The realistic echo and reflection of history

On September 13th, local time, in Washington, D.C., US congressmen attended the 20th anniversary ceremony of the September 11th terrorist attacks on Capitol Hill. Photo courtesy of people’s vision

On April 13th, in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, a number of civic groups gathered in front of the Fukushima prefectural government, holding high slogans such as "Don’t discharge into the sea" and "People don’t support the decision" to protest the government’s decision to discharge Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea. Photo courtesy of vision china

The coming year 2021 is a year of complexity, disorder and ups and downs for the whole world. The COVID-19 epidemic runs through the whole year, with constant alarms, and many countries have opened and closed their doors; The game of great powers has spread to more non-traditional fields such as governance and technology; In the multiple crises, the international community has repeatedly made multiple-choice questions about "abnormal" and "new normal". Walking at the crossroads of development, "uncertainty" has become one of the most frequently used expressions.

Taking history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall. When the world is experiencing a great change that has never happened in a hundred years, history has become the reference coordinate that we can choose for our annual resumption. Through the "anniversary" nodes of some international events in 2021, we may be able to find the realistic echo of history from far and near.

30 years after the end of the cold war, is the world more United?

Late at night on December 25, 1991, the Soviet flag was lowered slowly in the Kremlin. With the collapse of a "superpower" occupying one-sixth of the world’s land area, the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which lasted for nearly half a century, also came to an end.

Although the Cold War has satisfied the ideological and geopolitical interests of the "superpower", the long-term confrontation between the East and the West has created a tragedy of division in Germany, North Korea and other countries. Wen Anli, an expert on the history of the Cold War and a professor at Harvard University, believes that the lessons left by the Cold War to today’s human society include that big countries need to regulate their own behaviors, respect each other’s core interests, and jointly contain and resolve regional conflicts.

However, the "new cold war" is gradually becoming a popular word in current international political life. There are constant comments that the United States, as a former winner of the Cold War, has been experiencing increasing strategic anxiety in recent years and is trying to push the most important international relationship in the 21st century-Sino-US relations to the so-called "new cold war".

Although this is inconsistent with the public statement of the Biden administration in the United States, this year, the United States has organized a so-called "democracy summit" and divided the world into two camps again. While piecing together the "small circle", I tried to maintain the dominance of the West with the practices of the Cold War. From the Group of Seven to the "Five Eyes Alliance", from the four-party mechanism of the United States, Japan, India and Australia to the tripartite security partnership between the United States and Britain and Australia, behind the United States, the "cold war-style" group politics reappeared.

As a result, people see a lot of history repeating itself. NATO, led by the United States, is breaking its promise to expand further, trying to contain Russia by taking advantage of Ukraine, which left Russia and entered Europe after the Cold War, and constantly speculating that Russia is assembling heavy troops and "preparing to invade Ukraine". British troops, tanks and equipment were ordered to return to Germany for fear that "Russia threatened the Baltic countries." Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has repeatedly compared the current situation with the Cuban missile crisis during the Cold War, when the world was on the brink of thermonuclear war, and it is still regarded as the most dangerous moment for human survival. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, "the United States is on the old road of the Soviet Union with confidence and firm steps".

In 1991, 30 years ago, the Soviet Union was disintegrated under multiple shocks. Thirty years later, in 2021, which was started by the "riots on Capitol Hill", the United States fell into a social crisis and a stalemate in party struggle, and the gloom of the "lighthouse" became an indisputable fact. If the vision is long enough, it can be said that the United States is not the winner of the cold war, or that there is no winner in the cold war. When global challenges such as COVID-19 epidemic, climate change and digital security appear indiscriminately in front of all countries, multipolarization and cooperation beyond ideological differences are still the general trend of the international pattern.

Twenty years after the September 11th incident, is the world safer?

Twenty years later, the terrible flames of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in new york seem to be still in sight. However, the trial of the mastermind of the "9.11" incident is still pending, and the ghost of terrorism still lingers in the world. Open the "calendar of terrorist events" in 2021, and people will find one after another bloody records-

On February 22, a terrorist attack occurred in North Waziristan, northwest Pakistan, killing four people; On March 3, at least 8 people were stabbed in a suspected terrorist attack in Wetlanda, a city in southern Sweden. On June 5, a terrorist attack occurred in a village in northern Burkina Faso, Africa, killing at least 132 people; On July 14th, the Chinese commuter shuttle bus of Dasu Hydropower Station project in Cape Province, Pakistan suffered a terrorist explosion, killing 9 Chinese personnel and 4 Pakistani personnel. On August 26, two suicide bombings occurred near Kabul airport in Afghanistan, killing about 100 people, including American soldiers who were evacuating Afghanistan. On November 14th, a taxi exploded in Liverpool, England, killing one person and injuring another. On December 8, the French media revealed that the French anti-terrorism agency had foiled the fourth terrorist attack attempt this year …

The historical trend of the United States and the world changed to a great extent at the moment when the plane crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The Taliban in Afghanistan were accused of being the mastermind behind the September 11th terrorist attacks, and they provided shelter for bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Since then, the unipolar pattern of "dominating the world" in the United States after the Cold War has been seriously impacted. "Counter-terrorism" has become the first priority of the US government, which has driven the national strategic shift and launched the so-called "global war on terrorism". Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been plunged into wars one after another, with nearly one million people killed and tens of millions displaced.

In August this year, the United States withdrew from Afghanistan out of the strategy of turning to great power competition, and the Taliban announced the establishment of the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan". After four presidents, the United States "successfully" changed the Afghan regime from "Taliban" to "Taliban", leaving behind devastation in Afghanistan. The "war on terrorism" started by Americans since the "9.11" incident ended up with a reputation of "more anti-terrorism".

The analysis believes that the withdrawal of troops from Kabul, which is comparable to the "Saigon moment", highlights the misjudgment of American foreign policy and the lack of strategic preparation. The U.S. military unilaterally withdrew from Afghanistan in order to protect its own security, which led to a serious crisis of trust between the United States and NATO. The Washington Post published an editorial on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th incident, pointing out that "it is undeniable that the United States has gone in the wrong direction in strategy, tactics and morality in the past 20 years".

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, is the nuclear cloud farther away from mankind?

Another concept closely related to terrorism is "nuclear". There is a scene in Operation Red Sea, a domestic film released in 2018, in which terrorists attempt to seize nuclear materials and get the technology to make "dirty bombs", and the result is destroyed by special warfare players, thus smashing the terrorists’ plot.

Nuclear weapons have great power and are regarded as the material basis of nuclear war and strategic deterrence by nuclear-armed countries. According to the annual report released by SIPRI in Sweden in June this year, by the beginning of 2021, the nuclear-armed countries had 13,080 nuclear warheads, a slight decrease compared with last year, but both the number of deployable nuclear warheads and the number of actual deployments have increased; The number of nuclear weapons in India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea has increased to varying degrees. The report also pointed out that the United States and Russia, as two nuclear powers with the vast majority of nuclear warheads in the world, still have absolute nuclear superiority, and the number of nuclear warheads in the two countries accounts for about 90% of the global total.

Some nuclear-armed countries continue to strengthen their nuclear forces. In February this year, the French Ministry of National Defense announced the official launch of the third-generation strategic missile nuclear submarine R&D and production project, which is planned to be put into use in the 1930s. In March, Britain announced in its national defense policy document that it planned to substantially increase its nuclear arsenal. In September, the United States, Britain and Australia signed the trilateral security alliance agreement (AUKUS), and Britain and the United States will help Australia build nuclear submarines. At the same time, nuclear exercises have caused more concerns. In November, Russian Defense Minister shoigu accused American bombers of conducting nuclear strikes against Russia from two different directions in early November, and these bombers even flew within 20 kilometers from the Russian border. At the end of the year, more than 600 American scientists and engineers jointly sent a letter to US President Biden, urging the government to abandon the nuclear arms race.

Nowadays, the public talk about the "nuclear" discoloration is also a product of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union to a certain extent. During the Cold War, both the US and Soviet camps vigorously developed nuclear armament. For political purposes such as "nuclear blackmail", the media reported the destructive power of nuclear energy and the long-term impact of nuclear pollution. In 1986, there was a loud noise in the No.4 reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union, and millions of people were affected by radiation. Thirty-five years later, 2,600 square kilometers around Chernobyl is still a "forbidden zone".

In 2021, the safety issues related to "nuclear" caused widespread discussion, and it was also because of another real event that passed through the historical tunnel: on March 11th, 2011, 10 years ago, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake broke out in the northeastern waters of Japan, and at the same time triggered the largest tsunami in Japan’s history. The tsunami washed away the flood levees of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and the cores of units 1-3 of the nuclear power plant melted and radioactive materials leaked, thus making Fukushima nuclear wastewater a global hazard.

Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the "March 11th" earthquake this year that the Fukushima nuclear accident left an important lesson for the world, that is, it is necessary to strengthen supervision. However, just one month later, on April 13th, the Japanese government made a decision to filter and dilute the Fukushima nuclear sewage and then discharge it into the sea. Although Japan claims that the treated nuclear wastewater meets international standards and will not affect human health, Japanese official documents show that 750,000 tons, or 84%, of the 890,000 tons of accumulated water stored at the Fukushima nuclear power plant at that time contained radioactive substances above the legal limit.

The international community, including the Japanese people, has always expressed concern and opposition to this. Some research results show that the radioactive materials produced by the accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant have spread to the whole North Pacific Ocean and even affected the Arctic Ocean. However, in December this year, the Tokyo Electric Power Company still insisted on submitting an application to the Japanese government for the discharge of nuclear waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and planned to officially start the discharge procedure. The latest development of the incident is that, due to the spread of Covid-19 mutant Omicron, the visit time of the investigation team of the International Atomic Energy Agency was postponed from mid-December 2021 to January 2022.

Ten years after the Arab Spring, has the "Spring" in the Middle East arrived?

At the end of 2010, the self-immolation of young Tunisian vendor Bouajiji ignited the Arab Spring. Fueled by the United States and other western media and politicians, this so-called "democracy movement" quickly spread from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and other countries, and several countries in the Middle East and North Africa experienced regime changes, and Syria, Yemen and other countries fell into a long-term civil war. The "Arab Spring" is also called "the upheaval in the Middle East". Since then, the Arab world has planted the evil seeds of the "color revolution" and fallen into the haze of economic stagnation, social unrest, frequent wars, depressed people’s livelihood and intensified humanitarian crisis. Ten years later, Eric Denece, a French geopolitical expert, admitted that the Arab Spring was a lie.

Only Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, achieved peaceful evolution at that time. The fall of former President Ben Ali, who had been in power for more than 20 years, once became a "model of democratic transformation" in the mouth of foreign media. However, since 2011, Tunisia, which was caught in a political party dispute, has experienced at least nine governments, and its economy has not recovered, and the government faces huge debts. As the only "successful country" in the Arab Spring, Tunisia suffered a political "earthquake" in 2021: since July 25th, people marched and protested, President Said announced the freezing of all functions and powers of parliament and the dismissal of Prime Minister Mehmet, the military surrounded the parliament building and banned the speaker from entering, and a curfew was imposed throughout the country … The western media, which once created the "Tunisian democracy myth", quickly characterized the situation in Tunisia as "the return of dictators" and even.

The chaos in the Middle East was largely the result of colonialism in the First World War. Coupled with the large-scale discovery of oil as a strategic resource in the Middle East in the 1920s, frequent geo-security crises became the most prominent feature in the Middle East. With all parties scrambling to fill the regional power vacuum caused by the strategic contraction of the United States, the old order has been destroyed, and the new order has not yet been established. Turbulence, disorder and out of control have become the norm in the Middle East for many years.

Since the beginning of this year, the United States has ended the war on terrorism like a "baggage", causing a sudden tension in the security situation in Afghanistan and its surrounding areas; The Palestinian-Israeli conflict intensified again, and a large-scale conflict broke out in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan. The civil war in Syria and the war in Yemen are still not over, and external countries continue to use the two battlefields for game wars … At the same time, Iraq hosted a conference on cooperation and partnership in Baghdad, showing "Middle East reconciliation"; At the end of the year, when the negotiations between Iran and other interested parties on returning to the Iranian nuclear deal were deadlocked, Tanon, the national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates, made a rare visit to Iran, and the Israeli Prime Minister officially visited the United Arab Emirates for the first time in 73 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. A new round of strategic reshuffle in the Middle East seems to be brewing.

History is unfinished, what will happen in 2022?

Mark Twain famously said, "History will not repeat itself, but it must have its rhythm." In 2021, expressions related to "historical lessons" appeared in the memorial node of almost every historical event mentioned above. History will not give mankind a clear and standard blueprint for action, but it will leave many lessons and warnings that countries can freely choose according to their own political reality and ideology. Therefore, the torrent of social development is rolling forward, but it seems that there are often cycles in the process. The "history" of natural development is in a state of "to be continued".

For many western countries, 2021 is a year worthy of reflection. Not only because of the so-called historical "cycle", but also because many countries have the opportunity to start again in 2021, but there are no signs of optimism.

In January this year, after the presidential election dispute and the "riots on Capitol Hill", US President Biden was sworn in with a sense of urgency of "calling for unity". One year later, the partisan struggle still plays the "leading role" in American politics, hindering the legislation on epidemic relief, infrastructure construction, social welfare bill, government debt ceiling and other aspects of American economy and people’s livelihood.

Also in January this year, Britain officially "Brexit" and left the European single market and customs union. The 11-month transition period will come to an end on December 31 this year, and the cumbersome examination and approval procedures and customs inspection procedures for British-European trade are still impacting many enterprises. David fuster, Britain’s Brexit Minister, who is the soul of coordinating Brexit affairs with the EU on behalf of Prime Minister Johnson, recently confirmed his resignation because of his dissatisfaction with the Johnson administration. Johnson, the prime minister who came to power because of "Brexit", is currently experiencing the biggest ruling crisis since he took office because of his ineffective response to the COVID-19 epidemic and private scandals.

Therefore, the trend of "East Rising and West Falling" was mentioned again at the end of the year. When the process of globalization is progressing in twists and turns, China put forward a global development initiative for the first time-insisting on development priority, people-centered, inclusive, innovation-driven, harmonious coexistence between man and nature and action-oriented, calling on all parties to jointly promote global development to a new stage of balance, coordination and tolerance. The recently released Yellow Book on the International Situation: Global Politics and Security Report (2022) points out that the international situation continues to rise in the east and fall in the west, and China’s ability and willingness to effectively cope with the game between big countries and participate in global governance continue to increase.

What kind of 2022 should the world expect?

On December 28th, UN Secretary-General Guterres said in his New Year speech in 2022 that people should devote themselves to making 2022 a "year of recovery". He said that the moment facing great difficulties is also a moment full of great opportunities. Grasping this opportunity means solidarity and mutual assistance, helping each other in the same boat, supporting solutions that can benefit everyone together, and moving forward hand in hand with full hope for the outstanding ability of the human family. Therefore, the spirit of dialogue, compromise and reconciliation needs to be revived.

Coming from history, an uncertain trust and hope is indispensable in the choice.

Beijing, December 29th

Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Ma Ziqian Source: China Youth Daily

Harvard experts recommend: the five best sports for the body.

To cultivate exercise habits, what kind of exercise do you think of first? Many people think of marathons, which are very popular in recent years, but I-Min Lee, a professor at Harvard Medical School, points out that long-distance running will cause a certain burden on the knee joint and digestive system, and long-term running may also lead to other problems.

Harvard Medical School once published a health report "Start Exercise", which recommended five kinds of exercises for people who want to exercise and hope to lose weight and gain muscle through exercise:

It is pointed out in the report that swimming is almost a perfect way to exercise, except for the ability toIn addition to exercising most muscles of the body, it can also improve the heart rate, benefit heart health and slow down brain aging.. In addition, the pressure on all joints of the body is very small when swimming, which is good for arthritis patients because the joints bear less weight.

Studies have shown that endorphin is a kind of hormone that can make people feel good and improve people’s mood, while swimming can effectively stimulate the secretion of endorphin and help people relieve the stress in daily life. At the same time, swimming can calm people down, eliminate external interference and become more focused, which naturally reduces people’s tension and depression.

Practicing Tai Ji Chuan requires high concentration and soft and slow movements, which can exercise the stability of the core muscles of the footwall; Standing on one foot and shifting the center of gravity can improve the balance ability; The semi-squatting posture can enhance the grip of leg muscles and soles.

Tai Ji Chuan is especially suitable for the elderly.. A study in the American New England Journal of Medicine pointed out that the elderly in Tai Ji Chuan who practice for one hour twice a week can reduce the risk of falling by 58% as long as they persist for half a year.

I-Min Lee said: Balance is an important guarantee for good health, but many people’s sense of balance deteriorates as they get older. Therefore, Tai Ji Chuan is particularly beneficial to the elderly.

Strength training is also called weight-bearing exercise and resistance exercise. People usually think that it is a physical exercise. In fact, it is harmful to the overall health, such asIncrease strength, improve mood and protect heart health.And so on have a very positive role and influence. Strength exercises include sit-ups, weightlifting, pull-ups and push-ups.

Chris Jordan, a sports physiologist, suggested that healthy adults should have regular resistance and strength training, and HIIT is a good choice.

HIIT sports include push-ups, squats, squats and other strength training, and every movement is using the specific muscle mass of the body. A person whose muscle tissue is not too outstanding will get a significant increase in muscle mass after a period of HIIT training. HIIT is most suitable for people who are young and have a certain sports history, and has high requirements for physical fitness. People who have experienced HIIT sports will feel out of breath and thirsty. Ordinary people should do what they can.

Walking may sound trivial, but it is a powerful "medicine". Many studies have shown that even walking at a moderate or leisurely speed for at least 30 minutes willGood for the brain and the body..

A study found that adults aged 60-88 walked for 30 minutes four times a week, and after 12 weeks, the connectivity of the brain region seemed to be enhanced, and the weakening of connectivity in this region was related to memory loss.

In addition, a preliminary study on patients with severe depression found that walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes for 10 consecutive days can effectively reduce the degree of depression. If you haven’t formed the habit of regular exercise at present, the medical team of Harvard University suggests that you can start by walking.

Many people think that only women need to do Kegel exercise, but in fact,Both men and women need to do this sport.. This exercise was put forward by American doctor arnold kegel in 1948. In daily work, Dr. Kaigl found that the problem of postpartum female urinary incontinence can be effectively alleviated by consciously contracting and relaxing the muscles near the urethra and anus. So the initial function of Kegel exercise is to treat postpartum female urinary incontinence.

Later, after gradual improvement, it has the current function:Prevent male and female urinary incontinence, female pelvic organ prolapse (uterus, vagina, bladder, rectum), treat male prostate problems, and improve the quality of sexual life..

The correct way of Kegel exercise includes tightening the micturition muscles (that is, holding the urine), keeping the contraction for 2 ~ 3 seconds, then releasing and repeating for 10 times. In order to get the best effect, it is recommended to do it 4 ~ 5 times a day.

Original article, please do not reprint without permission.

Author: Wuxiang | Editor: Da V

Article source: November 2020 issue of Medical and Food Reference magazine

How many unreasonable places are there in the female body?

From forest apes to modern humans

Humans have experienced tens of millions of years of evolution.

In this process

We learned to walk upright and use tools.

Has produced the emotion, the thinking consciousness

Great changes have taken place in the body.

it is a pity that

Although after tens of millions of years of evolution,

Our bodies still have some. …

Where "it doesn’t seem reasonable"

Let’s take a look at it with you today.

The female body

How many unreasonable places are there?

Private part

First of all, let’s talk about the biggest difference between women and men-reproductive system. As one of the most important parts of the human body, the reproductive system, which bears the heavy responsibility of racial reproduction, has a "huge" defect in design-it is too close to the urinary system and excretory system.

Women’s reproductive tract mouth, urethral mouth and anus are too close. Under the attack of these two, various problems follow.

It is inevitable that there will be some "dirty things" in excreta that are not conducive to health. Because they are too close, these "dirty things" may run to the reproductive system with a little carelessness, causing inflammation, mold infection and other diseases.

Even if you pay great attention to personal hygiene, it is difficult to keep this area dry and fresh all the time. The humid environment will continue to irritate the skin and cause folliculitis.

In addition, the female reproductive system has also designed an unreasonable "cooling mechanism"-menstruation stage.

Regular visits by "big aunt" will not only bring a lot of inconvenience in life, but also bring physical pain and emotional fluctuations.


After talking about the private parts, let’s turn our eyes to the inside of the body and talk about the pelvis.

In order to give birth smoothly, women’s pelvis is wider than men’s, and such "differential treatment" brings many "congenital disadvantages" to girls.

Because the pelvis is narrower, boys can have a "good-looking" ass without effort. And girls’ hips are wide and flat.

The wider pelvis also leads to a larger pelvic inclination, a forward posture and an X-leg problem.

Therefore, women are more vulnerable to pelvic pain, and at the same time, the probability of low back pain and other problems is higher than that of men.

Accessory milk

Next, let’s move our eyes upward-vice breasts.

During fetal development, if the redundant breast tissue is not completely degraded, this embarrassing thing will appear. Although complementary breasts will not pose a threat to women’s health, they will bring some inconvenience and trouble to women.

First of all, the first question is-not good-looking. Vice breasts usually grow near women’s armpits. In summer, these two bulging "fat" have become the heart disease of many girls.

If it’s just "two lumps of meat", it’s tolerable. I’m afraid that the pair of breasts is the version with nipples, which is embarrassing to by going up one flight of stairs.

corpus luteum

The corpus luteum may be unfamiliar to men. Let me introduce it to you first. The corpus luteum of women is a temporary gland in the ovary, which will be formed after ovulation.

Unlike "useless auxiliary milk", Huang will secrete hormones such as progesterone, which can help the endometrium maintain a stable state and promote the full development of the chest.

But it has a fatal bug-it will break! And it is easy to break!

Slightly violent jumping, running, or too hard when going to the toilet may cause corpus luteum rupture. If the pressure in the yellow body is too great and no external force is needed, it will even break for you automatically.

After corpus luteum rupture, abdominal pain will be severe, and if internal bleeding is serious, there may even be shock.

Prostaglandins and androgens

Yes, women also secrete prostaglandins and androgens. The former can regulate menstrual cycle and fertility, while the latter can affect women’s sexual desire and reproductive health.

However, if these two hormones are secreted too much, they will have adverse effects on girls’ health.

Excessive secretion of prostaglandin will amplify girls’ sensitivity to pain, while excessive secretion of androgen will lead to more body hair and irregular menstruation.

The good news is.

Some researchers have found that

Over the past 40 thousand years

The speed of human evolution is accelerating.

Especially in the last 5000 years.

The speed of human evolution is 100 times faster than before.

Over time.

These "unreasonable" places.

Maybe through evolution.

Become more reasonable

But everyone here

I don’t think I can witness it in person

Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

End of this period

From the Warring States Period to the end of Ming Dynasty, a quick look at the excellent domestic animation with historical themes in recent ten years.

The exaggeration and imagination of animation have inherent advantages in telling stories. Compared with animation, history often gives people a more serious and realistic feeling. When animation collides with history, there are not many representative works in history of animation, China. Animators tend to start with China’s fairy tales, because its fantastic and fantastic characteristics coincide with animation, and it is easier to adapt them. However, there are also some creators who bravely climb the peak, looking for strange things from China’s long history, or aesthetic features and times features that inspire them. The Beijing News has made a special inventory of some representative works in the past decade. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities of "history+animation".

Warring States to Qin dynasty

Nine Songs of Heaven (in 2016, Douban scored 9.0)

In the face of the pressure of the strong neighbor Qin, South Korea, which is at stake, is still full of darkness. Han Fei, a son of the royal family who returned from studying in Qi State, joined hands with Wei Zhaung, a descendant of Ghost Valley, to form a "quicksand" organization that embodies the spirit of legalism, and led Zhang Liang, Zi Nv and others to have a thrilling confrontation with the dark forces in Ji Wuye.

Poster of "Hundred Steps Flying Sword of the Bright Moon in Qin Dynasty".

Qin Shi Ming Yue Series (2007-present)

This series is inspired by Wen Shiren’s original novels. The background of the story is taken from the historical period from Qin Shihuang’s destruction of the Six Kingdoms to Xiang Yu’s destruction of the Qin Dynasty, which spans about 30 years. The protagonist, Tianming, stubbornly lives in troubled times like a weed, bravely resists the chivalrous men in the face of violent regimes and sinister enemies.

The Eastern Han Dynasty

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (in 2017, Douban scored 8.2 points)

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos and disputes among heroes, and Wei, Shu and Wu countries rose one after another, which became a decisive trend, and a long historical drama was performed.

The scene of "Three Boundaries in Taoyuan" in the animation "Three Kingdoms Speech".

Fire phoenix starts a prairie fire (in 2023, Douban scored 8.5 points)

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo was in chaos in Beijing, holding the emperor as a vassal and taking his relatives hostage. Then, under the planning of Lu Bu, he prepared to use Luoyang as bait to trick the allied forces into the urn and burn Luoyang. In order to save the hostages, the allied forces have their own unique tricks, and the stage of the hegemons and heroes has officially kicked off.

Sui dynasty

Dart man (in 2023, Douban scored 8.4 points)

Adapted from the comic book of the same name by Xu Xianzhe, it tells the story that in 607 AD, the emperor was cruel and heartless, and the people were in poverty. The escort was walking in the desert of the western regions with a knife and a horse. On the way to avoid the imperial court, he took an escort mission with Chang ‘an as his destination, which was full of dangers and dangers.

Stills of "The Dart Man", the picture shows Emperor Yangdi holding his ministers.

the Tang Dynasty

Painting the Bad People Series in Jianghu (from 2014 to now, Douban scored 8.4 points)

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the situation was turbulent. The mysterious organization "bad people" belonging to the government all lost their trace, as did the priceless treasury treasure. According to legend, all the secrets are hidden in the Longquan sword, and those who get the Longquan sword have the ability to control the world. Li Xingyun was orphaned at an early age, adopted by a kind hermit, Uncle Yang, and followed him to practice martial arts. After many years, he went down the mountain with his school sister Lu Linxuan to improve his martial arts, and met Ji Ruxue and Zhang Zifan. By coincidence, Li Xingyun actually got the Longquan sword, and the news spread like wildfire, which aroused the vigilance of major sects. They sent killers to track Li Xingyun and his party in an attempt to snatch the Longquan sword …

Journal of Dali Temple (in 2020, Douban scored 8.2 points)

During the reign of Wu Mingkong in the Tang Dynasty, Dali Temple, which was in charge of major national cases, was used as the stage to tell the story that all the people in Dali Temple, led by white cat Shao Qing Li Bing, launched all kinds of thrilling adventures to solve crimes, rebelled against fate and adhered to their inner justice.

Stills of Dali Temple Journal.

Tianbao Fu Yao Record (in 2020, Douban scored 7.5 points)

It tells the story of five teenagers, Li Jinglong, Kong Hongjun, Artest, Mo Rigen and Qiu Yongsi, who met Chang ‘an, Tang Dou by chance, and fought for justice in the world.

The movie Chang ‘an Three Wan Li (in 2023, Douban scored 8.3 points).

A few years after the An Shi Rebellion broke out, the Tubo army attacked the southwest. Our time in the Tang Dynasty made Gao Shi’s engagement unfavorable, and Chang ‘an was in jeopardy. Gao Shi, who was trapped in a lonely city, recalled his past with Li Bai to the eunuch of the prison army.

Gao Shi meets Li Bai in Three Wan Li in Chang ‘an.

Song dynasty

Strange Talk in Kaifeng-This Bao Gong is not very good (in 2017, Douban scored 7.2 points)

Strange Tales in Kaifeng redefines the roles of Bao Gong, Gongsun Ce and Zhan Zhao. They changed their previous serious images, and they were cute and funny on weekdays, but they were serious, handsome and wise when exploring cases.


Qi Jiguang (in 2014, Douban scored 7.8 points).

It tells the heroic story of Qi Jiajun led by Qi Jiguang in Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty, who risked his life to fight in Zhejiang, Fujian and other places to wipe out the enemy.

Animated Qi Jiguang poster.

Junior Royal Guards Season 1 (in 2017, Douban scored 8.0)

At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, set up a Royal Guards’ pro-army commander, and later set up a North-South Town Fu Department to inspect officials and was powerful. The Royal Guards have been in existence for a hundred years. The towns in the north and the south are at odds with each other. Foreign bandits are eyeing the Central Plains, rivers and lakes are full of smoke, and bandits are rampant. The most famous among thieves is the "Three Thieves". Young Yuan Xiaotang, as the only son of Yuan Xiaozhi, the commander of Beizhen Fushi Company, saw the sudden change of the imperial city and was bent on proving himself and making great contributions …

Four Seas Whale Riding Season 1 (in 2018, Douban scored 6.4 points)

On the occasion of the emperor’s sea patrol, Prince Jianwen witnessed the sudden regicide of Zheng, who was also a teacher and friend. He was framed by the court as killing his father and seized the position, and fled back to Quanzhou in a panic. Zheng, the prefect, accepted the order of the prince, returned to Quanzhou to arrest Jianwen, and after seeing through it, Prince Jianwen started his escape journey to the south from Quanzhou … At this time, all parties inside and outside the court were ready to move.

Wanguozhi (in 2019, Douban scored 8.4 points)

It tells the story that Qian Zonglu Changfeng, a navy master of Daming, came to the "Wan Guo" of Luzon Island after the fleet was completely annihilated, joined Song Xianxing’s organization "Tiangong", and fought against the colonists and the invading forces at sea with the strange people of all countries.

Stills of the annals of the nations.

Pillow knife song (in 2021, Douban scored 8.2 points)

The ancient overhead worldview, based on the background of "the building will collapse" in the late Ming Dynasty, focuses on personal choice in the big era. One of the important roles-the scholar-born "general" Ding Wuhou, was partly modeled by Yuan Chonghuan, a historical figure.

Involving multiple dynasties

China Ancient Poetry Animation (in 2015, Douban scored 9.1 points)

It is an animated short film collection with classic ancient poetry as the theme of the story and historical allusions of Jiading Hongru giants as the outline.

If history is a group of meows (in 2018, Douban scored 8.2 points)

Adapted from the comic book of the same name, it is a historical animation based on Chinese history and other documents and materials.

Editor Wu Longzhen

Proofread Zhai Yongjun

How does Marxism understand "culture"



Culture also has class nature. Marx pointed out that "a class is the dominant material force in society, but also the dominant spiritual force in society", and "the dominant thought is only the conceptual expression of the dominant material relationship, but the dominant material relationship in the form of thought". Culture is produced by people, and people are not an abstract concept. They are always in a certain social relationship and behave as class people. Cultural forms such as legal and political thoughts, morality, literature and art, philosophy and religion created by people directly or indirectly reflect class interests, feelings and thoughts. Even though individuals can transcend class interests to some extent, even transcend time and space restrictions and create cultural works with lasting value, human culture, as a product of society, is always branded with class more or less. Lenin attached great importance to the class attribute of culture. In About Proletarian Culture, he proposed that proletarian culture and bourgeois culture are two different cultures. The proletariat cannot be separated from the foundation of traditional culture, including bourgeois culture, but it is by no means a simple inheritance and total acceptance. It needs to be transformed and innovated by Marxism, and the cultural principles of the proletariat must be implemented in it, so as to establish a real proletarian culture.

From the perspective of cultural form, culture has nationality and diversity. As a historically condensed and stable way of life, culture focuses on people’s values, attitudes towards life, behavior habits and psychological state. At first, human culture was formed by ethnic groups. Because of the different natural environments such as geography, resources and climate, there are obvious differences in people’s attitudes and lifestyles. On this basis, all ethnic groups form their own culture with their own styles and characteristics. When Mao Zedong explained the culture of new democracy in On New Democracy, he pointed out: "It belongs to our nation and has the characteristics of our nation", and "China culture should have its own form, which is the national form". Culture contains different ideological wisdom, value pursuit and aesthetic taste of all ethnic groups, which has become a unique symbol that distinguishes one nation from another.

With the change from history to world history, exchanges and mutual learning between different cultures have become increasingly frequent, and the cosmopolitan characteristics of culture have become more and more distinct. As Marx said in the communist party Declaration, "As a result of opening up the world market, the production and consumption of all countries have become cosmopolitan … The same is true for material production and spiritual production. The spiritual products of all ethnic groups have become public property. One-sidedness and limitations of the nation are becoming increasingly impossible, so many kinds of national and local literature have formed a kind of world literature. " However, the cosmopolitanism of culture does not mean that the whole human being forms a uniform culture, nor does it dispel the nationality, but the unity of diversity based on the nationality. The more national a culture is, the more cosmopolitan it is.

From the perspective of cultural function, culture has independence and reaction. On the one hand, Marx insisted on the materialistic view that "social existence determines social consciousness", on the other hand, he also saw the relative independence of culture and its reaction to the economic base. Marx pointed out in "The 18th Fog Moon in louis bonaparte" that "people create their own history, but they don’t create it at will, not under the conditions of their own choice, but under the conditions of direct encounter, established and inherited from the past. The traditions of all the dead ancestors haunt the minds of the living like nightmares, and cultural traditions are one of the important influencing factors. As a long-term accumulation of history, culture is extremely stable once it is formed. This stability is reflected in people’s beliefs, value pursuits, moral concepts, etc., and they will not change easily with the changes of external environment; As far as groups are concerned, a certain cultural pattern will dominate the development of a nation for hundreds or even thousands of years. Even if dynasties change and times change, the way of thinking and behavior habits formed in a certain cultural pattern will still play a lasting role.

As a superstructure, culture also has a dynamic reaction. Advanced, revolutionary and scientific culture plays a positive role in promoting social development, while backward, reactionary and unscientific culture hinders social development. Marx pointed out in the Economic Manuscripts of 1857-1858 that "the disintegration of a certain ideological form is enough to make the whole era fall", and Engels also wrote in his letter to Joseph Bloch that "the economic situation is the foundation, but it has an impact on the process of historical struggle and in many cases mainly determines the form of this struggle, as well as various factors of the superstructure". In today’s world, culture, as a soft power, plays an increasingly important role in the competition of comprehensive national strength, while cultural self-confidence is a "more basic, deeper and more lasting force". This is the concentrated expression of cultural reaction.

The cultural concept of Marxism is rich in connotation and profound in meaning. Only by deeply understanding Marxist cultural concept can we scientifically grasp the characteristics and laws of cultural development, which will help us to do a good job in combining the basic principles of Marxism with Chinese excellent traditional culture and truly undertake the new cultural mission in the new era.

Ten funny stories: I was caught smoking in the bathroom, and my mother was so angry that she swung her belt and beat her.

Who should control the family economic power? This is a puzzling question. Today, we are going to listen to a story about a man B and his wife. Man b confidently said that he gave his wife pocket money every month, which made people admire him. But what kind of story is hidden behind his behavior? Male B was predicted by the master to be a cow and a horse for a woman, but in the end he did it willingly for his sister. Some of his reactions to his wife also made people laugh. His daughter-in-law’s pocket money made him a little uneasy, so he secretly opened his son’s red envelope and won some money, only to find that his son always ran to the flowerpot. Finally, his girlfriend lost her ring, and he promised to buy her a new one. As a result, her girlfriend made up her mind to cry out another gold necklace. These stories make us wonder, who should control the family economic power?

Is it a man or a woman? Or, should this power be shared with each other? Please leave your opinions and suggestions. Looking back at the full text, the story of male B shows us all kinds of complicated and interesting stories behind the mastery of family economic power. In real life, the power of family economy should be jointly negotiated and decided by husband and wife, not unilaterally controlled by one party. Mutual respect and equal communication are the keys to maintaining family harmony. What do you think? My relatives and friends have been angry or surprised for some unexpected reasons. For example, some people are blamed for their impolite answers on blind date, while others lament each other’s heartlessness after divorce, but frankly admit that they put it forward by themselves. Another time, my family found me smoking in the bathroom, and I was beaten by a belt and a feather duster.

What’s more, I thought that the other party would promise me, but I was told that today is the final test. What an accident. Another time at school, I mistakenly thought someone was fighting, but it caused the other person’s anger. It was a joke. Which of the above stories do you think is the most unexpected? Leave a message and tell us! Each of these stories is full of surprises and reversals, which makes people stunned. In life, we are always full of surprises and accidents, which is also the fun of life. Whether you get along with relatives and friends or deal with various situations in your life, unexpected things may happen. In the face of these accidents, we should learn to deal with them calmly and handle every accident well, so as to enjoy the fun of life better. Do you have a similar experience?

Or what do you think and comment on the above story? Welcome to leave a message and share with us!

What is the difference between a woman who has lost her uterus and a normal woman? 4 changes, which may not be changed.

Xiaoying has often been troubled by dysmenorrhea since she was in college, but because all her female friends around her also have dysmenorrhea problems, Xiaoying didn’t care too much.

After marriage, Xiaoying felt that the symptoms of dysmenorrhea were still not relieved, especially when she was in the same room.

Although both husband and wife are trying to get pregnant, Xiaoying’s stomach has not moved for many years. Under the repeated urging of her mother-in-law, Xiaoying has no choice but to go to the hospital for examination.

Results The doctor found that her uterus was as big as a ball, and it was initially suspected that it might be a hysteromyoma.The doctor also told Xiaoying that uterine fibroids can easily lead to infertility.

Xiaoying looked up a lot of information on the Internet, and the related search words of hysteromyoma were "easy to relapse" and "incurable" … Xiaoying began to panic, and she couldn’t get pregnant in the future? Will the husband divorce himself because of this? Xiaoying couldn’t sleep well for this.

Speaking of uterine fibroids, everyone will certainly not feel strange. What is its incidence?

In the "China Expert Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Uterine Myoma", it is pointed out that the probability of women of childbearing age suffering from uterine fibroids has reached 25%, and from the relevant autopsy data,More than 50% of women had uterine fibroids before their death..

Hysteromyoma is the most common benign tumor disease among women. Hysteromyoma is like a small stone growing on the endometrial wall, which not only makes the smooth uterine wall lose its contractile function and elasticity, but also easily affects women’s menstruation.

The exact cause of uterine fibroids is still unclear, but one thing is certain.Uterine leiomyoma is a hormone-dependent disease.

In particular, women with unbalanced estrogen and progesterone levels are more prone to uterine fibroids. If there are few symptoms of uterine fibroids in adolescence, there will be few new uterine fibroids after menopause.

If women are in childbearing age, hysteromyoma is a high-risk disease. At present, clinical medicine believes that this may be because during childbearing age,Estrogen and progesterone in women stimulate the proliferation and hypertrophy of hysteromyoma cells for a long time..

In addition, ovarian tumors, premature menarche and other diseases may also lead to abnormal estrogen and progesterone in women and promote the occurrence of uterine fibroids.

At the same time, if women are stressed for a long time,And have bad habits such as sedentary, staying up late, and eating irregularly., may affect the stability of female endocrine, thus causing uterine fibroids.

Although hysteromyoma is very common, if it happens, it is easy to cause certain harm to women.

For example, uterine fibroids constantly oppress the uterus, which can lead to irregular menstruation; The location where uterine fibroids grow is also easy to cause discomfort such as backache and lower abdomen swelling; In particular, uterine fibroids that grow into the uterus may even squeeze the fallopian tubes, resulting in infertility or abortion.

Some women find that there are uterine fibroids in routine physical examination, and they also have a kind of worry: if they have uterine fibroids, should they cut off the uterus?

In fact, in most cases, uterine fibroids are benign diseases, and only a few of them will become malignant.The data showed that the malignant rate of hysteromyoma was 0.4% to 0.8%..

If some women have no obvious symptoms after developing uterine fibroids, they can consider observation and regular review.

There are also women who enter perimenopausal period, because of the decline of ovarian function, the level of estrogen in the body will plummet.This will lead to the growth rate of some large uterine fibroids slowing down or stopping.Some small uterine fibroids may even disappear.

However, if there are any of the following situations, you should pay attention to it and consult a doctor as soon as possible:

  • When hysteromyoma occurs and infertility symptoms occur;
  • Without hormone replacement therapy after menopause, uterine fibroids are still growing;
  • Uterine fibroids cause menorrhagia or abnormal bleeding, or even anemia in women, or uterine fibroids oppress the digestive, urinary and nervous systems and cause a series of symptoms, and drug treatment is ineffective;
  • When women with uterine fibroids are preparing for pregnancy, when the diameter of uterine fibroids exceeds 4cm.

Therefore, women should pay more attention to their physical condition in peacetime, if it appears.Abnormal menstruation, abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea, infertility, hypoglycemia, secondary anemia.When waiting for symptoms, we should be vigilant and do relevant examinations as soon as possible to investigate the cause.

Although there are many benign uterine fibroids, if there are some uterine fibroids with high malignant degree, patients may still have to face the result of hysterectomy. What will happen to women if they lose their uterus?

1. Early menopause

After the uterus is removed, the endocrine system of women will inevitably be affected, which will also lead to the early menopause.

2. Menstruation stops

The generation of menstruation is related to the periodic hyperplasia and congestion of endometrium. If a woman has her uterus removed, this monthly physiological period will disappear and menstruation will naturally stop.

3. Infertility

The uterus is an important organ for women’s life, and hysterectomy also means that women cannot have children.

4. Loss of libido

It is still the problem that hysterectomy will lead to the decrease of estrogen. The decrease of estrogen in women is easy to reduce vaginal secretions or cause vaginal atrophy, which in turn reduces women’s sexual desire.

Of course, in addition to these physical changes, women will also face tremendous psychological pressure after hysterectomy-without the uterus, won’t they become "men"? Can I still share a room? If not, will the lover abandon himself?

In fact, all the characteristics of women are related to estrogen.The organs that women produce estrogen are mainly ovarian portal and adrenal gland.It has nothing to do with the uterus and will not become a man just because the uterus is removed.

As for the problem of sharing a room, there is no need to worry too much, because the treatment of female sexual life is mainly influenced by factors such as mental state and age.

Even if the uterus is removed, as long as women adjust their mentality, both husband and wife can communicate well and consult a psychologist when necessary, and they can have a husband and wife life that is satisfactory to both sides.

Finally, Xiao Jiu would like to remind you that hysterectomy for health does not mean that you are not perfect.

Because beauty never looks at what you have, every woman is a beautiful and independent individual. And hysterectomy will not accelerate aging or affect sexual life. You should know how to adjust your mood and mentality and believe in science.


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When more and more unconventional young people emerge in the streets and lanes, proudly parading through the city with carefully highlighted blue and green hairstyles; When Ma Baoguo’s Ma Jia Tai Ji Chuan spread all over the country like a clown; When a thunder resounds through the north and south of the river; When the models on the runway are wearing clothes that are close to nothing … People are amazed: fashion has appeared.

So there was this kind of report: "Shocked! There are really young people who are not fashionable! ""Still watching fake fashion collocation? No, it’s not from China! "….. Exaggerated dazzling modelling, artificial offensive personality, turn praise into derogatory words, these people often self-vulgar, self-proclaimed stand out from the crowd. Some people have questioned whether fashion means not talking about people, and wearing strange clothes has gradually begun to realize that this is not real fashion, and the fashion of this era seems to have slowly gone bad.

So, what is fashion? The dictionary defines it like this: the fashion at that time, the fashionable fashion. Nowadays, fashion is more like a benchmark, and it is the yardstick to judge whether a person is fashionable or not. What is popular is the trend. Once you fall behind this trend, congratulations, you will be given a stubborn title. In order not to be ridiculed for being old-fashioned, young people always stare at entertainment news, trying to find every little detail that can prove their advanced nature and make it carry forward.

For example, the original meaning of "ox and horse" refers to people who are willing to contribute and work hard, but the popular figure "knife elder brother" refers to it as the title of black powder, which seriously deviates from the original intention. So there was such a scene on campus: "Hey! What kind of cow and horse are you? " "Strange, isn’t cow and horse an adjective?" "This all don’t know? Forget it, there is no topic to talk about. " The person who knows left, and the person who doesn’t know immediately checked his mobile phone, suddenly realized, and immediately asked the next person: Hello! What are you? "Gradually became a bad fashion.

There are not only words, but also countless examples.

Do whatever is popular. People don’t seem to understand that this can only be called blindly following the trend and shouting loudly about their own fashion in life. So life is eroded by these so-called nouns. Fashion, in the eyes of many people, is just synonymous with the trend of the times.

But in fact, is fashion just such a superficial pursuit? Such a fashion way has a glamorous material appearance, but does it lack a deeper connotation pursuit?

There is nothing wrong with fashion, but blindly following the so-called trend vulgarizes the word fashion.

In blind pursuit, some people find the satisfaction of keeping pace with the times, but lose their own characteristics and personality. Do those unconventional shapes really suit me? Are unknown so’s derogatory words really beneficial to interpersonal communication? Did we choose fashion, or did fashion enslave us? Is this pursuit because fashion shows the temperament of the self, or just to prove that the self is fashionable? Also keep up with the trend, and then satisfy the psychological vanity?

What is fashion? I think the innovation of Chinese traditional culture is one kind.

You see, the spring flowers and the autumn moon jointly interpret the Xinxiang poems and songs of classical culture, embellishing the vicissitudes of Chinese bronze together, implying the different sounds of ancient feet and silk and bamboo, and the significance of Fengming’s welcome music. Modern people combine ancient poetry culture with popular songs, and it is easy to set off an antique fever. This kind of fashion can not only make people appreciate the golden horse in the long river of history, but also be affectionate with their children, and can better match the unique connotation of the times and bloom an attractive fragrance alone.

Fashion is still around us. Look at the green lifestyle of low-carbon people to protect the earth; Look at the travel modes chosen by carpoolers in order to save money, time and resources; Look at those people who wear chic and elegant clothes. They don’t have the exaggerated shapes needed to choose the trend, but who can say that this is not a fashion? This kind of fashion is not blindly following the trend, nor is it just the pursuit of material things. This kind of fashion is based on its full understanding of the outside world. Don’t choose the most fashionable, just choose the most suitable.

Fashion is still around us. Look at the green lifestyle of low-carbon people to protect the earth; Look at the travel modes chosen by carpoolers in order to save money, time and resources; Look at those people who wear chic and elegant clothes. They don’t have the exaggerated shapes needed to choose the trend, but who can say that this is not a fashion? This kind of fashion is not blindly following the trend, nor is it just the pursuit of material things. This kind of fashion is based on its full understanding of the outside world. Don’t choose the most fashionable, just choose the most suitable.

This is the connotation of fashion, and the real fashion should be a fashion with such connotation, with knowledge and knowledge, rather than just advocating and imitating the trend.

The three cars with the best reputation in the history of China automobile have strong power and high grade, and have not been overhauled after driving for 300,000 kilometers.

China automobile market has always been concerned, and consumers pay more and more attention to many factors such as performance, appearance and configuration. Among many models, several models with the best reputation have attracted much attention. They are Cadillac CT5, Toyota Highlander and Volvo S60. These three models have outstanding performance in appearance design, configuration technology and safety performance, and become the best representative of China automobile market.

Cadillac CT5: the representative of fashion and luxury

Cadillac CT5 has always attracted much attention for its luxurious and fashionable appearance. The body lines are smooth, and the design incorporates many fashion elements, making the overall shape highly recognizable. The luxurious design makes it unique in the minds of consumers.

In terms of configuration, the CT5 is a car with a sense of technology. Advanced driver assistance system, advanced entertainment system and humanized comfortable configuration all provide drivers with first-class driving experience. Cadillac CT5 is not only a car, but also a perfect combination of luxury and technology.

Toyota Highlander: practicality and luxury coexist

Toyota Highlander has always been known for its sedate and luxurious design.

As a medium and large SUV, it not only shows a sense of advanced appearance, but also has a solid texture in the interior materials. Highlander’s interior space design is spacious and practical, with rich storage space and flexible seat layout, so that drivers and passengers can be satisfied in comfort and practicality. In terms of configuration, advanced intelligent driver assistance system and efficient fuel economy make Toyota Highlander the first choice for family cars.

It achieves a perfect balance between practicality and luxury.

Volvo S60: Unique and Exquisite Nordic Style

As a luxury car from northern Europe, Volvo S60 is highly praised for its unique and exquisite appearance and high-level safety performance.

The design of S60 is full of Nordic simplicity and exquisiteness, and every detail has been carefully carved. The car is luxurious and comfortable, and the use of advanced materials shows the manufacturer’s ultimate pursuit of quality. In terms of configuration, Volvo has always been synonymous with safety performance, and S60 has performed well in active safety and pass ivo safety.

Choosing Volvo S60 is not only a kind of driving, but also a symbol of taste.

Diversified development of China automobile market

It is no accident that these three models have the best reputation. They have outstanding performances in different aspects and represent the diversified development trend of China automobile market. With the increasing diversification of consumer demand, car companies are no longer just pursuing a single feature, but comprehensively improving their sense of luxury, practicality and safety performance.

Diversified trend of consumer choice

The factors that consumers consider when buying a car are gradually diversified. No longer just pursue the brand or appearance, but pay more attention to the actual performance of the vehicle in daily use. This also makes car companies pay more attention to details in R&D and design to meet the needs of different consumers.

The models with the best reputation can often be balanced in many aspects, which is in line with the diversified choice trend of contemporary consumers.

The integration of technology and luxury

Among these three models, the upgrade of technology configuration has become a highlight to attract consumers. With the continuous improvement of technology configuration such as intelligent driving assistance system and advanced entertainment system, driving becomes more convenient and safe.

Luxury models no longer just stay in the design, but also make great efforts to create a sense of technology in the car to meet the pursuit of modern consumers for a sense of technology.

Prospect of future development trend

With the continuous development of new energy and intelligent technology, the future automobile market will usher in more innovations and changes.

The application of new materials and technologies will further improve the overall performance of automobiles and meet consumers’ demands for environmental protection and intelligence. Cars are no longer just means of transportation, but also the integration of technology and luxury, representing the development trend of the times.


Among the three cars with the best reputation in China automobile market, Cadillac CT5, Toyota Highlander and Volvo S60 have won the favor of consumers with their unique design and excellent performance respectively.

These three models not only have outstanding performance in appearance, but also have outstanding performance in configuration, practicality and safety performance. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology and the changing needs of consumers, the automobile market will usher in more diversified choices and provide consumers with a richer car buying experience.

Music, dance, poetry and painting blend together to enjoy the beauty of China culture.

This newspaper (reporter Zhang Yue Meng) invites you to enjoy the moon dance with Su Dongpo, a talented person thousands of years ago, with a guqin and several dances. On December 2nd, the diplomatic envoys from more than 30 countries in China took their families to watch this beautiful modern dance and poetic drama "Poetry Memories Dongpo". After the performance, the diplomatic envoys in China praised the dance drama which showed strong Chinese traditional culture. "I can’t describe its beauty in words!" I Brachem I Brachem, Counsellor of the Azerbaijani Embassy in China, said.

Before the performance, the activity of "Diplomats Watching China —— Envoys in China Watching the Modern Dance Poetic Drama" Poetry Memories Dongpo "was held in poly theatre. Li Li, director of the Diplomatic Service Bureau, Yu Junsheng, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, director of the Information Office of the Municipal Government, and Jing Xiaoyong, chairman of the Oriental Performing Arts Group, attended and delivered speeches.

Li Li said that poetry is an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and it is also an important content of exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations. Modern dance dramas and other stage works show the new atmosphere of contemporary China literature and art. The combination of the two shows that Chinese civilization is an organic unity that inherits and carries forward excellent traditional culture, and reflects the profound connotation of Chinese modernization at the literary level. It is expected that today’s viewing activities of the modern dance and poetic drama "Poetry Memories of Dongpo" will enhance the understanding of China’s traditional poetry culture, further enhance the understanding of the Chinese national spirit and the achievements of China’s construction in the new era, actively promote the exchanges between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and build a platform for cooperation in the cultural field between China and foreign countries.

Yu Junsheng said that Beijing, as the capital, has a history of 3,000 years and 870 years. The three cultural belts represented by the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, the Great Wall Cultural Belt and the Yongding River Cultural Belt in Xishan are the testimony of Beijing’s splendid culture. As a national cultural center, Beijing has a wealth of cultural performances. The cultural activity "Watching Beijing with Dramas" launched in the past two years has brought together wonderful cultural performances from all over the world. I hope that everyone can watch big dramas in Beijing, better understand the ancient capital culture and Beijing flavor culture, and have a deeper understanding of the profound Chinese civilization.

Jing Xiaoyong said that China Oriental Performing Arts Group, as an important "cultural envoy" and a beautiful "cultural business card" in new China, has always taken the prosperity and development of literature and art as its mission, and it also hopes to build a bridge of communication with the service bureau to realize the common aspiration of the people and the common growth of the United States and the United States.

At the event, Shen Wei, the director of Poem Memories of Dongpo, introduced the original intention of the creation. He expressed the hope that through this work, we can learn more about the spiritual world of Su Dongpo, a famous cultural figure in China, and learn more about China culture, China philosophy and China spirit, and feel the charm of mutual learning between Chinese culture and civilization.

It is understood that Shi Yi Dongpo is a modern dance poetic drama produced by China Oriental Performing Arts Group. The drama presents the core of China spirit in Dongpo’s poems with dance art, and creatively integrates modern dance with China traditional cultural elements such as poetry, Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal cutting, guqin, opera and martial arts, and deeply refines the essence of China’s classical philosophy and aesthetics with the comprehensive audio-visual experience of sound, dance, poetry and painting, and explores it from an international artistic perspective. Combining China’s traditional aesthetic interest with the connotation of the times, and integrating the flowing expressions of China’s dance, opera and martial arts, it explores the modern search for China’s poetic spirit, which is a China stage art work with distinctive times and internationality.

Accompanied by melodious guqin, the actors tell the ups and downs of Su Dongpo, a generation of talented people, with clever body language. After the performance, the diplomatic envoys in China spoke highly of the artistic level and cultural connotation contained in the modern dance poetry drama "Poem on Dongpo". Karim, the new Sierra Leonean ambassador to China, said that this drama tells the story of China’s traditional culture in the form of modern art, and I am very grateful to the organizers for inviting me to watch this wonderful dance drama. Karim said that diplomats should not only increase economic exchanges between the two countries, but also strengthen cultural exchanges, hoping to bring the drama and China traditional culture to the people of Sierra Leone, and also hope that the people of China will have the opportunity to experience Sierra Leonean culture.

I-Brachem I-Brachem, Counsellor of the Azerbaijani Embassy in China, said that I was fortunate to see a very beautiful performance today, which allowed me to see the profound China culture and philosophy. "This drama also shows us that we should not only talk about China’s modern economy and technology, but also pay attention to and understand China’s profound traditional culture."

Sammy Parviz, Second Secretary of Tajikistan Embassy in China, came to the performance with his wife and a pair of children. He told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that his son was born in China. "I think he needs to know more about this country." Sami said that China and Tajikistan are both "the belt and road initiative" countries with deep historical ties, and he hoped that the two countries would continue to deepen cultural exchanges. (Beijing Youth Daily)