Why do elites love the commonness between running and business?

1. Why do elites love running?

Once I was scolded by my partners. During that time, they always asked me what the main road of our company was.

In fact, the direction is not clear. At that time, I didn’t understand that the so-called main road came out, not out of my mind.

When I talked too much, my anger came up, and a quarrel broke out between men. Z, the most angry one, told me that I had not made any money for more than a year.The reason for the Leader.

Said that my goal was unclear and not quantified. In short, I was helpless during that time and fell into an anxious state for a week.

It was a great blow to me. I was never so desperate after two bankruptcies. At that moment, I really wondered if I was worthless in my life.

Lying in bed every day, I don’t want to do anything, eat rice, drink water and touch my mobile phone. The more I think about it, the more anxious I am. What saved me in the end was not so much running as Lei Jun.

I don’t know what to do when I am helpless. In the past, I always watched the video of Ma Yun being driven back to Beijing and crying in the car. Later, I felt that it didn’t work for me, and I was a little numb.

It happened that during that time, the circle of friends was giving Lei Jun’s New Year’s speech, so I went to see it. Lei Jun said: 2020 is an extraordinary year, and the world faces many challenges.

Many people are very anxious, and they are also very anxious. We can’t change many things, but we can change our mentality.

To this end, he thought of a way to adjust his mentality: walking, walking 10 kilometers a day. Every step you take, you have more courage to move forward.

At first, Lei Jun thought this goal was exaggerated. He was worried that he couldn’t do it. He really walked more than 300 kilometers, walking for an average of 1 hour and 50 minutes every day.

This spring, he decided to push himself and start running, changing from walking to running. In Lei Jun’s own words, "the goal has changed".

Lei Jun fell in love with running during the Jinshan valley, when he was full of anxiety. In order to relieve the pressure, he began to force himself to run 5 kilometers a day.

In October 2014, Lei Jun took a photo after running. The Olympic Forest Park was sunny and the yellow leaves were all dyed. He said: "Running is a kind of precipitation, otherwise you can’t calm down."

At that time, I thought it was impossible. How could I do it in ten kilometers? But there was nothing I could do. I thought I might collapse, and then I began to learn from him.

I have to walk three times a day in Chenggong Guanshan Reservoir. I don’t know how far it is. Look at the lake and the plants. It seems that my mood is really much better.

In those days, I not only walked, but also listened to books, listening to what money can’t buy, happiness psychology, and how to comfort myself anyway.

Sure enough, I came out in three days, and we now have a complete business model, community+project incubation. From then on, I will walk for an hour every day, listening to books and attending classes.

In May of this year, I met some problems again, and I really answered that sentence. After 30 years of starting a business, looking back, it was all bumpy. Then I started running, and now I have lost more than ten kilograms.

Apart from my own experience, I talked about the content of this issue, and more importantly, I saw many elites running. After in-depth research, I found that entrepreneurship and running have strong correlation and commonality, so I shared this issue.

In the past, I was under great pressure to start a business, and I bought goods at every turn, but I was not so anxious in recent years.

One of my analysis is that the environment was not so difficult at that time, and the other is that I kept exercising all the time, because at that time I played badminton, played with the secretary and county magistrate every day, and sometimes I could spend eight hours in the arena, but I didn’t know anyone when I came to Kunming, so I stopped.

I have explored many awesome people, and they all have the habit of keeping moving, and most of them run.

In an interview with Eddie Peng Yuyan, he said: Running is not difficult, that is, moving your left foot and right foot back and forth and running before starting work. This is not a simple exercise, but also a blessing for self-recognition. Once you can fulfill your promise, you will have confidence.

No matter whether you meet the opposite sex or the boss, nothing you say can hurt me, because I am a confident person, and I can do what I say. Wang Shi said: Running is an internal enrichment.

Running for 30 minutes or an hour every day can relieve most of the stress in the day and make you feel relaxed, so that you can better devote yourself to trivial life and work.

If a person stays in front of a computer or holds a mobile phone every day, his brain will only get more and more confused. Running in fresh air, breathing fresh air, brain thinking activities immediately become clear, obviously eliminating brain fatigue and improving the ability of learning and practice.

Physiological research has proved that after long-term running, the content of red blood cells per cubic millimeter is 1 million to 1.5 million higher than that of ordinary people, and the blood circulation is nearly twice as high as that of normal people. Therefore, in such a process, a large amount of blood will be driven to the brain, so that you can think more keenly.

Buffett also said: "Long-distance running needs to endure boredom and control desire."

In his view, a few hours of long-distance running is more of a process of challenging yourself, physical fatigue and mental boredom.

Running is not only an exercise, but also a lifestyle and attitude towards life. It can not only make our bodies healthier, but also adjust our mentality and help us achieve better results in our work and life.

Running is an indispensable choice for both entrepreneurship and other fields.

Second, the similarity between running and business

With the previous personal experience, I tried to find the relevance between running and business, consulted several Kunming head entrepreneurs in the community, and also consulted some materials.

To sum up, there are probably a few points to share with you.

Entrepreneurial perspective:

Entrepreneurship is a technical activity with both long-term and short-term perspectives. It is necessary to look up at the starry sky and be down-to-earth, focusing on the future but living in the present. This perspective is simple, but it is actually difficult to exercise. Most of them are either too far-sighted to act, or they are occupied by the current work and troubles.

Therefore, starting a business is very similar to running. When you watch marathon training, you need to have a clear understanding of the long-term ultimate goal, but every time you train, you must work hard every kilometer.

The same is true for entrepreneurship. To create a successful enterprise, long-term vision and strategy are needed, but daily operational decisions, customer interaction and product development all require immediate efforts and attention.

Therefore, long-distance running is an effective way to exercise our combination of long and short perspectives, keep a close eye on the goal and run every step well.


No matter in life or starting a business, the only constant is change. When I first learned to repair mobile phones, my master repaired pagers, and they transformed into mobile phone maintenance masters. This is change.

With the change of the times, some things will not exist, and so will business. Not seeking change is the greatest risk, but human beings are extremely pursuing certainty and like the same.

For example, I have to go through slow walking, fast walking and jogging in five months to complete the runner’s goal, and I have to adjust my health and weather in the middle.

Just like starting a business, the market environment, customers’ needs and competitors’ behaviors will change, which requires us to be more adaptable and readjust its business strategy according to the changes.

Continuous self-challenge:

Many people say that entrepreneurship needs to find an imaginary enemy. Why is it an imaginary enemy? Because the real opponent is oneself, and entrepreneurship is the process of constantly conquering oneself.

A few days ago, vanilla installed GPT. She was extremely unwilling to study tools and technologies. She looked so big that I thought I was going to get mad. As a result, when I saw people in the group using it in the morning, it was a self-challenge. Do you think this is really difficult?

Others have studied the tutorial, so can she. What they really want to overcome is not how difficult it is, but the discomfort that they can break through the comfort zone.

You see, some business owners obviously can’t sell, and it’s the best choice to transform into IP, the founder of short video, but they can’t always do it. What they have to overcome is the inner difficulty of not wanting to please others.

Some people don’t want to do sales, and some people don’t want to please others. In the final analysis, they can’t challenge themselves. Wang Yangming said that it is easier to break a thief in the mountain than in the heart. What is the thief in this heart?

It is self-limiting. Running can exercise the ability to break through well. Runners often set higher goals to improve themselves and constantly challenge their limits.

The same is true of entrepreneurship. In order to continue to grow, we need to innovate constantly, open up new markets and meet more customer needs. We should continue to challenge ourselves and keep up with the progress of the times.

Data-driven decision:

The most taboo of starting a business is to make decisions by imagining things out of thin air. According to statistics from American business think tanks, 48% of entrepreneurial failures are due to the fact that the products produced are not needed in the market.

How did this product come from? The founder came up with it out of thin air. Have you ever thought about why short video live broadcasts are so popular in recent years? That’s because he can show you intuitive data and let you know what you did wrong.

Traditional entrepreneurship, making a product, can’t sell it, you can’t be sure whether it is needed by the product marketing department or weak sales ability, because the product has not been carefully investigated, and the sales team doesn’t blame the product itself, and eventually consumes each other.

But if you directly imitate mature products or are confirmed by a large number of data, it is much more reliable. Short videos are so popular that people are quick to make achievements because they use data to drive decision-making.

For example, if you send a video and no one watches it, you can look at the background data, showing that most people left after brushing for two seconds, which means that your first page shot or words are not attractive.

If you find that someone has finished reading it, but no one likes it, it means that your content has not voiced for a specific group and cannot resonate.

You see, the reason why short video can explode in a few years and complete the sales data that traditional enterprises can’t achieve for decades is that it comes from real data-driven decision-making. This is the ability that all entrepreneurs should learn and practice, regardless of feelings, only believing in data and facts.

The same is true for running. The correct way is to exercise watches and applications to track his progress, heart rate and pace, and adjust the training intensity according to strong facts to avoid being too tired or failing to achieve training results.

In this process of monitoring running with data, we can effectively train entrepreneurs’ data thinking and factual thinking, reduce irrational judgment, and get closer to the goal.

In fact, from these commonalities, whether running or starting a business requires strategy, hard work, continuous learning and adaptability, as well as the balance between teams and individuals.

These principles can help us succeed not only on the track, but also in the business world. Therefore, elites love running because they can effectively train related abilities and heart.