Ten funny stories: I was caught smoking in the bathroom, and my mother was so angry that she swung her belt and beat her.

Who should control the family economic power? This is a puzzling question. Today, we are going to listen to a story about a man B and his wife. Man b confidently said that he gave his wife pocket money every month, which made people admire him. But what kind of story is hidden behind his behavior? Male B was predicted by the master to be a cow and a horse for a woman, but in the end he did it willingly for his sister. Some of his reactions to his wife also made people laugh. His daughter-in-law’s pocket money made him a little uneasy, so he secretly opened his son’s red envelope and won some money, only to find that his son always ran to the flowerpot. Finally, his girlfriend lost her ring, and he promised to buy her a new one. As a result, her girlfriend made up her mind to cry out another gold necklace. These stories make us wonder, who should control the family economic power?

Is it a man or a woman? Or, should this power be shared with each other? Please leave your opinions and suggestions. Looking back at the full text, the story of male B shows us all kinds of complicated and interesting stories behind the mastery of family economic power. In real life, the power of family economy should be jointly negotiated and decided by husband and wife, not unilaterally controlled by one party. Mutual respect and equal communication are the keys to maintaining family harmony. What do you think? My relatives and friends have been angry or surprised for some unexpected reasons. For example, some people are blamed for their impolite answers on blind date, while others lament each other’s heartlessness after divorce, but frankly admit that they put it forward by themselves. Another time, my family found me smoking in the bathroom, and I was beaten by a belt and a feather duster.

What’s more, I thought that the other party would promise me, but I was told that today is the final test. What an accident. Another time at school, I mistakenly thought someone was fighting, but it caused the other person’s anger. It was a joke. Which of the above stories do you think is the most unexpected? Leave a message and tell us! Each of these stories is full of surprises and reversals, which makes people stunned. In life, we are always full of surprises and accidents, which is also the fun of life. Whether you get along with relatives and friends or deal with various situations in your life, unexpected things may happen. In the face of these accidents, we should learn to deal with them calmly and handle every accident well, so as to enjoy the fun of life better. Do you have a similar experience?

Or what do you think and comment on the above story? Welcome to leave a message and share with us!