The network police of public security organs stationed in Tik Tok capital are sought after.

  Beijing Morning News (Chief reporter Zhang Jingya) The Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday that the first batch of 170 cyber police units of provincial and municipal public security organs will collectively settle in the short video platform of vibrato by opening special work accounts. Among the government affairs numbers of cyber police, the official account of the Cyber Security Corps of Beijing Public Security Bureau "Capital Cyber Police" has become the focus of much attention. At present, the video content released by "Capital Cyber Police" has been played nearly 100 million times, and the number of likes has reached more than 5.2 million times, ranking among the top in Tik Tok government affairs numbers of all cyber police departments in China.

  "Vivid and vivid content, easy-to-understand language style, and popular forms of communication not only help to show the work style of the people’s police in the new era, but also make network security propaganda and legal education spread in a new form, which is actively supported and fully recognized by young users." Liang Liming, a cyber policeman, said that since the "Capital Cyber Policeman" entered the Tik Tok platform, it has promoted the publicity of cyber legal system and practiced the purpose of "serving the people" by publishing daily police work, anti-fraud knowledge and current affairs hotspots in a rich, diverse and "grounded" form.

  The reporter found that the "Capital Cyber Police" account closely followed the "trend", used flash subtitles and humorous dubbing to simulate the scene of telephone fraud, and successively launched two seasons of original videos of "killing a liar in one sentence" to give advice to netizens on how to deal with the scam skillfully, with a broadcast volume of 33 million times and more than 2,400 comments. Users have said that they are "interesting, informative and useful, and like it for the network police." The reporter saw one paragraph, "liar: hello, sir, we just found out that your credit card spent 1.8 million in Thailand yesterday. Is it your own operation?" Me: Yes, the elephant I bought yesterday, what happened? "

  In addition, the "Capital Cyber Police" combined with the high-incidence fraud means in real life, such as job hunting after graduation, making friends online, pretending to be a public security organ, and produced a series of sitcom "Cyber Police Classroom" to interpret network security knowledge, which was widely recognized by netizens. Up to now, the cumulative broadcast volume has reached more than 3.7 million times, and it has been praised 140,000 times. After Didi Yueqing hitchhiking incident, the "Capital Cyber Police" immediately released a safety reminder video through Tik Tok, instructing netizens how to set the location of emergency contacts to share their trips and how to ask for help quickly in an emergency. At present, the video has been praised by netizens for more than 243,000 times.