"Looking for a partner" is a rising wind and a small red book

"I am looking for a travel partner on May 1, and my friends have all gone home. I don’t want to go out to play alone."

"Take a reading partner and share the list of books recently read and planted grass with each other."

Recently, partner culture is very popular on the Internet. Partner, a new social relationship, focuses on precise companionship in the vertical field. According to different personal needs, it can be subdivided into "online at any time and lose contact after work", "paid toilet, two-person trip", and "like-minded, go to the dining hall together". During the May Day holiday, many people posted on social platforms, asking for "travel partners" to travel together.


Source: Little Red Book

There is no doubt,Partner, a relationship between close friends and strangers and linked by interests, has become a new favorite of young people.. In Tik Tok, the topic of # rice partner has been played 5.95 billion times, and the number of # game partner has been played 4.62 billion times. The traffic is remarkable.

In Xiaohongshu, the "trend distribution center", he boarded the hot search platform by "looking for a meal partner", and the user @ Xiaoxing Chip "opened his mind" in Xiaohongshu: just have a new meal partner, go to the store with the meal partner, and unlock a restaurant that he always wanted to go but didn’t make it. In the notes, she described in detail the precautions before, during and after the blind date, and won 12,000 praises.

At the same time, Xiaohongshu has also set off a wave of online "looking for partners", and users have written down their own "professional counterparts" to open up their own circle of friends in addition to traditional acquaintances.

Behind the prevalence of "partner culture", does it reflect the new social solution of Xiaohongshu?

01. Find a partner in Xiaohongshu

"I don’t know if I came back from my nap. In short, I fell asleep smoothly today, and I didn’t feel like I had a headache before. "

In Xiaohongshu, @ Yangyangzi loves to fish, so she took a photo. She covered a blanket with her nap and huddled on a mat about 1 meter in Zhang Kuan, sleeping soundly on the office floor. The existence of a nap partner makes the nap time in the office instantly warm and natural.

Of course, some people get their partners, and some people lose their partners. After the partners who eat together at work leave their jobs, Ms. @ Bajiao posted in Xiaohongshu to express her pain, but the roar of "Swallow, can’t I live without you?" Swallow didn’t win the return of the other party.


Xiaohongshu blogger @ Yangyangzi loves fishing, @ Ms. Banana

Partnering is gradually becoming a new social trend.. Choose incense between going to work and making progress, choose funny young people between making money and making friends, and choose partners between strangers and close friends.

According to the data of DT Research Institute, more than half of the people have at least one partner, and more than half of them want to have a partner. Only 4.2% of the total number of people explicitly refuse to socialize with their partners. At the same time, the qualities that people value most in the partner are congenial, easy-going and generous, which can be called the "three virtues" of the partner and also reflect the relationship needs of contemporary young people.

When the existing interpersonal relationship is not enough to meet their own communication needs, it is particularly important to find a partner who shares their hobbies.

In Xiaohongshu, you can also brush a variety of "seeking partners" notes.. In a note looking for a "weekend partner", blogger @-ZQ. explained his hobbies and needs for a "partner" in detail. For her, finding a partner is because "there are a lot of ideas but not many of them have been realized. Friends are all in love at work, not always dating." The "light relationship" between strangers and close friends can fully meet her needs.

In addition, there is also a "reading partner". Bloggers hope that two people can inspire each other, give each other different opinions and thoughts, "hug each other", and hope to relieve anxiety through hugging, "make an appointment with each other", find good mountains and waters to take photos together, and improve each other’s portrait skills … NoWhether it is a flat or refined version of intimate relationship, these notes bear the curiosity and expectation of young people to broaden their social circles, and there are many people in the comment area who raise their hands to sign up.

In Xiaohongshu, there are also a few notes sharing their happy experiences after finding like-minded partners. After successfully finding a travel partner who can travel together, the user @ Gungun wants to lose weight and released his experience of a half-day trip to the zoo+dazzling rice, detailing his happiness after "team success". This kind of social relationship, which does not need daily maintenance, only meets each other’s needs, has its charm.


Little Red Book users @ Gungun wants to lose weight, @-ZQ.

There is also Xu Zhong who has the same experience. Previously, Xiaohongshu had pushed her some mbti-related analysis and stalk maps. When she was writing a little red book, she came across an "INTP making friends". The other party was not in the same city as her, but their interests and hobbies overlapped. After quickly leaving a message under this note, she quickly received a reply from the other party. Soon after, the chat battlefield between the two sides moved to WeChat, and both of them felt that the chat fit was very high. "I discovered the other me to some extent."

Of course, "finding a partner" is not completely risk-free. Short and fast social interaction may also bring "throwing the sun" friendship, or accurately "stepping on the thunder" during travel.

Source: Little Red Book User @ Refueling Duck, @Lillian Notes

Source: Little Red Book User @ Refueling Duck, @Lillian Notes

In Xiaohongshu, a user posted a warning, "Don’t trust the posts that find chat partners", and listed all kinds of wonderful things that she encountered when looking for chat partners, including but not limited to asking Su Yanzhao when chatting partners came up, posting just to add heat to her account.

Even a carefully screened partner can be disappointing. The "seekers" who thought that their desire to express and talk would be completely accepted by the other party only found that this kind of social interaction itself was like "unpacking the blind box" after adding the other party’s friends. The expected high-quality chat always ended in the other party’s almost no reply, and then they realized that "they would never find a chat partner again" and "it was too internal friction to wait for the chat partner to reply to the message every day", and they were determined to turn the focus of their lives back to themselves.

02. Young people "find a partner", and the base camp is in Xiaohongshu.

It seems that this is not the first time that Little Red Book has shown its social potential.

Outdoor sports may be one of the earliest social dividends. Previously, Xiaohongshu was known as a trend culture distribution center, and the frisbee sports and camping that young people were keen on made their fortune in Xiaohongshu. Taking Frisbee as an example, this sport, which is not very popular, has attracted a large number of trendy men and women to punch cards, and the crowd increment has been significantly improved. With the blessing of professional events and clubs in the later stage, it has gradually become a national trend.

At present, Little Red Book is still the most active platform for Frisbee. Under related topics, many people directly link it with social activities, especially after it is linked with "making friends in the same city", the sport quickly expands its circle and becomes a trend social way.


Source: Little Red Book

Nowadays, the "partner culture" is on fire in Xiaohongshu, and there are also many notes with the topic of "finding partners" to find "alliances" in outdoor activities such as frisbee, camping and hiking.In essence, this has become a new social way for young people.These notes often have labels such as "Making friends in the same city" and "Where are you going on XX weekend", while searching for keywords in Xiaohongshu, the topic of "Making friends in Beijing" has been viewed more than 93 million times, and the social genes of the platform can be seen.

The "partner culture" gives young people a breakthrough in socializing in Xiaohongshu. What’s more interesting is that these social behaviors may not be the result of the official intentional guidance, but more based on the spontaneous generation of the platform ecology, and then the official traffic blessing will help the rapid growth of the content sector.

Why the little red book? Kasi believes that Xiaohongshu takes a path of "content-driven socialization and social consumption". The real sharing atmosphere of the platform, the low threshold of graphics and text, and the strong willingness of users have jointly created the social potential of Xiaohongshu.

In essence, Xiaohongshu is still a comprehensive content exchange community based on UGC, and users’ individual experience sharing and grass shopping strategies almost account for half of the content in the station. With the expansion of the life dimension covered by the platform, "sharing" and "truth" have become the core keywords of Xiaohongshu’s self-creation in recent years.

When talking to Liu Qing, Xiaohongshu COO Conan said, "Many platforms are more about recording and self-expression. What we cut in at that time was sharing. Sharing must be hoping to help others, encourage sharing itself, and become a community atmosphere, making everyone more willing to share. "

Xiaohongshu understands the user’s behavioral logic. When individual experience is not enough to support an action, they often refer to the opinions of others, and such content can be found everywhere in Xiaohongshu, such as platform questioning posts and raiders posts; At the same time,The community culture of Xiaohongshu is divided into interest and hobby. When interest becomes an important link in the link relationship, socialization naturally comes into being.

In Xiaohongshu, dating, looking for a partner, cooking tea around the stove, feeding cats at home, and even looking for coser to play a boyfriend are all social behaviors that actually happen between users.

Of course, it’s not just the little red book that makes social efforts. In the era of striving for user stock, content platforms are trying their best to strengthen socialization and keep users on the platform with social closed loop. Among them, how to design user interaction has become a part that ambitious platforms must solve.

Creating a lifestyle may be one of the common directions of content platforms.For example, slogan in Aauto Quicker "embraces every life", Tik Tok "records a beautiful life", and slogan in Xiaohongshu has moved from "foreign good things" to "marking my life".

Tik Tok’s water testing socialization began in 2017. At the "Today’s Headline Creators’ Conference", Zhang Yiming announced that he would move from "smart recommendation" to "smart socialization". In the following years, Tik Tok made many moves to explore social interaction, such as "multi-flash" and "flying chat" on the off-site online APP, but all ended up off the shelf. In 2019, Tik Tok began to test the group chat section in the station, and then tested a number of functions around making friends, such as live voice dating, connection, video calling, watching videos together, friends in the same city, daily life and so on.

In comparison,Xiaohongshu has more potential and advantages in social interaction, but how to guide users’ spontaneous behavior into the correct position is a problem that Xiaohongshu needs to think about.

Last October, Xiaohongshu tested the new function "Voice Live", which focuses on voice socialization. Users can create open rooms and discuss many topics of interest with strangers. Functionally, it can be called Little Red Book Voice Chat Room, which aims to strengthen users’ social behavior.

In February of this year, after several rounds of internal testing, the platform launched the "group chat" function again, continuing to break the social model of acquaintances based on reality and linking strangers with hobbies. In the group chat square, users can choose the content they are interested in and click Apply to join. At present, the founders of group chat include brands and merchants, as well as experts and amateur bloggers. At the same time, for close friends to socialize, Xiaohongshu also launched a "howling" function to receive photos shared by friends.


Xiaohongshu qunliao plaza

However, in order to really enjoy the "social" bonus, Little Red Book still has many problems to explore.