"Cloud Fitness" appears "from person to person". Did you dance "Compendium of Materia Medica" with Liu Genghong?

  Recently, "fitness live broadcast" has once again become popular on the internet, and the trend of "staying at home fitness" has revived. In the face of the epidemic, more and more people in Shanxi choose to strengthen their physique and adjust their mentality through physical exercise, and many people’s lives have also changed because of exercise. Xu Jun/Zuo (Xinhua News Agency)

  This year’s "May Day" holiday, the "scenery" in the circle of friends is very different from previous years: some people go outdoors and enjoy the comfort brought by camping; There are still a large number of people who continue to stay at home and follow Liu Genghong in the live broadcast room to dance the "Compendium of Materia Medica". Beginning in early April, live fitness and shuttlecock jumping seemed to be unavoidable topics, and many "Liu Genghong boys" and "Liu Genghong girls" punched in the clouds on time.

  In recent years, influenced by the repeated epidemic in COVID-19, fitness, as a part of the consumer market, has been constantly changing, and the home scene has been fully developed. From the launch of black technology products such as fitness rings and mirrors, online courses have been laid out on fitness platforms one after another, and a group of fitness IP figures such as Saturday Ye, Pamela and Liu Genghong quickly iterated, and the wave of "cloud fitness" for the whole people has been heated up.

  However, with the topic of "Liu Genghong boys and girls jumping into hospitals" rushing to the hot search, many people in the industry reminded that we must pay attention to the intensity of training, do what we can, and don’t blindly follow the practice.

  "Cloud Fitness" appears "from person to person", so it is most important to choose the right one.

  "You jump ‘ Compendium of materia medica ’ Is it? " Lin Lin, a post-90s Chengdu girl, found that the greetings of friends around her have changed recently. She told the reporter of Zhongqing Daily and Zhongqing.com, "It seems that overnight, Liu Genghong has become everyone’s fitness instructor, and sometimes she sees her friend ‘ Trembling ’ When I came, I knew that she skipped exercise yesterday. "

  In Lin Lin’s view, the "person-to-person" follow-up phenomenon, dubbed by netizens, has become a "new social way" for young people. As a fitness enthusiast, Lin Lin will follow the live broadcast of Liu Genghong to exercise whenever she has time.

  "Before the fire broke out in Liu Genghong, many online celebrity fitness bloggers had sprung up on various platforms with various courses. Choose courses that you can follow and like, and train regularly. You don’t have to be hard on yourself. After all, fitness is something that can release your stress. " Lin Lin said.

  In fact, long before Liu Genghong, Pamela, a foreign fitness blogger known as "Humanoid AI", set off a trend of heel-training in China. Sharing and practicing courses has also enabled many offline fitness coaches and fitness enthusiasts to switch to the network and become a fitness blogger with many fans. Interestingly, Olympic champions such as Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Su Bingtian started to participate in the "National Fitness Program" launched by some platforms during the "May 1" holiday this year, taking everyone to exercise together.

  "Cloud Fitness" swept the social platform, which is obviously a red sea.

  More and more stars, athletes and fitness bloggers give free classes, which seems to give everyone a reason to "move". Skipping rope with the Keep course and practicing boxing in the offline fighting hall, Yang Xiaoyi, who works in Beijing, happily got a fitness report card: he lost 30 pounds in five months. She told the reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network that after leaving the original company in early March, "Cloud Fitness" made her have a lot of happiness.

  Although she didn’t follow Liu Genghong’s "Shuttlecock Exercise", Yang Xiaoyi will also look for a fitness blogger who suits her on social platforms. When screening and practicing courses, she will pay special attention to the cases and comments posted by bloggers. "Generally, we will verify whether the courses are scientific or not, and we will also look at the interest chain behind bloggers. If bloggers just want to bring goods, sports are not suitable for themselves, and they will be ruled out."

  A fitness practitioner who didn’t want to be named reminded: "The chaos that can’t be ignored is that some bloggers exaggerate the effects of some actions in order to pursue traffic and cater to the market. Myth ’ . Returning to the initial heart, fitness bloggers should recommend sports areas that they are good at, and give professional guidance to people who love you, so that everyone can fall in love with sports, not get hurt, and enjoy the joy of sports. "

  "Liu Doby is not very funny", the owner of bilibili Sports and Fitness UP with millions of fans, suggested that you should know your physical condition before fitness and do what you can; During the fitness period, you should also learn some fitness science knowledge properly, so as to better distinguish and choose the fitness bloggers and exercise methods that suit you. "Exercise and fitness should be done slowly, and it is urgent."

  "Cloud Fitness" should also have "dry goods", and it can also train users for offline fitness.

  Exercise has become a daily habit of Liu Doby because of his contact with fitness during the post-operation rehabilitation period. She worked as a fitness instructor for 7 years before becoming a full-time fitness UP master. Liu Doby admits that she likes the feeling of face-to-face communication with students offline.

  "Until the beginning of 2021, because of vocal cord injury, I tried to share my own dancing and training videos on various platforms during my rest at home. I didn’t expect to gain a lot of attention." After more than two months, Liu Doby chose the "main attack" online.

  Without the face-to-face atmosphere of offline fitness, how to attract young people to like the content of online courses is particularly important. Liu Doby told the reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network that she was very opposed to "crash" and body anxiety, and hoped to convey more emotional value in online courses.

  For example, let everyone feel that exercise and fitness can actually be very happy, exercise can also be integrated into the dance and music that everyone likes, and it can also make you more active and energetic in your work and life. What makes her happy is that "the fitness studio in Liu Genghong is actually providing emotional value for everyone, which deserves more people to see. Fitness is not only for beauty, but also for happiness and decompression, especially in the home mode, which may require the release of emotions. "

  "Early-made follow-up videos are more like ‘ Translator ’ , to help you do password guidance, safety tips and action explanations. But anyone can do the video of translating and practicing actions, and I still have to do my own original content. " Liu Doby admits that compared with other bloggers, her courses are "relatively small", and there will be no high-intensity movements. They are all fitness and fat-burning dances that she also likes very much. However, she will also arrange more interesting courses according to the suggestions of netizens.

  Yan Shuaiqi has been a fitness instructor for two years and a course designer on the Keep platform. Now he has become a sports UPP owner with nearly 2 million fans. He observed that since the outbreak of the epidemic, when gyms were closed, many fitness coaches turned online, and some coaches who had done well became full-time bloggers.

  In view of the fact that the course audience is mostly male users, he classifies his courses according to fat reduction, single part training, posture adjustment, home training and novice application. In his view, "doing sports courses is the same as being a brand. The content must be focused and it is impossible for all people. We should thoroughly understand the needs of the audience we are facing, launch the response content according to the needs, and also explain what everyone needs ‘ Dry goods ’ And tips for safety training. "

  At the beginning of this year, Liu Doby obviously felt that many fitness instructors around her were testing the water from the media, and some institutions invited her to share and train from the media operation. In her view, the popularity of "cloud fitness" not only makes online courses richer and more high-quality, but also promotes the development of the fitness industry.

  "Maybe some people will prefer online courses, but some people will develop fitness habits through online courses. After the epidemic, they will turn to offline fitness and bring drainage to offline fitness venues. More importantly, there are more and more online quality courses, which will also force offline fitness instructors to be more professional. " Yan Shuaiqi also believes that the increase of online quality courses will promote the better development of the fitness industry. "The more people stay at home to exercise, the more people will be willing to go offline to exercise after the epidemic."

  Running a gym in Beijing makes Wang Liping feel very interesting. "Although the epidemic is repeated, the students in the gym will follow the fitness bloggers for daily exercise, but they are also eager to train in offline venues. The feeling and atmosphere that everyone is sweating together, and you are fighting with me, can’t be achieved by online live broadcast. " However, she also saw the fierce competition in the fitness market from online to offline. "After surviving the epidemic, we will continue to improve our courses and services and develop rapidly with the fitness industry."

  Zhongqing Daily Zhongqing Net reporter Meng Peipei Source: China Youth Daily