"Flying in the Big Country" started in Ling Xiaosu, Geng Le and Wu Jian with aerospace dreams.

1905 movie network news Recently, The Great Power Flying directed by Zhang Li held the theme conference and launching ceremony of "Dream Departure" in Beijing Aerospace City. Actors Ling Xiaosu, Geng Le, Wu Jian and others all appeared. Among them, Fang Xiaotian, played by Ling Xiaosu, is an aerospace backbone. Wu Jian, a powerful actor who has repeatedly shaped the image of a soldier and a tough guy, plays Fang Xiaotian’s brother and the first generation of preparatory astronauts.


The launch conference was held in Beijing Aerospace City, and Wu Jian said that he felt like going home. It turns out that this is not the first time he has played an astronaut. As early as 2018, Wu Jian spent three months here when filming an aerospace TV series. He had in-depth exchanges and studies with astronauts such as Liu Wang, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping, and completed many professional training for astronauts: escape tower training, swivel chair training, underwater weightlessness training and centrifuge training that ordinary people could not bear. Wu Jian recalled that the training of astronauts was extremely hard, and every astronaut was a veritable "superman" who had to bear great psychological pressure and physical quality test.


Flying in a Big Country is a work that depicts the true face of two generations of astronauts in an all-round way. It depicts the story of the older generation of astronauts who found their way in the long exploration and struggled for the aerospace industry all their lives. Fang Haotian, the first generation astronaut played by Wu Jian, has a full image and distinctive personality. When it comes to playing the astronaut again, Wu Jian is particularly confident. He is currently recovering, and I believe that with excellent physical fitness and a good foundation laid by previous professional training, he will be able to successfully interpret the elegance of the first generation of astronauts in China.

In order to express his imagination and longing for the spacewalk, Wu Jian also painted on the spot, and the China rocket engraved with the national flag soared into the air. In the distant space, Wu Jian also painted a jade rabbit to express the romanticism of the astronauts.


It is reported that "Flying in a Big Country" will be filmed in many places for nearly five months. I look forward to the performance of actor Wu Jian, and convey the aerospace spirit of hard work, courage to attack, pioneering and innovative, and selfless dedication to the audience through the wonderful interpretation of the role.