When asked about the navigation of M5 car, it was exposed that the "go on road trip" car did not move the icon and ran on the map.

A few days ago, a blogger was exposed.Bound M5A magical "Car machinebug。

In the video, the navigation interface of the central control screen of the M5 represents the vehicle’siconWalking fast on the navigation software interface, but the vehicle is not running.

The blogger said, "The HarmonyOS car navigation of the M5 is extremely intelligent", and I have been everywhere in go on road trip all day, and I can’t stop it.

For this car bug, the exact reason is not known at present.

However, it is worth mentioning that at present, the M5 has been delivered, and many owners who have already picked up the car have given high praise to its fluency and practicality.

Even some bloggers have given the title of "current car ceiling".

In the previous real car experience, both the car machine and the second-opened map software, as well as the UI screen switching and task flow between applications, maintained a super high fluency and smoothness.

In addition, in the past August,The M5 has achieved a monthly delivery of over 10,000 yuan, which has created an explosion situation in the domestic new energy vehicle market.