankind?

Another concept closely related to terrorism is "nuclear". There is a scene in Operation Red Sea, a domestic film released in 2018, in which terrorists attempt to seize nuclear materials and get the technology to make "dirty bombs", and the result is destroyed by special warfare players, thus smashing the terrorists’ plot.

Nuclear weapons have great power and are regarded as the material basis of nuclear war and strategic deterrence by nuclear-armed countries. According to the annual report released by SIPRI in Sweden in June this year, by the beginning of 2021, the nuclear-armed countries had 13,080 nuclear warheads, a slight decrease compared with last year, but both the number of deployable nuclear warheads and the number of actual deployments have increased; The number of nuclear weapons in India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea has increased to varying degrees. The report also pointed out that the United States and Russia, as two nuclear powers with the vast majority of nuclear warheads in the world, still have absolute nuclear superiority, and the number of nuclear warheads in the two countries accounts for about 90% of the global total.

Some nuclear-armed countries continue to strengthen their nuclear forces. In February this year, the French Ministry of National Defense announced the official launch of the third-generation strategic missile nuclear submarine R&D and production project, which is planned to be put into use in the 1930s. In March, Britain announced in its national defense policy document that it planned to substantially increase its nuclear arsenal. In September, the United States, Britain and Australia signed the trilateral security alliance agreement (AUKUS), and Britain and the United States will help Australia build nuclear submarines. At the same time, nuclear exercises have caused more concerns. In November, Russian Defense Minister shoigu accused American bombers of conducting nuclear strikes against Russia from two different directions in early November, and these bombers even flew within 20 kilometers from the Russian border. At the end of the year, more than 600 American scientists and engineers jointly sent a letter to US President Biden, urging the government to abandon the nuclear arms race.

Nowadays, the public talk about the "nuclear" discoloration is also a product of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union to a certain extent. During the Cold War, both the US and Soviet camps vigorously developed nuclear armament. For political purposes such as "nuclear blackmail", the media reported the destructive power of nuclear energy and the long-term impact of nuclear pollution. In 1986, there was a loud noise in the No.4 reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union, and millions of people were affected by radiation. Thirty-five years later, 2,600 square kilometers around Chernobyl is still a "forbidden zone".

In 2021, the safety issues related to "nuclear" caused widespread discussion, and it was also because of another real event that passed through the historical tunnel: on March 11th, 2011, 10 years ago, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake broke out in the northeastern waters of Japan, and at the same time triggered the largest tsunami in Japan’s history. The tsunami washed away the flood levees of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and the cores of units 1-3 of the nuclear power plant melted and radioactive materials leaked, thus making Fukushima nuclear wastewater a global hazard.

Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the "March 11th" earthquake this year that the Fukushima nuclear accident left an important lesson for the world, that is, it is necessary to strengthen supervision. However, just one month later, on April 13th, the Japanese government made a decision to filter and dilute the Fukushima nuclear sewage and then discharge it into the sea. Although Japan claims that the treated nuclear wastewater meets international standards and will not affect human health, Japanese official documents show that 750,000 tons, or 84%, of the 890,000 tons of accumulated water stored at the Fukushima nuclear power plant at that time contained radioactive substances above the legal limit.

The international community, including the Japanese people, has always expressed concern and opposition to this. Some research results show that the radioactive materials produced by the accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant have spread to the whole North Pacific Ocean and even affected the Arctic Ocean. However, in December this year, the Tokyo Electric Power Company still insisted on submitting an application to the Japanese government for the discharge of nuclear waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and planned to officially start the discharge procedure. The latest development of the incident is that, due to the spread of Covid-19 mutant Omicron, the visit time of the investigation team of the International Atomic Energy Agency was postponed from mid-December 2021 to January 2022.

Ten years after the Arab Spring, has the "Spring" in the Middle East arrived?

At the end of 2010, the self-immolation of young Tunisian vendor Bouajiji ignited the Arab Spring. Fueled by the United States and other western media and politicians, this so-called "democracy movement" quickly spread from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and other countries, and several countries in the Middle East and North Africa experienced regime changes, and Syria, Yemen and other countries fell into a long-term civil war. The "Arab Spring" is also called "the upheaval in the Middle East". Since then, the Arab world has planted the evil seeds of the "color revolution" and fallen into the haze of economic stagnation, social unrest, frequent wars, depressed people’s livelihood and intensified humanitarian crisis. Ten years later, Eric Denece, a French geopolitical expert, admitted that the Arab Spring was a lie.

Only Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, achieved peaceful evolution at that time. The fall of former President Ben Ali, who had been in power for more than 20 years, once became a "model of democratic transformation" in the mouth of foreign media. However, since 2011, Tunisia, which was caught in a political party dispute, has experienced at least nine governments, and its economy has not recovered, and the government faces huge debts. As the only "successful country" in the Arab Spring, Tunisia suffered a political "earthquake" in 2021: since July 25th, people marched and protested, President Said announced the freezing of all functions and powers of parliament and the dismissal of Prime Minister Mehmet, the military surrounded the parliament building and banned the speaker from entering, and a curfew was imposed throughout the country … The western media, which once created the "Tunisian democracy myth", quickly characterized the situation in Tunisia as "the return of dictators" and even.

The chaos in the Middle East was largely the result of colonialism in the First World War. Coupled with the large-scale discovery of oil as a strategic resource in the Middle East in the 1920s, frequent geo-security crises became the most prominent feature in the Middle East. With all parties scrambling to fill the regional power vacuum caused by the strategic contraction of the United States, the old order has been destroyed, and the new order has not yet been established. Turbulence, disorder and out of control have become the norm in the Middle East for many years.

Since the beginning of this year, the United States has ended the war on terrorism like a "baggage", causing a sudden tension in the security situation in Afghanistan and its surrounding areas; The Palestinian-Israeli conflict intensified again, and a large-scale conflict broke out in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan. The civil war in Syria and the war in Yemen are still not over, and external countries continue to use the two battlefields for game wars … At the same time, Iraq hosted a conference on cooperation and partnership in Baghdad, showing "Middle East reconciliation"; At the end of the year, when the negotiations between Iran and other interested parties on returning to the Iranian nuclear deal were deadlocked, Tanon, the national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates, made a rare visit to Iran, and the Israeli Prime Minister officially visited the United Arab Emirates for the first time in 73 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. A new round of strategic reshuffle in the Middle East seems to be brewing.

History is unfinished, what will happen in 2022?

Mark Twain famously said, "History will not repeat itself, but it must have its rhythm." In 2021, expressions related to "historical lessons" appeared in the memorial node of almost every historical event mentioned above. History will not give mankind a clear and standard blueprint for action, but it will leave many lessons and warnings that countries can freely choose according to their own political reality and ideology. Therefore, the torrent of social development is rolling forward, but it seems that there are often cycles in the process. The "history" of natural development is in a state of "to be continued".

For many western countries, 2021 is a year worthy of reflection. Not only because of the so-called historical "cycle", but also because many countries have the opportunity to start again in 2021, but there are no signs of optimism.

In January this year, after the presidential election dispute and the "riots on Capitol Hill", US President Biden was sworn in with a sense of urgency of "calling for unity". One year later, the partisan struggle still plays the "leading role" in American politics, hindering the legislation on epidemic relief, infrastructure construction, social welfare bill, government debt ceiling and other aspects of American economy and people’s livelihood.

Also in January this year, Britain officially "Brexit" and left the European single market and customs union. The 11-month transition period will come to an end on December 31 this year, and the cumbersome examination and approval procedures and customs inspection procedures for British-European trade are still impacting many enterprises. David fuster, Britain’s Brexit Minister, who is the soul of coordinating Brexit affairs with the EU on behalf of Prime Minister Johnson, recently confirmed his resignation because of his dissatisfaction with the Johnson administration. Johnson, the prime minister who came to power because of "Brexit", is currently experiencing the biggest ruling crisis since he took office because of his ineffective response to the COVID-19 epidemic and private scandals.

Therefore, the trend of "East Rising and West Falling" was mentioned again at the end of the year. When the process of globalization is progressing in twists and turns, China put forward a global development initiative for the first time-insisting on development priority, people-centered, inclusive, innovation-driven, harmonious coexistence between man and nature and action-oriented, calling on all parties to jointly promote global development to a new stage of balance, coordination and tolerance. The recently released Yellow Book on the International Situation: Global Politics and Security Report (2022) points out that the international situation continues to rise in the east and fall in the west, and China’s ability and willingness to effectively cope with the game between big countries and participate in global governance continue to increase.

What kind of 2022 should the world expect?

On December 28th, UN Secretary-General Guterres said in his New Year speech in 2022 that people should devote themselves to making 2022 a "year of recovery". He said that the moment facing great difficulties is also a moment full of great opportunities. Grasping this opportunity means solidarity and mutual assistance, helping each other in the same boat, supporting solutions that can benefit everyone together, and moving forward hand in hand with full hope for the outstanding ability of the human family. Therefore, the spirit of dialogue, compromise and reconciliation needs to be revived.

Coming from history, an uncertain trust and hope is indispensable in the choice.

Beijing, December 29th

Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Ma Ziqian Source: China Youth Daily