The Beijing Auto Show is forward-looking, with a futuristic appearance. The Deep Blue G318 is equipped with Super Extended Range 2.0.

The Deep Blue G318 was unveiled on March 18th, and it is expected that the new car will officially meet with you at the Beijing Auto Show. As there is no official listing at present, the price has not been announced.

The dimensions, length, width and height of the new car are 5010mm/1985mm/1960mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2880mm. In terms of size, dark blue G318, tank 400 Hi4-T and Equation Leopard 5 are competitors. Therefore, in terms of selling price, Deep Blue G318 should overlap with them, probably in the range of 250,000 to 300,000.

Since the real car has appeared, we will focus on the car itself in this article. All the points mentioned in this paper are based on the contents presented by the exhibition car, and the officially sold version may be changed.

From the outside to the inside, let’s first pay attention to the design.

In appearance, the new car design has a strong hard-core off-road flavor, with tough lines and square outlines.

On the front face, a closed front grille is used above, and the opening of the water tank for heat dissipation is placed in the lower half. This makes the whole front face feel very new energy.

Starting from the front bumper, the rear wheel arch, side skirt and rear bumper are all made of plastic. Because there is no paint, you don’t have to worry about scratching when going out for cross-country clearance. This design is in line with the hard-core cross-country style.

The original roof is equipped with luggage racks and spotlights, and the embellishment of spotlights further strengthens the overall off-road atmosphere. However, spotlights also increase the height of the roof, so you should pay attention when you go to some lower basements. This car offers two options: traditional shock absorption and air suspension. If you buy an air suspension model, remember to lower the body when you go to the basement.

In terms of power, the new car uses Super Extended Range 2.0, and the energy consumption data of this system is good. Under CLTC standard, the fuel consumption level of long-distance extended range can reach 6.7L/100km, and the pure electric endurance in urban areas is 190km. Of course, this is only test data, which shows how to need real vehicle road test.

The high-profile model adopts front and rear dual motors, with a total motor power of 316kW and an acceleration of 6.3 seconds per 100 kilometers. The middle and low-profile models use a rear single motor with a motor power of 185kW.

In terms of battery life, this car uses a 35-degree battery and a 60L fuel tank to store energy. The cruising range of CLTC in urban areas is 190 kilometers, and the cruising range of full oil and electricity is about 1,000 kilometers.

Deep blue G318 adopts a load-bearing body structure, and uses the suspension form of front double wishbone and rear five links. There are two options for shock absorption: traditional mechanical suspension and intelligent suspension. The intelligent suspension uses air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorber, and is equipped with active magic carpet suspension system.

The initial state of the vehicle ground clearance is 300mm, with an adjustment interval of three centimeters rising and four centimeters falling, totaling seven centimeters.

The hardware of the transmission system is still good, and the high-equipped four-wheel drive model is equipped with two locks. Deep blue G318 is equipped with the same in-situ U-turn function as all kinds of new energy off-road vehicles in recent years. The U-turn radius announced at the press conference is 3.2m.

It is different from the U-8 tank U-turn, and dynamically it is more like the Leopard U-turn of Equation Leopard. Its realization logic is also different from that of the Leopard U-turn. Take the left U-turn as an example. When the rudder is full, it will lock the left front wheel and the right rear wheel first, then the right front wheel will turn forward and the left rear wheel will turn backward. Personally, I think that all kinds of off-road vehicles equipped with in-situ U-turn function are more technical skills.

To sum up, the Deep Blue G318 is a hard-core off-road vehicle in design. Its power and transmission hardware are good, and it is believed that it will have a good performance under off-road conditions. At present, the price has not been announced. Let’s look forward to its official listing at the Beijing Auto Show.