"You are beautiful when you smile" is still being drained by hot search, and the three slots are obvious, so it is difficult to turn over against the wind.

The urban romantic drama "You are beautiful when you smile", which has caused a large number of audiences to resist since its launch, has been searched again.

Compared with the momentum of Weibo’s first and second search volume, this hot search is particularly unsightly. Combining the previous e-sports fans and fans who had high expectations for this drama from Reuters, the angry siege was launched when the drama was officially broadcast.

It seems that this "low-key" hot search arranged by the propaganda group of "You are beautiful when you smile" is to prevent the passers-by from being disgusted and collapsing, and to drain the gradually depressed broadcast volume. However, it is undeniable that even with the help of the marketing number and the water army, the comment area is still falling.

It is conceivable that this hot search did not save the popularity of "You are beautiful when you smile" a little. The constant criticism of the original audience formed a wave of public opinion. The play was once labeled as "you are beautiful when you plagiarize" and even directly denied that "it is not an e-sports drama at all". On a famous comment scoring platform, nearly 150,000 people scored the TV series "You are beautiful when you smile" with a final score of 2.9, so "bad drama" can be concluded.

However, the "dust of the ages", which was vigorously vomited at the same beginning, went against the wind.

It can be seen that, with the foreshadowing of the previous plot, The Dust of the Eternal Jun began to develop the love-hate entanglement and identity bondage between the ancient and the back pool, Bai Jun and Qing Mu. Apart from the gradually full and clear emotional line, the contradiction between the fairy world and the demon world deepened. The style of the whole TV series not only stopped in the monotony of being immersed in love, but added the due elements of Xian Xia, which made the audience who had been expecting a quality reversal greatly.

To say that "The Dust of the Ages" relies on excellent plots to restore word of mouth, then in the case that domestic TV dramas are generally cut first and then broadcast, there is no hope for "You are beautiful when you smile", which has been promoted by hot search. The reason is nothing more than three points:

The first point is almost a foregone conclusion. After the eighteenth episode, that is, more than half of the plot, e-sports fans’ dislike of "You are beautiful when you smile" has been nailed down and very clear, and the statement issued by "You are beautiful when you smile", which flaunts itself as an e-sports drama, has not retained the most important audience, or even intensified contradictions.

However, the plot content is still full of plagiarism. Even in the picture of Reuters, Cheng Xiao, the heroine, is sitting on the trophy table and chatting with the crew. The trophy table is a place where countless e-sports players have made great efforts with their dreams, but they regret leaving because they have no chance to win the trophy, calling it a sacred place. In the play, people related to e-sports are completely offended outside the play, and "You are beautiful when you smile" is really unique.

The second point is that the plot is hard. Only by this, You are Beautiful when You Smile can’t copy the comeback path of Dust through the ages. The same is the adaptation of the novel, and the e-sports players in Qing Lan’s works are in love first; Ignoring training under the principle of "food is the original sin", he won the championship by virtue of talent; Players from other countries are big villains like flowing water …

The author applies the experience of well-known e-sports players in reality, despises their efforts, and thinks that talent can be invincible in the world; Ignoring their achievements, only industrial saccharin is left. Without reasonable adaptation, a work that is so hard-working and hides the author’s lofty mentality will be doomed to failure if it is born into a TV script.

The third point is the numerous black spots in "You Smile Beautiful" that fans can’t wash white:

Playing professional games at the age of 22 is not old; When a genius is abused by blood, he should type and beg for mercy; Auxiliary is used to resist injury; New players can be airborne directly without trial training; You need to shout 321 when opening a group; Players can hang up and help their girlfriends quarrel when playing the game; During training, e-sports players should apply masks, and black masks have the best effect; Play a game of training in five days; You don’t need a coach to reach the final; After the game, the whole team talked about gossip together, and there was no need to repeat the ironic pictures.

Combining the above three points, Xiao Bian even thinks that only the Xuanfa group of the "You are beautiful when you smile" crew is working conscientiously at the risk of being scolded, and other men and women who rely on the value of their faces to sprinkle industrial sugar; Champion team members who don’t like training but love gossiping; A dispensable screenwriter; Those who have no creativity and rely entirely on copying can all be ignored.

With the hope that the public will face up to the idea of e-sports in China, Xiao Bian hopes that more e-sports dramas that spread positive energy will be launched as soon as possible. Instead of making money under the banner of respecting e-sports, it is similar to the drama, but secretly thinks that "they are all idiots playing games."