Day 28 of Diary of "Epidemic": Spring has arrived in ICU!

  February 21st, the 28th day of aid to Hubei. It’s raining again in Wuhan.

  When I went to work this morning, it was raining outside. I bought a loving little pholiota adiposa from the door of the hotel and hurried to work.

  There are obviously more cars and even buses on the road around Jinyintan Hospital. There are also many people standing at the bus stop in the distance. Wuhan has not lifted the "closed city", so I guess they may be the medical staff in the living room (Fangcang Hospital) of Wuhan, and they have to take the shuttle bus back to their place of residence. You have worked hard, too.

  When I changed my work clothes, I just arrived at the doctor’s office and saw a big plastic bag in front of Professor Zhou. When everyone was almost here, Professor Zhou opened the plastic bag, which contained several sets of protective clothing and swimming glasses. Professor Zhou said excitedly that this is a material sent to him by a Shanghai primary school student. Primary school students and their parents bought eight sets of protective clothing and donated them all. I hope everyone will be safe. I don’t know what kind of twists and turns this child and his family have gone through before they can collect protective clothing under the unified management of protective materials. From the childish handwriting of children, we can see the people’s care and love for us and the future of our motherland. The head nurse said that they also received materials from an aunt in Shanghai. The circle of friends said that the people of Shanghai "borrowed" us to Wuhan! The arrival of batches of materials expressed their care and they looked forward to our early and safe return. Everyone is very touched!

  Next, it’s the shift handover time. After the shift handover, Team Zheng once again reiterated the safety issue, and let us carefully read the formula of wearing and removing protective clothing in Ruijin Hospital, so that each team member can remember four "musts": be highly vigilant, be strict in management, be sure to standardize the process and be cautious! Yes, we have been helping Hubei for 28 days, and now it is time to get tired and relaxed easily. We must cheer up and do a good job in protection and other work seriously and rigorously.

  Today, I followed Professor Zhou into the isolation ward for rounds. After checking the room, the nurses have prepared a full set of tracheal intubation devices. After the patient was fully calm, Professor Zhou made a nasotracheal intubation under the guidance of bronchoscope. I admire his proficiency. Today, after working as an assistant and observing the actual operation, my heart is much more stable. As the saying goes, "more skills don’t weigh me down", and I learned new skills today. Professor Zhou completes tracheal intubation, adjusts the ventilator mode and parameters, and observes the patient’s vital signs for a while, which makes me feel more at ease.

  Our group discharged a patient today. His symptoms improved, his nucleic acid test was negative continuously, and his lung CT examination turned better. According to the current process, patients need to be isolated at home for 2 weeks after discharge. However, the patient expressed the difficulty of his family’s housing shortage, and he was worried that it would affect other family members. We reported to the medical department of the hospital. Through coordination, when the patient leaves the hospital today, his community will send a car to pick him up and observe him in isolation at a nearby hotel for two weeks. I told him the two-week and four-week follow-up plan after discharge. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there may be patients in our group discharged from the hospital. Spring has arrived in the intensive care unit.

  In the afternoon, three columns of Chinese characters were posted in front of the first important door of our isolation ward. Maybe it will become a small scenic spot in Jinyintan Hospital in the future. Everyone lined up to take a photo with Professor Zhou, and I quickly lined up. Wuhan, come on! China, come on!

  After work, the lights are already on outside. Because the team suggested that the medical staff should not eat directly in the canteen after work, fearing that it would be too late to eat after cleaning, I chose a self-heating hot pot and some fruits from the "energy station" and changed the dinner!

  Authors: The first batch of Wuhan medical team members from Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine,

  Attending physician Cha Qiongfang, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Renji Hospital