Why are domestic cars getting bigger and bigger now? Brother Miao will tell you the reason. Do you like big cars or small cars?

Have you noticed that our domestic cars, especially new energy vehicles, are getting bigger and bigger no matter whether they are hybrid or pure electric? If you ask M7, the conductor is more than 5 meters long. To tell the truth, this car is made of five seats, and the space is really spacious.

Why were there not so many big cars in the past, but now there are more and more big cars? Brother Miao, talk about some of my understanding.

First of all, we need to buy a car. In recent years, in fact, we need to buy a car. At first, many friends chose SUV, which has a high body and then a high interior.

Second, the car appearsatmosphereIn addition, many of our friends buy cars, and there may be a car at home.

A car should not only take care of my daily commute, but also take care of my family’s trip, and sometimes I go back to my hometown occasionally, drag something or go out to go on road trip. After all, our country is vast and has such a big territory.

Therefore, an SUV can solve many problems at this time, but a car can’t solve the SUV problem, so everyone may give priority to a larger SUV.

Moreover, from another psychological point of view, when the car is big, it looks atmospheric. For example, now, when the car is parked with my old corolla, is it like an elder brother and a younger brother?

The second reason, it is very important.Energy consumption.If it’s a pure fuel car, like my old buddy, the fuel consumption of 1.8 is actually not delicate after a long time.

You think, if an SUV with a curb weight of more than two tons and a curb weight of more than five meters is a pure fuel vehicle, then its displacement is basically at least 2.0T, and its fuel consumption of 2.0T is definitely not low. It is possible that you will have to reach 3.0 to drive better.

At this time, if you drive in the city, it is entirely possible that you will consume 15 or 16 petrol per 100 kilometers.

But now that there is new energy, after it is added with electricity, it is like a car as big as the M7. If you are at ordinary times, it is basically enough to force pure electricity.

Because of its pure battery life, if I run in the city, I can basically run to 170 or 80 kilometers. There are more than 100 kilometers of high speed, and even when you are short of electricity, you can directly start burning oil, whichThe overall fuel consumption is also relatively low.

Plus, if you buy it, many people may have a fixed parking space at home and be able to install a charging pile.

At this time, like Changsha, it charges a little more than 5 cents at night, less than 5 cents, and it is a little more than 6 cents at noon and a little more than 7 cents at peak.

This electricity price, according to its power consumption of 100 kilometers, even if you have about 20, you can basically pay for it.ignoreYes.

Secondly, it is in the feed state, and its fuel consumption is also considerable. When I run at high speed, it is less than 8 oils. If I run downtown, it is more economical than high-speed fuel consumption.

So, in recent years, why have our own brands of cars become bigger and bigger, including new energy vehicles, including MPV, including Tengshi D9, which sells so well?

In fact, the core reason, one is the cost of its car.Significantly reduced,Plus, if you buy it now, you can save the purchase tax, and after you bring electricity to the car later, it will be a lot.The car scene will become richer..

This is why I have been driving for a while and asked about M7. At present, the cars with domestic new energy sources are getting bigger and bigger, with a 5-meter body and a 3-meter wheelbase. In the back seat, you can cross your legs completely, so Brother Miao asks everyone, do you like big cars or small cars?