High quality is the last word! Let’s see if the advanced performance of Tiggo 8&nbspPRO has poked your heart.

Since its launch in May, the Tiggo 8 PRO has won wide attention from users with its outstanding scientific and technological performance, and has become another star model of the Tiggo 8 champion family. As of November, the sales volume of the champion family of Tiggo 8 has reached 171,000 units, helping Chery to achieve the best record of producing and selling one million units during the year. In addition to the continuous growth of market sales, Chery has won the international gold medal of the International Quality Management Group Meeting (ICQCC), which is known as the "Quality Olympics" for six consecutive years, and its ingenious quality has been recognized by both the international market and the industry. With the leading champion strength and advanced intelligent technology, Tiggo 8 PRO injects the technological experience with humanistic care into car life, creating a brand-new high-quality travel mode for consumers.

(Award Certificate of the 47th International ICQCC Conference)

Super intelligent technology, withstand the comprehensive limit test.

Tiggo 8 PRO inherits the strict standards of the Tiggo 8 champion family, and has made great efforts in the safety quality and performance verification of vehicles. The ultra-high strength steel and its integrated body structure can play an important role in buffering and absorbing energy when a collision occurs, effectively reducing the impact and injury caused by external forces, and at the same time ensuring the personal safety of passengers in the car to the greatest extent. Tiggo 8, the first model of the champion family of Tiggo 8, won the five-star safety certification with a score of 84.8% in the C-NCAP crash test, and since then it has set a high standard for the five-star safety design of the champion family. Not only that, the Tiggo 8 champion family has verified that the cumulative reliability mileage has reached 3.11 million kilometers in the "four highs" limit test including high temperature, plateau, cold and high durability, ensuring the high performance and high quality performance of the vehicle in extremely harsh environment. Tiggo 8 PRO also has the strong quality genes of the family. It inherits the five-star safety design standards of the Tiggo 8 champion family and a number of devil-like ultimate test product strength verification, which makes the vehicle have stronger stability and reliability, and provides higher vehicle safety standards and performance guarantees for daily travel.

In addition to the safe and reliable "steel bars and iron bones", a strong "big heart" is also the technical key to support the high quality of Tiggo 8 PRO. It is equipped with the top ten engines of "China Heart"-Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI and 1.6TGDI engines, which are independently developed by Chery and adopt the industry-leading power intelligent manufacturing technology. Through the second-generation i-HEC combustion system, on the basis of leading technologies such as fish-bellied intake, Masking combustion chamber and airflow-guided spray, the intake energy of the system is further enhanced and the combustion efficiency is improved. At the same time, with the technologies of cast aluminum cylinder, silent chain and scissor double balance shaft, the engine has also reached the high level in terms of lightweight and NVH.

In addition, the 15,000-hour engine bench test continuously increases the load on the engine, simulates various situations that may be encountered in the actual environment, and ensures the power output and durability of the engine. The technical verification and rigorous testing have given the Tiggo 8 PRO outstanding dynamic performance, and also allowed users to appreciate the driving experience full of speed and passion. The industry’s first engine lifetime warranty service is not only Chery’s self-confidence and guarantee for quality, but also fully relieves the worries of users’ daily use of cars, so that every trip can be full of confidence without fear of any difficulties and obstacles.

YEATION high-quality timber, set high standards in the industry.

In addition to carefully polishing the core hardware such as body structure and engine, Tiggo 8 PRO also strives for perfection in cockpit technology. YEATION uses materials and upgrades air conditioning purification technology, which exceeds the national VOC limit by 100 times, setting a new benchmark for cockpit safety and quality in the industry.

As we all know, the pollution of new cars is mostly concentrated on volatile organic compounds such as toluene and formaldehyde, and its source comes from the interior parts, skin materials and damping plates of vehicles. The C-PURE Chery clean cubic green cockpit carried by Tiggo 8 PRO starts from the source of pollution, and selects 25 EU-grade green materials such as all-water leather, soft coating and sprayable liquid damping materials to effectively control the volatilization of harmful substances. At the same time, about 20 kinds of materials and 192 parts in the car were verified by odor test and VOC test. The air inside the car was purified layer by layer by using CN95 anti-bacterial air conditioning filter element and negative ion purification technology, so that the odor of the new car reached the industry-leading level of 3.0, and the actual VOC was 100 times more environmentally friendly than the national limit standard. Combining many leading technologies and ingenious craftsmanship of Chery, Tiggo 8 PRO not only redefines cockpit safety with higher standards, but also creates a green and healthy travel space for users in this post-epidemic era where air quality is highly valued, adding another high-quality safety guarantee to daily vehicles.

Intelligent cockpit technology, providing high-quality travel

Chery Automobile’s solid and profound intelligent technology has given the Tiggo 8 champion family strong safety performance and excellent power performance, and at the same time, it has given sufficient technical support in the safety and quality of the cockpit, bringing users a healthier car experience. On this basis, Tiggo 8 PRO has become a flagship product of science and technology in the champion family with advanced AI artificial intelligence and its humanized wisdom.

Tiggo 8 PRO adopts Chery Automobile’s leading Lion5.0 AI technology intelligent cockpit technology, equipped with Xiaoqi Intelligent Car Butler 5.0, and built-in Horizon’s new generation of high-efficiency car-level AI chip Journey 3, which increases the computing power by 50% and can reach 5TOPS (5 trillion operations per second). It has powerful data processing and high-performance storage functions, and can recognize 46 dialects at the same time. Compatible with iOS system and Android system, it has passed the strict AEC-Q100 Grade2 car regulation certification to ensure all-weather stable work, thus making the voice interaction experience between people and cars more convenient and smooth in the application of multi-functional and multi-scene technology.

In addition, humanized technology covering all aspects of car life is also a major feature of this cockpit technology. The AI Emotion Super Interactive System carried by Tiggo 8 PRO can monitor the driver’s fatigue state at the first time through facial recognition and eye tracking technology, and can also make corresponding intelligent reminders according to different fatigue levels, and relieve driving fatigue in time by actively initiating voice, simulating incoming calls, playing music, adjusting air volume of air conditioners and other ways. When driving at night and the light is unfavorable, the system can use infrared supplementary light to keenly capture the driver’s distracted, sleepy and dozing behaviors, and actively adjust the intensity of sound and air conditioning to remind the driver in time. In addition, the Tiggo 8 PRO is also equipped with an OMS occupant monitoring system. Once the passengers in the car are "found" to be smoking, they can automatically open the window or open the air conditioning external circulation according to the weather conditions outside the car, and keep the cockpit clean and comfortable at all times, so that users can have a safer and more intimate car experience anytime and anywhere, bringing a warm and intellectual travel experience.

Thanks to Chery’s continuous deep cultivation in the technical field, the Tiggo 8 champion family has industry-leading safety performance and power performance, and the Tiggo 8 PRO, known as the flagship of technology, has set a new technical model in cockpit safety quality and intelligent technology. For consumers who are now pursuing high-tech and high-quality experience, Tiggo 8 PRO can undoubtedly better meet their high-end car demand, bring users a brand-new high-quality travel experience and help users enjoy a quality life!