The reputation of Tang DM series has exploded! Once again, it won the first place in the sales of medium and large SUVs, and more Tang DM-p was ready to go.

According to the latest sales data released by the Ride Association, BYD Tang (parameter picture) sold 10,107 new energy vehicles in April, of which Tang DM series sold nearly 9,000 vehicles, which continued to sell well, beating Li ONE and winning the first place in the medium and large SUV market, confirming its strong strength and leading position in the field of plug-and-mix.

The sales momentum is strong, and Tang DM series leads the brand to continue to rise.

In April, under the influence of the repeated spread of COVID-19 epidemic, the national passenger car market was hit hard, and the sales volume decreased by 34% compared with that in March, among which new energy was also affected by the current epidemic, with a decrease of 36.5% compared with that in March. Due to the impact of epidemic situation and the shortage of market supply chain, it is not easy for BYD Tang DM series to achieve such sales performance. By direct comparison, Li ONE, which is also the head camp of medium and large SUVs, delivered only 4,167 units in April, while Toyota Highlander sold 6,645 units, both of which were greatly reduced.

Behind the hot sale of Tang DM series, it not only highlights the technical advantages of BYD’s self-production and self-research in the whole industry chain, but also highlights that its word-of-mouth advantage is being widely recognized by more and more consumers. At present, in the attention ranking of market segments, the Tang DM series has been ahead of the top three German companies: Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5L and BMW X3, and has finished overtaking the traditional fuel SUV of luxury brands in corners with new energy, leading the high-end SUV of China brand to break through continuously, and has achieved initial results.

The flagship is evolving again, and the product matrix of Tang DM series is about to be upgraded again.

For a long time, BYD has anchored the market pain points with its innovative technical strength, bringing subversive product performance. Among them, Tang DM-i has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1050km under the joint action of Xiaoyun-plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine, EHS electric hybrid system and other high-efficiency core components, bringing the ultimate performance, and relying on the wheelbase of 2820mm, it has the advantages of occupying 7 large seats, being large and economical, and has won wide popularity in the market and consumers.

At the same time, in the face of consumers’ increasingly diversified product demands, Tang DM series has continued to evolve, and Tang DM-p is about to strike with extreme performance strength, combining with Tang DM-i to form a "super ip" combination. BYD Tang DM series will once again subvert the new height of hard-core strength of medium and large SUVs, lead the car experience to a new level with industry-leading performance and efficiency, and its sales volume is expected to further increase.


The word-of-mouth and sales continued to generate, which confirmed that Tang DM-i was a well-deserved 200,000-class home SUV. Under the great opportunity of the rapid rise of new energy, market competition has been launched around the competition of hard-core technical strength, and products that can truly meet the diversified needs of users can stand out. From this point of view, BYD Tang DM series has taken the lead, and in the future, it will lead China brand to break through together with other models of Tang family.